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Lost Spoilers – Does “Confirmed Dead” Really Suck? Hell NO! And Here is Why

By docarzt,

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After last weeks stellar “Beginning of the End” premiere the Lost crew
has a tremendously huge act to follow.  Emboldened fans have been
coming to me all week asking me with tears in their eyes and quivering
lips if the meanies on the web are right about the episode being
mindless filler and a return to Lost’s old ways of stalling.  I’m here
to tell you those naysayers are NUTS.  Confirmed Dead is awesome and I
don’t mind backing off my spoiler governor a little big to tell you
exactly why you should be four times as excited about tonight’s episode
than you were last weeks.  So proceed with caution, spoilers lurk ahead.

From TVFrenzy:

  • Shiro Kaisen

    The Writer’s Strike is over! I’m not kidding, a deal has been made!

  • Aldo

    Hooray for Doc being right about that excellent episode!
    Hooray for the strike being over!

  • preztige

    awesome episode. loved it. I think this season is going to be awesome, just like the promised! any ideas who is on the boat that ben is talking about? Mikail? Michael? RICHARD!!??!?!?!?!

  • milo

    Amazing episode, probably one of their best ever. I can’t think of the last time we found out so much in one episode.

    And the writer’s strike is NOT over, they supposedly have a tentative deal, but the writers need to approve it…depending on what is proposed so far (which has not been made public at all) they may take it or they may reject it.

    Things look optimistic, but Eisner is full of crap, he’s not the guy who gets to declare when the strike is over.