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Two Sneak Peeks from LOST 5.08 – LeFleur

By docarzt,

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Don’t push play if you don’t want to be spoiled.

From TVFrenzy:

  • Vayne81

    Wow… I think I’d like Juliet to be on my side as well lol… Can’t wait to see who’s under the hood!!!

    • Elizabeth

      I don’t know what makes me think this, but I bet it’s someone important to Sawyer. *This is my opinion only* I think it’s Cassidy Phillips.

      • KissyS006

        But it’s the 70’s….personally I think it’s his mom….Wait, have we seen Sawyer’s mom full-on before? Or did we just hear her voice in season 1? Ah well…that’s my guess…I could be wrong.

    • ” I think I’d like Juliet to be on my side as well lol…”

      I’m thinking something – but I ain’t saying it!


      • Vayne81

        Yeah, I kinda gave that comment a double meaning as well, but my gf would kill me if I leaned towards the “other” thing lol 😉

  • thank you doc !!
    poor dan he made me cry 🙁

    • grayslostgirl

      me too lyly 🙁

    • triangulatedsignal

      yea thanks doc and lyly for some reason i felt sad for dan too lol

    • docarzt

      I’ll admit it. I cried too.

      • docarzt

        Just kidding.

  • Andy

    Damn Juliet is badass!

    • jessea

      nothing juliet can do, and nothing the writers can do with juliet, can make me like her. ever. its the smirk–it undoes and undermines everything she says or does. i want to smack it right off her smug little face.
      so there.

  • Darbi

    My girl crush for Juliet knows no bounds. She can go from complete compassion and empathy for Daniel to coldly shooting down a would be kidnapper without blinking an eye, because she has James back! Love her!

  • Boiler

    Am I wrong in focusing on the fact that Daniel says that Charlotte’s body flashed to a different time, but they all stayed in this one and that the flashing is done and they will remain in this one? This would mean that the rest of Lost will be focused in Dharma time unless, of course, something or someone starts the flashing again.

    • jessea

      she may have just ceased to exist in some way…maybe not flashed to another time. but i do think we will see “little girl” charlotte during DI days, with scary older Daniel telling her that if she ever comes back, she’ll die…we’ll get to see her dancing to Geronimo Jackson and sneaking chocolates before ‘dinna’. lovely!

  • Charlie’s Ghost

    If Charlotte flashed to another time, that means that Locke’s fixing of the wheel didn’t stop the flashes. Could the fixing of the wheel simply keep a select few stuck in time, or did they stay in the Dharma time due to the O5 coming back? I think there might have been some merit to the O5 coming back to help their friends.

    Didn’t Mrs. Hawking say that the island was always moving? So flashes happen all the time, but some people are agnostic to them? This would make sense, actually. I think it will be even more interesting to see if the return of Jack, Kate, and Hurley to Dharma time was the catalyst for Sawyer and crew to stop moving through time themselves.

    Prop to Juliette too. Hot, smart, and good with a gun. Not too shabby…

    • imfromthepast

      the Return of the O5 had nothing to do with the Time Flashes stopping. Jin isn’t a part of DHARMA yet, so the O5 have clearly not yet returned and will not for some time. Locke fixed the wheel and the flashes stopped. When he fixed the wheel it flashed one more time sending Locke to 2007 and the rest to the 70s.

      • dolce


  • jessea

    dude that TOTALLY sounded like Cassidy under that hood! I bet I’m right. Oh man I can’t wait for Wednesday nite! are we there yet?

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