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What Nikki Noticed: 6.01/02 “LA X, Parts 1 & 2”

By Nikki Stafford,

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Hello everyone! Just to re-introduce myself for the newcomers on here: My name is Nikki Stafford and I’m the author of a series of companion guides to Lost called Finding Lost. There are four books in total (the first one covers seasons 1 and 2, then there are separate guides for seasons 3, 4, and 5). I’m currently working on the sixth and final instalment of the series. I keep a blog called Nik at Nite that is host to a fantastic group of Lost fans (and we occasionally talk about other shows, too) and when DocArzt asked me last year if I’d come and post over on his site, I was thrilled. And here I am again!

It’s been a LONG summer and fall! My gang on my blog did our own Lost rewatch starting in July, and we wrapped up two weeks ago. There were Lost rewatches happening everywhere (including here with AstroJones) and I hope some of you were able to participate in them; they certainly made that hiatus go by a lot more quickly.

So… was it worth the wait? I was on the edge of my seat for the full two hours (thank you thank you, willpower, for holding up and refusing to let me click on any of those spoilery scenes!!) and at the end of it, my only thought was how envious I was of the people on the West Coast who hadn’t yet seen it and would now gasp and shriek with delight for two hours like I’d just done. There were SO many highlights, twists, turns, new questions (natch), and answers. Answers?! On LOST? Yep, answers. In this final season we’re finally going to get some answers, and it’s the first time we’re heading into a season actually knowing that in advance, which is adding to everyone’s excitement.

I’ve posted an extensive blog on last night’s episode, as I always do following an episode and today’s discussion has been fast and furious. Usually on here I’ll pull out one major point from the previous night’s episode and just talk about it, but this week I’ll be more general, since there are so many things to cover. The main questions from last night’s episode:

  • Was Desmond really on the plane or has he figured out consciousness-traveling? Will he become everyone’s Constant this season?
  • Has Jacob’s spirit gone into Sayid’s body? Does that mean the old Sayid we know and love is gone, or is the result a combination of the two personalities somehow?
  • The rebirth we saw at the Temple: is that the same thing that Young Ben went through 30 years ago?
  • Were we watching a parallel timeline of 2004 and 2007, or was the 2004 storyline actually a hint of what’s to come? In other words, will the 2007 timeline play out in such a way that sends them back to 2004 where they’ll be right where they were last night? Is the 2004 scene, then, a sort of simultaneous flashback and flashforward?
  • How have things changed BEFORE the flight that caused circumstances to be different? i.e. Shannon not being on the flight; Hurley saying he’s lucky instead of cursed; Rose not wearing Bernard’s wedding band on her necklace; Claire not sitting near Jack; Michael and Walt not sitting near Hurley (if they were on the plane at all). What led up to people making different choices beforehand?
  • Why was Richard in chains? Was he a slave on the Black Rock? Or was the Man in Black the slave on the Black Rock and Richard was the slavemaster, and somehow the tables turned with the MiB getting away, putting Richard in chains, and Jacob turning him into some guy destined (or doomed) to walk the island forever?

There’s so much to think about in this opening episode, and so many places where it can take us. I’m most excited about the Not-Locke/Alpert storyline that will continue on next week (I hope!) and I can’t believe I’ve waited patiently for eight months, and now can barely stand to wait another six days for the next instalment!!

Come on over to the blog and check out the discussion we’re having there. And also, every Wednesday from 12-1pm EST I’ll be co-hosting a live chat through the Globe and Mail website with Globe TV critic Andrew Ryan, where we’ll be taking questions and attempting to answer them as best we can. You can read the archive for today here, and I hope to see you at the same time and place next week!

Nikki Stafford is the author of the Finding Lost series of books, which offer episode-by-episode guides to each season. The guide to season 5 is now available at, and is currently working on the season 6 book. She posts regularly on her television blog, Nik at Nite.

From TVFrenzy:

  • I don’t think MiB was on the Black Rock, as per the opening of The Incident Part 1. but there could have been more body swapping if thats what we’re seeing with Sayid

    • hyperRevue

      How does the opening of The Incident lead you to believe that the MIB was on the Black Rock, when we saw him and Jacob watching the the ship off shore?

      • hyperRevue

        ha. I totally misread your post. Sorry.

    • Charlie’s Ghost

      Didn’t we see the Jacob and MiB watch the Black Rock sail towards the island in Season 5? I’ve always thought Richard was a slave on the Black Rock, due to something I read that the Black Rock was staffed with slaves from Egypt…i.e.Richard’s egyptian features.

      One thing that was real curious – what was the blood on Jack’s neck in the 2004 timeline all about? He seemed like he had no clue where that came from.

      • Nick Stevens

        There seems to be a semi-consensus that the blood was a prior unnoticed shaving cut. The reason Jack seems confused by it is not that he’s spooked by it being there, but because it’s further triggering his sense of déjà vu.

        • Zonker

          Right before he notices his neck bleeding, he’s looking at his face in the mirror, and it seems that he’s already disoriented, as in Hey, if it’s 2004, should I have a buzz-cut?

  • Josh

    About that last one, with the MIB being the one on the Black Rock. It most likley won’t happen as he and Jacob sat and watched the Black Rock arrive.

  • I doubt Sayid is now Jacob. And to be honest I don’t even know how people got that idea.

    • Flocko

      Because it was pretty strongly hinted at in the episode, perhaps?

    • Nick Stevens

      Because he WAS dead and now he isn’t which people associate with Locke, understandably. I’m with you though; seems to me if Jacob’s power is at all similar to the MiB’s he would make a copy of Sayid and not possess him.

    • docarzt

      I’m with you imfromthepast. There is no parallel between locke/mib and sayid’s resurrection. Mib has created a new individual form that resembles Locke, not reanimated his body.

      • Iwantmykidneyback

        I bet you the others at the temple will need some convincing that he’s not the smoke monster seeing as they nearly killed everyone for the unimaginable crime of “showing up”.

    • crafty bison

      I agree with you. Jacob said to Dogen that the Others are in great danger if Sayid dies. And Sayid died. It’s not Jacob possessing him.

    • dolce

      yeah, I don’t know where all the talk I’ve seen over the past 2 days about bodily possession has come from. And I’m not sure how people are still confused on the “real” (dead) John Locke vs. MIB taking the form of Locke. Is everyone not paying attention? And if it does turn out that Jacob takes possession of Sayid’s body, I will be seriously dismayed.

      • Nick Stevens

        I dunno if I’d be dismayed if it WAS Jacob. After all we don’t know if Jacob’s powers are anything like MiB’s. Furthermore, with Jacob now being dead, it’s possible that changes things. Just some thoughts.

        I’m still sticking with ‘it’s not Jacob inhabiting Sayid’, though.

        • Sure, Jacob’s death has some yet unknown consequences. One of them for sure is the soiled fountain. Dogen (the new asian guy) was clearly shocked by that and I guess that’s why he believed Hurley instantly when hearing about Jacob’s death.

          So, maybe something about Sayid’s resurrection stinks.

          • Rams

            It appears that Miles couldn’t “hear” Sayid’s corpse talking to him and seemed confused as to why he couldn’t. So, I for one, DON’T believe Sayid was dead. Dead is dead, even on the island, and we have seen nothing contradict that yet.

            I think Sayid’s healing was delayed because the pool was muddy (because Jacob died). But it did heal Sayid, so Jacob is still has some power even when dead (someone mentioned Obiwan).

            It sucked big time that the MIB was “copying” John Locke for manipulative purposes, and Locke really was dead. If Jacob is the good guy, it would be horrible if he literally “stole” Sayid’s body and was “possessing” it. It seems cheap. I don’t think Jacob would do that.

    • Yeah. Absolutely!

      Ben for instance didn’t turn out as controlled by another being although he turned into the creepy lier we all know. Sayid is still Sayid without any doubt.

      • well, I guess he was controlled by Flocke but not possessed by anyone/anything, so I mistook my wording above

        • Nick Stevens

          I thought it was hilarious in an ironic way when Ben said “You used me” to Flocke, all filled up with indignation. As the chorus of a rather appropriate NiN song went: Now you know this it what it feels like. 😀

    • Yeah, so far it looks like the Man in Black is Anubis (well, actually, the hieroglphs showed Anubis summoning him, didn’t they?) or Cerberus related. A keeper of the dead and a bringer of judgement.
      Jacob’s powers are bringing people to the island, traveling really fast (or instantly) and is possibly behind the healing waters of the temple.
      So, why didn’t MiB copy Jacob’s body, I wonder???

  • Chris

    You are wrong about the flight causing circumstances to be different. The explosion is what caused the alt. time-line and that was in back in ’77. Everything after that moment is subject to change (butterfly effect). If something is weird it’s the fact that most of the things stayed the same, which can be explained since people and things on the island didn’t have too much to do with our hero’s so there are only minor effects eventually (Desmond randomly on the flight, change of seats, Shannon not there etc.)!

    • lockeheart

      I think people are assuming to much that this whole thing happened because jughead exploded. does it make sense; yes. Does it seem as though the writers are making it seem that way; yes. But i think the biggest decision that created the world we saw in the premiere episode was not the decision of juliet to blow jughead but rather Ben’s decision to kill jacob.

      • AR

        Sorry to blow your theory but I read an interview with Damon and Carlton (a few months back) which stated that what Juliet did at the end of season 5 has great consequences and that her death was very important (ie. She created the Alt/Parallel Universe)…

      • Zonker

        For that to be true, we’d have to revisit time travel in Season 6, and the producers have said they’re done with that for now. Because Jacob was killed on the island in 2007, so unless all his appearances in “The Incident” are the result of post-2007 time travelling now prevented by his untimely death, it is hard to see how his 2007 death impacts events in the new 2004 timeline.

  • Kevin

    Why did everyone think MiB = Locke again?

    Is it possible darkLocke is a future Locke (or deadLocke is a future/past Locke)? I guess what I’m trying to say is; Could darkLocke be Locke himself from another timeline?

    • Kevin

      just saw the premiere… nvm the first post 🙂

  • Adam

    With all due respect folks I don’t think anyone is right or wrong at this point. Its the first episode so any theories are currently pure speculation. Some of you seem pretty confident which is cool. And everyone has some good points! But don’t say someone is wrong because of how they interpreted it. Great episode by the way!!

    • I speculate that you are wrong about us. Just kidding.

  • Something else will happen that will send the Lostie’s back to the 2004 timeline and sink the Island.

    • Okay, this is wrong.

  • crafty bison

    Why does it have to be two timelines? My take is it’s all in ‘Reality X’ – “It worked”.

    Why are Jack, Juliet, Sawyer etc. “still” on the island? Because they’ve jumped forward in time to 2007. We know this because Jacob tells Hurley he died an hour ago.

    The plane flight we saw is in 2004. They’re on the island in 2007. That gives them three years to get from that plane flight, back to the island. That’s what’s going to pan out over the remainder of the series, and gradually we will be shown that the “two” realities are just one reality at different times, just like the old flashback/flashforward arrangement we’re used to.

    • Nick Stevens

      Which would MAKE the 2004 stuff flashbacks. Which the producers have flat out said won’t be happening. Furthermore they have also stated that the show is now flashing sideways, as in parallel.

      • You are taking Darlton to literally.

        I assure you (without knowing anything) that we WILL see flashbacks in this season.

        How else would they tell us about the Black Rock, Jacob, The Man in Black, Richard (and so on)? I’m positive on that. We will get these backstories and they will be presented in flashback-style.

        • Nick Stevens

          That would be fair enough, but the point I’m trying to make is that they won’t be using flashbacks/forwards as a main narrative device to tell the main story. What is mentioned above certainly WOULD be doing that. The use of flashbacks to explain pieces of backstory or fill in some blanks would be perfectly reasonable.

        • Nick Stevens

          Also the 2007 timeline clearly has the characters talking about the bomb, etc. So I can’t see how this NEW 2004 timeline, with a sunken island no less, can resolve directly into the 2007 one we’ve just all been watching as Bison is suggesting.

          Pleas note, I have no doubt there will be a convergence, but what we are seeing is not “the “two” realities are just one reality at different times, just like the old flashback/flashforward arrangement we’re used to”.

    • That would require the island to rise fro mthe ocean, shake off its barnacles, and grow back its lush vegetation IN THREE YEARS.
      So, think about it.

  • longlivekingnick

    So my roommate and I were watching LA X again tonight… AND we watched the last scene, where Saiyd wakes up.

    Now there seems to be a lot of “Sayid is Jacob,” floating around the internet, which was my first guest too… until about 15 mins ago. We changed our theory after re-watching the end about 10x.

    What if Sayid isn’t Jacob, but instead he is Locke? Why would Jacob wake up in Sayid’s body, and act like he had NOOOoooOOOoOOO idea what happened? If Flocke could do it (kinda) why wouldn’t Jacob understand the same principals? Now, Locke on the other hand, wouldn’t have any idea what was going on if he woke up in another persons body. (this may be a long shot) But also, if you listen to Sayid speaking, it sounds a bit different than his normal english/ fake Iranian accent… less frightened, and more bewildered.

    It would only be CLASSIC Lost to lead you down a path (i.e Jacob is Sayid)… only to twist things at the last second. “Everyone is going to think Sayid is Jacob, which is exactly why it isn’t.”

    • Roseysdaddy

      Wow, I like that. Good stuff

    • greg dharma

      sorry, but nope. locke is dead. sayid is dead. jacob can’t die. sayid comes back to life. except he’s not sayid, he’s jacob, who needed a “candidate” to inhabit. unless sayind is still sayid. and jacob is still dead. but that makes no sense. jacob needs to be alive to fight MiB, and reanimated Locke vs, reanimated Sayid is how it’s going down.

      • I’m rather sure the coming episode will prove you wrong.

        Jacob is going to return in some form (I would bet on that, too) but NOT in Sayid’s body.

        • Nick Stevens

          Since I am one of those that believes Christian is not a manifestation of either Jacob or MiB: I put it to you that being dead never stopped the elder Shephard. I’m with you Mirko.

      • naultz

        this does not make sense unless Jacob’s reincarnation process is different than MIB. MIB did not inhabit john locke’s body, He is “borrowing” his identity, but the real locke’s body still exists. so if Jacob was going to “BOrrow” Sayid’s identity we would still have a body that is the real Sayid. plus wouldn’t jacob have more awareness of what’s going on so his first statement at the end of the episode would not be one of confusion.

      • longlivekingnick

        exactly what the man wants you to believe… enjoy your loss at the hands of Sailocke… devourer of worlds!

    • Zonker

      Possibly he’s bewildered because he has some type of amnesia. Remember Richard said of young Ben that he would not remember and he would not be the same once young Ben was revived at the temple.

    • I would bet 23 cans of Spam that Sayid is Sayid.

      • LV

        Me, too.

    • Twitchy

      Wait a second: when asked, recently, which are the moments from the show he will most remember when the show will be over, Terry O’Quinn (Locke) answered something like “the moments when me and Naveen Andrews (Sayid) play some music, with his guitar, during the breaks while shooting”. And he started smiling.. Could that be a veeeery subtle hint from Terry to where the show was actually going? Like: S6 will be about Flocke vs Fsayid?

  • Mark

    you’d think if anyone was taken over by jacob it would be jack. then you’d have jack/jacob vs locke/MiB.

    • Professor Askew

      Though, I’m one of those who wondered if Jacob jumped into Sayid (since it was Jacob who wanted to ensure that Sayid was taken to the Temple), I’m nowhere near sure of it. What Mark points out here does make sense and it’s something that has occured to me in the past. There has to be some measure of equality between light and dark.

  • s.w.a.c.

    I just wanted to jump in here and say, “Welcome back, Nikki!”

    And Sayid is still Sayid, IMO.

  • cap10tripps

    I contend there is one timeline. 2004 and 2007 are happening at the same time. The more accurate wording (other than timeline) would be tangent universe. There will be a point when the two innevitably converge (the universe trying to right itself). This would cause the destruction of both universes. Therefore one universe must be destroyed before this happens.

    My best guess is that 2004 Jack will know this at some point (probably with Desmond’s help). He will have to make a final decission on how to destroy one universe. If this is true, the discussion on which universe will have to be destroyed will commence. Again I’m guessing that it’s 2004. It seems that the creation of this tangent universe has caused some paradoxes that cannot exist for too long…

  • cap10tripps

    On the Sayid tip, it seems to me as though it is a reborn Sayid. He will probably have no memories of what has happened to him up to that point. This follows Ben’s rebirth as a child when Richard proclaims he would not remember any of this. An interesting point here is that it follows the theme of baptism started by Charlie’s dreams in season 2.

  • haiddengould

    i hope that eventually Jacob might posess John Locke’s body. then it would be locke vs locke. maybe stupid i dunno.

  • longlivekingnick

    I changed my theory again… Flock is actually Shao Khan, and Jack is actually Liu Kang… the fate of the island shall be decided…


    *cue techno muszak*

  • The Real Norrin Radd

    I want everyone to understand (and I’m sure 90% of you do) that everything in OtherLOST changed from 1977(or no?) onward, not from Flight 815 in 2004 onward. Because some people don’t seem to be understanding that.

    That’s why everything’s shifted slighty, and believe me it is slight, if you think about time travel at all, even the most minor modification to the past can change things drastically. Realistically,(HA!) none of them should be on that plane. I mean they set off a nuke for chrissakes.

    There’s no mystery as to WHY this new timeline different, it’s different because the island’s at the bottom of the ocean, regardless of how it got there, nuke or not. That’s the mystery of this reality, what is its actual point (and circumstance) of divergence? What happened to lead us up to this other 2004?

    • longlivekingnick

      Well Silver Surfer, you are very defensive of your beliefs… even though there is no way to be 100% sure… just saying

    • cap10tripps

      Agreed, but one thing to remember is that 1977 and 2007 were happening at the same time. It’s a major component of time travel theory. If that is accepted, then 2007 and 2004 are now happening at the same time. Yes, things happened differently becasuse of jughead from 1977 on, but they also didn’t in a tangent universe where the bomb is not detonated.

    • Orson

      I think for ALT to work, when Ajira 316 crashed, and some of the losties were sent back to 1977, THAT’S where the divergence started. Everything we’ve seen in Dharma-times has been in an alt universe already. When they flash back to 2007, they get sent back to their own timeline, where the Incident went normally (ie leading to the button in the hatch) and a nuclear bomb didn’t sink the island.

      The only problem with this is Sawyer, Juliet etc getting sent through different timeflashes. Did each flash cause a new ALT Timeline? No, because they interact with different characters (Richard, Danielle etc) multiple times throughout that history with relative continuity. But perhaps when Locke pulled the frozen donkey wheel back onto its axis, he nudged the island through time in such a way that wasn’t WHH, and thus created a new timeline.

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