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Man Solo – 6.08 “Recon”

By Fishbiscuit,

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Now that Jack has become destiny’s child and John has become the smoke monster, the last LOST alpha male left standing appears to be Sawyer. When last we saw him he was sitting around in his dirty drawers guzzling ethyl alcohol and thinking that he’d been born to be alone. But a few days R&R at the Monster’s backwoods campgrounds, and it looks like he’s almost a new man. He’s taking care of his friends.

And he’s starting to click into place the combination locks on a new con, one that will hopefully get him and his friends off the Island for good.

It’s like he wrung the last bit of Dharma dweeb out of his hair and remembered that he is the awesome James Ford, badass extraordinaire.

Or not.

OtherJames wasn’t that much of a badass. He was a lonely sad manwhore who ate frozen dinners at night in his dreary apartment while watching corny vintage tv by himself. In some ways his life, like the lives of the other OtherLosties, was marginally better than it had been in the original timeline:

He was a cop, not a crook. He didn’t seem as angry, but he wasn’t half as good at playing women.

He did have one good close friend.

He hadn’t killed anybody. He hadn’t yet become his enemy.

And even though he was on the right side of the law this time,

he still got paid to get laid.

Badges and Sawyer have gone together since the Pilot Part Deux.

And a badge was very useful to him during his long con as Dharmatown’s Deputy Dawg.

The pigeon drop in the opening scene of OtherLOST paralleled our first glimpse of Sawyer in his mirror episode – Season One’s Confidence Man.

One thing I did wonder about: can cops have sex with their suspects? While their backup listens in electronically? Wouldn’t that be entrapment or invasion of privacy or something else that would get a case thrown out in five seconds? I know, I know, that wasn’t the point. The point was that OtherJames was still a sexy ass beast. That’s a constant.

OtherJames, like the other OtherLosties, was sorta like Sawyer and sorta kinda not. He told Charlotte his inspiration to become a cop had been Steve McQueen in Bullitt.

And he definitely had a little bit of that going on.

But he was also a shady, sketchy, roundheeled kind of cop. We’d already seen how he let a handcuffed Kate escape the authorities in LA X.

In this episode, he was abusing his LAPD credentials to track down the same lifelong enemy, Anthony Cooper, that Sawyer had dedicated his life to killing. Which means he had the same horrifyingly tragic event in his past.

The big important things don’t seem to change in OtherLost. Hurley still wins the lottery. Locke is still in a wheelchair. Jack is still a big spinal surgeon. Kate is still a fugitive. And James Ford is still the broken boy whose father killed his mother and then himself because he got so jealous he lost his mind.

Just like Sawyer, OtherJames is bent on murder. He doesn’t seem quite as dedicated in his vengeance, but it still dominates his life.

He still uses sex as a drug to numb the pain. He still lies and schemes and hides behind his charm as he waits for his chance to kill his enemy. And he still hates himself.

The mirroring we’ve grown accustomed to in Season Six continued in this episode.

This eighth episode of Season Six was titled Recon, an obvious shoutout to the eighth episode of Season One, Confidence Man,

where Sawyer confessed to Kate the same sad tale of family woe that he confessed to Miles in this episode.

There were echoes of other Sawyer-backs. OtherJames on patrol wore an outfit a lot like the one Sawyer wore in Outlaws on the most fateful night of his life.

He made a trip to Hydra Island,

the place where he’d learned his most life altering lesson in Every Man for Himself.

LaFleur was the safe word that was used to call an end to his charade with the pigeon.

He was engaged in the same kind of sophisticated fakery that he demonstrated with such flair in that same episode.

And, as in every prior Sawyer centric, the character that dominated the subtext of the storyline was …

… Kate.

This was a great Skatey episode. It had tackles, just like the old days.

Hell, it even had bars!

It may have been Sawyer’s episode, but every other scene, rotating in a kind of back and forth flip show, was about Kate. Just as Kate’s latest centric featured the critical moment when Sawyer let go of his Dharma dream,

Sawyer’s centric focused on the moment that Kate and Claire had their long awaited confrontation.

And I’m going to have to say this flat out, to all those besotted fanboys who haven’t yet accepted that Juliet is …pssstdead, the reason for that is this: Sawyer’s story and Kate’s story are indelibly linked. They always always have been. And not to rub it in, but it’s starting to look like they always will be.

I’m not sure how this glaring, boldly presented plot point has been missed by anyone. Last season, we watched Juliet turn from complex scheming genius to a clinging, whining female who killed herself – much like Sawyer’s father – because she got so jealous she lost her mind. Some fans apparently dug this sad deconstruction so much that they have been steadfastly refusing to let it go ever since, to the point a kind of derangement syndrome seems to have set in. This episode should have hit them like a big red flying toolbox to the noggin.

But if not, maybe I can help.

You see, LOST is a tv show that has been weaving the tapestry of its story for more than five long years. And all across those years there have been certain common threads. In the case of Sawyer, the common thread from the beginning has been …

… Kate.

Let’s start with the books on Sawyer’s dresser. All of them are books we’ve associated with LOST’s most famous reader, but I’m not going to get all esoterically literary here. It’s not half as complicated as all that. In fact, it may just be the utter simplicity of it that makes it so invisible to the nerd herd out there.

First there’s Watership Down, the book “about bunnies” that was left lying on top of Sawyer’s clothes when he was skinny dipping, only to be discovered by …

… Kate.

Then there’s A Wrinkle in Time, the book Sawyer was painfully reading right before he was dragged off for an eye exam by …

… Kate.

And then there’s Walker Percy’s Lancelot, the book Sawyer was reading the day he gave one of his guns for a recon mission to …

… Kate.

I’m befuddled about this memory lapse by reviewers who seem to have otherwise photographic memories of LOST’s arcane plot twists and mysteries. Is it part of the same Kate Hate that causes fanboys to repeat the same lame PleaseKillKate “joke” on every message board they can find? Do they secretly long for a leggy blond to become fixated on them to the point she’ll kill herself if she can’t have her man exclusively to herself? Or do they just have a thing for really big, ugly flowers?

I’m not going to belabor this point any further. I’m just saying that it’s time to move on. Juliet is as dead as Claire’s squirrel baby. This is a show with a history that didn’t start last year. Sawyer’s moving on and so can we all. It’s time.

Besides, it’s not as if you won’t see Juliet again. I love these avis that were made by geekfreak over on Oh No You Didn’t. They picked up on the hat thing over there too, and you know what they say about what it means when the hat fits:

There is one important book that isn’t sitting on James’ dresser.

Sawyer already mentioned Of Mice and Men in The Substitute, when he asked The Monster if he’d read it, and The Monster said no. Maybe OtherJames hasn’t read it yet either. Maybe that’s because he’s still living it.

“A guy goes nuts if he ain’t got nobody. … I tell you a guy gets too lonely and he gets sick.” – John Steinbeck, Of Mice and Men

There was a very poignant quality to James’ life in the OtherLOST. He seemed somehow softer, more breakable.

Especially when compared to the hardbitten badass he’s become on the Island.

Nothing much can hurt Sawyer now. He’s been through so much, he’s bulletproof. It’s not that he wants to die exactly. He’s still trying his best to survive. I think it’s more than he’s willing to die now. But he’s also willing to live. He’s not giving up. It’s just that he’s lost all fear.

Sawyer has been engaged in some very high level diplomatic discussions with both the Island’s Deity

and its Royalty.

He’s taking a very interesting tack. The Monster tells Sawyer that he trusts in his ability to bring back good reconnaissance – because he says Sawyer is the best liar he’s ever met. Considering The Monster is probably about two thousand years old, that’s a pretty bold statement. But is it accurate?

“Truth alone wounds.” – Napoleon Bonaparte

Sawyer never seemed like a good liar to me. He’s a good faker. He can pretend to be somebody else with complete ease. He’s James Ford who became Sawyer who became LaFleur who became …

the man with no name. Sawyer’s looking more Clint Eastwood than Steve McQueen on the Island. He’s not a dashing action hero. He’s more the noble loner. And he’s got his own Fistful of Dollars game going on between the two warring clans. Maybe Sawyer’s higher purpose has been revealed.

On Detective Ford’s desk in L.A., there’s a small statue in the corner, a Franciscan monk, holding a child, perhaps the Christ child, in his arms. It could be St. Anthony, patron saint of lost things.

It adds another grace note to the mystery of Sawyer’s purpose on the Island.

Who is Sawyer protecting and how will he be able to do it? Will it be him that has to end up protecting the Lost Souls by staying behind – or dying – to protect the Lost Island?

The Monster has sent him to the other island, Hydra Island, to gather information on the situation there.

The Monster pretends he is sending Sawyer to discover the fate of the Ajira passengers, but of course he already knows their fate. Since obviously he killed them himself! That’s not really why he’s sending Sawyer over there.He needs to find out what’s happening with the man who has been coming to the Island all season, the one – I’m guessing – that Jacob has been expecting.

It’s a familiar face, but one that represents one of LOST’s least understood mysteries. What is Charles Widmore’s agenda after all? Does anyone really know? We know he came to the Island as a very young man. Or perhaps he was even born there.

We know he grew into middle age on the Island, that he comforted Ben after his trip to the Temple and that he fathered a crazed genius son with Eloise Hawking.

We know that he was eventually banished from the Garden of Eden by Ben Linus, after he’d created a mutant Human-Island child with some as yet unknown Earthling.

Ever since then, Widmore has apparently been tootling about the world in his submarine, trying to come back to the Island. But why? What does he want with it? And what is his connection to The Beast who has been trapped there for all these centuries?

It’s a tessellated mystery that feels like getting lost in a maze. For instance, let’s assume that it was The Monster, in the form of Christian Shephard, that sent John Locke back to the mainland to look up Eloise Hawking, an appointment that Locke unfortunately had to adjourn due to some unavoidable unpleasantness.

The upshot of Locke’s journey was that The Monster took over his likeness and the five potential Candidates (or Recruits?) got returned to the Island. So who did this benefit?

Clearly The Monster. That’s all well and good, but there’s one hitch in all of it. The Monster sent Locke to Eloise Hawking – who is a person very intimately connected to Charles Widmore.

Does that mean The Monster and Charles Widmore are in cahoots? Is this The Monster’s ride to the freedom he craves?

Why then is Jacob looking forward to his arrival? Is Sawyer being walked into a trap? Is the con man getting conned again?

That’s hardly the only possibility, of course. Widmore is setting up pylons to keep The Monster penned away from him. So, it’s also very likely, just as likely, that when The Monster gave Hawking’s name to John, it was Eloise – and by extension, Widmore – who was being conned. The Monster knew exactly how Mrs. Hawking would react, knew she’d tell the Candidate-Recruits how to get back to the Island. He couldn’t have known Ben would also go and murder Locke, I don’t think, so that part might have been a bonus. The Monster’s con of Widmore was even more successful than planned. But now Widmore is back to even the score, and Jacob has been counting the days until he gets there. So what’s in the closet?

Sawyer is now in the middle of this grudge match. And he’s handling it in an interesting way. He’s not telling any lies at all. Not to anybody. He’s just letting himself be used as a conduit. He tells Widmore the truth about NotLocke. Then he tells NotLocke the truth about Widmore. He’s hoping to let the two of them duke it out while he rides out of town in a puff of smoke. With Kate. Naturally.

Sawyer’s con may or may not be successful, and he may yet get caught in his own trap. Widmore knows they don’t trust each other and Widmore doesn’t look like an idiot to me. He’s not taking Sawyer’s word at face value. I’m guessing Sawyer realizes that. The Monster, on the other hand, strikes me as rather gullible. Almost the way a child might be.

This is just my impression. I admit I’m bewitched by the beauty of Terry O’Quinn’s portrayal of this fascinating creature. I find myself imagining the details of the fairy tale that underlies his existence. He reminds me at times of a big misunderstood monster who is trapped on an enchanted Island by a spell he is struggling to break. He lives in a cave, like Grendel from Beowulf and he is, like Grendel, a bit of a twisted mama’s boy.

In this episode, The Monster confessed his secrets, separately, to Sawyer and to Kate. He told Sawyer that he wanted only to leave the Island. He whined petulantly, like a peeved adolescent, that everyone thinks they need to protect the Island from him, but all he wants is to get the hell off of it. He just wants to leave home, dammit. Can’t the bloody authority figures stop trying to keep him caged up and let him do whatever he wants?

Maybe The Monster chose to kill John Locke, because Locke was so hell bent on protecting the damn Island. But the only reason he was trying to protect it was because he’d looked into the Monster’s eye and found it beautiful. In other words, the Monster forced Locke to protect the Island he didn’t want protected. See? The Monster, among other things, is insane.

The Monster also confesses to Sawyer that he does not want to be killed. In other words, he still considers himself to be alive.

The being inside Locke’s body, the force within the Black Smoke Monster’s tornado – that spirit is the essence of a soul that has never died. At least according to him.

This is one of the deepest mysteries of life. And it’s one of the deepest mysteries on LOST.

“Dying is not romantic, and death is not a game which will soon be over… Death is not anything… It’s the absence of presence, nothing more… the endless time of never coming back… a gap you can’t see, and when the wind blows through it, it makes not a sound…” – Tom Stoppard, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead

As children, we wishfully refuse to believe in the finality of death. It is easy to get children to believe in a heavenly place where those we love will wait for us, just as we remember them, until we get there ourselves to see them again. It doesn’t seem to dawn on children that they’ll have to be dead themselves before they get there.

That’s part of what Papa Ingalls is telling Laura in the Little House on the Prairie scene that Sawyer watches in his sad little apartment.

The episode is called “Remember Me”, and in it Pa tries to comfort Laura as a neighbor’s death approaches, reminding her that as Christians they believe in an eternal heaven where her soul will travel after death. He tells her that “people aren’t really gone when they die.” And as ironically presented proof of this, in typically subversive LOST fashion, we have our unkillable Smoke Monster. Who is all kinds of dead. But definitely not gone.

How did he get trapped on this Island? Why is he being trapped there? Who is he to begin with?

Ever since the bloody handed boy appeared to NotLocke in The Substitute, I’ve been imagining that The Monster has been on this Island since he was … that boy. Something horrific happened to him, or was done by him, when he was just a child on the magical Island. After this week, that explanation feels a little more certain.

The other person The Monster confided in was Sawyer’s mirror character in this plot – Kate. On the surface, The Monster seems to be playing Kate, offering her something she really wants, just like he did Sayid. He saves Kate from Claire’s killing rage, and then goes to comfort her, to assure her that she will not be harmed because of him. He takes her aside and tells her a long story, about how he was badly damaged as a child by a mother who was insane, and now he wants to be sure that little Aaron doesn’t end up with a pyscho mommy like he had.

He conveniently leaves out the part where he is the reason Claire went crazy in the first place. He plays into Kate’s heart’s desire – her love for Aaron, her wish to be his mom. But it didn’t seem to me like Kate was taking the bait.

She gave The Monster a sympathetic ear, but she kept her wits about her. Now that Kate has been wedged out from under Jack’s left butt cheek, she’s starting to seem like an intelligent human being again. And it sure looked like the Monster appreciated her. What was he looking for from Kate? Why so courtly and polite?

There were a few moments during their talk on the beach when The Monster looked for all the world like a troubled little boy, trying to get someone to understand how hard he’s had it. He knows he’s messed up. He’s trying to be honest with himself, and face up to his personal issues. But you know who’s really to blame, don’t you? It’s always the mother’s fault!

The Monster is the true Man with No Name in this story. We still don’t know what to call him. When we first learned that Jacob had a companion on the Island, many began to refer to him as Esau – Jacob’s twin from the Book of Genesis.

Now we have a new piece of information. We know that The Monster considered his mother to be a crazy woman, and whether or not that’s true, it adds a new dimension to the story. Esau, after all, was the son the mother shunned.

“Now Isaac loved Esau, because he had a taste for game, but Rebekah loved Jacob. “ – Genesis 25:28

She actively colluded with her preferred son Jacob to have him receive the family birthright, the blessing of the firstborn, bestowed upon him by his dying father. She may not have been crazy, but I don’t think Esau ever quite forgave her. So, is The Monster really the son of a crazy mother, or is this just a case of “Mom liked you best? ”

Was the older boy – the stern one who scolded NotLocke in the jungle – was he the son that Mom liked better? Was he Jacob?

Is The Monster the bestial Esau, the brute who sold his birthright for a big pot of greasy stew?

I am imagining a story where this younger boy did something very bad. Perhaps it was the mother that he killed instead of the father, a little twist on the standard man myth. Perhaps he could not be killed because he was yet a child, so instead he was put under an enchantment to keep the world safe from his original sin. Maybe he was a baby psychotic and this was the best way for him to be punished fairly, to keep the world safe from him while still showing mercy for his youth. In his dealings with the children from the Temple, and his behavior around Claire, The Monster seemed like a kid playing Daddy.

He’s like the Boy King of the Island. Sometimes he’s Locke, sometimes he’s The Smoke Thing. But inside, he’s still just a child.

He’s Peter Pan trying to keep order amongst his Lost Boys. And what does he see in Kate? Does he see what Peter saw in Wendy? Is he looking for someone to tuck him in at night and tell him stories?

This was the big episode where Kate and Claire’s drama came to a head.

Claire was acting super creepy throughout, most creepily so when she took Kate’s hand and odd little smileys kept twitching around her mouth.

She showed her pretty dolly to Kate.

She explained resentfully that she had to make do with the little Jar Jar Baby because that was “all I had”.

Kate didn’t quite get the hint, but she figured it out a few minutes later when Claire tried to butcher her up like a rabbit for dinner.

Zombie Sayid looked on without flickering an eyelash.

I think after this episode, we can lay to rest the question of what happened to Sayid.

Sorry, kidz. Sayid iz ded.

Adieu, you wily Iraqi. We’ll miss you.

The Monster in his wisdom had initially told Claire that her baby had been taken into the Temple. This was a pragmatic move on his part. He wanted Claire to have something to hate, so that hate could give her a reason to live. That same kind of Hate is what Sawyer’s story has always been about. In LOST and in OtherLOST, hatred and revenge are the fuel that keep James Ford moving forward. In OtherLOST the hatred feels more muted. He seems like a pretty nice guy when he hooks up with Charlotte.

Rebecca Mader made her encore appearance in this episode, joining the cavalcade of reappearances in Season Six of People Who Died in seasons past. I guess Darlton still owed her some payback after that whole kerfuffle about her age … because they gave her more face time with Josh Holloway than she probably had dared wish for. I wonder if they even had to pay her.

Charlotte looked like she could definitely have had a return engagement on James’ hot sheets if she’d played her cards right. But she totally blew it. Offered a T-shirt from his top drawer, she began shoveling through his stuff like she was on an archaeological dig site. I mean, how rude can you be, Miss No Manners Nosy Pants?

I didn’t blame James for tossing her out after she yanked open his private possessions and started poking around in them. But I know the message we were meant to take from it: OtherJames is still keeping too many secrets.

“Nothing makes us so lonely as our secrets.” – Paul Tournier

He’s not just hiding his private family tragedy from his one night hookups. He’s still unwilling to open up and tell the truth to his best friend. Miles and James had a funny little bromance going on. James flirts with him, but Miles is too serious to be distracted. When James won’t admit to his lies, Miles breaks up with him. But OtherJames isn’t as hardcore as original Sawyer. He feels bad when Miles wants a divorce. He wants to kiss and make up.

They have a real heart to heart, and James’ defenses finally start to come down. He tells Miles the truth about his vendetta against “Sawyer”, knowing that Miles will never let him carry through a plan like that. He gives up on vengeance. Ruefully, he starts to hand over the folder he’s been hoarding, and at just that redemptive moment …

Boom! Who should come crashing into his life, in perfect Bullitt fashion but …

… Kate!

Sonuvvabitch! Of course! Who else could it have been? Because like I told you in the beginning, Sawyer’s story has never been about just Sawyer. It’s always been about Sawyer …

… and Kate.

The woman who met his child’s mother before she ever met him. The woman who was the first to learn his terrible secret and to slowly begin to draw him back into the land of the living. The woman that Juliet was so sure she couldn’t compete with that she chose death over trying. The first woman he ever fell in love with, after thirty some years of hard, angry solitude.

When Sawyer came upon the cages where he and Kate had been kept captive together, he found her discarded floral dress still laying on the block where she’d taken it off. It might have seemed a contrivance, but it was one the story needed. To those of us who follow the story closely, the dress doesn’t represent just the passion that Sawyer felt for Kate during those few hard days.

The first day he saw her in that dress was the day she was brought to the cages dressed in it, the day that Sawyer’s heart broke for her fear and vulnerability.

He reached out to her, comforted her, made her laugh.

He gave her food.

Uh….Fishbiscuits, anyone?

When Sawyer held the dress in his hands, he was remembering something that will keep him going a lot better than Hate will. He was remembering Love.

In Tricia Tanaka Is Dead, Sawyer first told about his fondness for Little House, and naturally the person he told was Kate.

In this episode, Sawyer was remembering the really important part of Pa Ingalls advice. Not the pie in the sky part, the magical thinking that we’ll get to see our dead loved ones again someday. That part’s not really sure, even for those who desperately wish it to be true. But the part we can count on, the part we can live by, is this part:

“That’s what life’s all about…laughin’ and lovin’ each other.”

At the end of his little recon adventure, Sawyer hasn’t really cleared anything up. He is forming a plan, but its outcome is still very uncertain. One thing, though, has been decided. Sawyer didn’t jump into that hole after Juliet. He didn’t jump into that grave. He’s alive, at least for a little while longer. And if life’s about livin’, like Pa Ingalls says it is, then maybe that’s what he best start doin’.

As the episode ends, he returns to Kate, who is recovering from her no good very bad day at the campfire.

He does what he’s always done – he makes her smile.

Then he tells her the whole truth. There’s no more lying or faking left in this con man. He’s letting the Truth do all his fighting for him. Widmore and The Monster can duke it out however they like. Sawyer will set the table and then he and Kate and whoever else wants to come will slip out the back door.

In the course of the episode Sawyer has moved decisively past being “not with anyone” to being part of “you and me”. In What Kate Does, Kate told Jin she wanted to “figure things out together” with Sawyer. Now Sawyer wants the same thing. The two Outlaws are on the same page – a place that, for all their long and winding road together, they’ve never actually been before just now.

“Love is our true destiny. We do not find the meaning of life by ourselves alone – we find it with another.”
– Thomas Merton

From TVFrenzy:

  • DamntheTorpedos

    Man Solo! Nice!

    Seems for Sawyer, all roads lead to Kate. No matter what reality he’s in. Same for Kate – cause there were points in this episode that I found myself thinking it was more of a Kate episode than a Sawyer one. But I guess that was on purpose.

    Definitely stealing the Man Solo line…

    • rove3

      So it seems. Looking back over the seasons every single Kate centric has heavily featured Sawyer and every single Sawyer centric has heavily featured Kate. If people don’t get that this is the romantic pairing that the writers have been pushing since the beginning then I hold no allusion that they’re going to figure it out now.

      Great recap as always Fish!

  • Glue your eyelids

    I don’t know about the MiB. Is he really being gullible or just playing a part? Did he lose all of his manipulative mojo after making Ben (manipulator extraordinaire) kill Jacob? I don’t know, I think this would make things too easy for the Losties (and for us). I guess that, like he did with Claire, he’s still saying the things people want to hear. He pulls the good mother/bad mother card with Kate, he sends Sawyer to the Hydra island because he probably knows in advance that Widmore is there, and that Sawyer’s self serving choices are going to go to his (MiB’s) advantage.

    And Charlotte digging into Sawyer’s drawer… yeah, it seemed nosy at first, but the point is – there was actually no t-shirt there! Makes you wonder if sideways Sawyer was subconsciously willing to expose his own secret. After all, he shares it with Miles eventually, which I don’t think the main storyline Sawyer would have done. And really, rather than for the age thing, I guess they owed more screentime to Rebecca Mader just because her character was another wasted opportunity. When the Freighties were introduced, she seemed set up to be the humanistic counterpart to the scientific knowledge of Daniel Faraday – logic would be that, just as they used Faraday for some long awaited exposition about the island’s electromagnetic anomalies, Charlotte might have been useful with all that Egyptian/random lost civilization of choice stuff that is sprinkled around the island. But they never got to use her like that… But hey, we got another fridged woman in return.

  • Henry Holland

    Please, FB, go back and do Ben’s episode, I missed your combo of pictures, snark and info and your recap for James’s eppie just shows why. Pretty please?

    The Monster pretends he is sending Sawyer to discover the fate of the Ajira passengers, but of course he already knows their fate. Since obviously he killed them himself!

    Gonna have to disagree. I think it’s clear that Widmore’s people, including Tina Fey, wiped them out. We haven’t seen Smokey have the ability to travel to Hydra, either as a train of smoke or inhabiting someone’s body.

    Loved Juliet with the hats.

    • The Magician

      He told Ben he was going to meet him on Hydra island, so it’s entirely possible he can go there. He travelled to New York (as Christian Shepherd) and even to the freighter, so I’m pretty sure he can.

      • Wanda

        When was Christian Shephard in NY?

        • Not in NY, but in LA when When CS appeared to JS post O6 return.

        • The Magician

          Not sure why I put NY :-s

          • Wanda

            Walt was controlling your fingers on the keyboard 🙂

    • JMatt

      We have seen Smokey on Hydra Island before. He was there when we first saw him as John Locke, right after the Ajira landing. It could be possible that he can no longer travel to Hydra Island after Jacob’s death, but I doubt that is the case.

    • No, I believe Fishbiscuit is correct that Smokey — not Widmore — killed the Ajira redshirts. Go back and watch “The Incident.” In it, UnLocke tells Richard (who still thinks MiB is John Locke) that after they go to see Jacob, they need to “take care of” the other Ajira passengers. Richard asks what he means by “take care of,” and UnLocke replies: “You know what I mean.”

      I suspect that Mib, masquerading as Jacob, also was responsible for sending the Others to kill the US Army soldiers in 1954 and the Dharma Initiative in 1992. And I believe that Richard now realizes that he has been unwittingly complicit in all those murders. We may find out more about this in Tuesday’s episode, “Ab Aeterno.”

    • Seanimal

      We actually have seen Smocke on hydra island, with all the other ajira folks, when he was supposed to be the freshly risen Locke, remember? Ben and him left to go to the main island so Ben could be judged.

    • domcruise

      you’re forgetting something here… we’ve already seen him on hydra island. when the ajira peeps crash on hydra island, Flocke is there with them. Flocke leaves the hydra with ben on the little boat thingy.

      • domcruise

        i should probably read the other comments before posting.

        • cody

          a couple people should

    • amy

      I think Ilanna and her crew took out the other Ajira passengers before they headed to the statue. I don’t think Jacob, and/or Illana are all that “good”

  • Cla

    I didn’t see Juliet whine once. Juliet is no fool. She’s actually a great observer. She knows what Sawyer always felt for Kate. Besides, Sawyer really didn’t help. His feelings for Kate were becoming more and more clear and Juliet was seeing it. She wasn’t imagining it. She was seeing. The look was the final confirmation for her.

    I didn’t see jealousy either. If she was jealous, she would never let Sawyer help Kate with mini-Ben. She was obviously sad, very sad, when the man she loves looked to someone else.

    You need to be a very strong person to let go of the man you love because you know his true love is someone else. I wonder how many women are capable of doing such a thing.

    She did the smart thing by agreeing to blow up the bomb. Matching with what her character has always been on the island. Smarter than us all. A free agent that would do anything she felt was the best way to achieve her goal. Unfortunately, Juliet also has lots of bad lucky. LOTS of bad lucky. Much more than us all.

    At least she pays for the wrong things she has done. Unlike many other characters.

    Besides, Sawyer was the one who killed Juliet. A coward that couldn’t even tell her his true love was Kate. A coward that didn’t try to change her mind about following the idea of blowing up the bomb. Coward. That’s the best way to describe the way Sawyer behaved with Juliet.

    Unfortunately he won’t get off the island. Everytime someone tries to leave the island using the submarine something bad happens. He tried it once and it didn’t work. He seems like a broken record. Obsessed to get off the island to forget the fact his love for Kate killed Juliet. When people obsess, they don’t think very well.

    Loved Juliet with the hats too. 😀 That’s what I’m hoping for her. To be David’s mother. She could be out of town to visit her sister in Miami.

    If she’s his mother, David would always love her and only her. Kate doesn’t matter. Juliet is what would matter the most to David. Juliet deserves something like this. A son that will always love her. She is no second choice for him.

    I also hope Sawyer stays away from her. The coffee thing, if it happens, it can be with Ben or even Frogurt. Anyone is better than Sawyer.

    • JJ

      There WERE moments when Juliet was jealous, for example when she gave Jack the code just because Sawyer called Kate “freckles” and asked her to come with them. However it’s only natural. She’s human and it couldn’t possibly have been easy for her to see that her boyfriend still had deep feelings for his ex.

      I respect her for letting him go but going with Jack’s plan was originally all about her. SHE didn’t want to suffer so she chose to reset time so that she wouldn’t have to. Even though that would send Sawyer back to a very dark place in his life.
      Although in LA X she changes her tune so who knows.

      Sawyer spent most of the time in denial. He didn’t want to face the truth even when Juliet was throwing it in his face. Maybe you think that’s cowardice but his intentions were good. He didn’t want to hurt her and he did his best to try to keep that from happening.

      “If she’s his mother, David would always love her and only her. Kate doesn’t matter. Juliet is what would matter the most to David. Juliet deserves something like this. A son that will always love her. She is no second choice for him.”

      Would love to see this as well. I think she deserves a good ending after all the hell she’s been through And it would be fitting that she’d end up with a child after she’s been trying to get women to conceive on the island for so long.

    • dp2

      FB makes a strong case for Skate, even though Sawyer has known Kate for roughly three months and he was with Juliet for three years.

  • dtruth

    Great recap Fish. I knew I could rely on you to write a recap that remembers the poignant details of all seasons, as paralleled in any recent episode, pertaining to any particular character. I have nothing to add as per the Widmore/Not Locke battle. Totally agree. I do think Sayid can be saved but maybe thats just me hoping.

    I loved Evangeline Lilly’s acting in this episode and her reaction when Smokey slapped Kate was priceless. They need to use that to teach acting students how to act “shocked”.

    Still don’t trust Claire and I don’t think Kate does either.

    Love the Kate repetition. If you read some of these fanboys, you would think Sawyer had never known love before and that Kate is suddenly the one to help him “love again”.

    He NEVER stopped loving Kate. That is the whole crux of this triangle outside the major triangle.. So its not about loving again. He is simply returning to where it all started and it has always been for him. He certainly loved Juliet but as adults we all know there are different kinds of love and the writers of the show told the difference better than I ever can in the recap before the finale last year. I forget the exact words but it was made abundantly clear so RECON should have come as no surprise to anyone.

    Kate and Sawyer did not break up like Kate and Jack did. They were separated by tragic events but as we all know, in flashforwards, flashsideways, flashbacks , timetravelling, there is always a Sawyer and Kate connection and thats why for some of us, there was no reason to take the Sawyer and Juliet relationship seriously because after all had been shown till midway in the penultimate season, we knew that relationship would never last, served to prolong this triangle, served to finish the “growing up” of sawyer that Kate left unfinished and because TPTB knew thats what most people would think, they tried to over sell it and unfortunately some people fell for the over sell. Then even with the actors admitting what some of us said, over milking of the death scene this season, and yet, some are still falling for it.

    I think Juliets coffee date is with Jack. I don’t know why I think this but I am fairly certain that Juliet is Davids mother and that coffee date will be with her ex-husband as the “nice” Jack in sideways world continues his journey. So, this long awaited Sawyer and Juliet reunion which has no foundation and would only be crumbs to fans of the pairing, does nothing to the overall LOST story.

    I don’t know if Sawyer and Kate will be alive at the end but in Sawyers final centric of the show, he ends with Kate in both realities. If Skaters have been called loco over the years for saying things that the writers eventually confirm and things that come to pass on the show as far as the relationship drama goes,(I for one predicted Juliets demise the minute I saw her with Sawyer, though she was always meant to die and was kept solely for this purpose, hence her lack of any story in season 4) surely this hint should have prodded others to think, maybe Skaters do have a point afterall. NO? Okay. As you were. TPTP will soon hit the naysayers with another ton of Skatebricks and this time even Doc Jensen will be unable to confuse himself as he confuses his supporters and perpetually amuses the rest of the LOST audience.

    With all due respect to Jensen, he’s got a show in those his recaps. A whole other show. Lots of money to be made there. 80% of it is hardly a recap of LOST. Its a recap of what he wants LOST to be. I stopped reading them when this became obvious. They are just Jensens musings about the spin off he can create from LOST but I digress…..

    The bigger issue is the life span of our originals. People are going to die. I am just wondering why? LOL. How predictable?! Can’t most of them just live? Must people die? Its a TV show. Misery around. Can’t we just be happy? Thats my biggest problem.

    • Gusteaux

      “Kate and Sawyer did not break up like Kate and Jack did.” Uh, yeah, they did. I think in was in “Eggtown”. Kate “broke up” with Sawyer when he was overjoyed after she told him she wasn’t pregnant. He then told her, ‘fine, you’ll be back as soon as you have your next fight with Jack…’ or something very similar.

      I’ve been thinking that Juliet would get her poetic justice by killing Sawyer when she fires at the outrigger. Although I now think it would be much more satisfying if the person she shot and killed turned out to be KATE!

      • dtruth

        Yeah just like they broke up on their way back from Othersville during the Little house chat but still managed to make love twice after that. You see, the same way you say good luck getting the shippers to understand that there are connections with other characters, is the same way I say, good luck getting the fanboys to understand relationship drama. Thats the whole dynamic of Skate. Angst. Sawyer spelled out his insecurities when Kate left him after his inconsiderate comment but the plan was for ALL to get off the island and Kate and SAWYER were in that helicopter till he had to jump off. So, as Gregg Nations recently said “Did Kate and Sawyer really have a chance”? The answer is no. Maybe they are fixing to remedy that this season. Seems like it and if you choose to blind your eyes to the obvious then carry on.

        Come and opine when it is blatantly spoonfed to the fan boys beacuse clearly subtlety is something they cant deal with. Maybe then you will simply apologise to Fish and shippers in general for immediately understanding what it took you 6 years to be spoonfed to understand.

        There has been ambiguity in this drama. Thats why its a triangle but anyone claiming to still see any ambiguity this season is simply fanwanking. I dont know how much clearer the Jack and Kate dialogue can be. I don’t know how much deeper they have to bury Juliet before people see that there really is only one ship sailing. I am not saying that they may not decide to resurrect Jack and Kate romantically. I put nothing past them but we have 8 episodes left. I truly doubt they are going to spend that time, trying to resurrect Jack/Kate romantically.

        Jack and Kate have always had a bond and they always will. The mistake was to think it a romantic bond. As Jack said “theres nothing left to wreck”. As Kate said “I hope you find what you are looking for”. She is off to find Sawyer so they can “figure it out together”. Sawyer initially rejected that but RECON shows he has come to his senses and FISH is simply analysing what was shown to her on screen. I am not sure why the fact that she unapologetically says she is a Skater should make fanboys leave their brains at home when they are reading her recaps of episodes that are Skatey. Is she to downplay it because she has said that is her preferred pairing?

        It is Docjensen and a handful of others you should be questioning. What on earth was he watching to present the recap he did? Did anyone seer Juliet or any anvil of Juliet in that episode? Yet his Juliet love made him drag the poor dead soul into the episode. Yet FISH who prefers the Skate relationship and got an episode that shows she may just have interpreted the show right, from the start, is expected to ignore what she watched just to please the naysayers? Heaven forfend!

        Juliet will not kill anyone. The island got rid of her because she had served her purpose. Jacob didn’t touch her. I dont recall her name in the cave or the lighthouse. Her job is done. Thank you Juliet and good night.

        As you were, original Losties….

        • Smoked-Locke

          58 – Burke‘ was on the cave wall and in the lighthouse.

          While I think DocJensen is highly entertaining, you might want to consider that some people just don’t want any part of the messy triangle/quadrangle affair. The individual character plots are more captivating to some. And personally speaking, the only relationship drama I care about is that between me and my girlfriend. Is that so wrong?

          Also, please keep in mind, Lost is above all else a mystery show. And by your own account, Kate & Sawyer are destined to end up together. So, where is the mystery in that? If you already know the outcome, it’s much less of a thrill to watch, wouldn’t you say? I certainly wouldn’t have watched with baited breath for six years for something with such an evident conclusion.

          Just a little fact-checking, no need to get angry and “hulk up” 🙂

          • dtruth

            Thanks for the info on “Burke”. Certainly didn’t catch it. Neither did I catch Kate in the Cave but I hear she was there. Just caught her in the lighthouse.

            I don’t mind at all if people want nothing of the messy triangle/quadrangle. What shows more integrity is that if you want no part of that aspect of the show then do not attempt to analyse it. That part of the show has been there from the pilot. To ignore it like some little footnote means you miss the point. It is one of the longest running story arcs on the show and we are halfway through the final season and here we are still discussing it. Its not my loss if some do not find it interesting.

            That insignificance you attach to that part creeps into your analysis and you falter because you start fanwanking. So, if the triangle is a mess and not important. Leave it alone. When you attempt to recap it and you falter and are called out on it, don’t tell me you want no part of it or dont come into a message board for an article written by someone who clearly enjoys it and start telling us how silly and rubbish it is, to even be interested in it. Make a clean break as they say.

            LOST IS a mystery show and in 6 years they have shown to me that SKATE are meant to be together and they have slowly, painfully but surely revealed and are continuing to reveal why exactly that is besides the point of them loving each other. As you say, its a show of mystery and its mysterious that these two tend to crash into each other or people in their respective lives no matter the timeline.

            Only a simpleton will think the only mystery in the triangle is who ends up with whom. Which is why we say for those of you not interested, don’t bother commenting.

            So, its not less of a thrill for me to watch. Just like its no less of a thrill for me to watch a happy go lucky movie where I know everyone will end up happy. The JOURNEY can be rivetting viewing. Perhaps if you paid more attention to the JOURNEY in those relationships as you do to names on caves and lighthouse wheels, you might just see the thrill in it.

            Can you “fact check” where Kates name was in the cave? Thanks in advance.

            I’ll hulk up some other time. No need in your case.

          • dtruth

            OH and BTW, I am happy that the only drama you care about is that b/w you and your girlfriend but then I worry for my fellow woman….Since you are a man who believes that the only mystery in relationships is who ends up with whom, now that you got your girl, what possible drama could there be in the relationship?! Its all done and dusted as far as you are concerned, is it not? No more mystery. Nothing to see here. Maybe on to the next pursuit of the next gal so there will be mystery as to if you end up with her or not? No?

            Drama is a representation of life.

            In life, In relationships, the mystery does not start and end in who gets whom. So it is in LOST.

          • Smoked-Locke

            Lol, you might wanna ease up on the hostility there. And I doubt I need any relationship advice from you, no thank you.

            Also you’re twisting my words:
            Since you are a man who believes that the only mystery in relationships is who ends up with whom
            Now, why would you assume that? My point was, it was evident Kate and Sawyer were gonna end up together since season 3. It’s been a done deal since then. Doesn’t mean that applies to my own life. It really shows how petty you are that you would even go there.

            It’s not as captivating as knowing the secrets of the island or what the smoke monster’s origins are. On those fronts, we were presented with bits and pieces of information and at the end there’s gonna be some big twist and everybody will be pleasantly surprised. On the triangle front, it’s gonna be like “yeah, we knew that would happen anyway”. Very anti-climatic.

            For the record, my initial comment above was no attempt to recap or analyse, merely suggestions. You’re probably reading way too much into it. Have some decaf instead (Also a suggestion).

            And since you’re not very nice, you can go look up your own damn Kate info.

        • Gusteaux

          First, I have nothing to apologize to Fish about. I have read, thouroghly enjoyed, and frequesntly complimented and defended her for the past three years. She, along with E (Erika at LongLiveLocke) are without a doubt my two favorite recappers/theoroists). However, before I begin reading an E review of a Locke centric or a FishBiscut review of a Ford centric, I go into it fully aware of the personal character preferences that will be obvious. As far as Jeff Jenson, I, like probably everyone else, run hot and cold on his ramblings. Sometimes he brings sound concepts to the fore and other times he is on another planet. This week I personally leaned toward Jenson’s observations of Juliet’s presence throughout the episode as a valid interpretation. That doesn’t mean that I can’t respect Fish’s observations as well, even though the two don’t mesh. Who knows which is right (if ther even is a right and wrong)? Fish doesn’t. Jenson doesn’t. You and I certainly don’t. We all bring our own personal preferences to bear on each episode. I am neither a shipper or a fanboy. I simply like the Juliet character a great deal and detest the Kate character even more. That is my right, but it doesn’t make my opinion right. Or wrong.

    • Lisa

      >>I loved Evangeline Lilly’s acting in this episode and her reaction when Smokey slapped Kate was priceless. They need to use that to teach acting students how to act “shocked”.<<

      I absolute agree with that, I always loved her acting right from the beginning and now she is really great. I love the way she plays Kate.

  • dtruth

    Sorry, *Smokey slapped Claire*

  • dd

    Juliet never killed herself. The bomb did not explode. The ridiculous shipper crap is still annoying. Half way through the season and two days have passed. I don’t think Sawyer is going to forget about Juliet. That’s cheap and stupid. I don’t care how much some of you project yourself onto Kate and touch yourself during Sawyer episodes. The weirdo “fanboy” accusations are useless.

    Sawyer doesn’t “use sex like a drug.”


    • Jennifer

      Wow. I hope somebody takes your comment down. It’s crude and offensive. If you have an argument to make, make it. Otherwise, why don’t you back off of a great recapper who puts her heart and soul into writing week after week!

      • dtruth

        No way Jennifer. Comments like these from people like DD should be left up so that people like Fish will have something and someone to laugh at as the story unfolds and draws to copnclusion.

        I assure you without people like DD, I, personally would not have had this level of fun online. Brick by brick their interpretations and theories get knocked down, season after season and it amuses me no end….but, you got to give them something. A persistent bunch. LOL.

        Even when everything they hold dear has been mocked on the show, they still find ways of keeping hope alive….its impressive. Its this that saves them because the alarming inability to discern and comprehend what is visually presented on screen is frightening but when you think after so many years, how they still carry on, you got to pat them on the back and say, well done son. Well done.

        • WJames

          Lol, so so true. But it is worrisome when they sometimes cross the line and attack other persons who actually watch the show and understand the story for not agreeing with teir little fictional ideas.

          p.s. incredible recap Fish, carry on with the good work. You are without a doubt the best Lost recapper out there!


    • unbiased

      To be fair, all of you have valid points:

      While Juliet did set off Jughead, she didn’t so because she was the suicidal type. That’s just talking ill of the dead.

      The bomb did explode, but it also did not. Hence why we’re being shown two realities.

      The ridiculous shipper crap is still annoying.
      That’s true but the slagging contests are fun to read 😛

      I don’t think Sawyer is going to forget about Juliet. That’s cheap and stupid.
      Well, on one hand, Fish just called Sawyer a ‘manwhore’, yet she still wants him and Kate to end up together. Feel free to enlighten me on that one…

      I don’t care how much some of you project yourself onto Kate and touch yourself during Sawyer episodes.
      Wow. I hope somebody takes your comment down. It’s crude and offensive.
      True that, it is crude and offensive to talk about what people do in the privacy of their own homes. But at the same time… pardon the pun, but did DD’s remark touch a sensitive spot?

      The weirdo “fanboy” accusations are useless.
      a great recapper who puts her heart and soul into writing week after week
      Well, don’t take it personally then. If she’s using star wars references, chances are she’s as big of a “fanboy” as the people she’s trying to insult. Also, a great recapper would take a neutral stance and not feed into some soap opera frenzy and I’m still waiting for her recap of Dr. Linus.

      Sawyer doesn’t “use sex like a drug.”
      You’re alone on that one. Sex is the greatest drug of them all.

      • JJ

        If you want an unbiased recap, go read the episode’s transcript at Lostpedia. These are Fish’s thoughts from her point of view.

        And the manwhore thing is obviously a joke. She loves this character yet she can also poke fun at him just like she does with all the others.

      • dd

        In the story we are watching, the bomb absolutely did not explode. What we witnessed was the release of a massive amount of electromagnetic energy. The season six premiere was pretty clear on establishing this point.

        The parallel story is not the story of the bomb exploding. It’s the story of a world in which Flight 815 did not crash. Every parallel story has made pains to remind the viewer the past of these other-LOSTies is similar but distinctly different– and these differences did not begin after the moment the plane did not crash.

        With this in mind, Juliet did not kill herself by denotating the explosive. Juliet died by injuries sustained after falling from a considerable height and being crushed by debris.

        The issue of Sawyer using sex like a drug has never been established in the show. In the sense that is being discussed “drug use” is a means of coping for insufficiencies or a way to treat oneself of some kind of disorder. Sawyer has definitely been a man of disorder, but we have never seen medicate himself with sex. We have seen Sawyer use sex to gain an advantage over someone (various cons), sex as something to do (Anna Lucia and Kate), sex as a means of making a romantic connection (Charlotte and Kate). Sex is so completely banal in practice and it has risen little from this position in LOST. “Sex as a drug” is nothing more than a platitude in this discussion.

        But back to Sawyer, Juliet, and Kate: If Sawyer someone got over his tragic relationship with Juliet– you know, the woman he intended to marry, the woman whose death led him to a very dark nihilism we had not ever seen from him– and his whole story, the whole story of LOST, is about hot sex with Kate, than the thing which has driven Sawyer’s character this season is now meaningless. Season six might progress another two or three days on the Island. I think there’s a group of people who need to get over the triangle. Sawyer and Kate’s relationship will always be closely entwined in this story, but it doesn’t necessitate a romantic relationship.

        It’s pretty clear Kate did not return for Sawyer. She did not return for Jack. She is now in a predicament because her reason for return has now been complicated. Her focus is on Claire and Aaron.

        And that whole part about “fanboys” and delusion– we only need to turn to FB’s recent review in which she insists Jack and Kate’s first kiss was initiated by Jack. This is only one of many fabrications and embellishments in a long list of misunderstandings– from events in the story to readings of literature, philosophy, religion, etc. I’m not asking for an objection review. I’m looking for a credible review. This is why I place these things in the top worst reviews (along with Doc Jensen’s meth adddled ramblings [I am not accusing him of being a meth user– just in case anyone really is that dense– it’s just a little hyperbole] and Vozzek’s “theory” blow-out that centers on misinterpreting the most minor of production errors).

        And Monique is just plain weird. I do not understand her vibe at all. Well, I guess that can be said of a lot of the weirdos whole live by these reviews. They should be taken with a couple pounds of salt.

        • unbiased

          @ dd : Your insistence on the bomb not exploding has made me go back and watch the first scenes of LA X. You have a pretty good point on the release of electromagnetic energy. The loss of hearing is similar to what happened to Charlie in the season 2 finale. It makes pretty good sense actually. Dharma’s excessive drilling triggered the release of energy, and it transported the Losties to 2007. And it wouldn’t negate in any way all that we learned from season 2 about the hatch and the incident. But then, why would we be shown the parallel story where the island has sunk? If the bomb did not explode, then the crash still took place.

          I would also entertain the idea of a Jacob intervention. Like when Jack, Kate, Hurley and Sayid were magically transported to 1977. I still don’t know why that was. So, the same thing could have happened at the end of the incident. Juliet did set off the bomb, Jacob whisked all of them back to 2007 before the explosion could kill them.

          *Brain hurts so good now*

          • dd

            The Parallel Universe has nothing to do with the bomb exploding. Look to Ben Linus and Miles for that evidence.

          • unbiased

            Ok, but why is the island at the bottom of the ocean floor then?

          • dd

            Unbiased: We don’t know. But you don’t want to think about the two stories as occuring in the same world. Maybe the bomb did explode (if it was even on the Island) in the other storyine– but not by the hand of any of the LOSTies. The idea of multiple universes is key to all of this. The Jack in Story 1 is not the same Jack that successfully completed a safe flight aboard O815. Jack has a kid that existed 15 or so years before the flight. Miles has been a cop for some time. Ben has a PhD. The story of the people on O815 does not begin when the plane doesn’t crash. They have completely different histories– just as the Island has a different history.

            We still have a lot to learn in regards to the Parallel Story. Someone the two stories need to be reconciled with each other.

            Also, if Juliet detonated the bomb, why was she in one piece? You guys do understand what happens to things that are near to explosions, right? Remember Doc Arzt? He was only handling a stick of dynamite.

          • unbiased

            So, Juliet being in one piece is the key to this after all… I like the idea of a parallel universe, but it’s imperative that it has some form of connection with the original Losties. Hmmm, this so frustrating, isn’t it?

      • Jennifer

        “Did DD’s remark touch a sensitive spot?” – No, it just showed he had nothing actually worth saying. People always go for the lowest common denominator (sex, poop, foul language without art) when they have nothing intelligent to say.

        As to a great recapper being unbiased? Um, what? There is not a recapper out there without a bias, first of all. Nor is there a reporter, a reviewer, anything. Maybe the occasional referee or umpire.

        And in the case of recapping “Lost” what many people see as a Skate bias might turn out to just be people who are actually capable of understanding Darlton’s characters. You’d have to have a Jate bias the size of Ohio to think anything good is happening for Jate this season.

        • unbiased

          Or you could have no bias at all, enjoy the show and wait until it ends to draw conclusions, but I see your point.

          What I should have said rather, is that, if nobody knew she liked Skate, there is the possibility more people would be receptive to what she has to say, instead of all the name-calling, crass remarks and petulant fighting.

        • dd

          Or it just shows you are unable to recognize what’s in front of you. Everything you just said was one giant platitude.

      • Christine (faraday’s constant)

        I seriously don’t understand the whole Sawyer attraction, I really don’t. I loved this episode but I don’t understand what gets Sawyer fans and Skaters and Sulieters going all crazy about him. My roommate’s a Skater and she can get very OMGSAWYERAHHHH! but I’m just like “ehh…” I was never a Jater or anything, so I don’t have an argument on the shipper wars except that the background relationships (Charladay, PB&J, Shayid) were always way more interesting to me.

        I love these recaps, they’re really insightful and all of that, but this one I had a harder time with reading the second time around because I don’t understand the attraction to Sawyer. (Sawyer’s a cool character and all, I like his episodes, but not in that attraction OMG way). Can someone explain why this guy is so attractive to people who he’s constantly trying to push away (ie: women who are not Kate and/or Juliet)?

    • MoniquE

      This dude never disappoints. Makes nasty comments about shippers “touching themselves” while watching Sawyer but he’s just oh so offended that anyone should use the word fanboy. Becuase fanboys are wonderful good people who get everything right and aren’t weird at all. LOL! At least you never change, DD. If you ever found any self awareness your head might explode.

      • sharktaco

        you never dissappoint either, fangirl.

    • marc

      Yeah i agree that sexlife a drug comment was kind of ridiculous and i feel fish was trying to connect with a post tiger woods sex addict world with that one.. sawyer hardly seems like a sex addict.. i am totally neutral when it comes to quads cause i just dont care, but i dont think sawyer wanting to bring kate off the island means he is gonna forget about juliet i think it means he is a good guy, but at the sametime im also pretty sure that sawyer is not gonna become a hermit and live by himself for the rest of his life.. i think he wants to get some ass as well

    • Ugly Smitty

      Wow…over-react much?

  • sv

    Well that’s official: you became the best recapper evah today with this one. You actually made me see the episode in another angle, and succeeded the non-easy task of changing my opinion about it. I actually like the episode now,and I thought it was a feeble one, even after reading a couple of other recaps. Thanks for that, and I’m looking forward to your next ones.

  • RodimusBen

    90% of the time, Fishbiscuit is my favorite recapper, but whenever the subject is Sawyer, she gets weak in the knees and loses all objectivity. Too bad we didn’t get a chance to see a review of Dr. Linus…

    • MoniquE

      No, she’s just as objective and uses the same techniques to make her points. It’s the Kate haters and Skate haters that lose objectivity and can’t see what’s being written. I suppose you think the recappers who saw Juliet all over this episode were objective? Or the ones who thought the cage scene was ambiguous? Come on, it’s not as if hating Kate or Skate automatically makes you objective. Maybe you might consider the possibility that just maybe she’s right, if you can be that objective.

      • RodimusBen

        There’s a big difference between people who recognize the connections between characters and ones who blatantly, obviously have a dog in the fight. I’ve made it a point not to let any one particular element of the show be a deal breaker when it comes to the series finale. But there are some who approach the show from the mindset that says, “If they don’t give me a better answer to the numbers by the end, I wasted six years of my life,” or “If (person X) and (person Y) don’t end up together at the end, I will hate LOST forever!!!!!!!111”

        Are there connections between Kate and Sawyer? Of course, obviously. Just like there are connections between Sayid and Hurley, but something tells me they’re not going to end up declaring their love for each other. Kate and Claire, Jack and Sawyer, Ben and Locke… the show is replete with character foils like any good show should be. But hardcore shippers blinded by their own bias take those connections one step too far, declaring from the rooftops “OMG SEE! SEE How its all fit s toghether, ohmygosh youn know Kate AND SAWYER r togehte forevvverr!!11 and tti it’s destiny!!!!one!”

        Again, my point is that it just belittles the show to view the relationships in such narrow perspective, and although Fishbiscuit is an otherwise BRILLIANT recapper, with tons of insights from literature, philosophy and pop culture, she has an undeniable weak spot when it comes to Sawyer/Skate and it makes those particular recaps less satisfying to read.

        • SG-Richard

          Very well said. Good luck to you on getting through to the shippers, though I highly doubt that’s even possible.

          • dtruth

            See above. Response to Gusteaux. Rodimus needs to get through to himself before attempting to get through to the shippers. No one is disputing the connections all our Losties have. Same way you lot have acknowledged the connections Sawyer and Kate have but you see, this is a show where there is a love triangle/quadrangle. Out of that, there are only two people, one couple, that seem to have these connections between time, space, flashing side, forward or backwards. Those two are Sawyer and Kate, known as SKATE. If I am going to be giving great weight to the myth of this show and the connections between Jack and Locke and Eloise and Faraday and Desmond and whoever, etc etc, tell me, dear boys, why precisely should I give less weight to the SKATE connection? This is a show that is high on myth and connections etc. Some of the losties timetravelling to 77 so we can see the original others is no more significant than Sawyer witnessing Kate help birth Aaron after the fact. Its all part of the myth of the show. So, its pretty rich and very disingenuous for fanboys to talk like people who enjoy the relationships dont get it when in reality, it is THEY who do not get it for whatever silly reason.

            Allow those of us who enjoy the show in its ENTIRETY to enjoy it. Don’t get me wrong, FISH can’t be said to have written the best recaps every week of this show for 6 years but guess what? On average, week in week out, she is pound for pound, the best LOST recapper out there because she does not ignore anything. She analyses the myth, the romance, everything and her research is unrivalled. What she notices and can relate back to earlier episodes is unrivalled. She backs up her opinions with canon and evidence on the show not some cuckoos nest extrapolation. For example, that because Sawyer held an obnoxious sunflower to give to Charlotte, Juliet was possibly coming down the hallway or as some confused recapper said, Sawyer and Juliet will definitely end up together because Juliet mumbled something about Coffee and a POLICEMAN as she died. LOL. LOL. Did anyone hear POLICEMAN? You see, dear bouys..thats how far gone some of you fanboy recappers are. Started seeing and hearing things and believing your theories and extrapolations to be canon. Its only 42 frigging minutes give or take. How hard is it to just focus and recap on what you have watched if you insist on flooding the internet with your LOST “wisdom”?

            I simply can’t wait for this show to be over and I pray to God that should I be hooked on another show and decide to join fellow fans online, I do not come across the likes of the LOST fanboys because entertaining as some of the confusion can be…it gets even more worrying when you find that some of them are actually being paid to recap the show.

          • RodimusBen

            First things first– I’m not attempting to “get through” to shippers, or anybody. Never once did I write anything with the intention of convincing someone else that their point of view was wrong. Arguing on the Internet, though sometimes fun, is dumb if you believe you are honestly going to change someone else’s mind about something. My only point is, and has been, that Fishbiscuit’s blogs are clearly biased when she does Sawyer/Skate-related recaps, and that for me, that bias makes them less enjoyable.

            It seems that your own bias has allowed you to form some pretty unfair conclusions about me. You speak about me in the third person, then shift to a series of generalizations about “fanboys,” the obvious implication being that I am one. First, what’s considered a fanboy is relative; many would call ALL of us fanboys/fangirls simply because we are posting on a blog about LOST. But let me be clear. I am not a Jater. I am not a Skater. I am not a Jacketer or a Sulieter or a Charladayer, for that matter (though I AM starting to feel like I’m in a Dr. Seuss book). I carry on conversations with people from all of these “tribes” on a regular basis and find many of them to be insightful and pleasant. At the same time, I resent being called a fanboy simply because I don’t see the clear superiority and dominance of Skate towering above all other relationships in the show the way you do.

            You are wrong in your implication that I am someone who devalues the romantic elements on the show, including the triangle. In fact, if you were to look at any of the places I post, you will see that I regularly remind others that LOST is composed of many elements of human drama, mystery and action, and that each of these elements has been crucial to its success. LOST’s strength is in the variety of fans it has gained. But despite my defense of the ships, I will NOT be dragged into an argument about how they stack up to one another in terms of “evidence,” artistic merit, poetic irony, etc. because I SIMPLY DON’T CARE, the same way I don’t care about the back story of the original Henry Gale or the quantum physics that explain the time differential on the Island.

            So, now that I have clarified some things about myself that you may have jumped to conclusions about, maybe you could reread my earlier statements with a little more objectivity.

          • Gusteaux

            I’d like to appeal to the women on this board to weigh in on this one. Does there have to be physicl “lovin” for a scene to be considered a “love scene”? Am I the only male that considers the Des/Pen phone call scene to be a “love scene”? To me that was quite possibly the greatest, most powerful, most emotional and purest love scene ever shown on television.

        • MoniquE

          I think you just showed your own subjectivity. Do you really think Kate and Sawyer’s connection is the same as Sayid and Hurley (who don’t actually have much connection at all). They have connections before the island, on the island obviously, while Kate was off the island as O6, and now in the AU. And it’s not like OMG Jack walked through the hall of the hospital where Sayid is! It’s meaningful connections and they focus on them. That’s the point I think she’s making. Like she says this time it was as obvious as the big red toolbox.

          I can’t get over how anyone could not be seeing what is meant by him finding her dress at the cage. That was the most famous love scene Lost ever had. They have their own musical theme. I get that non shippers dont like the romances but to say that anyone who tries to interpret them like Fish does is automatically not objective is a little insulting.

          if you follow it she uses the same way to prove this point as the ones you think are brilliant. I think itsa little arrogant that you assume this is a weak argument just because you arent intersted/don’t agree.

          • Gusteaux

            First of all, I totally agree with everything RodimusBen said.

            Second, MoniquE, “the most famous love scene Lost ever had” was the Christmas Eve phone call between Desmond on the Freighter and Penny in London.

          • RodimusBen

            Again, I’m not denying that there is a strong connection between the two characters. The breakdown in logic comes when shippers then conclude that it must mean that they are therefore meant to be together as a romantic couple forever, AND turn a willful blind eye to competing ship foils that do exist. That’s not objective analysis. It’s FB’s blog and she’s free to be as non-objective as she wants. I am simply saying I enjoy her entries more when he bias is not as apparent.

          • Andrew

            I’m not sure if follow RodimusBen. I think she actually backed up all of her musings showing there was a basis for it and therefore proving that she was using what was given and not what she wanted to interpret. That to me shows objectivity. I could care less about who skips off into the sunset together. I’m not a shipper and frankly I’m not huge on Kate. However, I must say that too me it’s pretty clear that Sawyer and Kate, whether they both make it out alive, are a HUGE romantic element on the show. Any ambiguity was cleared up with Recon. As for the Desmond/Penny scene (which I loved!) I would characterize that as a love scene. didnt have any…lovin.

          • Andrew

            *sorry I meant to say wouldn’t characterize that as a love scene.

          • RodimusBen

            @Andrew, Fishbiscuit does indeed back her Skate connections up well, and they are valid observations. But her bias comes into play when she dismissively bashes other relationships on the show. It’s sort of offensive and comes across with an air of superiority that doesn’t permeate the rest of her work.

            Re: the Desmond/Penny scene, I hope you don’t really believe that a powerful love scene has to have hanky panky in order to be a powerful love scene.

          • Andrew

            No, but I think that was Monique’s point. Like I said I loved the Desmond/Penny scene and it was powerful. I just don’t think I’d label it a love scene in the technical sense. Anyway, that’s neither here nor there. I guess I’ll disagree with you in terms of reading bias in Fish’s recaps. Maybe, it’s because I don’t really care how it turns out that I don’t get offended when she discusses other “ships.” Basically, if you can back up your assumptions or give reasoning behind your theories then I can respect that. I might not agree, heck I read a lot of recaps that I simply don’t agree with but it’s always food for thought. For example Fish is the first person to show a connection between Sawyer’s reading material between the two realities. To me this is on the same page as the seeing the collection of Alice stories on David’s desk. When someone does that I have to respect it.

          • Gusteaux

            I’d like to appeal to the women on this board to weigh in on this one. Does there have to be physicl “lovin” for a scene to be considered a “love scene”? Am I the only male that considers the Des/Pen phone call scene to be a “love scene”? To me that was quite possibly the greatest, most powerful, most emotional and purest love scene ever shown on television.

          • RodimusBen

            Agreed, and I cannot stress enough how, 90% of the time, I LOVE FB’s recaps. She finds things in the episodes that I don’t notice, she makes great references to influences outside the show, and she is intelligent and poignant in nearly everything she says. If I were to rate her blog I would probably give it an “A-.” I just don’t like people making assumptions about my own viewpoints that have no basis in fact.

          • Liz79

            I posted this in response to your question, but I put it in the wrong thread. Anyway, here it is again:

            I see the scenes as different. That doesn’t mean one is less moving or dramatic than the other. But yeah I read the other posters use of the word love scene to mean sex scene. If they didn’t mean that then I would agree with you that the Desmond and Penny scene is right up there. I also agree that the scene between Kate and Sawyer was raw and passionate and very well done. I think it’s semantics.

          • JJ

            I would consider the Penny/Des moment a romantic scene. When I think of “love scene” I think of two people making love.

        • Jennifer

          On a show with so much “destiny” speak I’m surprised that the concept of destiny is so often belittled when it comes to the relationships on the show.

          I think it would behoove non-shippers to at least contemplate the possibility that Darlton may be writing some of these pairings as destined.

          And it would DEFINITELY behoove non-shippers to realize that these relationships are important to the show. If they weren’t, there wouldn’t have been a triangle or a quadrangle to begin with!

          Also – I tend to find that most people who claim not to have a “dog in the race” actually do. It’s just not the same one as the recapper they’re complaining about being too shippy.

          • dd

            What exactly has the show said about “destiny?” It hasn’t really provided for much of a positive conclusion.

      • rotflol

        You’re such a paranoid little troll, aren’t you? I bet you were all red-faced, with tears in your eyes, as you were typing this response. Also, as dd pointed above, maybe it’s time to take your hand (head?) out of your “MoniquE” regions and try coming up with an intelligent response about the actual show instead of attacking everyone who criticizes Fish.

        • MoniquE

          Another insulting fanboy pig. And you’re the superior one, right?

          • rotflol

            What the hell are you doing here in the first place? All you do is whine and call people fanboys. You bring nothing to the discussion, you have no opinion other than “OMGZ! Skate!”. Look around you, it’s Docarzt’s website, the man himself is a sci-fi/mythology fan. Stands to reason most of his visitors would be as well. And yes, fanboy pigs are indeed superior to annoying batshit crazy shipper cows.

          • MoniquE

            @rotflol:Why are YOU here? WHat are you contributing, aside from being an abusive little pig?

            Look around yourself. Doc Arzt is the one who hosts Fishbiscuit. Doc jensen loves her stuff. Maybe that’s because not all sci fi myth fans are immature misogynist little fanboys.

          • rotflol

            I’m pointing out how much of an annoying you are, you’re far more abusive than anybody else on this page. As soon as you get some abuse hurled at you, you cry wolf. misogynist?!? For all I know, you could be a fat dude in your parents’ basement, but my response would still be the same. You’re an annoying person, who lurks on this page, waiting for an opportunity to get outraged and call people fanboys. TROLL!!

          • MoniquE

            I responded that Rodimus Ben might not be as objective as he thinks. How is that abuse? Is the word fanboy abusive? LOL, how delicate you are. But implying people are masturbating and calling them _____ is just fine – because they deserve it. Keep going, you’re really proving my point.

          • rotflol

            And you’re proving mine: you’re a troll, you post mostly on Fish recap pages on here, attacking everyone who doesn’t agree with her. And you’re the queen of implying stuff about others, your opinion is one-dimensional.

        • WJames

          You deserve a fist in the face, nothing less. Condescending prick.

          • rotflol

            So do you, for being nosey

        • Andrew

          Rotflol, you’re a piece of work. You lose ALL credibility when you call someone a ____.

        • Jennifer

          Since when is calling people out on blatant sexism the same as “being a troll.” I’m sorry, but that’s just pathetic. Examine yourself and the kinds of things you’re saying. Would you say these things to people in real life? If your Mom was listening? Seriously. Calling somebody else a “troll” doesn’t excuse rudeness.

          Monique is not the only person who finds this sexist, and, moreover, lame.

      • Ugly Smitty

        I happen to love Fishbiscuit’s reviews, and get excited when they show up, as she’s extremely intelligent, witty and insightful. But let’s be honest here–she DOES go over-the-top in her Sawyer gushing. If I wrote an article constantly commenting on Kate’s wonderful butt, Shannon’s perfect legs or Juliet’s fantastic chest, people would roll their eyes and accuse me of being a sexist pig with no objectivity.

        • Ed-Mars

          Please do write that article good sir. I’d read it 🙂

        • JJ

          Where in this article did she gush about his ass, abs, or smile? Yes, Sawyer is her favorite character and you can tell in her writing but isn’t that to be expected?

          There will always be an obvious difference when you talk about something you like versus something you love.

    • Liz79

      I see the scenes as different. That doesn’t mean one is less moving or dramatic than the other. But yeah I read the other posters use of the word love scene to mean sex scene. If they didn’t mean that then I would agree with you that the Desmond and Penny scene is right up there. I also agree that the scene between Kate and Sawyer was raw and passionate and very well done. I think it’s semantics.

      • Liz79

        Oh, I meant to respond to the post above.

  • DesertGem

    Terrific review!!

    “The other person The Monster confided in was Sawyer’s mirror character in this plot – Kate.”

    Even the numbered names prove this point: Sawyer = 15, Kate = 51.

    Though I’m not a shipper, the connection between Sawyer/James and Kate throughout the seasons seems obvious. Even if not romantically, their paths are destined to cross. James and Juliet’s relationship seemed contrived to me but I think it was necessary in settling his personal demons.

    • Drew

      15 and 51 good point. Yin and yang? Black and white? Adam and eve? It’s possible

      • Christine (faraday’s constant)

        I just thought of something. What if the mirroring implies that they’re NOT good together? Like too much of the same thing won’t work? Like they’re so versions of each other that they’ll get sick of each other?

        That’s me just thinking. Kate never seemed to me like she was under Jack’s left butt cheek (haha, i loled at that), and I don’t think Kate and Jack is going to happen, as Jack’s got Jacob to worry about. Rather, I’d like to think that Kate might not end up with anyone, and simply go on with her own life, like she did for three years when she had her adoptive son. She wasn’t entirely happy with either of them, but she was happy being a mom. Maybe the guys are just there to settle Kate’s demons?

        I don’t know, I’m just throwing things out there. I’m not so good with the shipping theories.

        • Glue your eyelids

          Christine, that’s what I hope too. I think both Skate and Jate have their appeal as pairings but, at the same time, aren’t exactly functional relationships – I like all three characters way better when their storyline doesn’t venture into triangle territory. And who knows, since IIRC Darlton said that the ending is likely to leave both Skaters and Jaters disappointed… your prediction might be the right one.

          • Jennifer

            I’d be happy if Kate ended up with Nathan Fillion’s character. Was his name Kevin? I can’t remember. He’s just Nathan Fillion to me. Otherwise, I’m hoping for Sawyer. Alone is good in a sort of feminist heroine way, but I can’t help but feel that Kate would be happier with Sawyer than on her own.

          • Christine (faraday’s constant)

            Yeah, his name was Kevin. He’s not even Nathan Fillion to me, he’s Captain Hammer. I rewatched I Do during the rewatch and went CAPTAIN HAMMER! when I saw him.

        • JJ

          Christine we really don’t know if Kate will end up with anyone. That’s up in the air at this point. But what we DO know is that she will finally utter that “I love you”. She already did that to Sawyer but took it back right after, too afraid to be that vulnerable.

          The triangle must have some form of resolution.

          • Ugly Smitty

            I think she’ll end up with Hurley.

            Or, preferably, me.

      • DesertGem

        Mirrors to each other or opposites like Yin Yang, black and white, yes. But I don’t think they are Adam and Eve since Sawyer and Kate are living on the island in current time with the skeletons. It makes more sense to me that Adam and Eve are Bernard and Rose since they are currently living in 1977.

        • Ugly Smitty

          Adam and Eve were said to have been dead for 50 years by 2004, which would mean they died in the 1950s.

          • Ugly Smitty

            Now that I think about it, Jack said Adam and Even died 50 years before 2004, which would mean they died some time around 1954…which is when the Others killed the U.S. Army soldiers and took Jughead. Interesting coincidence, but I don’t see a connection. Anyone care to theorize?

        • Drew

          I don’t think its out of the question that it could be Sawyer and Kate. If they do end up trying to escape the island, and don’t have the proper coordinates, then the island could just send them around in time.

          I don’t necessarily think it will be them, just a possibility and it was interesting with the mirror image of the numbers.

          I don’t see it being Rose and Bernard, I think it will be someone more significant to the story than the two of them.

  • Drew

    I’m guessing Sawyer became a cop insteadof a criminal since he didn’t have a pen to write down his feelings at his parents funeral if Jacob was never there to give it to him. So he didn’t carry that constant reminder with him and become the person he hated most.

    Likewise, Kate may have turned to a life of crime early if Jacob never pays for the lunchbox. So it’s quite possible that she had a long rap sheet, and didn’t kill anyone, but was convicted due to her criminal record.

    It is also interesting that Kate and Sawyer were the only two candidates visited while they were children, possibly another connection for people with theories to run with.

    • Gusteaux

      Kate told the guy who removed her cuffs in the Sideways that she was wanted for murder.

      • Seabiscuit

        She said she was wanted for murder, not that she actually committed the crime. It would fit in with the rest of the sideways being similar, but ultimately different if she were innocent of the crime she’s accused of. (e.g. Sawyer still hunting Cooper, even though he’s a cop now instead of a con man; Locke still being in the wheelchair, even though it would seem Cooper’s not responsible for his paralysis; etc)

        • Wanda

          Yes, she said (perhaps jokingly) to Claire that she was innocent. Although killing your abusive (step)father isn’t exactly like being a serial killer or leading a life of crime.

          We only saw Jacob visit Kate and Sawyer as children, but that doesn’t mean he didn’t intervene with others as children. He was watching Jack’s childhood home (or Christian’s home) on the lighthouse mirror.

          • Drew

            The difference is that Jacob touched them(and therefore identified them as candidates) when they were children, while the others were touched much later in life as seen at the end of season 5. Locke even seemed to be I itially ruled out as a child when Richard Alpert visited him.

    • ghanima

      They described Kate’s crime in the sideways timeline-didn’t they? It was before the premiere of FlashForward, or something, on a fake America’s Most Wanted, that aired around the same time as Hurley’s Mr. Cluck’s Australian Chicken Commercial and the Oceanic Airlines “Accident Free for 20 year” add? Only Kate didn’t end up killing her step-father, she seemed to have blown up a guy who worked for Wayne who was in the building when he wasn’t supposed to be.

      I always thought it was unfair that Sawyer’s parents died in 1976 and they made the bomb go off in 1977- they couldn’t have moved it back one stinkin’ year so he could have had a shot at a happy sideways too?. Then again, as we saw with the monstrosity that was the character of LaFleur- shiney happy Sawyer is no fun at all- so maybe it’s all for the best.

  • Caroline

    He/She who laughs last, laughs best.

    • Annieb

      Is that directed at everyone, almost the entire fandom, who thinks Juliet will show up at the end and ask Sawyer for a date or just at Skaters who think this was a good episode for them?

      • Andrew

        Who is this “entire fandom?” Are skaters not part of the fandom? I’m no skater but I don’t buy Juliet and Sawyer going out on a date because I think they two realities are going to converge.

      • Caroline

        Obviously, it applies to whichever group is laughing at the end of the show. They will be the group laughing best. I refuse to get pulled into this debate although I have my own views and feel strongly about Sawyer.

  • Annie

    [i]Would love to see this as well. I think she deserves a good ending after all the hell she’s been through And it would be fitting that she’d end up with a child after she’s been trying to get women to conceive on the island for so long.[/i]
    THIS. Juliet deserves something better than to die because they tossed her under the triangle bus.

    • Glue your eyelids

      Lol @ “triangle bus” XD As a Jacketer, I would be fine and dandy if she was David’s mother, and possibly still in good terms with Jack, living her own life. What with all the talk of karma we had about this show, the authors should really give her a good sideways life.

  • Christine (faraday’s constant)

    Okay, I don’t ship Skate (CHARLADAY OMG, Charlotte needs to meet Daniel and meet him fast), but I can see the connections being there. My one sticking point is that Sawyer spent three years with Juliet, she deserves a bigger mourning period than two days. I loved Juliet as a character, and if Sawyer did love her, which I believe he did, he needs to be alone for a bit longer. If they get together at the end, fine, but as of right now those two need to be alone.

    Dear LOST Writers,

    I’m a longtime fan of LOST, and I”d like to say that this season is seriously Hall OF Fame worthy. I do have one small request. Please bring Faraday back. The whole Sawyer being badass thing is nice, but a cool Faraday scene would have made it awesome. The upcoming Richard episode will make the pain of a Faraday-less LOST go away, but the sooner Faraday shows up, the sooner I can finally understand what all the Sawyer fangirls feel when they see him on screen.

    Sincerly, Christine (faraday’s constant)

    • Annie

      Sawyer loved Kate long before Juliet came into his life and he continued to love her even when Juliet was still alive. He was looking at Kate, not at Juliet, when Bernard was talking about the importance of being with the one you love.

      Juliet isn’t the first person Sawyer lost in his life. He lost both of his parents in a tragic way and at an early, vulnerable age. You can say he also lost Kate when she got off the island and he remained there.

      Sawyer has already learnt the “letting go” lesson. There’s nothing he can do about Juliet anymore but Kate is still there. And he loves her. Going back to the cage reminded him that there’s no use in pretending he doesn’t and that isolating himself is not what he really wants to do.

      I don’t know what they’ll do in the other universe, but I guess Juliet and Sawyer will go on that date. Still, I want them to do justice to Sawyer/Kate at least on the island where their story has been spread throughout all seasons.

    • Seabiscuit

      Sawyer didn’t mourn very long for Kate, either (three days iirc), and he didn’t know if she were dead, alive, in prison, etc. At least with Juliet he has closure.

      Agreed on bringing Twitchy back!

      • Twitchy

        BRING BACK THE TWITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        Will he be an alt-scientist?
        an alt-maths substitute?
        an alt-waiter?
        an alt-cook?
        an alt-librarian?..

    • Glue your eyelids

      I’m pretty sure Faraday will show up or is going to be acknowledged in some capacity – he is, after all, Widmore’s son too… And ol’ Charles has just joined the final game.

      • dp2

        He’s Eloise’s son. Whether he’s Widmore’s remains to be confirmed. Just because Widmore thinks it’s so doesn’t mean it is.

  • Twitchy

    I’ve been staring at Kate smiling in the last picture for like 10 minutes and I realized what a lucky SOAB was that frigging dwarf of Dominic Monaghan!

    And, btw, that’s not squirrel baby or jar jar… THAT’S ALF’S SKELETON!!!

    (Fishy, when I saw the cage scene I immediately thought about you melting for the emotion).

    • JJ

      LOL I heard the screams of skaters all around the world

  • “RodimusBen” got it right: bias will expose us all. While Fishy continues to flail at the Sawyer/Kate hookup destiny, making great observations (as always) along the way, she fails to realize the one thing thus far the show hasn’t given us about their ‘relationship’ – Kate loving Sawyer. I haven’t seen it. I’ve seen her lust and attraction for him, but really Fishy, is that so much different from you own obvious yearnings? You’re a woman, I’m not, so maybe you can relate better to that cliché of a tarnished character yearning for the shiny noble knight (Jack) and denying her status/class by hooking up with just another of ilk (Sawyer). It’s her destiny to stay with what she knows, you might say. She has no business to reach higher, and besides, just ’cause someone is educated and straight-arrow don’t make them no better than those souls working the con, killing their daddies, etc. etc.

    Just like Marc O’s buddhists biases mars his observations, so too does Fishy see the most for what she yearns.

    RodimusBen called it. You’re a writer yourself, I suspect, aren’t you RodimusBen? And as a writer I think you realize that all of us that do write have a tendency to edit, to interject into the story the way WE would go with it. We innately sense what’s missing and what’s expected, so like all those that see so many myths intersecting within Lost. Conrad and many others laid all that out for us.

    In the end, though, it’s all about ‘entertainment,’ a release from the long drudge.

    And not one of us can say that at the least Fishy and Marc O and the other bloggers here don’t entertain.

    • dtruth

      If you haven’t seen Kate loving Sawyer you can not be helped. Like I said above, keep your mouth open, TPTB are fixing to spoonfeed you before the show is over. Just hang in there booboo.

      • Hahahhahahahahhahaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Don’t know that I need to be spoon fed, but with good writing and acting it shouldn’t be needed.

        Kate has the hots for Jack and that’s been clear for a long time, and thus my point about the cliché – you skaters are just so silly.

        • dtruth

          I know, right?! Blame Damon and Carlton and the rest of the writing team. They keep weaving this wonderful Skate story over 6 years and it just makes us go gah gah and we are all silly. Sigh!

          It would be better if we could be like YOU and fanwank Kate having the “hots” for Jack and imagine scenes and even wish them to be two rotting corpses in a cave just to have them together due to lack of decent romantic bonding scenes while alive. Would be so much better if we could fanwank our way through 6 years but alas, we are forced to accept the story those darn LOST writers are telling us. Next time we will fanwank okay? We promise….keep talking booboo.

          Be sure to show up here week in week out as the show comes to its end because I want to read your post when the silly Skaters are shown to have been watching the show and you will get a rude awakening and have to rewatch from season 1 to grasp what has just unfolded before your eyes. I’ve always said for some, LOST should never have been watched weekly. You shoulda waited till all 6 seasons came out on DVD. This pressure on the brain every 7 days…ya can’t seem to take it, can you?!

          • Handsome Smitty

            The only way I won’t watch Lost through to the finale is death…or, well, jail, so I guess that’s ‘ways.’

            The Darlton’s writing, so if they wind up Skating, don’t matter to me. It’s just FICTION and I’m more heavily invested in my own reality and my OWN fiction to get bent out of shape.

            But you really didn’t explain away Kate’s swooning and shagging with Jack. You Skaters point out all this intersections where it’s just MEANT TO BE and Kate will come around sooner or later.


            I actually hope Kate ends up with that sheriff – I’d love to see Dillion in the sideways(c) reality prove Kate’s innocence. But I guess we have to leave that to cop-Sawyer.

            “Fanwank?” – love the term. You downunders are so 1800s America!!!

        • Andrew

          Is anyone denying that any of the characters involved in the triangle/quadrangle have feelings for each other? Mutual feelings are necessary for a triangle/quadrangle to work. And you’re putting the cart before the horse in terms of who ends up together since for all we know they could all end up dead. Whether Kate did or still does have feelings for Jack can still be debated. But I don’t think you can really debate the romantic connection from the beginning between Kate and Sawyer. For me Fish proved her point very well with the references to Sawyer’s book collection.

          • Christine (faraday’s constant)

            That would make some angry shipper fans grab their pitchforks, I bet. Imagine two seconds before she’s going to decisively pick, the three of them get mauled by a polar bear or by Smokey?

            Locke-ness Monster: “I’m tired of the shipper wars, time for the ships to DIE!” *pwns everything*
            Sawyer, Kate, Jack: *keels over*
            Locke-ness Monster: Tee Hee!

            That would make me laugh.

    • Smoked-Locke

      And not one of us can say that at the least Fishy and Marc O and the other bloggers here don’t entertain.

      Yep, because if you do, the trolls and shippers will come out en masse to slag you and question your intelligence. Obviously, everybody else are wrong and they are right. *insert massive eye-roll here*

      • Handsome Smitty

        Uh, good point…

    • JJ

      No one in the fandom knows these relationships like we shippers do. I can say that with complete confidence.

      We’ve studied and dissected these relationships in the same way others do with the mythology. Which is why only a shipper like Fish could have possibly written such a detailed and insightful recap for Recon. This episode was made for US. With all the little callbacks to prior Skate moments and endless parallels to other relationships.

      A lot of people don’t understand these love relationships so they write them off as annoying and insignificant. But trust that others do.
      You don’t get it? That’s fine. So sit back and let someone who does explain it to you. I recommend starting from the very beginning at Fish’s blog.

      • dtruth

        Uh, best point. 🙂 I clearly have a lot of time on my hands at the moment. I’ll be here all week! keep’em coming…;)

      • Jennifer

        AMEN. This is especially true when you note that many PAID recappers didn’t even realize that a)”Little House” had already been mentioned as a show Sawyer watched b) where the books on his dresser had shown up before.

        Fish knows Skate inside and out. If you want someone to tell you about “Recon” it’s probably best to ask a Sawyer fanatic.

    • Lisa

      >>….Kate loving Sawyer. I haven’t seen it.<< If you watch "Every man for himself" and "I do" alert and mindful you'll see tons of evidence that proves Kates love for Sawyer, she's even willing to die in order to save his life. You don't do that for a person you're only attracted to.

  • Hmmm.

  • ZOMG

    People actually read this nonsense. LOL.

    • dtruth

      .and here you are. You mustn’t be “people” then… but then again you called it “nonsense”. Kinda figured you couldn’t possibly be classified as within the specie of living things that can be classified as “people”.

  • Wow! There are some angry people on this message board!

    • Smoked-Locke

      Naaa, they’re just doing a rendition of Shipper Star Wars.

    • Handsome Smitty

      It’s like driving a car, Doc: People rage behind the wheel because they’re separated from reality in their metal cocoon. Only here it’s all those internet wire thingys doing the separating.

      But not me, of course. Uh uh, never me. Nope, not gonna’ do it.

    • Zoriah

      Apparently the Fish is only a great Lost recapper when she keeps her ‘biased’ trap shut firmly about all that icky shipper stuff which is just so….ewwwww. *insert wink here*

      Sometimes people just can’t the forest for the trees.

    • dtruth

      You have that effect on rationale as my french cousins would say.

    • Betsy.

      Not any angrier than the folks over on Though no one goes around calling people ____ there. Not that I noticed anyway.

    • Rams

      This reminds me of the Harry/Ron/Hermione shipper wars in the Harry Potter fandom. Fun times…

    • Seabiscuit

      This is why I’ve taken to shipping Kate with Sayid. Niiiice and quiet over here in Kayid land. Ahhh.

      • Eural Joiner

        I don’t know how serious your comment is but its the funniest thing I’ve read all day – and such a great punchline to the rather nasty argument threads rolling above. Kudos!

      • Jennifer

        Dude, that would have been a good ship BEFORE zombie Sayid.

      • ghanima

        In an interview with Jorge Garcia, Michael Emerson, and Nestor Carbonel at Comic Con, the interviewer asked them to weigh in on whether Kate should chose Sawyer or Jack. Jorge thought that Kate should probably find someone new – and go ruin their life, and Nestor eagerly added- “I wouldn’t mind if she ruined Richard’s life.” Hmmm, Kitchard, anyone?

  • cap10tripps

    I really enjoy these recaps. I don’t mind her biases or the fact that she’s a “Skater.” Hell, it’s enjoyable to watch Monique constantly defend her queen, while others try to break down the walls. My unbias (prefer Skate if you held a gun to my head, but probably my least favorite storyline at this point) view is that while Monique shows her own sexism by accusing her and FB’s detractors of such, she has exposed some nasty little issues in some of the bloggers on here as well. Entertaining stuff. Keep up the good work…

  • I say, bias is interesting. It is not the job of the blogger/recapper to offer a plot summary. When I write my recaps/columns, I assume you’ve seen the episode. What I don’t assume is to be so smart that I REALLY know what the story “means” or is “about.” The only honest thing I can do is engage the show with who I am, with all my flawed intellect and strange imagination, and then share the results. The writer tries to so do this in an entertaining fashion, to at least make the idiosyncracy fun to read. I would just suggest to all that they read Fish the same way they should be reading any Lost blogger: take what you think is interesting or useful, and just throw away the rest. No need to be angry about it–unless you feel the recapper is being insulting. But even then: chill. Fish’s dis of Juliet lovers is FUNNY. Not rude. FUNNY. I’m a total Juliet lover, and I can take the joke/ribbing, as well as accept the possibility/likelihood that I’m totally wrong to have the love that I have.

    • Handsome Smitty

      I don’t know, Doc, Fishy does seem to be a bit serious about the Skater thing. I’m a Juliet lover too, for MYSELF, not Sawyer (well, one can dream). I’m not INSULTED by her prejudice.

      Yeah, when someone inserts politics into Lost, I get peeved, but otherwise…

      It’s just fun in and of itself to see the sides argue. Fishy’s point about the show’s construction pointing to an inevitable connection for Skater is only valid if it ends up that way. Otherwise, it’s all red herring and the WILL SHE BE PISSED OR WHAT!?!

      But you are so right, if they just “at least make the idiosyncrasy fun to read” (talk about fun), then what the heck, huh?

      “Make the idiosyncrasy fun to read” – gonna’ make a sticker of that motto and hang it over my desk!!!

      • Herbie

        “Fishy’s point about the show’s construction pointing to an inevitable connection for Skater is only valid if it ends up that way. Otherwise, it’s all red herring”

        What a dumb way to watch the show. Are you waiting for the last 5 minutes of the series finale to validate the connections the characters have been making for the past 6 seasons? So if Kate and Sawyer don’t “end up” together, none of their prior connections or emotional entanglements will mean anything at all? That sounds like a video game, not an award-winning character drama. But I’m not surprised, considering you sound like the kind of geek who would prefer this show to be a video game.

        No matter who “ends up” with who, it won’t change the fact that Kate met and befriended the mother of Sawyer’s daughter long before either of them ever boarded that plane. Or the fact that after leaving the island, she kept in touch with Cassidy and Clementine, and that it was Cassidy herself who helped Kate realize she kept Aaron to heal her broken heart after losing Sawyer. Or the fact that ALTSawyer let ALTKate escape the feds in the elevator once, only for fate to bring her back into his life in a storyline that is still to be developed. And those are just the incidental “red herring” connections you speak of, to say nothing of all their time getting to know each other and falling in love on the island, then being separated and reunited and now getting closer again.

        I hope for emotionally satisfying conclusions for all the characters, and for some that will mean death. Maybe for all of them. But nothing can negate the six seasons worth of connections that have preceded the series finale. What a bizarre thing to expect from one episode.

        • WJay


    • DesertGem

      Sorry Doc, I wholly agree with your point of view, but you’re showing you’re “grown up” attitude and the crowd you’re preaching to just ain’t gonna listen. Yours and Fish’s are the only recaps I read anymore and they both draw the haters. Too bad, you are both insightful and a great read. But what do I know, I’m just a 60 yo grandma!!

      • chris

        I’m with you Grandma!

      • naultz

        you rock granny

      • hugo

        rock on grandma 😀

  • MoniquE

    The Lost fandom has a lot of nasty dynamics. You can see it here how much venom the word “fanboy” brings out, but shippers can basically be called drooling idiots and it’s never a biggie.

    @Rodimus Ben, I see you think you are very reasonable, and just naturally assume you are correct, but I don’t think you see how condescending it is to not give Fish the benefit of the doubt on this. If you think she’s brilliant on other points, why do you assume she’s not on this? Do you think shipping deranges her judgment? Do you think it’s a girl thing, where girls can only be trusted to think straight up to a point, but then their hormones take over?

    You say other relationships have as many connections. Where? Can you explain? Jack and Kate for instance are a couple with a lot of scenes together, but hardly any real connections, yet it’s not unusual to see people just automatically think they’re the most important romantic couple. Fish is laying out why that isn’t the case.

    Almost every fanboy I read online now just assumes Sawyer will meet Juliet for coffee for example. If you tell them that she didn’t seem to be talking to him in that cave, or that her plan didn’t “work” (like she said it did) if she meets Saywer (since her plan was never to meet him), then they say you’re a dumb biased shipper. But they have NO reason for thinking Sawyer will meet Juliet for coffee aside from they want it – and that’s not biased, somehow it’s “objective”. If you add in the spec that Juliet is Jack’s ex-wife, somehow that makes them think Suliet coffee is even more likely! But they’re objective. And fish with all kinds of detailed evidence, somehow is not. How do you explain it?

    • RodimusBen

      MoniquE, again you are misreading my criticisms of Fishbiscuit and my positions (or lack thereof) on shipper-related issues. I don’t know how anything I’ve said could even remotely be considered condescending toward Fishbiscuit. Time and again I have praised her blog for its depth and insight. I have one, just one criticism of the blog, and that is that her writings about issues related to Sawyer/Skate reveal a bias that makes those particular entries less enjoyable for me to read.

      I regret ever having said anything negative about Fishbiscuit’s blog, no matter how much effort I have made to clarify what an otherwise excellent contributor to the LOST fan community I consider her to be. I have no further interest in, nor do I feel the need for, defending my comments. In the future I will simply keep them to myself.

      • Handsome Smitty

        Hey, Rod, you gotta’ speak up, even if your rationality goes over most everyone’s heads (well, the Skaters and Suliets have all the emotion clouding their thinking, admittedly).

        ‘Sides, all evil needs to succeed is for good people to stand by and do nothing!

        Evil? Well, you know what I mean…

        Handsome out!

    • Handsome Smitty

      Use of “fanboy” and “geek as you and Fishy used is just as bad as anyone shaking their heads at the whole Skater vs. Suliet, don’t you think?

      Can’t we all just get along? (Sure, Rodney, give me $7 mil and I can get along just fine…)

  • Abigail

    Well hate it or love it judging by the comments here seems like any storyline that provokes this much passion is a good thing to the LOST writers.

  • LostTvFan

    WOW Doc Jensen is a class act; which is more than I can say about some of the angry posters here who by now know what to expect from The Fish but continue to read (or not read) and then bitch; week after week.

    BRAVO Doc!

    • Liz79

      I agree! Nicely done, Doc!

  • 4XLOST

    Shouldn’t Ford and Kate be called Fate?

  • Annie

    LOL. Well James and Kate make Jate and works for JIF as well as Jack and Kate do. Something Skaters (yes us brainless shippers) noticed that a long time ago.

    Wouldn’t it be nice if those damn shippers, the geeks and the fan boys could agree that we are all part of the audience that has kept Lost on the air for six years. Especially since it is all about to end. Note to those who dislike shippers, not only do females make up almost half of Lost’s audience, most of them could go toe to toe with the geeks and fan boys when it comes to mythology and detail after detail. The Fish is a good example of the intelligence and obsession with the show female fans bring to the table. I didn’t start watching Lost for Sawyer and Kate. I tuned in because the concept interested me and P.S. I’d never heard of shipping before Lost.

    A word to the guy who thought it was acceptable to use the C-word to refer to any member of the female gender. Get up the guts to ask your wife, mother, sister or daughter what she thinks of that word. Or better yet, ask yourself how much you would enjoy having it directed at one of them.

    • ghanima

      Amen, sister. In general, the responses on this site to any episode that isn’t Locke/Ben centric or heavy on the mythology tend to be overwhelmingly negative, and it’s much worse for any episode that gives Kate screen time- but some of the above comments went way beyond decent debate. Ick,

      For the record- I started watching Lost because somebody told me there was a polar bear on a desert island and I thought that sounded like a sight to see. But since I came in around episode 4, it took beyond two full seasons for the bears to be mentioned ever again, by which time I had pretty much forgotten all about them.

  • Sara

    Fish, your reviews are always insightful, always interesting, and most importantly, they make me appreciate the show itself even more. Thank you for that.

  • Oh Lord, haters to the left please.
    @DocJensen: Your support for Fish is great, thank you. I do agree that people should leave their hate aside and if they don’t like something they could always skip and spare their whining or lame comments, or just comment what they agree with. In fact I pretty much do the same; for example when I look at your reviews, DocJensen I just read the title and then close the window of my browser. 😉
    I never go to vent my disagreement because I simply don’t care and plus I believe my opinion >>> EVERYONE’S Opinion and this is the way it should be, it’s not arrogance but just a simply way to enjoy the fandom and be true to your own point of view.
    I also agree that a media recapper should be unbiased and well balanced, like Fish always is, she simply see what’s on the show and she understand it better than anyone’s else. This is a thing I don’t really see much and when you read something like Suliet=Smoke monster or Kate looking at jack as her ONE TWU WUW, when it doesn’t make a lick of sense.. well you know what I’m talking about and this is BIAS, this right there. But when a person makes an havy review about skate, with all their connections and coming to the conclusion that MAYBE…JUST MAYBE they are the REAL DEAL of the shw and all of this in an episode about Sawyer where Kate was present for at leats 80% of the times… DUDE
    THIS IS NOT FREAKING BIAS! This is the reality, it what was showed in the episode and it’s called objectiveness.

    • dtruth

      Demy. If you could post the link to that your beautiful RECON video on here, it just might help them a tad to illustrate the point Fish is making in her review. How can it be bias when the show is saying what she is saying? LOL.

      It is wishful thinking and bias and disturbing desire to see Juliet in an episode where there was no sign of her or memory. Instead they had Sawyer walking into Kates cage and fondling her dress. I mean, with all due respect Doc Jensen, your appreciation of FISH is admirable and you deserve full respect for that. I like that you read her because there is hope that one day you too will see the show as presented and not what you want to see. How on earth did you come up with Suliet=smokemonster? LOL…LOL..

      …I mean seriously?!….and the shippers are supposed to be the silly ones?

      I would be happy if Doc just confused the myth geeks and leave the relationship stuff to Fish who has the capacity to analyse both. Suliet=smokemonster?!….ROTFLMAO. Oh…crikey!

  • minnie swirl

    Fishbiscuit does an exceptional job recapping and analyzing these episodes. It flows so well from point to point. I always look forward to reading them (I love the screencaps, good visuals!) My hat is off to you.

    I think all this Jack and Kate and Sawyer and Juliet fervor is part funny and part scary–I mean it’s quite eye opening (how LOST-like) to see how some people just lose it over these fictional couplings. I can get behind Jack with Kate or Kate with Sawyer or Sawyer with Juliet I don’t really care as long as it’s entertaining as it fits into the overall story.

  • John

    It’s shame that some of you guys, are posting that kind of things about Fish just because she is A Skater.. She is Skater so what?. Fish you are great keep the good work, the best recaper of Lost period!

  • dp2

    “and that he fathered a crazed genius son with Eloise Hawking.”

    Not exactly. We know that Widmore believes it’s true. We don’t know whether it is.

    • OtherJacob

      Good point – Widmore got a pretty good slap across the face when he claimed that Faraday was his son.

      • Christine (faraday’s constant)

        I think that was because of their drama though. Eloise probably slapped him because Widmore’s trying to lay claim to their son now. Eloise was probably thinking a grant and the job that got him to the island to be killed isn’t enough to say that he did right by his son. She had every right to slap him. You don’t see Widmore in the picture when Faraday’s a kid, because he left behind his island family to go raise another family on the mainland. It’s not a question of paternity, it’s a question of whether he’s been there for his kid, which he hasn’t.

  • cap10tripps

    Great point on Kate being #51 and Sawyer #15. That could very well be a big clue to something (changing the Valenzetti equation to 51 instead of 15?). Greatest show ever!

    Btw Doc Jensen and Docarzt have given me the greatest reading/researching experiences regarding a story I’ve ever had. Never have I (and may never again) spent so much time on a piece of fiction. Cheers to the Docs…

  • BasiaK

    In LOST parliance, what’s a shipper? Isn’t that UPS? Do I need to go to Lostpedia?

    • hugo

      You don’t wanna know…

  • dolce


  • Why does Kate suck as a girlfriend?

    It’s not because she blew up her abusive father. She gave Mars a selfish reason for why she did that but her father sucks so who cares and it’s not the reason we don’t like her.

    Kate is a flat out bitch in all her relationships with the men she apparently cares for.

    First her childhood sweetheart, Tom, was obviously in love with her and Kate used him to see her mother, he risked his job to do so, cheated on his wife with her, and was shot in the process of Kate running from the law of a crime she is guilty of. It was an underlining feeling that Tom thought they would be together but Kate split. At least that was my interpretation.

    That Jason guy she used, who she convinced to rob a bank with her for the sole reason of getting the toy airplane of her dead childhood sweetheart. Once she obtained this object she ditched this bank robber and took off.

    The man she marries, Kevin, who she poisons and ditched without so much as an afterthought. This episode shows a great caring man totally in love with his wife, he’s charming, his family loves her, particularly his mother who thinks of her as her daughter. She leaves this poor guy poisoned on the floor without so much of an explanation or a chance to accept her situation. She just jets. (Plus the bitch doesn’t do taco night and taco’s fucking rule!!!)

    Then it’s the back and forth with her feelings for Jack and Sawyer, she can’t decide. Then in season three, Sawyer wins that battle and it looks like the love triangle is over. Nope, she treats Sawyer like second choice and uses him while she longs for Jack. Very weak and very annoying. This is when most people stopped caring.

    Kate basically wants whoever is giving her the least attention. It’s been her pattern throughout the entire show. Most Skaters and Jaters don’t care anymore because Kate isn’t really a prize worth winning once we knew enough about her.

    We like Sawyer so we don’t want him to end up with Kate. We like Jack so we don’t want him to end up with Kate. Basically Kate sucks and we don’t want either of these guys to be stuck with a girl that turns cold once you give her your attention. Kate just sucks period.

    • Ajira Luggage

      Ha! Good points, amusingly said, Chester Crackpot. I agree.

    • dp2

      Don’t forget this class act convinced Sun to poison her husband so she could get a spot on the raft.

    • hugo

      Amazing!! I couldn’t agree more with you. Kate’s a bitch and both of her would be suitors deserve better.

    • Just wanted to add that this is another great article from Fishbisket. She’s my favorite reviewer for LOST period. She’s smart, insightful, and hilarious in her articles. I just don’t get the Skater obsession but I don’t need her to change her ways.

      I don’t think it’s so much that she thinks Kate is awesome. I think she likes to put herself in Kate’s shoes and she’s a Sawyer girl. I think it’s not so much she is a Skater but more that she’s a Sawbisket.

      • That would have sounded better if I wrote biscuit right.

      • sneezy

        Plus Fish actually does her homework and gets her facts straight before posting a rant. Unlike some people I could mention. 😉

      • JJ

        If she didn’t like Kate and just wanted to pretend to be with Sawyer, she would have jumped ship when Suliet happened.

    • naultz

      well, at least ALTkate is a better person…no wait, she sucks too.

  • Chris

    Wow, well done fishbiscuit!

  • Desi’s Brother

    Hi Fishbiscuit —you probably won’t even see this post as it is so far down—but here is hoping…

    I would be VERY interested to see a post by you devoted entirely to analysing the TITLES of episodes for clues to the overall themes and direction of LOST.

    When I review the DVD’s and see the titles I’m often struck by how they seem to give clues to what is coming in later seasons.

    Any chance of that?

  • There could be something wrong with your on page links. You should have somebody take a look at it.