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This Week on Nikki Stafford’s Rewatch…

By Nikki Stafford,

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FLS1Hello everyone! We’re getting closer to the end of season 1 on our rewatch, so come on over and check out this week’s episodes. And read along with my season 1 episode guide in Finding Lost.

1.17 …In Translation
We realize Jin isn’t the bad guy after all, just someone who loved his wife so much he allowed himself to turn into a monster for her. Now with the discovery of his wife’s secret, he moves to the other side of the island to “boat.”

1.18 Numbers
Hurley’s first flashback reveals he’s a multimillionaire. Meanwhile, on the island, he and Charlie do their best impression of Shrek and Donkey having to cross the rickety bridge to Princess Fiona’s castle.

1.19 Deus Ex Machina
Theresa falls up and down the stairs, Boone is seriously hurt in a crash, and John Locke gives Boone a hint on how to spell “trebuchet.”

1.20 Do No Harm
Jack actually becomes a bit of a superhero in this episode, doing his valiant best to save Boone, but when he remembers the time he couldn’t write his own vows, he realizes he doesn’t have the strength to go on. Meanwhile Claire not only finds the strength to push out a baby, but the island miraculously heals her of her baby weight INSTANTLY.

Next week:
1.21 The Greater Good
1.22 Born to Run
1.23 Exodus, Part 1
1.24/5 Exodus, Part 2

From TVFrenzy:

  • Ryan

    Has anyone read on that Charlie Pace is comming back to the show for 3 episodes?

    • Ryan

      I didn’t mean it as a plug for them, but does anyone think that’s true? Or is such a crappy website resort to making information up?

  • Um…Ryan? No offense intended, but where have you been the last few weeks? The Charlie thing is old news. We’ve suspected it for several weeks (see the ABC house promo) and it was all but confirmed three weeks ago at Comic-con, and then more concretely confirmed by ABC a few days later.

    So, to answer your question, yes it is true. As are (we’re pretty sure) the rumors about Ian Somerhalder returning as Boone, Maggie Grace returning as Shannon, and (I just heard this yesterday) Greg Grunberg returning to play the pilot again.

  • chris

    I just hope they don’t sacrifice the story to try and work in all these throwbacks to the first couple seasons. There’s a lot of dead characters whose stories are sufficiently wrapped up and a lot of other characters who they just sort of stopped talking about. I’d prefer conclusions to some of those loose threads over guest spots by Boone and Shannon.

  • jamesepowell

    There are a few back stories and few gaps in back stories that I am still curious about. Boone/Shannon is not among them. Unless they are coming on to tell us what they’ve been doing since their deaths, I would prefer the now very limited time be spent on others. Especially: Widmore/Hawking post-island, Richard, Jacob/Black Clothing Guy, and the entire Shephard family, form Gramps to Aaron.