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Open Discussion – Reactions – There’s No Place Like Home, part 2

By ErasedSlate,

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From TVFrenzy:

  • ErasedSlate

    While watching the press conference in part 1, I believe I heard Gusteaux yell, “I told you so!”

  • lili0623

    NNNOooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo (crying!)

  • Alex was mentioned in a commercial during the last part of the finale, I need to know does this have anything to do with the new ARG?

  • Michael

    Locke in the coffin is a sad attempt by the producers to shock the audience. Kill off Jack/Kate or Sawyer and I will be impressed and I don’t mean killing them off in the last episode in a very heroic way. Kill them off without fanfare. Regardless of the locke coffin thing, the episode was pretty good. All that is certain after this episode is that Lostfan triumphs again.

  • preztige

    Maybe we will find a Benfan and a Sayidfan that can take care of Lostfan…lol…jp

  • julian

    i dont understand why john is there ,how?…what about his name?
    this is confusing! how did ben get out!?

  • Yes, is the beginning of the new ARG 🙂

  • Chris

    little info about the name he used, Jeremy Bentham:
    He was a political radical, and a leading theorist in Anglo-American philosophy of law. He is best known for his advocacy of utilitarianism, for the concept of animal rights,[1][2] and his opposition to the idea of natural rights, with his oft-quoted statement that the idea of such rights is “nonsense upon stilts.”[3] He also influenced the development of welfarism.[4]

  • preztige

    why would Locke commit suicide? I think his own people(Richard) turned their backs on him. Maybe he was confused about everything(like he always felt he was). Maybe he killed himself to get back on the island? Maybe he wanted to be in peace with Christian and Claire. Maybe it was the only way to get Jack back on the island(seeing that things were getting drastik). Maybe Ben set the whole thing up(i hoping Ben will be good now). But notice how Lost has got real “dark” this season. Is this the whole Black and White themes of the Backgammon game? The first seasons were “lite” colorful, peaceful(sort of). Now its really dark. Like Ben and Sayid killing everyone. Jack becoming suicidal. Everyone is always wearing Black also.

  • Evan

    I dunno. I kind of didn’t like it.

    Penny showing up was awesome and really unexpected. But I thought the Island moving was lame – just turn a giant gear and poof?! I dunno.

    The future seems kind of cool with Ben and Jack trying to get everyone to go back. But, I dunno, I was just a little underwhelmed.

  • preztige

    I just noticed Christian Shepard is on that Octagon video. He is the surgeon with the mask on.

  • Cody

    Well, I unfortunately did the whole LostFan108 check out thing, and personally I forgot all the crap he said because he was so negative. Anyways, I had a few moments during this episode, mostly joy though when Lapidus and Desmond survived and made it off the island! and also, Penny showing up along with the cameo of the two men from season 2? Fantastic!

    Didn’t really care so much for Locke in the coffin, would’ve preferred it to be Ben, mostly because it, for me, would’ve been more logical, plus I wanted to see a LIVING Locke in season 5.

    On a side note the fate of my favorite character, Michael, is still a toss-up, even though Christian said “you can leave.” However, rule number one, especially on Lost unless you seem them fall down and actually die (i.e. stop breathing), they’re NOT DEAD!

    And of course Desmond will be back next season, hopefull Lapidus as well, because Ben still has to kill Penny.

    Also, my last thought, Sun’s meeting with Widmore. I figured this would happen once she told her father the “two men are responsible” bit. She’s aligning with him and this’ll be a point of tension next season as Ben and Widmore off-island forces clash to find the island. However, I’m curious to see if Walt, who likes like he’s thirty now, is considered one of those that will need go back to the island.

  • CK

    LOST has not moved from being a great program to an ongoing classic. The Season Four finale somehow mananges to equal Season Three’s stunning conclusion, a feat not thought possible by even its most devoted fans. The entire LOST creative team can take great joy in producing, quite simply, the best television program of all time. LOST is a joy to watch, again and again.

  • CK

    Opps. I meant to say that LOST HAS moved from being a great program to being an ongoing classic.

  • joop108

    DI is back!!!!!!!!

  • Felipe Raul

    … like someone just said, LOST has managed to become the greatest program ever produced ever. We are litearlly watching history to be made, because this show will be remembered for ages.

    Just find it funny that docartz said Locke wouldnt be in the coffin. I guess is that he didnt know that 3 finales were shot, and he probably got the spoilers of the wrong one … wich is a shame.

    And it also gives credit to lostfan108, because if 3 finales were shot (and they are going to be showed tomorrow), how the hell did he know wich one was correct ?

  • Nani

    I did not like the fact that Locke was in the coffin, why can’t he get a break. And Claire clearly said don’t go back. Who does bad things on the island????? I loved seeing Walt and I don’t think Jin is dead, and what about Daniel and the others on the raft who were on thier way to the boat? Also any thoughts on the other two who came with Daniel who decided to stay? They had some interesting dialogue. I still HATE Ben!

  • Was so convinced that Jeremy Bantham was a new character.
    I guess the island doesn’t control the visions if the island needs them all to return and Clair is telling Kate not to bring Aaron back.
    The new and improved Sun is awesome.
    I see why there are no “flashes” as all of the characters are either in current time in the US or at some time on the island. But you’re not flashing from a character “not” to the same character at another time. My only question is will we see what happened between the 6 leaving the island and Locke’s death?
    What purpose did putting the metal into the Orchid hatch have?
    Did some ancient people know how to control exotic matter? Did they only have 4 toes?

  • MerlboroMan

    I’m calling it now – The “him” Claire refers to is Ben, Jin and Michael are still alive, and Locke…or someone will be resurrected on the island. That’s the only miracle they haven’t topped. They’ve had the living-dead, zombie appearances of Charlie and all, but the miracle this island hasn’t shown off yet is the creation of life.

  • Mrs. Desmond Hume

    Here are some interesting things on Jeremy Benthem from Wikpedia:

    First an interesting and maybe telling quote?

    To the end of his life he could not hear of Bowood without tears swimming in his eyes, and he was forced to exclaim, ‘Take me forward, I entreat you, to the future — do not let me go back to the past.'[10]

  • QR220

    Anyone believe that the island disappearing and creating a huge wave when it did coincides with the tsunami of Dec. 26, 2004?

  • Toknee24

    I’m surprised know one has mentioned the whole charlotte thing. Her telling Dan she was looking for the place she was born. I think she looks like a certain red headed girl from the past I think her name was Annie. And it would make perfect sense as to why she was so interested in Dharma was because she knew about them already. I love how the show tied in things together with this episode to make it one cohesive story and Darlton really did give away the twist frozen donkey wheel. I for one did not expect and actual frozen donkey wheel.

  • Cody

    No way Michael is dead. Didn’t Darlton say he and Walt are important to the overall arc of the series? plus, he still has some redeeming to do as far as Walt is concerned, you can’t separate him form his boy like that, especially if Walt might join the hunt for the island next season!

    Yay for Penny and Desmond, Boo for evil Sun!

  • The Professor

    Some quick thoughts –
    1) No way do we not learn how Locke ended up in that coffin. And if he learns to use the Orchid like Ben did, maybe we finally have our clone. Or a resurrection scene, like Merlboro Man said. But don’t assume you seen the last of Terry O’Quinn, or that he’ll be relegated to a small part. That’d be a huge cheat. I don’t believe he commits suicide, and we know he’s visited everyone off-island, so I’m sure we’ll see that.

    2) Penny and Desmond = awesome.

    3) I thought the Orchid and the Island being moved was handled damn well. They kept it simple. (Really.) For the person who asked, Ben put the metal in the vault to blow a hole in the wall, appararently the only way to access the tunnel to the real “wheel”. ANYONE NOTICE IT WAS SORT OF DHARMA-SHAPED?

    4) I’m betting Jin and Michael survive. But I’d bet more money on Jin. Christian was clearly telling Michael he’d be able to die. Though he didn’t exactly save everyone’s lives, did he?

  • Charlie’s Ghost

    Well, first off, that was an amazing season finale. In comparison to past season finales, it was head and shoulders above the rest. Last season finale they pushed the buttom in the under water station and they contacted the freighties. This year, they revealed the orchid, killed the mercanaries, blew up the boat, got off the island, crashed the heli, were rescued ultimately, reunited Penny and Desy, and much more!! So much in one episode….unreal!!

    Now, on to what might have happened. One word – cyclical. Remember, when they see Locke in the casket, its been ‘three years…’ per Kate’s words. My thought is that Locke was ousted in similar fashion as Ben was. Maybe Sawyer took over. Maybe Ben regained the helm. Maybe Richard finally stopped being a number 2 and became the numero uno. Either way, you only die when the island has no longer a need for you….so somehow, Jacob no longer needed John……OR, John had to move the island again, like Ben did, and was then banished from the island. This brings another question as to Widmore – was he banished from the island in the same fashion as Ben?? Did he ‘move’ the island and therefore had to leave, permanently??

    Lots of questions, lots of time to ponder. Think it through before you post ;-P

  • chris

    “John had to move the island again, like Ben did, and was then banished from the island. This brings another question as to Widmore – was he banished from the island in the same fashion as Ben”

    That is exactly what I think.

  • rob

    amazing. heres what im thinking.
    1. now that sun and widmore are apparently going to be “working” together (she did say that there were others besides the 06), will she help widmore find penny and desmond? im guessing that the 2 of them will be in hiding from, well, everyone, in season 5.
    2. maybe penny and desmond are the adam/eve from the cave. ben seems like hes trying to help jack, but thats not the ben we all know. i would go so far as to say that he may be using the 06s return to the island to get what he really wants (penny).
    3. i love that miles/charlotte stayed on the island. i first thought that charlotte was annie, but now im not thinking this is such. maybe shes bens actual daughter? miles has quickly grown to be a fav of mine. he always seems to know whats really happening but weve hardly heard from him at all. said so much tonight with so few words. love that.
    4. sawyer bailing outta the chopper was maybe my least fav thing. loved how he showed up on island right in front of sexy juliet smashed on rum. season 5 love interests, spoiled when kate returns to the island?
    5. richard rocks! i know the producers have had a bitch of a time getting alpert locked in for this seasons episodes, lets hope hell be around for much of season 5.
    6. i believe that locke was asked by jacob to leave the island to fulfill his destiny, being told that he would be something like living undead or whatever when he returns. obi wan to vader kinda thing, strike me down and ill become more powerful.
    7. why did jack tell lapidus to go back to the island after taking off from the freighter? my main gripe with the episode. they didnt have that much fuel to leave the island again assuming they made it there. 10 minutes earlier he yelled at lapidus do not go back to the island. doesnt make sense to me.
    8. loved the frozen donkey wheel. so sweet. loved the scene of ben realizing he was being banished from the island and commiting himself to turning the wheel. almost as powerful to me as jack finding out claire was his sister, truly amazing acting and written just as beautifully im sure.
    10. looking forward to SDCC already, cool to have a little something to split up the hiatus. octagonglobalrecruiting im sure will be fun.

  • Dan Berry

    I believe the Orchid video is the most important clue as to what happened to the island.

    Halliwax mentions that the rabbit will be sent into the future a short time and it will look as if it has disappeared. The Comic Con Orchid station video where there are two bunnies is a blooper reel, because they shot this orientation vid twice. In the comic con one, the rabbit is sent into the past which is why everyone in the room freaks out. A paradox would occur if they met. So since the island disappears, it’s not that they have physically moved it, the island simply doesn’t exist in that realm. It went to the future.

    My guess is that in Oct. 2005, the island would reappear in the ocean, just as Ben did. Which means that the events happening on the island and the flash forwards would be parallel. This would explain why the writers said there would be no need for flashes soon.

  • horace goodspeed

    Do the Others never promote from within?
    …..seriously, I’m dizzy thinking about how much the story has moved this season. Still ruminating over the Locke in the coffin scenario. Prediction: Faraday washes up on an inhabited island half-crazed having survived months adrift and eating all of his nameless raftmates.
    Great episode. Loved the Eko reference…..and Jin has to live – that would really just leave Sawyer and Claire on the island for us to care about (sorry Rose and Bernard…good luck to you).

  • PimpDaddyZ

    So….Jeremy Bentham (the real world one) did quite a lot of writing on economics. Hence, in the context of character names, you could certainly refer to him as “The Economist”. Hence, you could perhaps infer that Sayid killed Locke? Would certainly make sense if Sayid is acting under Ben’s instructions and Ben required a little “motivation” to get everyone back to the island. 🙂

  • CountCrapula

    I am confused… What was the big urgency to move the island? Ben and the Others eliminated the Keamy threat with such ease. It seems like the ‘last resort’ risk of moving the island far outweighed the benefit.

    Also, the threat factor was amplified by people ‘they are going to kill everyone on the island.’ I don’t think this was correct. Keamy was to capture Ben alive, period. No one else was in danger unless they got in his way.

    I was not overly convinced about the danger. Am I wrong?

    BTW, great posts by all as always!

  • ErasedSlate

    I think it has more to do with the island being exposed (Widmore knows where it is and how to travel to and from it) and Ben’s burden at the island’s rejection.

  • Jimy

    Jacob wasn’t trying to find bens replacement. He was looking for his own replacement. Locke is now that man. He’ll be in the cabin.

  • Jimy

    PS Like Obi-Wan… “If you strike me down, I will become more powerful then you can possibly imagine”

    How Obi became “one with the force” when he died… Locke became one with the island. =)

  • Jimy

    I’m sure locke already visted everyone off the island. Maybe he HAD to die so he could vist them and get the message out that they have to come back.

  • AC

    It seems that Locked in the coffin has biblical undertones (again). Very Christ-like in the sense that he possibly sacrifices himself for the sins against th island (leaving, etc.). He visits them all, asks them to repent and return to the island, then when that doesn’t work he sacrifcies his own life as a catalyst to get them back to the island. They have to bring him with them in order to be resurrected. Following this theory, could John Locke be Jacob’s son?

  • heythereyourself

    WOW! I think that I just finally got my mouth to close shut again, what an amazing episode! Well I think we know now how the Black Rock ended up in the middle of the jungle. “Just wit till you see what I’m gonna do.” classic locke. “Gouge Away” drugged up future Jack listens to the best music last year Nirvana and now the Pixies. loved it. i’m all over here, sorry, just so much. did they say if they have any control on where/when the island moves to? also, didn’t christian tell locke HE, John Locke, had to move the island, and wouldn’t that have meant that he would be send of the island, but then Ben steps in, because he wants revenge for his daughter, and off he goes to take down Widmore?, Maybe Locke is not suppose to be there, maybe locke’s purpose as far as the island is concerned was to move the island? maybe he is not suppose to be there anymore? Is it possible Sawyer/Juliet= Adam & Eve. So Hurley is an off-island medium and he doesn’t know, so he thinks he’s crazy, and i guess i would too, “Check mate, Mr. Eko.” Also didn’t it look like right after that flash-forward with Sayid and Hurley at Santa Rosa that Sayid was really seeing that in a day dream, and if he didn’t he sure did act like it. Back to the island moving. What do you think it was like being on the island when it moved? had to be some pretty trippy sht. i don’t know how else you would want them to move an island? I thought they did a pretty good job. I guess if I’m going to buy in to the fact the island can be moved then I can buy in to the fact that it was moved by a frozen donkey wheel. To be honest the island disappearing was probably on of my favorite scenes, ever. I belive now that for better or for worse, that Jack is our guy, the guy pre-selected to run the show. the one they’ve been waiting for. the tattoo, the others gawking at him in the gage, the fact that locke is dead, etc. I can’t belive that we have to wait another eight months, but i’m sure that like always it will be worth the wait. again great episode. “You can go now.” Another thought Ben knows that Jack is the one and Locke is not, and so he plays Locke in to believing that he is and this works because of John’s blind faith. maybe alpert was right when he didn’t select Jon, but that wouldn’t explain why they kept trying to recruit him. Just a thought.

  • spike D

    (to the poster above) I think you’re absolutely right. Jack is the one. I thought that before but last night I thought so even more due to Jack’s reluctance to believe in “miracles” or the islands capabilities. And now, Jack knows/belives in – something , after the fact.

  • milo

    I have to say I was disappointed, mainly because the episode left me depressed and worried that the show won’t have much to work with next season. The death of Locke seems particularly a bad choice given the importance the show has placed on him. I assume we’ll see some of him for a while, but unless they do something really wacky like bring him back from the dead, the show will end up finishing without him. And I find that a bummer to consider.

  • MerlboroMan

    Milo – a resurrection of Locke would really not be “wacky.” I mean, if you consider dead people appearing to all over the place…

  • tbradshaw

    As to where the island went…a co-worker hit me with this:

    Remembering when, in the Orchid orientation video, we’re told the rabbit sent into the future would seemingly disappear. How about the idea that the island simply jumped forward in time and is now invisible to those who stayed behind? Say it jumped 30 minutes ahead…wait around 30 minutes and it will reappear with 1 hour having passed on island time. This starts to explain some of the time anomalies we saw earlier this season with Daniel’s experiments.

    Questions: Who controls how far it jumps and how?

  • milo

    Locke appearing as a ghost, or apparition, or in a dream, or as a manifestation of the smoke monster would be consistent with what the show has given us so far.
    But so far nobody has actually risen from the dead, and the producers have repeatedly said that they consider that a cop out and would never do it.
    In the case of Locke I might cut them slack and see the character continue than have him off the show, but doing it would definitely go way beyond anything they’ve done so far. Once you bring back a character from the dead, then can’t they all come back? There’s no gravity in a character dying, just look at the last season of Heroes.

  • heythereyourself

    Just wanted to touch on something that I haven’t seen anyone touch on, and that is the fact the Faraday and about 6 non-descripts were on the zodiac when the island disappears. I’m pretty sure that anything on the island went with the island and everything that was off the island did not. Where does this leave Faraday and his dingy (no pun intended)? Obviously they haven’t shown up yet if they weren’t “moved” with the island. This may have something to do about nothing, or it could explain how the cover-up is busted up. Thoughts?

  • heythereyourself

    Just a comment on Milo’s comment about them bringing back the dead. I might be wrong, but I believe what the producers said was that anyone that dies on the island is dead, but that would leave them a loop hole to bring back/resurrect someone who died off the island.

  • Angela

    Preztige, I think you’re right!! It definitely looks like Christian on the Octagon video. How did you catch that? Does anyone else agree?

  • MLo

    Personally, I thought the overall story was pretty awesome (except for the wheel part), but there were some low notes:

    Top worst parts:
    1. The overly-dramatic last scene where it is revealed that Locke is in the coffin (honestly I thought he looked a little like Dr. Evil/Mini-me in that scene, I’m not sure why) and also Ben telling Jack they have to go back together
    2. Whenever anyone is about to say “John Locke” in the flashforwads, another character stops them and says “Don’t say his name!” (It reminded me of Voldemort/ You-know-who)
    3. If the island is going to do something so complicated as to move through space and time, you can do it by turning a frozen donkey wheel? That seems way too low-tech
    4.Why didn’t Locke just put Keamy’s heart monitor on his own arm to save the freighter??
    5. The way nobody really reacted to the disappearing island and the bad special effects during that scene
    6. The potential death of Jin, while Sun watches (Off topic: how are they going to explain Ji Yeon to the world, a.k.a. who is her father?)

    Top Best parts:
    1. Sawyer tells Kate to do somethign for him (little does he know it will eventually make Kate single again) and their kiss
    2. Juliet drinking (that made me laugh,) and her and Sawyer’s scene (flirting? please no!!)
    3. Ben and Locke’s conversation in the Orchid, “Why don’t you watch this informational video”… then Ben puts all the metal stuff in the vault
    4.Desmond and Penny reunited (although his introduction of Penny to everyone was extremely awkward)
    5.The look on Hurley’s face when Taller not-ghost Walt asks him about Michael (foreshadowing), and “Checkmate Mr. Eko”
    6. Charlotte’s mysteroius past revealed??
    7. The way Jack saved Desmond after the chopper crash like when he saved Rose after the plane crash (When he did CPR on Desmond I said “Does anybody have a pen?”)
    8. Sun’s face when the freighter exploded (not a happy scene, but great acting)

    Despite the occasional awesome scene, I still think the ending left LOST on a low point for eight months. I only started watching LOST this season (I went back and watched all the episodes online, but this is the first season I have watched live), so if there is a bad episode, I am used to being able to just watch the next one immediately, and the show will redeem tself. Not so in this case…

  • MLo

    My Charlotte thoughts:
    1. Immediate reaction: Oh my gosh it’s Annie!
    2. After the show is over reaction: If she were Annie that would make her as old as Ben… also where did she develop the British accent?
    3. Five minutes later reaction: This is LOST… time travel exists… I don’t think age is a good piece of evidence (exhibit A: Richard Alpert)
    4. After I slept on it reaction: Ben basically told Charlotte her whole life story… either this is a coverup and he is being sarcastic or Charlotte is so not Annie
    5. While I was writing the last bullet point reaction: Didn’t someone try to shoot Charlotte? And by someone I mean…Ben? Hmm…

    CONCLUSION: EITHER… A) Charlotte is Annie, who has time-traveled or something to make her appear significantly younger than Ben, and they had some sort of major fight after the flashbacks we were shown
    OR… B) There is no other logical way Charlotte is Annie, although she may be DHARMA-related, or some part of the Others… If this were true,then is Ben jealous that she was actually born on the island?

  • milo

    4.Why didn’t Locke just put Keamy’s heart monitor on his own arm to save the freighter??
    I assume it would have taken a couple seconds and during that time it would have gone off.

    6. The potential death of Jin, while Sun watches (Off topic: how are they going to explain Ji Yeon to the world, a.k.a. who is her father?)
    Doesn’t Sun just say she was pregnant before she got to the island?

  • gusteaux

    I didn’t realize that it was so loud that it was heard all the way to Texas! And I LITERALLY did Laugh Out Loud when I read your comment on it!

  • Michael

    Milo voiced many of the same sentiments as myself. The funniest scene for me was when Hurley and Jack where having a discussion about the island disappearing. Despite seeing it with his own two eyes Jack refused to believe. When Hurley challenged him on this, Jack had this look on his face of pure contempt. He knew Locke was right and it was eating him up inside. That scene makes the hairy jack flash forwards all the more meaningful.

  • MLo

    Now that I think about it, the finale was actually excellent, I guess there have to be problems with every episode…

    I suppose the reason I am so annoyed with the wheel thing is that Darlton have been hyping it up to be something equivalent to the flashforward reveal, while I didn’t even realize that that was the frozen donkey wheel until a while later… it just seemed like we all knew they were going to move the island… and when it happened, it wasn’t the huge surprise I was expecting

    This goes for “Who’s in the coffin?” as well

    Milo: about Sun’s pregnancy- Sometimes I forget that they have only been on that island for what? four months?, and Sun got pregnant quite early. (Season 2, I think, after Jin came back with the tailies?) I was thinking that it was a difference of several months between the crash and Sun actually getting pregnant, which would definitely create some questions because Ji Yeon would be born way past her due date.

  • Dan

    maybe then Locke is going to be used by jack to get back on the island…
    Kind of like how christian was on the plane, dead, and gets on the island is alive again…
    maybe he sacrificed himself so he and jack could get back to the island.

  • MLo

    Something totally random and unrelated I just noticed

    Desmond: “I love you Penny, and I’ll never leave you again…”
    Sound familiar?….
    Sayid “Shannon I will never leave you, I love you”
    I hope this is just a coincidence! (Just kidding, i don’t really think they are trying to foreshadow Penny’s death, I just always liked the Sayid/Shannon scene)

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