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The Variable Screencaps

By triangulatedsignal,

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dans-journalBelow I have posted my weekly screencaps for Lost. This episode ‘Variable’ was a great build up towards the finale and I had lots to take shots of!


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From TVFrenzy:

  • JJStrange

    picture#15, why don’t i remember this? What was this scene part of?

  • rd

    when she walks in and sees him playing piano, and is sad bc she knows she has to steer him towards his destiny instead of his musical side.

  • cap10tripps

    Loved the episode. The last two seasons have been one hell of a ride. Can’t wait to see where this new turn is heading. One thing did bother me, and I was hoping the docarzt community could help me out. Kate just returned from delivering Ben to the others so why all the guns (not to mention it was one man vs. 20)? It didn’t seem to be such a hostile exchange between the groups in the Ben situation, so it seemed to me that the only purpose it served was to find an interesting way to kill Dan. I was hoping someone had a good reason that they would need all the guns and I could forget the seeming absurdity…

    • Dan

      There’s a big difference between trying to unearth a bomb so that you can use it on the island (where the Others live) and asking them to heal a kid who is their future leader.

      • cap10tripps

        I like it. Makes sense to me. Thanks mate…

    • horselover

      Also, I think they just brought them as backup. Last time Sawyer was there, who had met Richard fairly recently (as opposed to 30 years before). I don’t think they planned to be so aggressive, but Daniel being inexperienced caused him to misuse the gun. But yeah, they also were just setting up his death.