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Where’s Faraday’s Foot?

By DarthVibbert,

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When  the new season 5 group photo was posted, many pointed out that Daniel’s foot was missing. Well, you can see that more clear now:


What do you guys think? Is it a Photoshop error or a clue of what’s going to happen to Daniel on Season 5?

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From TVFrenzy:

  • smokey ate it lol

  • Personally I think it’s just bad photoshop work. Looking at the cast photo it looks like its all been photoshopped together, and the leaves look to be in the foreground from where Daniel is sitting. I wouldn’t look to deep into this for a hidden meaning…

    • Animagladius

      It is indeed a photoshopped picture. But the foot can’t disappear because of that. I’m used to work with Photoshop and know it very well. The leaves would also be “over” the trousers – but they aren’t.

    • Ed Holden

      I have to disagree. There’s certainly a fair share of bad Photoshop work floating around the media world (for a good time see, but this missing foot looks extremely deliberate to me. Look at the cuff of the pant leg: whoever supermiposed it onto this background didn’t just lop off the foot. Rather, they made it so you can see the inside of his pant leg, something that would have had to be illustrated deliberately.

      Anyone taking bets on how many toes Daniel has?

  • PLove

    Faraday, the foot(less) model for the four-toed statue (or Sawyer’s soon-to-be infected foot!)
    Either this is an error made (I doubt it) or a red-herring clue along the lines of a barefoot Paul McCartney!

  • i think too lol but it was funny to see it lol maybe they’ll fix it during the season and add new one lol

    • The Mantis

      Yes, lol maybe they lol will lol.

  • Benjamin

    hint that the four toed statue is of daniel? hmmmm lol

  • This was discovered back in Dec 2008

  • rick

    It’s a hint that his timeline has been erased and he’s fading from existence.

    • DarthVibbert

      a Back to the Future reference is always welcome

      “erased from existence”

  • He’s disappearing like Marty McFly.

  • docarzt

    Here’s my opinion on this. Have any of you noticed that the four toed statue IS a left foot, and it is Faraday’s left foot that is missing? IMHO, this is symbolism. Faraday is one of the four toed people. MAYBE, Faraday winds up in the distant past, is revered as a god, and the statue is built to honor him.

    • professorstotch

      Can you imagine a full sized statue of Faraday? I personally think it’d be hilarious to see. I think this is the pose he’d be striking:

      • Mandeville

        How about…


  • It’s not that his foot isn’t there, it just hasn’t been made yet.

    • Best quote. Brilliant.

    • Best response. Brilliant.

      • @ Alex … Looks like your compliment got caught in a time loop and got course corrected! But thanks all the same 😉

  • I think it means that Paul is dead…oh, wait, that’s the cover to Abbey Road. Never mind. 😛

  • RodimusBen

    I think it means someone did a piss-poor Photoshop job in about 15 minutes. LOST has always had HORRIBLE Photoshopped cast pictures. My favorite is the season 3 photo where the actors are all standing in the water (translation: someone went to town with a burn tool on their lower thighs), and Ben and Juliet are tacked on so conspicuously that they practically have black borders around them. In fact, I think that the ONE photo of Ben was recycled for every cast photo that season…

  • preztige

    four-toed statue clue

  • preztige

    If you notice, you really can’t see his leg on his right foot. It can be a photoshop error,
    it’d be great if it was the clue to four-toed statue

    • KissyS006

      I agree…it looks like an empty shoe has just been placed under the leg. I can’t make out an ankle at all.

  • Mathew

    It’s not a photoshop error, it’s obviously intentional. Look at the inside of the trouser leg… That wouldn’t be there if it wasn’t intentional.

  • Nikki

    Could it be some reference to his Achilles heel?

  • calebspeaks

    It looks to me like both feet are gone. Look close at the right shoe, can you really see a leg or sock coming out of it?

  • Z

    Lost doesn’t do too many things that aren’t deliberate, if this is a clue and the statue is of Daniel, I have a different take on it. My friend and I were talking about how everyone thinks that the four-toed statue is something from the past, but what if the statue is from the future? Some people believe that the next step in human evolution is that humans are going to lose their pinky toes because they are useless. Maybe the Roman/Greek type sandal is just to throw us off and make us think this is something from the past. Either way this season has been fantastic so far and I can’t wait for all these questions to be answered

  • boonesghost

    His foot is unstuck in time maybe?

  • Andy W.

    I personally think the four-toed statue is of Sawyer, as he will lose his toe to infection after having that long stick poke through it this past episode.

    • Nice one Andy, that makes a lot of sense – I couldn’t work out why the writers would have him step on that stick at all as it didn’t add anything to that scene! Normally, the island would take care of the wound but maybe he does something the island doesn’t want him to do, the same way Jack got appendicitis when he was determined to leave.

      • rivum

        no scene is kept in without a reason. i’m sure that will come to something. now that i think about it, was there ever a point in the past 4 seasons that sawyer inexplicably had a sore foot? i’m wondering if this is intended to explain something we’ve already seen, similar to the locke gunshot/suddenly being paralized again…

        • Tronicus

          The only thing that debunks this is that Sawyer was poked in his big toe, and the four-toed statue still has a big toe.

          • Mandeville

  • lost_fan777

    can u notice that BOTH of his FEET arent there. if you look closely theres nothing going into his right SHOE! weird so that means he lost both of his feet. 😀

  • Desmonds Girl

    Faraday’s Foot–my thoughts:-
    If you can think back to the ‘BACK TO THE FUTURE’ trilogy…..when Marty Mcfly’s family photograph starts to disappear because he has somehow changed the past…could this LOST season 5 promo pic be a subtle reference to this !!!!!!!!!!!!! THINK ON THAT ONE!!!!!

  • Dogbones

    He did step on an arrow when he, Kate and Carl returned to the main island after escaping the zoo. Don’t remember which foot it was, though.