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What Nikki Noticed – 5.06: 316

By Nikki Stafford,

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“We’re not going to Guam, are we?”


I know I’m the only one who thinks this season is the best yet, and every week is better than the one before it. I tend to love the non-linear episodes like “The Constant,” but last night’s straightforward, linear episode, was my favourite so far this season. Jack wasn’t loathsome, Desmond yelled a lot, Ben was snarky, Locke stuck it to Jack from beyond the grave, and I was tricked into believing we were watching the beginning of the pilot episode for half a second. And… Lapidus!!


I’ve done the full write-up on the episode over on my blog, but I got a late start on it and realized after I went to bed that there were a few things I missed (I don’t actually get to see episodes in advance, so I’m rushing to put my thoughts together as quickly as everyone else is after I’ve seen the episode). And then during the discussion on the blog today, other people came up with theories that I hadn’t even thought of. So I’m going to write this column to be a supplement to my blog post, which covered the main things. As usual, I’ll mostly ask questions to throw it out to you and to give us something to discuss/think about.


One of the main questions I did manage to ask last night was about Aaron: where is he? Ben said all of them had to return, and technically he left the island, but then again, if they’re recreating the original flight, Aaron can’t exactly turn himself into a fetus for the trip. But when we see Kate, she looks devastated and completely spent. This is a woman who, hours earlier, grabbed her son in a fit of defiance and washed her hands of the lot of them. Now she’s lying on Jack’s bed, begging him not to ask her anything about Aaron, and she looks defeated. Something bad has happened to Kate. I’m not sure something bad has happened to Aaron – he could be safe (with Claire or Christian, for example) – but Kate has had to give him up, and she’s shattered because of it. I wonder if, as one of my readers suggested, she’s given him to Claire’s mother. It would make sense – Mrs. Littleton’s appearance didn’t seem to be much more than a tangent to make us think she was going to take Aaron away. There was no reason for her to be in LA (Oceanic would have gladly settled with her in Sydney, presumably), but this would give her a purpose, it would give her a little piece of Claire back, and he would be with his biological family. That said, it would definitely uproot him, being with unfamiliar faces and going to an unfamiliar country.


A few people have suggested on my blog that the shag with Jack couldn’t have been for nothing, either. Could she now be pregnant? Does she think that by going back to the island she’ll never be coming home again, and if she wants to be a mother, her last chance is to get pregnant off the island so she can give birth on the island without dying? She’s very aggressive towards him, and the next morning seems to blow him off. Not that that isn’t completely within her character, but it still seemed a little odd.


The other big question was, what kind of gorilla did Ben have a tussle with? He says he’s got to go tie up some loose ends with “an old friend,” and I asked on my blog if that meant he was heading off to see Widmore. Of course, my readers saw the more obvious target, and have suggested he went off to get Penny, now that he’s seen Desmond is in town. Wherever the Scotsman is, that wife can’t be far behind. Did he kill her? Will this be the motivation to get Desmond back to the island? I’d hate to see Desmond in that much pain, but it would certainly be the only thing that could get him back there – revenge. (Sheesh… can’t anyone be happy around here? First Nadia, and now this?) Was Desmond the one who beat him up so badly, or was that Penny fighting back? Did Ben kill her or just try to?


And on a less important note, does anyone know what the song was on Jin’s radio? I can’t seem to figure it out, which makes me think it’s probably from the Geronimo Jackson oeuvre.

Nikki Stafford is the author of the Finding Lost series of books, which offer episode-by-episode guides to each season. The guide to season 4 is now available at most bookstores, including Amazon. She posts regularly on her television blog, Nik at Nite.

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From TVFrenzy:

  • hyperRevue

    I’m not sure if it’s ridiculous or not, but any thoughts on whether Kate seduced Jack in his room with the hopes of being impregnated, a la Claire?

    • hyperRevue

      Must read the whole blog post before commenting. Lesson learned.

  • I don’t think kate wants to be pregnant, why ? ’cause kate hates herself and aaron wasn’t of her blood so she could be her mum, she don’t want another baby she wants HIM and she knows she has to let’s him go 🙁 i love your reviewers but uh stop talking about pregnancy, they already explored it with sawyer and kate for 2 seasons, no more talk please it’s still hurt me 🙁
    i think too you said the island didn’t finished with desmond that’s why i think he’s on the plane maybe drugged

    • hyperRevue

      But maybe it’s not so much that she “wants” to be pregnant but has to be so that the flight will be as much like the original one as possible.

      • dolce

        There was ot enough time. Remember- Kate had stormed off from the dock, and was not around ( much like Hurley, and Sayid ) for the reveal from Hawking that the conditions of the flight had to be as similar as possible to O815.

        • hyperRevue

          We don’t know what happened when she left the dock, we don’t know who got to her. But I sort of doubt she changed her mind all on her own.

          • i think something happened with aaron maybe claire comes back or ben did something but i doubt he was busy with des and penny
            and i don’t think they need to recreate everything on the plane. i mean i think more charlie’s guitare is a wish of charlie and hurley did it for him (he wasn’t with jack, sun, des and ben), sayid with handcuff, maybe ben only found this way to get him or it’s cover and now sayid works for widmore i dunno but i really think only locke was proxy ’cause he’s special too

          • hyperRevue

            I dunno. I don’t think Kate having to be pregnant for the plan to work is any more ridiculous than Locke having to wear Christian’s shoes.

            To be honest, I find the whole idea that they have to try and recreate the original flight as best as possible kind of silly.

  • timm

    Good write up!

    First time I’ve enjoyed a Jack-centric episode for a while; he’s a lot better when he isn’t whining about things being impossible and just believes. He actually looked properly happy for the first time when he realised he was back on the island!

    My big question is, what did Sun do with Ji yeon? I know she’s with her grandmother but what kind of a parent would leave her daughter behind like that when she knows she may not return? Even through she was told that Jin is alive, that must have been one heck of a sacrifce for her to make, i wonder if we’ll see any more of poor Ji Yeon. THat, surely, is just as much a drama as Kate leaving turnip-head behind! Or am I just over thinking it?

    I think Ben may have confronted Desmond and Penny but got more than he bargained for. I don’t think Penny’s out of the game just yet. Saying that though, there isn’t much left in her story arc left to tell unless her death causes Desmond to push on… hmmm.

    • Thanks! You’ve addressed something I was talking about on my blog this morning. (I didn’t bring it up again here because then I’d sound baby-obsessed or something…) But you’re right. I just don’t understand how Sun could have dropped Ji Yeon to go to the island. Doesn’t she realize she may never get off the island again? Of course she’s in mourning for Jin and wants to see him again, but to do that and possibly never see her child again? I just didn’t see enough motivation for her, especially when the only people she has to go on are the two lying liars who convinced her to get back on that plane. What proof does she have that he’s actually alive? She’s been duped before.

      So I agree with you 100%. I love my husband to bits, but I wouldn’t sacrifice never seeing my two children again to go and find him. (Good thing he doesn’t read this column!) 😉 heehee…

      I’d like to think Penny’s alive, too. Des could still exact revenge on Ben for even touching Penny, so we’ll see. 🙂

      • ebonX

        Remember that there is a lot of time for Sun to “prepare” for the Ajira 316 flight … I think its pretty easy to assume that she spoke to Widmore at some point during that time … Maybe he promised her that he would get her & Jin off the Island, if she returned.

        • dolce

          30- couple hours is enough time?

  • brent

    Nice Kate analysis. Didn’t see that addressed in the blogs much today.

    Perhaps after the Locke episode we will return to more traditional flashback episodes, at least until we catch up with why Ben, Sun, Kate, Sayid, Hurley are on the plane. Must have been one heck of a crazy night.

  • angjen0816

    i am wondering if Walt is in the coach section and they just didn’t see him.

    • The Mantis

      Wow yeah! What about Walt…? Good theory.

    • This is another thing we chatted about on my blog today (come over and check it out… if you want to wade through all the comments, they’re actually quite brilliant). 😉 I’m hoping in next week’s Jeremy Bentham episode we’ll see him go and visit Walt and find out why Walt wasn’t one of the ones who had to return. Perhaps his place is off the island and that’s where the island needs him to be? Maybe he freaked Ben out so much that Ben doesn’t want him back there? (If you watch the mobisode “Room 23” you’ll see what happened when Walt came to the Others camp.) But here’s hoping Walt’s absence will be explained next week. And if he is in the coach section, I will be very happy! 🙂

      • angjen0816

        thanks nikki! i never bothered to watch the mobisodes. now i will have to watch at least that one! lol

      • Lostie

        Hi Nikki…..Love ur blogs…..keep up the great work !!

        Do u think its possible if u can post the LINK to see the “mobisodes”. I have never seen them. Thanks.

    • Lebowski Achiever

      I have found Walt…he is in someone’s kitchen eating Tyson Anytizers. Just saw him today, so it’s safe to say he is not on the plane.

  • Andy

    Ben never said Aaron had to go back and besides that moment where he told Kate off, he hasn’t mentioned him. Why is that?

  • Samuel

    What are the new tattoos Jack has down his left arm in the kitchen scene with kate when the phone rings?

  • JRAN

    A thought… the O6 saw the flash and went through time like the rest of their crew has been going through on the island. I think that the actual plane crashed on the island in “real time”… this may explain why the water bottle was there from the plane. Maybe Juliet, Sawyer, Miles, etc… were shooting at the survivors of the plane that had crashed that was caring Ben, Jack, Kate…etc. Maybe during that “flash” Juliet and crew were in future or real time.

    Also (on a differnt lost thought) I need something confirmed…
    When Juliet was “branded” wasn’t the one who did the “branding” the one and only Eloise Hawkins!!! (Help it is driving me nuts!!!

    One last mention… That flight attendant was sure thrashed around in that plane!! wow

    • ebonX

      Great idea! I was thinking the same thing … Oceanic 815 Losties are in DHARMA-era Island (circa 1970), while the Ajira 316 Losties are on-Island in the “present” (2008) … I think the twist is gonna be that Locke is gonna be the “Island Proxy” for the new losties (Ajira, not Oceanic).

      • Benny

        Whose proxy though?
        Christian, Jacob, Ben, someone else?

        • Why not Jack?
          He was the crash-hero for 815 and became the leader of the losties in 2004. Maybe Locke is going to follow in his footsteps.

          On the other hand John literally steps into Christian’s shoes. 🙂
          Presumably this (whose proxy he is meant to be) will remain a mystery for some episodes.

    • Benny

      Her name was Isabel

      • JRAN

        What episode was that?

        • hyperRevue

          Stranger in a Strange Land.

      • hyperRevue

        And Isabel is not Hawking, but looks a lot like her.

        • Benny

          True that. Also, she was with Tom’s crew, which makes her also dead.

          • JRAN

            One last thing… Why do Juliet, Miles, Daniel, and Charlotte travel through “time” with the other 815’ers? Especially Juliet, they made her out to be an other. Richard and crew do not travel “time” with the 815’ers?

          • rivum

            Remember that Juliet is not a true “other” – she was brought to the island and has not been around forever like the others have

          • bps

            Also she was branded which might make her a …”non-other”. ?

          • grayslostgirl

            I have thought alot about why Juliet travels and Others do not- it can’t be the amount of time that Others are on the island because those from the 815 crash- cindy, the kids would be flashing too as they have not been others long…maybe the branding was more than a burn…we don’t know yet

  • rick

    speaking of aaron do we now believe the bad things will happen if anyone but claire raises him .. will it come up again? andwas this foreshadowing the kate arrangement?

  • My crackpot theory re: Kate and Aaron is has to do with her secret favour for Sawyer.

    I presume this involved tracking down his daughter Clementine and making sure she was ok, and doing this would have gotten her in touch with Cassidy, who she had already met and bonded with. Kate probably realised she would always be on the run if she didn’t go back to the island, and probably didn’t want Goober to go through that. And since she didn’t know Claire’s Mom too well and just saw Sun holding a gun to Ben’s head, I reckon Cassidy is the only person she not only felt she could trust, but would be also be difficult for anyone to track down.

    I think she slept with Jack so he wouldn’t probe her with questions, and although she probably does have feelings for him, felt she had to be cold with him on the plane because she knew she was about to see Sawyer again and didn’t want to be all lovey-dovey with the Doc when she did.

  • rick

    Any ideas why Ms Hawking said the window was closing in 36 hours, when the episode starts 46 hours later? Where were they for the 10 or so hours?

  • horace goodspeed

    This was my first thought (re: Cassidy). If Kate is intending to keep Aaron, she’s her only trustworthy option (that we know about). Plus, this would explain why she’s adamant about not revealing that Sawyer link to Jack, since he went psycho last time. If she’s been convinced to return Aaron to his family, then Mrs. Littleton is the only choice. Or, perhaps this thread will be saved for Claire’s triumphant return in season 6. The next time we see Aaron he will be cradled in Momma’s arms! (sound effect) — LOST.
    Longshot options: Aaron is with Penny and little Charlie out at sea. Aaron is going to L.A. public school with Grannie Dawson and Walt. Aaron was in Kate’s checked baggage and is currently playing with his new Dharma schoolchums, little Charlotte and Little Myles Candle.

  • Stephen

    I think Aaron is in a pet carrier in the luggage compartment as a proxy for Vincent.

    • LOLZ! Oh man, you are EVIL. And you just made me laugh out loud for a very long time. 😉

  • Lebowski Achiever

    I have seen a lot of posts while reading through Nikki’s blog about whether Jin recognized Jack/Kate and Hurley. I would say he did, I think what we saw was a shock of seeing them in the “when” they are. Looks to me they are in the past (the DI van certainly seems to be in better shape than when Hurley found it).

    There are also posts about if they plane actually crashed or if people were sucked out of the plane. I think the plane crashed and that is what alerted Jin to go to the waterfall. They had to see something to prompt them to check out that area.

    Seems to me that Sayid seems to know what is going on, he does not seem at all shocked to see Jack or any of the others on this flight. If I were him and I was unaware, I would be majorly freaking out when I saw the whole band back together on the same flight. Somehow I think he was convinced and is in on the whole “recreate as much as possible” deal.

    I do not think Penny is dead, if that is who Ben went after. If she were dead, not only would be be beaten at the hands of desmond, nut he would also be hunted by the police. I would think it is very hard for a wanted man to board a flight out of the country.

    I have not been able to re-watch the episode, so maybe this can be debunked quickly. Can someone tell me if Eloise knew what flight before Desmond was there? Many have mentioned in the scenes that they were expecting Desmond to get clocked by the pendulum as he kept walking across the map. I don’t think this would have been featured so much if it did not have something to do with the story. My theory is that special Desmond is actually the pendulum, and when he walked across the map a few time, he marked the exact spot and this is how Eloise knew the flight that the O6’ers were supposed to get on.

    These are my thoughts….of course I drink a lot, so what do I know.

    • Wow, I love that analysis, whether it was written in a drunken stupor or not. 😉 The idea that Desmond was actually the key to the spot is awesome. Eloise hands the binder to Jack after he’s done his dance on the pendulum. I asked on my blog why Eloise looked so nonplussed when Desmond announced crazily that had been sent here by her son Daniel and needed to deliver the message and she looked at him like, “Yeah, yeah, whatever.” Maybe she just needed him to go back and pace on the map a little more. 🙂

      And I agree with you about Sayid. He looks about as unsurprised to see everyone as Eloise was to see Desmond. He totally knows what he’s doing, but since the last time we saw him he was cursing all their houses, I’m still not sure what his motivation could be. I asked on the blog if they could be offered something to go back — what if they could turn back time by 3 years so their off-island time never actually happened? That would be the only thing that would get Sayid back, I would think: keeping Nadia alive. Could that be why he’s so smug? Hmm…

      • ebonX

        Eloise’s reaction to Desmond was so “heh” because she already knows this …

        She knows that she met Daniel on-Island in 1954 … Thus, she knows that at some point in his lifetime he must travel to the Island and during his time there, the Island is unstuck, thereby causing Daniel to “flash” thru the Island’s space-time … Subsequently, she is helping the O6 return to the Island, thereby trying to help her son stop “flashing” thru time.

        I think Elly’s reaction to Desmond was more of a “Yeah! What do you think I’m doing here in the Lamp-Post Station?!?” …

      • rick

        the REAL question we should be asking ourselves is .. who put the 15 year old crackers under that rock for Hurley to find later .. one of losts biggest mysteries =]

      • Lebowski Achiever

        Thanks, may be the first time in my life I have said something that makes sense.

        I like the Sayid theory, something major had to happen quickly for him to change his mind. That would certainly clear things up if they could somehow choose the time they could go back to when they leave the island again.

  • angjen0816

    i felt that sayid did look surprised…mayhap I just need to watch it a 5th or 6th time….yes i have no life outside my son and lost lol. But i totally agree (as mentioned on Nikki’s wonderous blogsite) the Jin did recognize them, he was just so surprised to see them so soon (after all Locke JUST left) and in the Dharma days. Cant wait for the Jin/Sun reunion. Hes gonna be so pissed!

  • Vanessa

    Did anyone else notice that there were also six people in Danielle’s crew, including a pregnant woman and someone with a guitar?

    • Jangras

      I’ve already posted this days ago on another site.. but still nobody seems to reply.. But i think this is an amazing catch. If i get good suggestions elsewhere, i’ll be adding them here vanessa

  • melikou

    hi, i’m new here and not usually good at figuring out Lost but here goes:

    Maybe Christian took Aaron? To me, Kate seemed a little freaked out about the whole thing, not like she actually left Aaron somewhere. And if it was Christian, maybe that would explain why Kate didn’t want to tell Jack and why she all of a sudden wanted to go back to the island. I think she has an agenda for going back there, which is to find Aaron!

  • Mrs. Alpert

    I think that Ben was beaten up by Sayid… that’s why he was under arrest and being transported (Ben/Others must’ve arranged to have him extradited.). He was surprised because he didn’t want to be on that flight & he didn’t know that this was why Ben provoked him…

    Aaron- Kate could’ve snuffed him out before catching up with Jack for a little loving….

    • hyperRevue

      Or Sayid just got nabbed for all the people he killed.

      Either way, ~30 hours doesn’t seem like enough time to get nabbed for a crime, sentenced, found guilty and extradited.

      • Lebowski Achiever

        Maybe these new people are Widmore plants. He sent Desmond to find Eloise….maybe he has had a tail and they know of the plans. Seems to me that you must be pretty tough to capture Sayid…ask the hospital assassin, the female agent must have had some really good training.

        • Mrs. Alpert

          If you’ve seen the preview for next week, you’ll see why I think she works for Ben… There are Others who are skilled at all kinds of things, so why not someone as adept at fighting/killing as Sayid?

          and the 30 hours thing- the Others don’t need a lot of time to get their stuff together… I think it’s a fake arrest, but that Sayid thinks it’s real…

  • I think the song playing in Jin’s van was Stephen Stills’ 1970 hit, “Love the One You’re With,” which I took as a bit of foreshadowing concerning Jin’s assimilation into Dharma.

  • I do love the manner in which you have framed this specific problem and it really does present us some fodder for thought. On the other hand, from just what I have witnessed, I really wish as the comments pile on that people remain on point and don’t get started on a tirade involving some other news of the day. Still, thank you for this exceptional point and while I do not necessarily concur with it in totality, I value the standpoint.