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TVGuide’s Getting LOST Season 6 With … HEY! That’s Not Matt Mitovich!

By docarzt,

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Sad but true. It appears there is a different host in the ‘Getting LOST’ seat. Luckily, the webcast is still about LOST. Phew. But seriously, give the new guy a chance. Matt would want it that way. (I think.)

Spoiler warning: The title for the premiere is revealed.

From TVFrenzy:

  • dust

    this guy is WAY better and looks more professional than Matt Mitovich, I think he will be welcomed with open arms by every LOST fan out there…

  • lockeheart

    I always thought these gettig lost things were a little cheesy anyway and it appears nothing has changed. At this point though i will watch anything that has to do with lost.
    Does anyone know what happened to matt anyway, did he get canned or get a new job or something?

  • jemron

    Agree with lockeheart 100%. Dumb, but I will watch all of them that get posted here. I also agree with dust. Matt was always so stale and boring in every vid he was in. I kept wondering how he got a job in broadcast. This new guy isn’t much better. Maybe it’s their directors fault?

    Either way, thanks for posting!

  • docarzt

    Guys, Guys. Don’t dis the `vich. He was awesome with a capital AWESOME. The new guys is cool too though.

  • Will

    Hey Doc, didn’t you guys already reveal the title, cause this is the only place i go for Lost insight, and I already know it was… well, since the site’s spoiler-free, I won’t say it, but I’ve known that to be the title for a while. So, why the warning??

  • domcruise

    matt mittovic was insanely annoying. i still watched the clips but thank god he has gone. i dont suppose you could enlighten me as to why Matt Mittovic was so awesome, doc? as i have no idea.