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Still Time to Win – Lost Podcast Season 5 DVD Contests

By WAxelFoley,

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If you have not already received or ordered your Season 5 DVD  there are still some chances to get involved with 3 Lost podcasts (and courtesy Buena Vista Home Entertainment) and win either the DVD set or the highly coveted Dharma Special Edition Kit:

Dharma Kit

The Transmission

Ryan and Jen have been doing their Season 3 re-watch and there is still time left to win their super big contest simply by e-mailling in a comment to or  calling the LOSTLine at 815-310-0808 by Friday, December 11. Comments should center on Season 3 Episode 19, “The Brig,” for Locke, Episode 20, “The Man Behind the Curtain,” for Ben, and Episode 21, “Greatest Hits” for Charlie.

The prizes include the Dharma Initiation Kit Season 5 DVD box set, a rare item from the pseudo-ARG and a Ben Linus Bobble Head.

The Smoke Hatch

Matt and Steve are also giving away the Dharma Initiation Kit Season 5 DVD box set and time is limited for you to call them at 412-256-8643. All you need do is explain on your message why you deserve to the winner. The boys also suggest that you keep in mind their target audience when pleading your case.

LOST Mythos Theorycast

And last, but not least, my podcast The LOST Mythos Theorycast is giving away a Season 5 DVD box set to listeners who call in at 864-8-MYTHOS and leave an interesting theory (spoiler free) for Season 6. The winner will be randomly chosen live on the show.


Toob Tied will be giving away a set on their podcast as well.

Its great to see the big-wigs at LOST reaching out to the fans with these contests.

Remember, you gotta be in it to win it, so enter now and good luck!

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