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TV Guide Brings The First Words on The LOST Finale

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25574497Do they have anything to do with Reiko Aylesworth? Maybe, maybe not.  Either way, TVGuide’s Matt Mittovich brings his weekly dose of LOST.  And it’s all good.


From TVFrenzy:

  • Seabiscuit

    Octo mom. LMAO.

  • ?

  • Beena

    Maybe “I see Dead People” Miles is Amy and Horace’s baby. Remember Faraday asking him if he’d ever been on the island before?

    • JimmyJon

      Neither Amy nor Horace is Asian, he’s Pierre Cheng’s kid.

  • Andy

    did goodwin have a name? Goodwin Goodspeed 🙂

    • Tivnuts

      That would be the most ridiculous name in the history of TV.

      • donuteyes

        the most ridiculous name… or the coolest?

    • Wintermute

      Goodwin’s last name is Stanhope.

      • sparafucile

        yeah….and Goodwin’s about 46 in 2004. I guess that for every year that Richard doesn’t age, somebody else ages two?

      • KissyS006

        Assuming Harper took Goodwin’s name. Not all women do.

  • hyperRevue

    This guy says Ben is already on the Island at this time. Do we know that for sure?

  • Charlie’s Ghost

    actually, reiko aka amy is part asian in real life….so maybe the character is too?

  • Nikita

    I think her baby might be Ethan Rom. He was about Ben’s age….he would fit into the time frame about right. It can’t be any of the people who are there now, because they can’t reside in the same time era. I think that is why Charlotte’s body disappeared. At least if they do exist in the same time era, they can’t come in contact with each other, as was pointed out in the Orchid Video – with the two bunnies. I’m assuming if Miles is Candle’s son, he won’t be able to go anywhere near himself as an infant.

    • neoloki55

      Uhm, Ethan is an Other not a Dharma Initiate, also the actor who plays Ethan is 40yrs old, thus it is very unlikely he is playing someone in their mid to late 20’s.

    • hyperRevue

      And if the Bunny video showed us anything, it’s that 2 of the same being CAN exist in the same era at the same time. Both bunnies were there, and Candle freaked out about letting them contact each other. So it might be dangerous, but it can happen.

      • hyperRevue

        I’m sorry. I clearly did not read your post carefully enough.

  • penny

    mmmmmm i feel we’re being introduced to a new character. someone who will become important. maybe with powers, like walt. someone who, was in fact, born in the island and sees through it. someone who knows things.
    i keep thinking but i can’t come up with one of our already known losties being born on the island…unless that person is desmond…there’s something about him that makes him special and intriguing, besides from his flashes and his extra capacities…

  • rick

    i think its safe to eliminate anyone’s mom we have seen

    but i think probably jacob =]

  • The only people that we have been introduced to that fit into a 1977 birth date is Boone or Thomas (Claire’s baby daddy). Any other person we already know and that are being mentioned are a little too old.
    More than likely this baby is Thomas, Aaron’s father. There is a hatch painting that is similar to his style of painting and one of his paintings hangs in Charles Widmore’s office, so this if this baby is Thomas, we’d could now understand the reason one of his paintings would be there.

    • Although, Thomas does look A LOT like Ben. I’m still hoping for this union: could you imagine both Sheppard and Linus blood!!!! That could be a crazy little twist.
      Check out Mini-Ben and his paintings:

  • dolce

    I’m not sure this baby really has any more signifigance than establishing that at this point in island history there were no pregnancy issues. I don’t think the baby is anyone important. After watching Lost for 5 years, I think we are all familiar enough with the writing style of the show that there would have been some kind of clue dropped as to the signifigance of this baby, some kind of foreshadowing ( accompanied by short bursts of violin riffing ), some more focus than it got. I dunno.

  • MrEko108

    The baby is that weird Psycic dude who told Claire to board 815 in Australia! woop.

  • jessea

    its true that we’ve never seen Desmond’s parents at any point, have we? has he even ever mentioned them? You know, just about every major character, we’ve seen at least one of their parents in some scene, a flashback, whatever…and “all the best cowboys have daddy issues” right? So maybe it could be Des…
    but you’re probably right, it’s probably no one special, it was more about the timing of the fertility issues, and Juliet as a character, than anything else.
    We’re just lonely since we don’t get a new ep this week…so we’re keeping ourselves busy talking about Amy’s baby, the statue’s identity, and whether or not ageless richard wears guyliner…
    hang in there kids…only eight more days…