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WGA Strike Ending!? Impact on Lost!? UPDATED!

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Alright folks, it’s time to talk about the end of the strike and what it might mean to us Lost fans.  The best news is that Disney has been in on the late talks and an unnamed source is telling Variety that a settlement may be close at hand!

“WGA negotiating committee head John Bowman and WGA West exec director David Young. Walt Disney Co. CEO Robert Iger that was described as having gone well overall, despite some tension at the outset. It’s understood that those conversations continued on Saturday, though it was not clear if it was by phone or face-to-face.”

What we all will be waiting to hear, officially, following the announcement that the strike is over and the writers are going back to work is just how will this impact Lost?  I’ve been tossing that question to my sources within Lost for weeks now and have received a few different responses.  From the least authoritative sources around the beginning of the month I was told there was still time to do 8 more episodes.

Towards the end of the month, my sources higher up the food chain (I trust this guys) agreed with a range of 3 to 6 episodes depending on when the strike ended.  I’m sure the number would also depend on whether ABC would pony up for additional production assets to streamline things.  Since Lost is the scripted Cinderella of the winter season, it’s hard to see them not wanting to end it on the best possible note.

6 is a hopeful number, but it is my understanding that if this is the case, there will be a small hiatus somewhere in season 4 and the season would end a little later than expected.   Is there anybody out there that would complain though?  I’d take a month off for six more episodes, no problem.

UPDATE: I’m being reminded by one of my friends in the mainstream to point out that Variety has been a little ‘too’ upbeat lately.  But hey, power of positive thinking.  Let’s all throw rays of hopefullness towards LA for the afternoon.

UPDATE #2:  Local channels in Los Angels are reporting that sources within the talks have confirmed that there are a few ancillary matters to hammer our, but that the core issues were “bridged.” 

UPDATE #3:  In response to the many people writing me about United Hollywood’s buzz-kill article:  I’ve kept fairly quiet about my position on the strike.  I believe that the writers deserve fair residuals and a good deal to protect them in the future.  That said, I’m less than thrilled with unitedhollywood, and others, attempts to build an industry around the strike.  I think a lot of bloggers and activists would be more disappointed to see their grass roots efforts come to an end than they would be pleased to see progress made.  There has been a non stop flow of anti-amptp sentiment from various pro-WGA bloggers.  Frankly, I think it is a business, and as a business it needs to be looked at moderately and with pragmatism for a meaningful solution. 

On the other hand, I’ve found Nikki Finke’s deadlinehollywood blog to be, while occasionally biased, a pretty accurate and moderate news source when it comes to progress, and Nikki is reporting that her sources are saying that there IS a contract, and that the big hurdle now is the two sides taking that contract back to their respective organizations OK.  Strangely, she is reporting that from unitedhollywood who have buried their own good news with articles with titles like “It’s not over till it’s over, and it’s not over.”  Google money must be pretty good for pro-strike blogs, I guess.

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From TVFrenzy:

  • one month is most certainly better than almost a year of waiting


    wow, that’d be great

  • Charlie Lesoine

    They freaking better do 15 more episodes this season or I am going to be pissed. I don’t care how long the hiatus is after the 8th episode. Last season we waited like 4 months after episode 6. Just make the season the PLANNED length and stop screwing the writers episode arch outlines.

  • Samfishercell

    Charlie: This season, and the next two were only supposed to be 16 eps. There’s no way they’d do 15 eps, 16 is the PLANNED length. You did hear that Lost is ending after 3 more 16-episode seasons (or that was the pre-strike plan at least) right?

    I’d be cool with even ONE more episode, because I heard episode 8 is QUITE the cliff-hanger. Even if the season is cut shorter than expected, it would be better than only getting a fraction of the story.

  • Steve

    Charlie never said they were going to do 15 episodes this season. He said he hopes they do 15 MORE. There’s already been 1, so 15 MORE would be a total of 16.

  • clayb

    I’d be okay with 14 episodes, but I’m really hoping that the networks can “extend” the tv season into June and make 16 a possibility. I guess it really all depends on the momentum of the story.

    Also, Doc thank you for saying what you said about unitedhollywood and other online “advocates” of the WGA’s plight. I used to work as a writer, so I’ve completely supported the writers’ efforts to get a piece of the internet pie. However, I too get the feeling that many of these strike bloggers are milking the idea of “solidarity” a bit much. If the strike ends, then many of these wannabees will no longer be in contact with higher profile members of the union… since they’ll be busy writing actual television and film scripts.

  • Desmundo

    I had a feeling that the powers that be would get to this point in the season and start really hustling to get an agreement reached. To see the show you write for and produce, your baby, presented to the world and to know that you aren’t in control of how it’s presented anymore, that must be more than TPTB can bear. The show wasn’t meant to be aired in this 8 episode way. The writers are artists, they have a specific vision for the show, and the strike is now tangibly going to pervert that vision. So much creative talent is invested in this show, I have full faith that those artists will do what they must to bring the show back to preserve the momentum they so carefully crafted.

  • All Hail Mikhail

    I wouldn’t by surprised if we didn’t get to see the full 16 episodes this season. Some of the actors have summer projects coming up. I’d be happy with as close to 16 episodes as possible, with the extra eps next season.

  • DocArzt

    Like anything, I think it is more complicated then them just bowing to our wishes. They only have the cast for so long, they have to stay in rhythm with next years television season, etc etc

  • dustin

    Just read at darkufo that according to their source in Hawaii filming began again. Any confirmation from anyone you know Doc?

  • DocArzt

    I have no idea… I’ve been down with Nikke Finke’s Viral Bronchitis (not literally hers) and a fever of 102… so I’m not even sure if you are real at this point. But I’ll find out.