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Spoiler alert! Actor speaks of upcoming run on Lost.

By triangulatedsignal,

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phpthumb_generated_thumbnailjpgEric Lange who has previously had small parts in shows such as Entourage, Ghost Whisperer and Burn Notice, will now begin a 7 episode run in Lost as the mysterious Radzinsky. According to Lange’s interview with he will appear tonight and next week, miss the following two, then appear in all five of the final episodes of the season! It appears from this we will finally find out a lot about the character.

Having signed a contract Lange refused to give much away but he did say of his role “They’ve really given me a great character to play. It’s a great, meaty part.”

Below I’ve added a few points about Radzinsky to get us all in the mood for tonight!!

. Kevin Ilman’s partner in the Swan station

. He had a photographic memory which enabled him to create the blast door map

. He edited the Swan Orientation film

. As far as we know he committed suicide and was buried by Kelvin

From TVFrenzy:

  • Since Kelvin joined Dharma in 1991, Radzinsky would have been pushing the button for nearly 15 years! Kelvin pushed it for 10 years since Desmond started in 2001, pushing it only 3 years. What does all this mean? Pushing the button got progressively less important to the pushers. What did they not know that their predecessors did?

    • Thor

      First of all, we don’t know if Kelvin joined the DI in a formal way. When he tells Desmond about it, he is speaking with irony and sarcasm. Desmond picks up this sarcasm, and proceeds by asking Kelvin ‘where he took off’, implying that Kelvin also took off from somewhere in a boat and somehow ended up on the island. Kelvin doesn’t answer the question though..

      Further, Kelvin didn’t know for sure that someone would one day take his place in the hatch. Radzinsky probably told him this, just like Kelvin tells Desmond the same lie. Well, not just like. Kelvin has a boat, Radzinsky ‘left’ the island in a different way. Or maybe even Radzinsky knew about Desmond because of our time-travelers, and could assure Kelvin that someone would come.

      But even though the DI haven’t sent new button-pushers for the hatch, that doesn’t mean they have forgotten about it. Remember the parachute with all the DI food (which the islanders feasted on..) back in season 2. If the islanders had not come to the island, the DI (or what is left of the organization after the incident..) wouldn’t had stopped feeding Desmond.

  • Charlie’s Ghost

    The orientation film said that people would be rotated regularly in and out of the Swan station. I think Radzinsky killed himself when his time to be rotated out came due, and no one showed up. It probably drove him nuts and then he just ended it. Inman was stuck there for much longer than originally promised, due to the purge taking place shortly after his joining the DI.

    OR, Radzinsky might have been informed of the upcoming Purge, maybe via Sawyer or someone else, and knowing that there was no hope, he kills himself.

  • Uncle Beaver

    The “Tour of Duty” inside The Swan was 540 days (108 X 5). It seems to me that Radzinsky and Kelvin would have made the Blast Door Map because the Dharma Initiative was not telling ALL of its people the truth about certain stations and experiments, Radzinsky and Kelvin were trying to find out as much as they could. Radzinsky was probably using “disappearing ink” on the map, because he knew that people from the Pearl would be watching them, so he decided to record his discoveries while both hiding it from the DI, and fucking with them.

    I WAS going to save tonight’s episode on my TiVo and watch it next week to give myself a back-to-back LOST treat… but now that I know Radzinsky is gonna show up… I can’t WAIT !!

    • Thor

      At least you’re in the US.. I MUST wait!!!

  • sk8rpro

    Wow – that’s awesome! This was actually a spoiler I wish I hadn’t read. Oh well, I took the risk.

  • Hexonxonx

    It’s always been my belief that Radzinsky and Kelvin explored the island and made the blast door map because they weren’t replaced as expected. The purge occurred during their shift in the Swan, in December 1992, so no one could come get them. The Others didn’t bother clearing them out because they didn’t want to be bothered with the button– or didn’t know about it.

  • Where did the meteorologist stop for a drink on the way home from a long day in the studio? The nearest ISOBAR! !