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Point of No Return – 6.13 “The Last Recruit”

By Fishbiscuit,

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“Life must be understood backwards … but it must be lived forwards.”-Soren Kierkegaard

We’ve been through a lot these past six years, we LOST fans, since we first met 14 plane crash survivors on a deserted tropical Island.

We’ve flashed forward and backward and sideways and all around the timespace continuum.

We’ve experienced the hatches and the cages and the purge and the nosebleeds and the flaming arrows and the visitations of ghosts. We’ve travelled on the outriggers and the raft, Ajira Flight 316 and a Beechcraft full of drug smuggling Nigerian priests, the Black Rock, the Elizabeth, Penny’s Boat and Not Penny’s Boat.

We’ve been through pushing the button and not pushing the button and how the Donkey Wheel blooped away the Island and how the pendulum in the Lamppost showed the way to get blooped back on to it. We’ve been to Jacob’s cabin and his lighthouse, the cave of numbers, the above ground Temple, the below ground Temple, the inside of the giant four toed foot. We’ve played I Spy with the numbers and the hieroglyphics, the mirrors, the Virgin Marys, the snowglobes and polar bears, black and white rocks, White Rabbits!

We’ve picked through the cultural detritus of Enlightenment philosophers, quantum physicists, Joseph Campbell, Stephen King, Star Wars, the Matrix, evil twins and bad daddies, Faustus and Satan and Job, Genesis, Exodus, the Book of John.

And we’ve wondered and wondered about all the many mysteries. About how the Island gave John back his legs and made him special. About Walt’s secret powers and why Aaron couldn’t be raised by another and why the super!sperm! made babies that consumed their mothers from within and whether dropping the atomic bomb caused the Incident or prevented it and why Jack’s dad’s body wasn’t in the coffin but was wandering about the world looking for ways to make Jack cry.

Our heads are spinning. How could they not be? If the ultimate intention was to make sure the audience entered the finale sequence as LOST as a bunch of disoriented drunks who’ve just been strapped to a chair in Room 23, then they’ve succeeded.

Mission Accomplished, dudes!

We all knew this time would come, when our individual visions of what LOST could be or should be or might be would inevitably have to yield to the oncoming reality of what LOST actually is.

It’s time to recalibrate our expectations and prepare for landing. I think we’ve all realized by now there’s no way LOST is ever going to come together like a clock. If you had any doubts, just check out how Sun (injured the day after Flight 815 landed) and Locke (injured at least a week after Flight 815 landed) ended up side by side on stretchers in the emergency room.
When did they stop trying? I’ve stopped looking for an overall design or even any kind of coherent theme. Not with Jack the Man of Science becoming a Man of Faith who swims back to be with the Monster who engineered the murder of the actual Man of Faith. What the hell does he have faith in exactly? Becoming another sucker?
Is there any way Fate v. Free Will can come out of this garble meaning anything? Is Redemption still a concept with any definition in this tale where “justice” is so random and never lands on the right people?

To make matters more muddled, the Sideways Reality, which initially felt like an amusing puzzle, has gradually devolved into a mindless child’s fantasy where no one dies and Twu Wuv hits you like a lightning bolt from a star many galaxies away. I’m waiting for the teddy bears and pink unicorns to appear any episode now.
There have been times in the past few weeks when I’ve felt like this whole warm and fuzzy ending they seem to be dumping on us feels about as profound as when the Brady Bunch took that awesome vacay in Hawaii.
But I’ve come this far. I’ll slug it out til the end. I can’t imagine what a daunting prospect this endgame had to be for Darlton. There’s still an element of suspense involved here. As Carlton Cuse said recently, no one knows yet if they’re going to belly flop or whether there’s still a way they can land this baby without making an absolute mess.
Either way, I’m going to speak my mind. That’s the beauty of having your own blog and no boss to answer to. So read on at your own risk and if the things I write piss you off, then I don’t really know what to say. Except this:

That being said … I liked this week’s episode. LOL. It was fun. I was surprised and sad to see it end. It wasn’t a brilliant episode, but it entertained me. Maybe it’s because no matter how inane the storyline, LOST is always such a beautiful visual experience. Or maybe it was because, like the Locke Monster said, it was just so nice to have everyone all together again.

No, I don’t think it brought us any closer to understanding anything, but I’ve learned something over my little mini break. Most of us dweebs still left haunting the LOST online community – and there aren’t that many of us left, if you notice – have obsessed each week over the minutia. The Easter Eggs and book titles and odd surnames of the side characters we otherwise wouldn’t give a shit about.

Forgive me if I’m late to the party, but I’ve just come to the realization that, aside from the fun factor, none of that means anything. Chasing down those dead end rabbit holes is how we wind up getting so lost. This episode was pretty Easter Egg lite, for example, and I’ve noticed how much that frustrates a lot of the fandom. They want Easter Eggs. They think they need them to understand LOST. But I think they’re wrong. Take, for example, this apple.

A lot of people latched on to the apple in this scene and jumped, predictably, on to the Adam and Eve bandwagon. Might Sawyer and Kate be Adam and Eve? What was the significance of Kate not taking the apple? That means she can’t be Eve, right? Cause Eve took the apple. So Sawyer must be the snake! Satan! He’s tempting her!

And she’s refusing! She’s redeemed!

Uh, yeah … except, you know … Not.
I know this is a difficult concept for LOST fans, but I think it might be worth considering. Sometimes an apple is just an apple. James isn’t tempting Kate. He’s bringing her a freakin’ snack. Think of it as an apple shaped fishbiscuit, if you like.
In any case, the apples were beside the point entirely. They were only there to give the most nerd-afflicted among us something to fixate on while they ignore all that nasty sexy chemistry Sawyer and Kate can generate in a world without Ghost Juliet haunting them. (Some day I really want someone to explain to me why fanboys hate sexy hot chemistry.)
Since I’m trying to leave minutia behind, I won’t comment overly much on the symmetry of the two characters. The way they’re dressed the same.

The way they cock their knees up when they talk to one another, while those tempting Easter Apples sit there in between them, being distracting.

The way No. 15 and No. 51 can’t help but flirt with one another, even under less than ideal circumstances, in this Mirror World they’re in.

The way, as Det. Ford so astutely observes, it’s like “someone” is trying to put them together. I read this week that Vozzek thought this scene was all but pointless. Seems like there’s a lot What Vozzek Didn’t Notice. Like the way that Kate can read Sawyer in any universe, even a universe where he’s never been Sawyer.
She knew he helped her in the elevator because he wanted to keep his trip to Australia secret. OtherKate knows James the same way Kate knew Sawyer on the Island. Intuitively. She sees into him without even trying. Even though she just met him for the first time … if there is such a thing as a “first time” in OtherLOST.

If you followed the bouncing Easter Apple, you’d see the other half of this puzzle clicking into place in the Island storyline. Sawyer, who was looking mighty fine as the take charge manly-man this week, was keeping his Freckles close to his side at all times.

He made a unilateral decision that Claire wasn’t coming with them – because she’d tried to kill Kate.

For those of us not wearing our Suliet goggles, it was made redundantly clear that Sawyer’s priority has shifted back to protecting Kate. And Kate knows it.

In order to get Claire on to the boat, she gives Sawyer an ultimatum she knows he can’t refuse.

If he doesn’t let Claire on the boat, she won’t be coming with him either. Game over. Kate wins. She knows that, when it comes to Sawyer, she is still the only bartering chip that matters.

Same as it ever was.

So what does that mean about where the story’s headed, about where the Lurve Triangle is headed? Danged if I know. I’m just observing it, not predicting anything. Hell, if Hurley can experience a mind meld from a kiss on the cheek by a doppelganger of the crazy lady who tried to help him with his eating disorder four (?) years ago in a different dimension (?), then all bets are off. Kate may end up being the person who conned Sawyer’s parents …. and no, it won’t matter that she wasn’t born yet at the time. Only fools are enslaved by time and space, baby. You should all know that by now.

This episode, like all Season Six episodes, was designed like a tapestry, a quilt of nostalgic building blocks. I think every viewer has finally grokked to the patterns of Season Six. There is very little that is new. It’s all about revisiting the past, remembering things we loved and lost.

No matter how I feel about LOST this season, it will always have a piece of my heart. And all season long, whether we’ve been aware of it or not, they’ve been giving us our last chances to hug and kiss LOST goodbye.

The Elizabeth returned,

after not having been seen since Season Three’s Glass Ballerina.

OtherJack found out he had a sister,

and he reacted the exact same way he did the other time he found out he had a sister. Head pinch!

OtherJohn ended up face down with his spinal column filleted open like a fish’s.

Just like Ben, John’s mirror person, did in Season Three’s I Do.

Although in this season of old home reunions, I can’t believe they didn’t have Big Gay Tom show up as one of the male nurses in Jack’s operating theater. Talk about your missed opportunities!

Locke’s dural sac was “obliterated”. Dural sacs are the body parts Jack operates on during moments of self discovery.

Just like he was doing when his dad taught him about conquering fear through the Power of Five.

Jack finally took that leap of faith that Eloise had been urging on him in 316.

And even if it was kind of dinky and … uh, lame,

it was meant to remind us of the far, far greater leap his Lurve Triangle buddy took in Season Four.

Poor Jack. He just can’t look cool no matter what he does, can he? I mean, how bad did he need that knapsack? And wouldn’t it make more sense to jump off the back of the boat?

When Jack washes up exhausted onto the beach, his new master, The NotJohn Monster, greets him with the words “Nice day for a swim.”

The very words Juliet used when Sawyer made the same (but yes, cooler) kind of beach landing in No Place Like Home.

Other phrases are repeated.

Ben tells the ambulance attendant “His name is John”, the same Biblical phrase Locke’s teenage mother used when she gave him that name.

But we’re not really looking back as much as it might appear. When Kate asks Sawyer “When were you planning on telling me this?” – just as she did in the cages –

Sawyer doesn’t answer “Never”, as he did back then. He says “Now.”

And when Kate repeats the famous chorus of “We have to go baaaaaack”, Sawyer makes it plain he’s had enough of that shit.

“We’re done going back.”

We can only hope that line turns out to be true, because the time has come. It’s nice looking back at old seasons and episodes and faces and places and phrases and such. But we’re running out of time to wrap this thing up. All this self referential perpetual looping isn’t going to get us any closer to the solution to our puzzle. Unless, of course, the solution is that there isn’t any solution. Maybe the whole point was just to get us lost, and if they ever let us get found, the whole story will evaporate from its own lack of weight. Maybe they can’t give us the solution because the big secret is they don’t have one.

I can’t blame them for dallying, because it’s always sad to see a long trip end. But LOST has become like a too long road trip in a too small car. The fandom is cranking on each other’s nerves (not to mention leaving really nasty comments on recappers blogs). For better or worse, for richer or poorer, we need to finally get to our destination.

We were reminded again recently that the intent was to focus the story on the characters above the mythology in this final season.

The executive producers of Lost have explained that they always wanted viewers to engage with the show’s characters….Cuse continued: “By not having the audience talk about the mythology, then people are engaged in, ‘Is Kate going to end up with Sawyer?’ and, ‘I’m really compelled by the complexities of Benjamin Linus’. Those are the things we wanted the audience to obsess about, not whether the Valenzetti equation had any relevance to the functioning of the island’s magical time travel properties. … Meanwhile, Cuse’s co-creator Damon Lindelof explained that the narrative of the series had been driven by the characters.”

I like to think that’s true. I like to think the characters will come to conclusions that feel real, even within this fantasy world. I don’t want it all to hinge on a trivial gimmick. I’m not a fan of the WTF-Gotcha! style of storytelling. I can admire the brilliance of a long con done right, but I’m never impressed by cheap tricks. I want to believe Darlton when they say it’s the characters that matter most to them. So I will.

This episode might have been subtitled “Catching Up”, a phrase that was repeated twice.

Two long awaited character reunions shared the spotlight. First there was the awkward, but sweet, reunion of Christian’s two kids. In both worlds.

I’m not going to nitpick and say it would have meant a little more if it happened a little sooner. Or if Jack had ever given the smallest indication that he gave a fiddler’s fart about Claire.

Or if there seemed to be any actual point to them being brother and sister. I’m not even going to comment on the fact that, within an hour of this grand reunion, Jack was already bailing on his crazy haired kid sis.

Because, you know, big brothers will do that kind of thing. Sad, but true. They never want their baby sister around when they’re hanging out with the kool kidz.

And I’m not going to quibble about the quality of the looooooooong awaited reunion of Sun and Jin either. It has been so long since that fateful day.

I had almost forgotten how vibrant their storyline once was, how real their loss once felt.

It was good just seeing them in the same frame again.

Kissing in front of an admiring audience and speaking … English.

OK, so it was a little less intimate, a little less authentic, than we might have wished, but you’d have to have a heart of stone not to tear up just a little.

And if nothing else, it was a great relief to see that neither one of them got fried by the electric fence.

Claire and Kate’s misbegotten relationship took another baby step forward this week.

Kate had agreed to leave Claire behind when she swam out to the boat with Sawyer, but you could tell she didn’t really want to. When Claire put her on the spot, she spoke from the heart.

She didn’t mention that Claire was the one who left her baby lying around like a juicy hamburger in a boar infested jungle. She just took all the blame. And then, just to be safe, she also took Claire’s gun. Trust, but verify.

I also enjoyed Jack and Sawyer’s confrontation in this episode. I agreed with Jack that he didn’t belong on that boat. But, dude, if you love the Island so much, why did you get on it in the first place?

Jack has become a total Moonie. It’s not just the Island that has cast its spell on him. He’s also under the spell of Big Bad NotJohn.

As the group sails away on the Elizabeth, Jack sits in the prow, doing his Man of the Island pose.

The one he was practicing after his encounter with Jacob’s Lighthouse.

Jack and Sawyer are switching places. Hell, there were a few times I almost wondered if Jack was switching genders.

Jack has obviously become Locke, but I wasn’t seeing Sawyer as the new Jack. To me, this week, he was all Han Solo.

Not just Han Solo. When he ordered Jack to “Get off my ship!”, he was channeling his namesake, Harrison Ford. Dig it.

Sawyer isn’t taking any shit from anyone anymore. He’s had it, he’s fed up, he’s done.

GTFO, Jack. Time to paddle away and embrace your inner sucker. And, of course, in keeping with the total snowjob they’ve done on Jack and Kate’s relationship this year, Jack doesn’t even bother to throw Kate a parting glance, let alone plant a spectacular kiss on her. Sorry, Kate, looks like he’s just not that into you. Turns out that Jack’s true love is the Island.
Before he took his little dump into the drink, Jack spoke hypnotically, reverentially, about the Island he’d just tried to blow up a few days before. He confessed to James – calling him “James” just like Locke used to do – that when he’d left the Island, he felt a part of himself was missing.

I laughed when Sawyer told him there were pills for conditions like that. Ha! As if Jack doesn’t know that. He’s a doctor. Duh.

The true “ultimate relationship” of LOST has become a bit of a muddle, along with everything else.

It’s still all about Jack and Locke. Except now Jack is Locke, and Locke is … no more.
I’m not sure what the characters of Jack and John represent any longer, since it’s not as if Locke himself ever had a meaningful identity in the first place. Sucks to be called a sucker by the alien being that made you believe you were special just so he could get you killed and make you into his meat sock, doesn’t it?
Identity has always been a flexible concept on LOST.

The Oceanic Six pretended to be heroes and wore that false identity with flair.
Kate took on the identity of being Aaron’s mother and really seemed to believe her wishes could make it be true.
Sawyer pretended to be LaFleur, which goes to show how fragile identity really is. If they could turn a hot badass like Sawyer into a happy housepet, then it’s as if anyone can be anybody. There are no limits.
They’re certainly pushing the envelope with this season’s absurdist journey into OtherLOST. Are we really meant to think that the OtherPeople we’ve been meeting are the same people as the Island Losties we’ve known for so long? Is this kindly gentleman helping John in the ambulance
the same person who strangled him dead on the floor of a hotel room?
Is Jack, the father of David,
the same person who has lived 40 some years in a world where his Mini Me doesn’t exist and never will?
I have the feeling the only way I’m going to understand the ending of LOST is if I turn off my brain and just enjoy the detour from Crazy Town onto Stupid Street. I’m starting to think they want us to embrace OtherLOST because it’s a shinier and happier world. Who cares if it’s fake and has nothing whatsoever to do with the story we watched for five years? We get to see Jack has what it takes to be a great dad! Isn’t that what it was always all about?
I’m starting to wonder if the man who once described a happy Harry Potter ending as cowardly is honestly going to let his story end in a world so treacly sweet that it will send us all into diabetic shock. Dead people will come back to life! Twu Wuvs will kiss and get their memories back! It will be like a Disney cartoon. You’ll be able to bring the kiddies.
I won’t go into the philosophical detail I did last time trying to explain how counterfeit this kind of ending would be. But I do have one question: If they all remember their lives from the original timeline, what happens to the memories they already have?
Does innocent little Claire raise her baby with a memory of the time she wasn’t raising him, but was putting axes in people’s bellies instead?
Do they all get diagnosed with multiple personality disorder and spend the rest of their lives together in Santa Rosa?
I have a few other questions.
Like why did an un-fridged Ilana stop being Russian?
Does Frank’s continued survival mean we may see Ajira 316 fly again?
How did the well shrink?
I know Sayid didn’t kill Desmond, but does Sayid’s ability to decide against the Monster’s orders mean he’s getting his soul back?
What was it that Desmond promised him? Was it better than what the Monster promised?
OtherDesmond has become OtherJacob.
He’s stalking all the Losties, in that same inappropriate personal space invading way that Jacob had.

I’m not sure what the method is to his madness. It seemed like he was an interdimensional Suzy Matchmaker, but now he’s also reading minds. He knew about Libby and Hurley’s picnic, for instance, which made no sense, since the only thing he ever knew about Libby was that she had a boat she wanted to get rid of.

And now we see he somehow knew the secrets of Christian Shephard’s will and was making sure to put his longlost children together.
Is that going to trigger a flash for someone? What triggers the flashes anyway? The past few weeks made it seem like the flashes were the lightning bolts of true love, but that doesn’t match with what we saw this week.
Why didn’t Sun flash on Jin or Jin flash on Sun or one of them flash on little abandoned Ji Yeon? WTF does it mean that Sun flashed on John Locke?
Have we been deluded all this time? Was it really Locke and Sun we should have been shipping? What would we call that? Socke?
NotJohn tells Jack that yes, it was him that appeared to Jack on the Island as his father.
That’s not a stretch, but it’s also not a perfect fit. I can buy that this was the Monster.

It was consistent that the Monster would be leading Jack to water. We saw that the Monster likes to hydrate his candidates before he recruits them.
But who was that guy appearing to Michael right before the bomb on the Kahana blew?
And who was the white shoed apparition sitting in the lobby at St. Sebastian’s in LA?
If the Monster could be Christian, why did he have to wait for Locke to die? And where’s Christian’s body? And who took his shoes off?
How long has the Monster looked like John to Claire? She seems so protective of him, like a little girl who loves her daddy, but isn’t it true that he’s only looked like John for the past few days?
Ah, fuggedaboutit. Time doesn’t mean anything on LOST. We still have no idea what happened on the Island between 2004 and 2007, when no one we know was living there. And we’re never going to know. My guess is they’re all going to die on the Island, but before they do, they’re going to mind meld with their OtherSelves and all the dead will live again and it won’t make any sense but no one will care because it will finally have ended. It makes me sad that it’s looking like there will be no intelligent metaphor for us to mull over when it’s done. A world where gimmicks can erase death isn’t a metaphor that means anything to me as a thinking adult. Sorry.
I admit after all this time I expected something more formidable from this ultimate season of LOST. But the road trip’s almost over. It will all only end once. And in the meantime, as we near our destination, I’ll try not to obsess over the fact that the travel brochures kinda lied about where we were headed. That always happens. I’ll just try and sit back and appreciate the fact that, no matter what, the scenery has always been pretty. We’ve had a lot of fun, made friends, laughed our asses off. And I’ve learned a lot writing about this show, dug into some interesting topics I’d never much thought about. I remembered, and discovered, some great film and literature as well, thought a lot about the creative process and what goes into making a truly great story. LOST isn’t going to rise to that level, I don’t think, but that’s ok. It still reminded me that such stories do exist and that’s a lot more than most tv shows are able to do. The really important thing right now is this:
Also …
We’re not all the way to happily ever after, yet, but we’re getting there.

From TVFrenzy:

  • chris

    Well done. I agree with most of that, but I’m holding out more hope than you at this point that they will tie some of this together. And there will be an underlying meaning to this show, but we will see.

  • nicolebeth

    I appreciate what you’ve said, but I still think this is the best show on TV. I do admit to being caught up in the characters, and find that to be most important. I’m not well-read enough to know all the possible connections that come up in Doc Jensen’s column, for instance.

    I didn’t find Jack to be a sucker to “Locke’s” con, but suddenly believing whatever Jacob saw in him/thought was important. Certainly, mainland life sucked for Jack, even before the crash on the island. Also, I saw Jack saying James as more of finally reaching a point where he respected Sawyer. It wasn’t just Locke who called him James, but Juliet, too. So, it was sort of also out of respect for having caused Juliet’s death.

    Finally, I also couldn’t figure out why Jack’s dad was everywhere other than the island as well (and, remember the “grandfather”? Wasn’t that Jack, himself?) Unless the characters that “haunted” on the island still had the influence to haunt back in Los Angeles.

  • SharktacO

    Looking forward the dd’s thoughts and all the ludacris things moniques going to type.


      I am too, should be good for a laugh.

    • dolce

      hahahahahahahahahahaha!!!! Let the Skating BEGIN!

      • dd

        i’m not a shipper. I just think FB’s bedtime Sawyer fantasies are weird. I think Kate, Claire, and Sun are hot babes, but I don’t view the show through the lense of what it would be like if I could hook up with them.

        • dolce

          I know you’re not. God, I can’t wait to read the 100+ comments below.

  • McDonald

    I can’t say I enjoyed this post.

    • Ugly Smitty

      Then why didn’t you stop reading it?

      • dp2

        I’ll say for the same reason Fishbiscuit is still watching Lost.

        • me


  • Henry Holland

    FB perfectly captures the feeling I’ve had of “Oh WHAT. EVER. I give up!” in trying to make this all tie together. Boneheaded continuity errors like the one she pointed out about Sun and John being on gurney’s together just don’t bother me anymore, if they don’t care enough to not do something so I obvious, then what. ever.

    It’s all about Jack, which is not what I signed up for (I wanted the story of the DHARMA Intitiative from Alvar Hanso getting the Valenzetti Equation to its end to be the focus), but what. ever.

    • Gerry Jackson

      Then write it.

    • dd

      You didn’t understand it was about Jack after the first episode?

      • Tord

        dd, why are you so rude to everyone? You must be a truly miserable person in the real world. All I ever see you do is act like a jerk.

        • dd

          You crack me up, dude.

        • domcruise

          how was he being rude? his point is very valid. how has Lost NOT been about Jack since the very beginning? WHEN have they ever mentioned the Valenzetti equation on the show? Oh, thats right, its was mentioned on an online GAME which Darlton have only ever said was semi-canon at best.

          • Ed-Mars

            It’s been about Locke and Ben duh!

    • Kevonsky

      The writers never wanted anyone to care anything about the sci fi elements, and as they draw to a close they are gonna do whatever they want. Still loving it myself.

      • Rams

        If they didnt want anyone to care anything about the sci fi elements, why introduce them into the show? Doesn’t make any sense. It’s like a slap in the face of the huge chunk of the Lost fandom who are Sci-Fi geeks.

        • dp2

          I’ve always felt that there was very little sci-fi for a show with the sci-fi label, at least before season five. What before Desmond’s flashes in season three could really be called sci-fi? Arguably the monster, which wasn’t obviously anything that strange until halfway through season two.

          • Rams

            I agree that the sci-fi/fantasy part wasn’t overt until later seasons, but it is definitely the mysterious aspect of the show that drew me in first. I started caring about the characters only around Season 3. Lost wouldn’t have been successful without either one of the four elements, IMO (characters/mystery/sci-fi/fantasy). The characters have always been the major element in the show’s success, but I don’t think they can relegate the other aspects to the side, as they have been the backdrop against which the very characterizations have developed.


    Sometimes i wonder what kind of crack you recapper are on. If you honestly think that Darlton just gave up and decided do “Dally” then you have no faith. They’ve given us five amazing seasons, give them some credit. I have hope for season six. Btw Sawyer jumped off the copter in season 4 not 3. Hurley didn’t flash from a kiss on the cheek… But that’s okay. Your skate bias makes me want to puke. Between you and monique i’m suddenly starting to own tons of eye wear. From her “Jater Shades” and your “Suliet Goggles” you two are just SO INTELLIGENT. Thanks so much, i really laughed hard at this post. I can agree with some if not most of it, but your utter lack of faith and bias makes me sick.

    • AnGIE

      Why should people “have faith” in a TV show or in TV writers?

    • Tord

      It makes you sick? Well, if that’s the case, then you need to step outside and get some fresh air, because you’re taking this WAY too seriously.

    • pastrynurse

      Wow, that was some major stream of consciousness writing there. And more than a little spite. Relax and get the blood pressure under control. It’s a TV show and a recap.

  • RodimusBen

    Fate vs. Free Will.
    Faith vs. Empiricism.

    If you can’t easily identify at least these major themes in this show after having watched it for five and a half years, you are beyond help.

  • Ugly Smitty

    Fishbiscuit, I know that there are several rude, socially inept people who will trash you for this post, proving their complete inability to engage in intelligent, adult discourse. Some of the comments preceding mine already illustrate that. However, I agree with practically everything you said. You are, hands down, the best Lost blogger out there. Don’t let the misfits ever make you think otherwise.


      I’m sorry i’m a rude, socially inept person. I also apologize my inability to engage in intelligent, adult discourse for my lack of being an adult. I do enjoy being a misfit aslong as i’m not NAIVE or BIASED. Thanksomuchthough<3

      • Quadrophobiac

        In all fairness decrying an opinion piece as biased is pretty naive

      • Ugly Smitty

        Of COURSE it’s biased–it’s a column. This isn’t a news article–it’s an opinion piece, and by definition, it has the bias of the columnist. All columns do. And for the record, no one said YOU were rude, socially inept, non-intelligent or non-adult. That you took the comments personally must mean you saw yourself in that description. But that’s your doing, not mine.

    • Handsome Smitty

      Even though I agree with you, my Ugly brother from another mother, I have to say:

      Ugly and Fishy sittin’ in a tree…

      • Ugly Smitty

        What the–? LOL!

      • TREVDAWG

        After reading through this recap, it’s always nice when something makes you laugh unexpectedly. This one did it. Thanks.

        • Handsome Smitty

          I try.

    • Mratfink

      I would say my problem with Fish’s recap here (and i love the Fish recaps) is that while there are critiques of the season as it is occurring the larger critiques are about what Fish sees the end game being. Now i agree that if it ends like Fish thinks then i will be disappointed but I am not judging the current episodes off a believe it will end this way or any other way because i don’t know how it will end. Until i see the end i can only enjoy the ride, not evaluate the season in the context of what the purpose of the sideways world is.

      • Montad’s Arm

        So I’m a huge LOST fan. Have been for years. I found this blog at the beginning of this season and have been coming back to read these recaps despite finding myself further and further away from FB in terms of diminishig expectations for the end of the show. When you get down to it, what you take from a story is what you make a story as someone engaged with it. Whether a book, movie, tv show, or painting, your observing it changes it and makes it your own.

        I’ll concede that perhaps by the time an end date was set for the show, the writers and producers realized they’d created a mythology so dense and intricate they couldn’t possibly cover all the bases. As we come closer to the series finale, I’m starting to think the underlying message of this season is, “What does this show mean to you? Why are you still watching it, (It better not be for answers, cause that ain’t our bidniss) and how would your life be different if you hadn’t encountered it?”

        To those who have been becoming more and more disappointed with each passing week, all I can say is you were given a big effing clue at the beginning of “LA X.” Haroun and the Sea of Stories? Yeeeeah, that’s what those in the business call a “tell.” It’s a great book, but it’s also a great companion to this season of LOST. It’s been several years since I’ve read it, so I won’t waste your time attempting to make all the connections; however, a simple google search brought up an apt analysis from which I’ve copied a short section below. (Names have been changed to synch with LOST)

        “Part of the allure of [LOST] is it’s promise to accent the vivacity of language and to make this interconnection something that can be understood in a real world sense, as well as a fictional one. One leaves the [show] feeling not only that something important has happened within the story, and by extension within the author’s life, but within oneself as well. That a story can have such a profound impact is exactly the argument that [Darlton] is trying to make within the story itself.”

        If there’s anything to have faith in, it’s the power of stories. That’s the camp I’m in. That’s the side I’ve taken. I’m ready for THE END.

        • Montad’s Arm

          Not to belabor the point, but I just finished reading “Everything is Illuminated,” another great book that is concerned with storytelling. I’m post-scripting this abbreviated quote because it too speaks to my perspective of this season of LOST.

          “We are being nomads with the truth, yes?…If we are to be such nomads with the truth, why do we not make the story more premium than life?…I do not think that there are any limits to how excellent we could make life seem.”

  • Lisa C

    Hi, is there a way to read the post only without the flashing images?
    They are nice, but distracting for my old eyes.

    • Rams

      you can copy paste the post from beginning to end on notepad– the pics won’t copy that way

  • Kevin

    Excellent post, FB. I agree with you 100%, and appreciate that you are holding Darlton accountable for the way they are wrapping this up. I still love the show, and will still watch from the end. But I am deeply disappointed that, as you perfectly said, it looks like “there will be no intelligent metaphor for us to mull over when it’s done.”

    • Jason

      Sometimes it’s best to wait until you know something is worth criticising before actually criticising it.

  • Steve/Randy

    Lose the moving pictures, very distracting.

  • RodimusBen

    Are you guys all epileptic or something? FB’s animated gifs are awesome. They are worth the price of admission alone… I coule watch Jack fly through the air a million times.

    • rohangirl90 (faraday’s constant)

      *seconds this* That Jack blowing up GIF gets me every time.

      • Gerry Jackson

        Truly an added feature to my Fishbiscuit fix each week.

      • meems

        Yeah, I know. I love those moving gifs. I watched Jack fly through the air at least 20 times. I was mesmerized. How did they DO that shot?

  • Quadrophobiac

    Thanks for another great re-cap Fishbiscuit, your blogs have been the highlight of my post episode reflection for a long time now, and its a relief that your thoughts echo my current dissatisfaction with the way they’ve handled this season.
    I have to agree with you that the continuity errors are carelessness. For all the moaning about how time lines haven’t synced up in the past they at least had the get out of jail card that was the islands time altering affects (as outlined by Mr Faraday) to explain them away. They don’t diminish the show that much but it can irk a little.

  • Rams

    Nice recap, especially all the gifs. While I’m not anti-Skate, Sawyer so quickly moving-on from Juliet disgusts me. I’ve never been a Jack-fan, but I’m finally starting to like him this season.

    I’m starting to feel disillusioned myself with the seeming pointlessness of several story arcs this season. The many continuity errors this late in the game irks me. However, there have been several spectacular episodes this season, and hopefully they’ll tie it all together in the end. I’m just going to withhold judgement till the end, but it’s hard to be patient when we are this close to the end, yet have no clue where are are going…

  • Dom


    • Tord

      What, your post? I agree.

      • neoloki

        No the recap was garbage, your post was just asinine.

        What is pointless other than fishbiscuit writing an article about how something is going to end when it actually hasn’t ended yet, is the fact that I actually read the whole goddamn thing.

        • AnGIE

          Point of No Return indeed. 😀

          I like the recap and don’t think she judged the show and its ending too early. It’s already very clear where things are going.

          • Jason

            Judging an ending before you’ve actually seen it is too early.

        • Andrew G.

          You’re an idiot.

  • Samuel

    Well done Fish Biscuit, you echo my thoughts exactly and your posts are always well written and well thought out.

  • Handsome Smitty

    While I like a lot of your take on how Lost is starting to disappoint, and especially your presentation, let me answer that one question for you, why nerd/geek/fanboys ain’t into the hot steamy chemistry bits of the Love Story that Lost really is:

    Cause all the popular girls in school like you snubbed up your nose at them while chasing after the careless unfeeling Hans and Fonz’s of the world, wanting to humanize their hotnesses but in the end becoming just their baby-momma’s while the skinny or pudgy or pimply dweebs ended up writing the shows you love — or hate depending on your mood of the day.

    • MoniquE

      Cause all the popular girls in school like you snubbed up your nose at them while chasing after the careless unfeeling Hans and Fonz’s of the world, wanting to humanize their hotnesses but in the end becoming just their baby-momma’s while the skinny or pudgy or pimply dweebs ended up writing the shows you love — or hate depending on your mood of the day.

      I think you hit the nail on the head about this. I know you’re not talking about yourself because you’re handsome 😉 but I think this is what’s behind a lot of the Sawyer hating fanboys. I’d have sympathy for them except that even the fattest and fugliest men seem to think they’re entitled to have a woman who is flawless. If fat, fug men had empathy and tried to see the inner beauty of women who looked the way they do then you’d have a point. But look at Hurley. Why is he with a pretty girl and not someone as fat and homely as himself? And why are geeky types like Daniel and Charlie paired up with hotties? Unattractive men want to be loved for who they are, but I always wonder why nobody seems to think unattractive women are entitled to the same understanding. I’m just wondering and I’m talking to Handsome Smitty here not to the creeps who will use this post as an opening to make insulting insinuations about me personally. I’m not talking about myself. I’m talking about the principle involved.

      • Rams

        Hey! I think Daniel is was more attractive than Charlotte!

      • Ed-Mars

        Let me try and answer your question about why Hurley isn’t with some fat fugly woman. ABC won’t allow it. Networks usually have the right to veto the cast of any of their shows. Look at any other scripted shows on ABC or Fox or CBS or NBC. If you can find 5 people that are as big as Hurley in all of those shows, I’ll eat my hat :P.

        You’re a bit harsh on Daniel and Charlie. Charlotte & Daniel kind of bonded over their superior level of intelligence. Claire was pregnant when she & Charlie met, it’s not like she was going to have an unlimited number of suitors. But still, yours is a valid point.

        My friends have also complained that there aren’t enough hot women on the show. I’ve long tried to explain that they can’t just appear out of nowhere like pallet drops and they have to be relevant but that just falls on deaf ears 😐

        • MoniquE

          That’s a good answer and I think it’s accurate, but doesn’t it make the same point I was making? If there aren’t any fat women on Lost because the networks won’t allow it, why do they allow this fat man to be on it and why should we root for him to be loved for his inner self? I don’t blame guys in the audience for wanting to see hot women, just like I don’t blame the girls who want to see hot guys. But the sad sack attitude of “oh the pretty girls only want the cool guys and never notice us fuglies who are such good people”, my question is – why don’t the fugly guys try to see the good in some of the fugly girls who might actually want someone who looks like them? If not, I don’t see how they deserve any sympathy for being rejected themselves.

          • Ed-Mars

            Jorge Garcia actually had quite a few acting credits to his name before being cast on Lost. I’m guessing that played in his favor. I don’t really know what to say to the rest of your argument. The sad sack dilemma is a very fair one. Cultural ideals? I mean, nobody, irrespective of how ugly/attractive he/she is, wants to sleep with an ugly person.

          • MoniquE

            Not disagreeeing with you. I just don’t think men have any right to complain that the pretty, popular girls want to be with the pretty, popular guys. If it’s good for the goose, it should be good for the gander. Handsome Smitty was making it sound like girls would be better off going for the pudgy, pimply geeks who write tv shows. Maybe those geeks would be better off casting some less than perfect looking women in their shows, just like there’s plenty of less than perfect looking men.

          • gusteaux

            What’s not being said here is the old adage of, “beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” I, for one, think that Kate/Evi is about as “plain Jane” as they come. I see absolutely nothing attractive about her…even though the show tries to make her glamorous…especially in the off island scenes. Libby/Cynthia, on the other hand, who they try hard to make look “plain Jane” both on and off the island, comes across (to me) as very attractive and desirable. It comes down to a matter of personal taste moreso than stereotyping. For the record, according to my personal taste, I find Juliet/Elizabeth and Penny/Soyna to be the most attractive/desirable females on the show. And, by the way, Rose is not a skinny hot chic by any means, so you can’t say that’s the only type of woman LOST features. I guess the bottom line is: different strokes for different folks.

          • Ed-Mars

            You’re absolutely right, MoniquE. The idea that all the pretty girls flock towards the pretty boys doesn’t really hold these days. I mean, look at Evangeline Lilly, she’s with Dominic Monaghan. Josh Holloway isn’t married to some underwear model either. You can find many other examples like that.

            Suffice to say, Handsome Smitty’s complaint is actually a stereotype/plot-device used by the American film industry.

        • Ugly Smitth

          Not enough hot women? Wow… I’ve never heard someone say THAT about Lost. Kate, Juliet, Nikki, Alex, Claire, Shannon, Sun, 1954 Ellie, 1977 Ellie, young Rousseau, Naomi, Ilana, Penny, Libby, Rosie, Ana Lucia, mom, Nadia… and that’s just off the top of my head. I’m sure there are many more. (Some might include Charlotte on the list, but I’ve always found her to be very odd-looking.) I think we, as guys, definitely did well in the eye-candy department on this show.

          • Ed-Mars

            Alex is fifteen! You perv 😉
            But there is no such thing as TOO MUCH eye candy. Off your list, I would describe only Kate, Shannon, Claire, Nikki and Tania Raymonde as hot. Don’t get me wrong, they are all attractive enough. But hot and attractive are not the same thing.

          • Rams

            And we girls did well too: Jacob, Sawyer, Desmond, Sayid, Daniel, Richard (and to some, Jack, Locke, Ben), etc.

          • gusteaux

            In order of hotness (from most to least): Shannon, Nikki, Juliet, Penny, Nadia, Libby, Sun, Ana Lucia and Sideways Charlotte. Kate would fall somewhere behind Carmen Ryes and Tom Friendly).

          • Andrew G.

            Alex may be 16, but the actress is 22, so there’s nothing pervy about it. 🙂

          • Ed-Mars

            @ Andrew G.: I know, I even included Tania Raymonde in my “Hot” list above?

        • Naultz

          The Biggest loser. eat your hat, Ed-Mars

          • Ed-Mars

            Nurse! Naultz is refusing to take his tablets!

      • tinaw

        I dunno . . . Jorge Garcia is handsome to me. Sure, he’s big, but he’s not bad looking. Obviously Hurley is a good person on the inside but he’s still cute enough to get chicks.

        As far as ugly girls . . . we’ve all been trained by the media to view a woman who isn’t outwardly attractive as having something wrong with them on the inside. Even if they were to put an ugly woman into the mix, her journey would be to work through her inner demons, to one day become beautiful — or at least suddenly know how to use tweezers, hair gel and makeup.

        • MoniquE

          I think the most awful part about your post is you don’t see anything wrong with it. I assume you’re a guy, but I can tell you as a girl, Jorge is NOT cute. He’s morbidly obese (and I know from experience guys like that tend to have odor problems) and looks very unhealthy plus he’s far from handsome. No matter how good of a guy he is, the only way someone like him gets “chicks” is to be as rich as Jorge Garcia. But the media still reinforces the idea that a fat man has inner worth just as he is, while a fat woman just needs to lose weight so some guy will look at her.

          Your post really confirmed how these cultural prejudices are so deep against women and how much people just accept that women aren’t as valuable as human beings on their own merits. It’s pretty tragic actually.

          • pastrynurse

            I have to disagree with some of your comments directed @ Tinaw. She makes very valid points about how unattractive women are portrayed by the media and some of her comments about that seem to agree with yours. Also, “cute” is definitely a subjective word and someone cute to me may not be cute to you. I agree that someone morbidly obese is unhealthy, etc.. but to label him/her as ugly & undesirable is just your opinion.

          • ghanima

            Wow. So, you’re upset that plainer, heavier actresses aren’t being cast to show that a woman’s value is not based solely on her looks. This is logical and justified, we haven’t seen a high profile big actress on TV since Cameron Manheim, and even then hers was not a romantic lead.

            But in almost the same breath you maintain that no one will love a particularly large actor because of his size, unless they are after his money. Maybe your own attitude is one of those that needs to be changed before your original goal can become a reality, eh?

          • MoniquE

            No you’re right. I only included my opinion about Jorge because I think it’s a misconception that any kind of male can be considered desirable whereas women have these very strict standards. I don’t think that’s true. A guy like Jorge I honestly can’t even picture the mechanics of sex with someone shaped like that. But he’s presented as someone that a very pretty thin woman would be throwing herself at. It’s not true. It’s a male fantasy that they can look however they choose and be loved as they are, even as they judge women as objects. And I think when someone challenges that fantasy, like FB does when she openly prefers the hottest guy on the show, they tend to get almost abusive. Like there’s something wrong with a woman who thinks about men the way almost all men think about women.

        • Rams

          You are being extremely disrespectful of Jorge. He has a pretty girlfriend, who thinks he’s just awesome. They do a Lost podcast together and interact with fans regularly. Please think twice before you post insults about Jorge.

          • MoniquE

            You see what a double standard there is? It’s an insult to say that Jorge Garcia is morbidly obese? Is it an insult to say the sun is bright? It’s stating the obvious.

            Look to your own double standards. Why did you feel the need to say his girlfriend was “pretty”? It really does matter to guys to think they can look like the side of a barn but still can attract “pretty” women.

            I think one of the things that makes Josh Holloway so awesome is that even though he’s one of the most beautiful men on earth, he’s married to a very normal, ordinary looking woman. I wonder if maybe being so irresistible to women gave him the freedom to find one he loves for who she is.

          • Rams

            You said a lot more in your post about Jorge- comments that included his se*ual life. I don’t see any double standard in what I said. I am telling you that people like Hurley can and do get girlfriends like Libby even in real life. Maybe Holloway does find his wife the most beautiful woman one earth. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. You are seriously confused!

          • MoniquE

            I’m not confused. I’m commenting on a cultural double standard that is well known and plain as day. I think it’s funny men find it so offensive to imply that women might be judging their appearance the same way they feel so comfortable judging women.

          • love it

            To keep it real, look at any TV show – Everybody Loves Raymond – sorry, Ray Romano doesn’t do it for me. King of Queens – hot wife, overweight husband. How about commercials? You see attractive, thin women with dumpy, overweight men (except for Pinesol 🙂 )… I believe it is men’s insecurity manifesting itself. No offense, but most women are just more likely to look beyond the outside, men aren’t. Again, no offense, but face it – the male (of any species) main objective is to procreate, therefore, they don’t have the time to look deeper than the outside (most of the time).

          • MoniquE

            I don’t think the male of the species wants to procreate – it’s not as if they want kids all over the place. They want to get their rocks off. But if women can learn to grow some self respect there’s no reason they need to let it continue. This double standard doesn’t work to our advantage at all. Now, with women out-graduating men at university (by about 3 to 2 ratio), it won’t be long until we have a new generation of women out-earning men. Maybe then we can finally lay that tired canard to rest – that men can’t help but be shallow and self absorbed because they need to spread their seed. LOL. Maybe men will just have to man up and become partners in the human race.

          • gusteaux

            Someone please tell me what the hell this discussion has to do with LOST?

          • MoniquE

            Nothing, lol. I just find it more interesting than the posing of hypocritical fanboys who are just looking for a reason to pile on Fishbiscuit for the crime of writing a review they didn’t want to read, but read anyway.

          • dp2

            So people can’t complain about a recap they don’t like, but FB can complain about a show she’s not enjoying?

      • Handsome Smitty

        Wow, did I kick over a can-o-worms, or WHAT!?!


        I agree with much of what you say, Moni – only ALL cultures have this bias and I suspect it goes back to the days when a, uh, chubby person was seen as a liability because of the food necessary to, uh, maintain said chubbiness.

        But I think you missed my point – fanboys may desire hot babes like any NORMAL guy but are more than willing to treasure ANY attention from a, uh, fishbiscuit. I mean, if you watch BIG BANG you see Leonard and Penny, neither of whom is hot but have certain aspects of their personalities that make them attractive to each other. And the other geeks on the show also prove to be willing to worry more about compatibility (and of course – NATURALLY, the good ol’ fishbiscuit) than looks, as will be shown when Sheldon meets his doppleganger.

        Really, though, my bigger point is the way “fanboys” are stereotyped by Fishy. In most cases the criticism lobbed at her comes from idiocy, not a particular “type.”

        Which is really ironic because a major theme of the show, as we’ve seen this season, is love, True Love, the One Love all of us NORMAL-to-FAIRLY-normal people dream about. So let’s all ease up on personal attacks – although I admit to playing the bias card, but only when I think a blogger’s bias is skewing their perception. Yes, we’re all entitled – a slave to? – our biases. But the intelligence it takes to see the many layers of LOST would seem to indicate that we should be able to argue with cooler heads.

        BTW – Juliet and Ana-Lucia, THAT’S my definition of hot. Smart but not taking any bullshit. Their looks are just the icing…

        • dd

          The criticism FB faces does not come from idiocy. It is a response to unrepentant stupidity and impatience posing as substantive analysis.

          • Handsome Smitty

            When one preceives “stupidity,” one should restrain ITself from shouting it down from their stool. That’s just a harsh term. “Idiocy” is not a derogatory term based on intelligence. “Stupidity” is.
            id·i·o·cy? ?/??di?si/ Show Spelled[id-ee-uh-see] Show IPA
            1.utterly senseless or foolish behavior; a stupid or foolish act, statement, etc.

            In other words, your use of such harsh, degrogatory terms is foooooooooooooooolish.

            And just plain rude.

          • dd

            My point still stands. You’re beginning to sound like one of those reviews.

          • MoniquE

            dd, you may get a few other dysfunctional nerds on here to pat you on the head for being an obnoxious asshole, but “your point” is completely frivolous. You read a review you claim to hate week after week just so you can be abusive and obnoxious to the writer and her fans.Some of your buddies are calling FB a sad woman but is there anything sadder than a lonely fanboy like yourself who makes himself feel better by coming to this review (and only this review) every week to tell everyone how intelligent he is. You’re truly pathetic, and it won’t make you any less pathetic if you follow this up by trashing me some more. It will just be more of the same obnoxious bullying you fill your sad life with by attacking this writer.

          • dd

            Monique, dysfunctional is projecting yourself into the pants of Kate in hopes that she gets with Sawyer. Dysfunctional is making a horribly ignorant analysis of Jack because he represents competition in your sexual fantasy.

            Dysfunctional is not providing a level-headed critique to some terrible analysis.

  • Handsome Smitty

    Okay, that Locke/Jack photo – that’s just crazy sick!

    I wonder why I’ve not seen any discussion about the one glaring character in Sideways that’s way out of sync with Island Lost – David! I think him saying he felt sorry for Jack – his father – may be a clue to his identity.

    Then again, maybe it’s just another apple…

    • Ugly Smitty

      For me, David is probably the least interesting aspect of this season. I just don’t care who is mom is, since he doesn’t exist in the original universe, and is thus peripheral to the journey of the past five years. I know that I should be patient and wait to see the endgame before criticizing the play, but for me, this is one aspect of the game that makes me want to scream “Foul.”

      • Handsome Smitty

        IF David proves unimportant and disconnected to where Lost ends, then it proves Fishy’s point about the inconsistent and sloppy final season.

        So I hope he is…SOMEBODY!!!

        • Ugly Smitty

          Same here, my more handsome brother.

        • Rams

          Hope I’m not intruding on the Bro-fest (;-)), but some people have speculated that David is either the MIB or Jacob in the Sideways world. That sure would be an interesting twist…

          • Wanda

            Nah, Desmond seems to be a much better Jacob in the Sideways world. Only a few episodes ago, David was still sneaking off to auditions on his bicycle.

          • Handsome Smitty

            I would hope Jacob; David seems to have a more introspective manner.

        • dd

          Why does David have to have any kind of role other than what he currently occupies? You’ve created a condition that doesn’t make any sense.

          He has been used to create a discernible contrast between two versions of one man who has many of the same issues. His existence does not create any kind of contradiction or problem. He doesn’t need to be relevant to the plot of the Island story.

          This really is becoming more ridiculous than when people were insisting that Vincent is the Monster.

          • Naultz

            VIncent’s not the monster. Vincent’s the leading canidate to replace Jacob 🙂

          • Handsome Smitty

            He may not be all that important. But his EXISTENCE sticks out like a sore thumb. It may only prove to be in Sideways(c) Jack having a son allowed him to resolve his daddy issues through David.

            When we explicate a work for deeper meaning it is easy to misconstrue the writer’s muse.

            Like Hemingway famously said, “Sometimes a mountain is just a fucking mountain.”

      • MoniquE

        Fish mentioned in her last recap (the Desmond one) that David is the anomaly, because he doesn’t exist in the original timeline. Most everyone else in the SW(I think) existed in the original time, even if they’re dead there. David is the one exception. If that means anything. I’m not as pessimistic as Fish but I am beginning to wonder if it’s worth thinking about any of it too hard.

        • rohangirl90 (faraday’s constant)

          Maybe it’s me, but I’m really interested in David. Fish was right about that, he’s the only thing that can’t be recreated in the original timeline. His mom *coughJULIETcough* is probably an important piece in the puzzle, and they wouldn’t have brought him in if they weren’t going to do something with him.

          Maybe he’s special, like Walt was. He might be used to explain why the children are so special on the island and off it. I really hope they explain that. Other than that I’m along for the ride, in a non-sheep kind of way, lol.

          This is my really wordy way of kind of agreeing with monique’s comment.

        • dd

          Newsflash: The two world have similarities but they are not the same world. David isn’t the only anomaly. Nadia has two children.

          • Handsome Smitty

            The presence of the children indicates (because of muslim culture) that Sayid’s true love is not Nadia afterall.

            Hmmm, could we soon be seeing Shannon in Sideways(c)?

          • Ed-Mars

            Smitty, I’m not sure if what you said about muslim culture is necessarily true. Where did you get that idea from? Divorce is allowed in Islam.

            However, given all the religious overtones we’ve seen on the show, I hope you are right about Shannon.

          • Handsome Smitty


            My caveat in agreeing with you Ed-Mars is the status of women in Islam.

          • Ed-Mars

            Yeh, can’t really argue with what you said.

          • dd

            Discussing real world Islamic practices (which vary depending on country, region, and sect) are completely irrelevant to Sayid’s love for Nadia. Islamic law has no jurisdiction in the US. If Nadia decides to divorce, she will do so in according to United States laws. The presencee of children means absolutely nothing. You’re also assuming this position was considered when sayid’s story was conceived.

  • This is just another example of a blogger’s expectations and vision as to how the story would end, and we get to hear their bitterness as to how the story is not delivering the way they had imagined. Enough already! It’s not your story, it’s the writers. Show them the respect to at least wait until the series is over to whine incessantly.

    • Tord

      Stop being a douche.

    • The Magician

      I didn’t bother reading this ‘recap’ as it was obvious what was going to be said, but yep, I agree.

      • MoniquE

        LOL at people who comment without reading!

        I notice there’s a lot of sheep-like people who are fans of Lost. I don’t get it. Writers don’t make tv shows for themselves. They make it for the fans. Fans have every right to feel or say whatever they want about the thing that is made for them. If darlton didn’t want criticism they’d have to make the show for themselves and just show it to their friends and families.

        • The Magician

          I’ve read these recaps most weeks, it’s obvious how they’re going to go.

          I have to take my hat off to FB though, she does certainly have a lot of sheep-like admirers.

          • Dirf

            You’re an idiot. You’ve already said you didn’t read her recap. As a result, you have no credibility in judging the recaps or those who read them. And the fact that you’re actually reading comments on a column you don’t enjoy is just sad. You need to get a life.

        • rohangirl90 (faraday’s constant)

          They make it for the fans, but they’re making it the way they want to. If they took all the criticism, then it stops being their show, and the show comes to a standstill because everybody’s got their own vision for it. Yeah, the show can be criticised and analyzed and picked apart, but it’s still theirs and they have their own vision. LOST hasn’t ever not delivered before. If anything just sit back and watch, and maybe it’ll all work out. It’s not sheep like to have a little faith in the storytellers, is it?

        • Monique, what I said was it’s the writers story, not ours. Do novelists get to the last chapter and change their direction to make the fans happy? No, it’s their vision of how the story should end. If they change the story to appease some, then you allienate another group of people who liked where the story was headed, so really you can’t win. Oh yeah, and it’s not sheep-like to have some measure of faith in the immense talent of Lost’s writing staff. Most of this season has worked out well although admittedly some hasn’t, it’s the nature of the beast with this much narrative. Overall though, it seems very petty to complain and nitpick about some of the best network writing we have ever seen. FB, IMO, is overly critical of a show which is light years ahead of it’s time as far as storytelling is concerned. If having this opinion makes me “sheep-like” then all I have to say is BAAAAAAAAAHHHHH.

          • Slimchicken

            At the risk of being provocative, I’m not convinced the writing is quite as pure as you say. Perhaps the sideways world will ultimately play out in interesting fashion and transform into an integral part of the greater Lost narrative, but as of now it kind of feels to me like a clever tool used to bring back characters that the audience loved once upon a time – whether it be Charlie or Boone or Faraday or Libby or whoever.

            That’s fine, but from my perspective the problem with this (and to an extent the later flash backs as well) is that death has come to mean nothing in Lost. I feel nothing for the characters who die (or who sorta die like Locke/Sayid) anymore because I just assume they’ll show up again at some point. When Boone died or Charlie or Shannon, it was deeply felt and the stakes were raised. There was real threat at any moment. Any one could fall. When Juliet died? I just assumed she’d come back for a few guest spots in her off time from V.

            I have no sense any longer of what’s at stake. At this point the danger should be palpable but I personally don’t feel any of it. If dead isn’t dead then what risk is there? The characters may fear for their lives but how can the audience share that emotion when it knows that even a nuclear explosion can’t kill the Losties?

            Maybe that’s nitpicking or petty. But I think it’s an honest feeling and one that isn’t without merit.

        • Handsome Smitty

          Actually, Moni, the best writers do write for themselves but at the same time actually have something to say that speaks to the universal in all of us!

          • dd

            Like FB, I doubt Monique actually reads.

          • Handsome Smitty

            Man, can you not see the difference between a personal attack and actual criticism!?!

          • dd

            I mostly just fail to see the relevance of your comments.

        • dp2

          “LOL at people who comment without reading! ”

          I know, right? That’s like complaining about how a show is going to end before you even see it.

          • Touche Mon Frere. dp2’s statement pretty much recaps the entire posting section. FB can feel free to torch the entire series once it’s over, I really don’t care what she has to say anymore, but to start torching it without all the information or story is the argument of most of the “negative” commentators. I hate when logic gets in the way of Monique and friends defense.

  • The White Rock

    “I’m waiting for the teddy bears and pink unicorns to appear any episode now.”

    Best one-line expression of sarcastic disappointment in ages! 😉

  • The Black Rock

    Interesting how you express a kind of resigned whatever-ness which is really representative of most LOST-fandom. But I’m going to really enjoy the blogs in the days after the finale, because that’s where we’re going to imagine and mentally experience all the endings that we all REALLY wanted to see.

  • rohangirl90 (faraday’s constant)

    I liked this post. Bring on the GIF’s, especially funny ones. Anything involving anyone flying through the air like that.

    Maybe it’s just me being naive, but I still have a lot of hope for Season 6. This is probably the only TV show I even watch now, and I can admit a lot of those continuity errors I don’t catch. I guess I’ve gotten to a point where things like that don’t bother me anymore. The show is there for us to enjoy. That being said, the fact that it’s so hotly debated shows how good of a show this is. I’m pretty sure nobody theorizes about stuff in shows like Gossip Girl or anything like that (not that I’m dissing anybody who does).

    I try not to let the Skate bias get to me, even though I was a Sulieter up until she died and started making V (which I kind of like, even with that horrible ad messing up LOST that one episode, was it the Package?). But there are certain things I think in this show that have to be seen through the eyes of someone not wearing a shipper goggle of any kind. I understand it’s an opinion, and Skate is Fate or whatever it is, but would we really want Kate Austen to get with a guy who gets with a chick for three years and doesn’t grieve her beyond a day and a half? Doesn’t Kate (and Juliet too, may I add) deserve better?

    Also, the Skate bias can get to be a bit much, especially when it’s being hit over our heads.

    Oh, I just thought of something. The whole Skate thing has never been as blatantly obvious as it has been this season. The general opinion of this post is that LOST is slipping in it’s subtlety and isn’t being careful with what they’re doing. So does that mean that they’re making everything super obvious to the viewers, like the whole true love thing is? What if Skate is part of the idea that LOST isn’t as good this season as it was before? Personally, I liked Skate in the earlier seasons, because it wasn’t so much fate as it was a possibility, like all the others shippers out there.

    Also, I keep asking. Why is the word fanboy/fangirl an insult now? Does it mean something different for a boy or for a girl?

    • Rams

      I completely agree with you about the whole Skate thing! It’s as if the writers themselves did not expect Suliet to work so well, so they are hitting us over the head with Skate. Like I said in my earlier post, I don;t have anything against Skate, but the timing is simply horrible!

      • ghanima

        Well, to be fair, it’s not like the writers have island Sawyer tossing her up against a tree and snogging her senseless. And Sawyer pointedly ignoring her in the middle of Locke’s crazy camp would be a bit, weird. I like that Sawyer is trying to step up and take care of his friends- it makes up for my “WTF LaFleur?” moment when he went off in the sub at the end of last season and left them all to die. If he’s keeping an extra close eye on Kate it doesn’t seem forced when you consider that he knows she’s not a candidate, and therefore fair game to be Flocke-food. I enjoyed the Sawyer-Kate relationship in early seasons, but even I would be appalled if they were suddenly all grappley- but they’re not. They seem to be friends that have each other’s backs. Grieving Sawyer trying to make sure Kate doesn’t end up dead is a far cry from spitting on Juliet’s grave, professing his undying love for Kate and then getting to know her in a Biblical fashion inside one of the bear cages.

        I like the Kate character- flawed, complicated, often getting herself captured for no good reason, inconsistent, annoying at times, but her heart is pretty much in the right place. Come to think of it, maybe it’s because I can like a character like that that I can also like Season 6?

        Anyway, since many who post to this board wish her dead on a weekly basis, I’m kind of happy that someone, albeit someone fictional, wants her to live awhile longer. Although to be honest, I really thought Claire was going to shoot her last week. I imagine the live chat at TVOvermind was full of “Shoot her!” comments.

        • gusteaux

          I was certainly screaming, “shoot her”, at my television set.

      • Coraline

        Hmm..interesting…I think you have to be invested in Sawyer and Juliet to be upset about his “moving on” too soon. I have no investment in any of the relationships other than Des and Penny and I didn’t really buy Sawyer and Juliet. So, the fact that he is protective of Kate seems to me to be the way he always was. I think, in my opinion, that’s what drove Juliet to do what she did. Sawyer’s protectiveness and affection for Kate. But that’s just the way I see it. Also, in terms of his moving on I can’t tell you how many people said they were annoyed with him still moping over Juliet during episode #2 and #3. For a lot of the fans it was becoming annoying. So I don’t think him pining for Juliet 11 episodes later would have been popular.

        • Rams

          So you are saying that fan expectations should drive their actions? Just because you did not buy Suliet does not make their relationship less valid somehow. No one is denying Sawyer’s attraction towards Kate, I just can’t take him calling her “freckles” 2 days after his girlfriend died. Like it or not, that’s my opinion.

          • Ed-Mars

            Really? Why? It’s just a nickname, isn’t it? It’s not like Kate is going jump him every time he calls her freckles.

          • Coraline

            No. What I’m saying is that’s how I FEEL. I never said Suliet was less valid. You’re projecting there. I was just explaining the reasoning behind the fact that I’m not bothered by his behavior. It’s just my opinion. So while you think he’s moved on too quickly I know some fans who thought he took too long to “get over it.” Just expressing an opinion and an observation.

          • Bouncing Naked Jack Moobs

            It is just a nickname, and one he’s called her by long before they were romantically involved.

            Anyway, it’s far easier for me to stomach a “Freckles” or two this soon after Juliet’s death, than it is to stomach Sawyer wanting to marry the woman, considering she once threatened to kill “Freckles”.

          • Rams

            Sawyer calling Kate “Freckles” has always come across as more than just a nickname. It is flirtatious.

          • Ed-Mars

            @ Rams : Even if it is, what’s wrong with flirting? Sawyer has to take a celibacy vow after Juliet died? I’m sorry, but that’s just ridiculous. Juliet dies and Sawyer becomes head monk. *insert eye-roll*

          • Andrew G.

            Ed-Mars, you can’t be serious–his live-in girlfriend of three years, the woman he was planning to spend the rest of his life with, died in his arms just a couple of days ago, and you think he should already be getting it on with another woman? Seriously?

          • Rams

            Thanks Andrew G. That’s exactly my point.

            You are deliberately misunderstanding me Ed-Mars. I just have a HUGE problem with the timing. And if people feel he was moping too much as Coraline said, I simply cannot relate to that. In fact, I have read in several comments and reviews on how quickly Sawyers seems to have moved on.

          • Coraline

            Rams – I’m sorry. I just don’t see it. We’ll agree to disagree. I think Sawyer is acting true to who he is and looking out for his friends and yes that most definitely means Kate. Juliet died. She’s gone and Sawyer’s gonna have to move on. Unfortunately for the character, and for Juliet, he doesn’t have unlimited time to just sit around drinking whiskey in his dirty underpants. It’s accelerated and that’s just the way it is. Life goes on and he’s trying to make sure he lives another day.

          • Rams

            Sure.. we can agree to disagree! 🙂

          • gusteaux

            What’s really strange is the fact that EVERYONE in the fan community was outraged that Claire did not greive longer or more openly for Charlie. Yet, with Sawyer, who had a much more intense and longer relationship with Juliet is expected to get over her death in a few hours?

          • Coraline

            Not everyone Gusteaux. Claire’s reaction didn’t bother me either.

        • Ashley

          The thing is he ISN’T getting it on with another woman. And let’s be honest this aint some random chick. This is the chick that Juliet decided to blow up an island over. I mean she said I’d rather not have met you than to lose you to HER (something I guess she thought was an inevitability). I’m not saying that was right or wrong or whatever. Also, It’s not like the dude is making moon eyes at Zoe. Jeez, he’s just trying to get his friends off crazy island.

          • Ed-Mars

            Well said Ashley 😀

            We’ve seen Sawyer grieve and mourn the loss of Juliet in episodes 6×03 – 6×04. It’s how TV works. We can’t have Sawyer sad in every episode after Juliet dies. It’s called moving on. And what is this notion that Sawyer calling Kate “freckles” equals Sawyer wanting to get into her pants? Seriously? Really?!? Everything Kate & Sawyer say to each other is interpreted as sexual innuendo? This is seriously messed up.

          • Rams

            I didn’t say everything was sexual innuendo- where did you get that from? Romance or flirtation or love do not have to devolve into sexual innuendo all the time. And it’s not just calling her freckles. It’s drinking pretend-cocoa together, which is clearly meant to parallel the imaginary peanut butter.

            I’m know it’s natural that Sawyer wants to get Kate and everyone he cares about off the Island- but that’s not my issue here. Anyway, I’m arguing in circles here, so I’ll stop with this post on the subject. 🙂

          • Handsome Smitty

            Actually, you could see Sawyer still feeling the loss of Juliet in his confrontation with Jack on the boat (and Jack’s mention of her was important), and more so with his reaction to Sun and Jin’s reunion.

          • MoniquE

            Hmm, I didn’t see anything of the sort. Sawyer’s face didn’t budge a muscle when Jack apologized for Juliet’s death and he looked at KATE – again! when Sun and Jin were reuniting. The Suliet shippers are probably the worst of the shippers when it comes to seeing what they want in the show. Even if the whole thing ends with Sawyer and Juliet it will have been a story that was told and never shown, the ultimate cheat.

          • Rams

            Good point H.S. His hear was breaking at the Sun-Jin reunion scene. So , I won’t be too harsh on him. Josh is great in such emotional scenes!

          • Handsome Smitty

            Perhaps, Moni, Sawyer is torn between Kate and Juliet, but I believe his love is with Juliet – Kate is just someone who is most like him, tarnished, and someone he thinks he most likely deserves.

          • MoniquE

            That’s your opinion Handsome but it’s not what the show is actually showing us. Sawyer looked at KATE in both the S5 finale and in this last episode – that’s who he really wishes he could be with. What’s up with this stuff about being tarnished? Last time I looked, Juliet was a pretty coldblooded killer herself, an adulteress and a person who cooperated in kidnapping and murder. I don’t get why this audience deifies her? Is it the blond hair or the whispery voice?

          • Handsome Smitty

            Well, I’ve found most women more than capable of violence and immorality. But yeah, I’d forgot her adultery. Big turnoff for me – damn you! Why cant I find a loyal woman.


          • Rams

            Don’t worry Handsome, there’s a Penny out there too… LOL

    • Jennifer

      I’m glad somebody feels like Skate is obvious this season cause if you go somewhere like Dark Ufo they think anyone who thinks Skate is even possible is delusional. Seriously.

      I think Skate should be the end couple and I hope it will be. But I wouldn’t put it past Darlton to pull the rug out from under that.

      • MoniquE

        How can anyone at Darkufo call anyone delusional? That’s the place where they said the triangle was over before the season began. Jate won, did you know that? LOL. Last week Jorge Garcia said in his podcast that a script note said the triangle was in full swing. No comment from the delusional bunch at Darkufo, just more Skate bashing. It’s a herd mentality over there.

    • Bouncing Naked Jack Moobs

      I don’t think Darlton expected Suliet to be so wildly popular, so now they’re coming on too heavy-handed in reminding us about Skate.

      The writers fucked up big time in bringing in Suliet. They had something really good with Skate and Josh and Evangeline’s natural onscreen chemistry (and not to mention Elizabeth Mitchell actually having chemistry with Foxy), they should have stopped while they were ahead.

      • rohangirl90 (faraday’s constant)

        Your username is awesome, by the way.

        Skate was cool, I don’t deny that, but most of the Skaters I’ve talked to, in person or otherwise, act like that’s the big thing on the show. It is big, but not like THAT. Maybe my slightly Suliet stance comes from the fact that I think Juliet is insanely awesome. Honestly, if Sawyer and Jack were real, Juliet would be a catch to either of them, because she’s proof that a chick can be really really smart and kick ass but still can fall in love. I like Kate, don’t get me wrong, I just like Juliet better.

        I could totally see them pulling the rug out from under us with the Skate-ness though, just like they’re hitting us with the idea of true love. Maybe it’s so obvious because they’re going to up and change the game like they do every season. There’s a few episodes left, I could see them derailing from the path they’re on, and if they do that’s okay.

      • Wanda

        I think it’s a problem of island time versus writer time and which you find more convincing. To the writers (and some of us who were less convinced), Juliet and Sawyer in the DI was a tiny blip – LaFleur and then downhill as it all unraveled. Charming, but also the result of being stuck on an island with no other options: love the one you’re with.

        It may have been 3 years, but it was 3 years off camera. Versus 5 seasons but only 100 so days of sexual attraction, and Kate playing push me pull you with Jack.

        • Rams

          And next week Kate will be pining for Jack because he’s the one who left her now, while two days back she ran after Sawyer when he left her behind in the Temple. Honestly, that woman cannot make up her mind… Both Jack and Sawyer love her more than she loves either of them.

          • pastrynurse

            Rams, I think you hit on something there with Jack & Sawyer loving her more than she loves either of them. I don’t think Kate has the ability to truly love either of them due to the problems in her childhood; abusive father, mother issues, losing her first true love, etc.. I think she loves Aaron. But men? No. She’s disconnected from all that.

    • tinaw

      See, I don’t believe (just yet) that there’s a continuity error with Sun and John Locke meeting up. I believe the flash sideways have been shown to us out of sequence, and scenes are being placed where they make sense with the story being told, and not necessarily in a chronological time frame. I think the scene where Desmond hit Locke actually took place at the end of “The Substitute”, which would probably put it around the same time as when Sun got shot. We just didn’t see it back then, because it wouldn’t have made sense to us.

      • tinaw

        It sounds like it doesn’t seem like it makes sense. Remember though, all the stuff that happened with Desmond happened on the day he got off the plane. So it’s absolutely likely that he started off with Locke, maybe a day after. Just because he told Hurley that they were on a plane together a week ago, doesn’t mean what happened to Locke happened on that same day. It seemed to me that the whole scene with Desmond/Locke was cut out of something else, and NOT shown in chronological order.

        • Wanda

          Yes, but after running Locke over, and setting up Libby and Hurley, Desmond had time to intercept Claire at the attorney’s office, all before the ambulance got to the hospital?

          Rearranging the pieces still doesn’t make extra hours, any more than Michael had time to sail off the island to NY, lose Walt, try to kill himself, end up in the hospital, and be recruited to sail back to the island, all before Christmas. Their continuity person needs a calendar.

      • pastrynurse

        I think sometimes that messing with the sequence and mis-timing of events is totally deliberate and falls in line with how the show has evolved. Remember, for instance, that the writers took ideas from the book “The Watchmen” which deals with non-linear time.

  • evacipated

    xD i totally respect your opinion, FB, even though i disagree with your general feeling towards season 6. but that´s not the point. what really amazes me is how much effort you put into stating your hate/disappointment towards the path the show has taken! Your recaps are even more elaborate than Ack´s! And i´m sure those take a lot of effort!

  • cap10tripps

    While I don’t often agree with your opinions, I absolutely enjoy your posts. I will give you much credit on one piece of downtrodden frustration, the well. I have been able to explain or at least suspend my disbelief on just about every complaint of a continuity error until you pointed out the size of the well. Kudos.

    That being said, is it possible that this season is an ingenious way to make us lose our faith before pulling us all back in by the end? Perhaps I’m giving Darlton too much credit, but you have to admit this season has taken us on a ride much the same that the island has taken Jack and Locke on…

    • YES… That’s exactly what I’m thinking too. Losing and regaining faith is such a big part of this show. How brilliant would it be to put the audience in the same position as the characters in the show before wrapping it up for good?

      There’s only 5(?) hours left in the show, but a lot can happen in that time (according to Desmond “alot can happen in 20 minutes” too) so it’s time to play the waiting game…

      …The waiting game sucks. Let’s play Hungry Hungry hippos.

      • Rams

        Well… that’s taking a pretty big risk, IMO. However, I don’t agree with FB that there are less people haunting the online community- most of us are in until the end… It’s not that I have lost faith, I’m just getting impatient. I feel like we’ve had one too many mediocre episodes and pointless story-lines this season (Season 5 was near-perfect, IMO).

        • cap10tripps

          But what if? They’ve toyed with us before (Nicki and Paolo). Is it not entirely possible that they purposely made certain things seem out of place to put it together correctly by the very end? They know there are plenty more bloggers than Fishbiscuit with these complaints. It would really not surprise me at all…

          • Rams

            Possible. They did indicate in HEA that the Sideways was less real, less vibrant, somehow. Most of us found the Flash-sideways not very interesting. So, they did their job, but why spend precious time on it? That’s my issue. Even if they do manage to tie it all in very well, I have a feeling I’ll be fast forwarding more of the Sideways’s scenes in my re-watches.

    • gusteaux

      That’s a brilliant theory cap10…I really hope you are right!

      • cap10tripps

        Me too brotha…

    • Handsome Smitty

      Well, they certainly had my chain jerking with Ab Aeterno! I was ready to join Smokey until Hurley’s intervention!

  • briguyx

    One continuity error that’s bothered me this week is if Not Locke can’t go in the water, how was he able to go in the water while disguised as Christian? Of course, they probably didn’t know they would make MIB allergic to the water back then, but it bothers me just a little…

    • cap10tripps

      I would explain that by saying sometimes a ghost is a ghost (like Michael). Another possible explanation would be perhaps Walt was so special, because he had an ability to “be places he’s not supposed to be.” Perhaps Smokey has that ability as well. Not physically being there but sort of projecting himself there…

  • GettingArztedWithIlana

    Fish, i’ll never stop praising your job. how can you recall such details from the past.
    Basically, I’m with you: no matter how enjoyable the episodes are, the overall job wit S6 was far from good. The many inconsistencies reveal a lack of attention from the writers, that’s unforgivable.

    One of my major complains concerns Ben: HOW CAN YOU TURN A MASTER OF MINDS INTO A MR BEANISH BACKROW CHARACTER?? And I mean the Ben ON the island, not the Teacher-Ben.

    A great villain’s nemesis has to be tragic.

    I mean once you’ve built such a terrific character like his (i still think his ‘do you guys have any milk?’ line to be the apex of the show’s writing), you CANNOT reduce him to a COMIC SHOULDER!! You want to redeem him? Right, kill him! Make him die. But by making him such a comedian you are reducing his previous charisma as well: I mean, once we’ll rewatch the show, the once master of minds will be shadowed by the clumsy everyman we’re seeing now.
    I still hope he’ll come out of nothing just like he used to, and reveal to everybody that he is the one who’s leading the game. THAT would be the twist we might expect.

    • Handsome Smitty

      Island Ben still has to redeem himself – “I’m sorry” just doesn’t cut (you too, Michael). So I do expect Ben to have a major play yet to make.

      Sideways(c) Ben is the result of that redemption, I hope. ‘Cause to me, Island Ben is evil and I find fan adoration of his CHARACTER disturbing.

      • pastrynurse

        I concur. Ben is just too juicy of a character to let him wither away. He killed Jacob!! for goodness sake.

  • Pookiebrutha

    We all deal with grief of the ending/death of the best television show ever differently. . . Fish seems to be stuck in a bit of a depression lately. . .

    Her recaps are always great and I for one enjoy reading them!

    I agree that everyone ending up in the sideways world would be a brady bunch vacay cop out. I don’t think in the end its going to go down like that. . . there have been clues.

    I think the sideways alt universe although seemingly a better/brighter place for our characters is a temporary- unstable-tangent universe that was formed by the a-bomb detonation in season five finale.

    I think the sideways world will collapse/cease to exist in the end. Faraday was right – they shouldn’t be there in the sideways universe. It’s an illusion. It does serve a function which we will know/understand by the end.

    I believe the memories of their sideways counter-parts will be transferred via Desmond the opposite way- back to our remaining characters on the island so they have the gumption to pull off their final missions . . .

    We shall see in a few weeks.

    I have faith and have swum back to the island with Jack – I believe he is keeping his enemy as close to him has possible. Sayid’s possible redemption through talking to enlightened Desmond means there’s hope for the smoke monster zombie recruits. . .

    Did anyone else notice all the apples in the ABC promos during the commercials?

  • TImm

    Well, for what it’s worth, I’ve always enjoyed your recaps immensely. They’ve always been very accurate in terms of facts and exploring the main themes of the episode, and I think that I will miss your recaps as much as the show itself. Even if you don’t come to the same conclusions that I do, it’s part of the fun to hear other people’s interpetations and let them challenge and shape your own.

    I hadn’t noticed the Sun/Locke on the gurney issue! I guess its not too jarring to imagine that they’d spent a few days in the hotel already before Jin had to deliver the watch. At least, intentional or not, I can give Darlton the benefit of the doubt! 🙂

  • spinflip

    How did the well shrink? Well, it got filled with earth, I guess. It has been a long time since Locke went down there. It may also be a different well.

    But I’ve been asking myself why the smoke monster itself didn’t kill Desmond? Is it only utterly evil towards cameo characters?

    • AnGIE

      “But I’ve been asking myself why the smoke monster itself didn’t kill Desmond? Is it only utterly evil towards cameo characters?”


      And how convenient that cameo (baddie) characters are the only ones dying in the alt universe as well.

    • Rams

      It is a different well from the one with the frozen donkey wheel, spinflip. The point it, it shrunk in size since the time Locke shoved Desmond into it.

      • Handsome Smitty

        Yes, it’s a different well and UnLocke’s mention of people digging for the zero-point energy pocket was meant to indicate such.

    • pastrynurse

      A lot of people have made this observation on different websites because they didn’t catch the NotLocke’s remark about there being many wells all over the island. My question is why weren’t any of the wells detected before by the survivors? Yeah, I know, it wasn’t in the script. lol

  • AnGIE

    Thanks for reminding me of Damon’s piece on Harry Potter’s ending. He’s looking quite hypocritical to me at the moment.

    I guess he and Carlton chickened out and for some reason decided to go with rainbows and butterflies kind of ending. I listened to an interview in which they said they want fans to get a hopeful and positive message after the finale. When did Lost become a didactic show?

    There’s nothing daring about killing off all the characters and sinking the island when we already know everyone is alive in the alt. Not only alive, but absolutely happy and paired up with their soulmates. In some cases, soulmates that could barely qualify as crushes on the island in the story that lasted for all these seasons.

    Or, maybe, in some way the ending will be absolutely tragic because those alt characters are in no way the Losties that I got to know in the last six seasons.

    The show will end with strangers who look like Losties getting their happy endings.

    Surely, that’s not what they had in mind when the show started. And surely, they could’ve come up with some better ending. One that wouldn’t erase or devalue the previous seasons.

    • rove3

      That soulmates stuff is what is irking me. I canbuy it for Desmond and Penny but not for Charlie/Claire, Daniel/Charlotte, or Hurley/Libby. I saw no “conscious altering love” in any of those pairings.

    • Handsome Smitty

      What the f*^% us wrong with a happy ending!?! I was furious at the end of 5 ’cause I thought alt-reality would be a cop-out. Now I understand it and it’s working.

      Of course, that doesn’t mean you won’t get the tragedy you desire. It ain’t over til the fat MAN (that’s for you, Moni) sings.

      • MoniquE

        Thanks, my handsome friend. Btw, I like it when you address me instead of slagging off about me to the creeps around here.

        What’s wrong with a happy ending? It’s fake. It’s not the same people we watched six years. They won’t be getting a happy ending. Genetic duplicates of them, who have lived entirely different lives, will be getting the happy ending. It means nothing. It’s so hollow that it’s almost a tragedy in itself.

        • Ed-Mars

          Nothing wrong with a happy ending. If it’s meant to be, then I’m down with that. But I’d really like a shocking and disturbing ending. Like Jack and Kate dying and Sawyer turning into a dragon. Erm, maybe not the dragon. But then again..

          • MoniquE

            A happy ending for OUR characters, if that’s what they planned, I’d be good with that. But a happy ending for these fake pod people? I can’t begin to care about them. It’s so sad if this story ends with pod people instead of with the people we watched all these years. The FFs and FBs were at least about people we knew. These SW flashes are about people we never met and will never know anything about. They just look like the Losties and have the same names. But they didn’t live their lives. they aren’t them. I’m surprised this is even being considered but now I’m starting to think this is where it’s all going to end. A total cheat.

          • Ed-Mars

            Yeh, I know. The sideways world feels like a Christopher Pike book I read when I was a teenager. I can’t remember the name but it was about aliens controlling people by placing them in pods for their whole life.

          • Handsome Smitty

            It Lost plays out like it’s looking to, the pod people will be reinhabited by the souls of Island Lost.

            But I’d bet without all the Island mythology, magic and science, the characters of the Sideways(c) would be as compelling as the Island ones if we’d been watching them develop over the five+ years of Lost.

        • Handsome Smitty

          Happy endings are real. Maybe not for me, yet, but I see other people experience it so why the heck not for our Losties!?!

          • MoniquE

            Because thy’re not “our” Losties. Juliet is not a woman who has a teenage son nor is Jack the father of one. If they “rehabitate” the bodies of these OTHER PEOPLE, then where do those people go? Do they merge with them? So then Juliet is going to be also remembering how she was in love with JacK and had his kid? I guess Sawyer is always going to remember shagging Kate in the cage and being madly in love with her.

            I don’t know whats worse. If they merge it’s just sick madness. If they don’t then they’re people we don’t know. It’s just so stupid. I have other friends who watch Lost and I’ve got to tell you they’re also disappointed. This season is not going over so hot.

  • dd

    You’ll have to excuse me, and I know many of you might have been waiting for this: this recap was embarrassingly stupid. I imagine it all being written by a snorting oaf drowning in the vulgarities of LOLcats and internet speak. I’m not even sure where to begin. There are the usual problems of FB reviews: plot/detail misunderstanding; hamfisted analysis; shipper delusion; belligerent ignorance . . . etc.

    I guess the first remark comes deals with something that should be obvious to anyone (not just “adult thinkers” or whatever pretentious conceit some pretend qualifies their voice): There has never been an easter egg nor anagram nor literary/scientific/religious/philosophical reference that held the answer to all the mysteries of the story. So while recapper hacks (“fanboy” and fangirl alike) stumble through wiki links and screen caps hoping beat everyone to the proper end prediction, they miss something entirely: the story itself. This doesn’t mean turning to “Stupid Street” to understand LOST. It means using common sense and having some kind of grasp on literary technique. For instance, FB’s confounded characterization of Jack.

    We don’t need to look very far to see how deeply FB misunderstands Jack. Like tragedy, she doesn’t understand the use of epiphany. Jack hasn’t become the new Locke. Jack isn’t until the sway of the Monster (this is made clear his conversation with Sawyer). These two points say a lot about Jack’s character. Unlike Locke, Jack has never had a major revelation that confirms his extraordinary position– you know, something like suddenly being able to walk after four years of paralysis. Jack also seems to have no intention to involve the others in his search for destiny. He understands his mistakes from the past (dragging everyone off the Island, making everyone return, the failed attempted at detonating Jughead). His quest is his own in success and failure. So when he’s sitting on that cliff or the bow of the ship, he contemplating action that he alone can claim as his duty. He can leave Sawyer and friends to their pursuits (much like Luke Skywalker confronting Darth Vader while his pals battled on Endor). While Sawyer’s jump from the helicopter might be more spectacular than Jack’s stoic hop from the Elizabeth, the motivation is much more heroic. Jack is making a sacrifice that comes not from shirking responsibility, but by the necessity to take on an obligation whose outcome is much bigger than himself. This has always been Jack’s story and now we seem him acting on it. And unlike, Locke, Jack isn’t acting on the fantasy of inevitable greatness, but he is deliberately choosing to venture down an ambiguous path for which he has no answers or easy resolution. There isn’t any “this is ‘supposed’ to happen;” instead, we see a man determined to do what he thinks is right (on his own). This has been building for six seasons.

    The matter of continuity? What about the well? I have a feeling many of you really don’t understand that it’s an acceptable revisioning of the well. When it is first introduced, we needed to see it as dangerous, ominous, foreboding, etc. Does it matter if it’s not as dark and deep as depicted? Absolutely not. What is important is that it helps create tension and suspense. So much can be said about all the supposed continuity errors that also come from FB’s imagination (Since when did Desmond have any knowledge of Hurley and Libby’s picnic? He didn’t. He only left a kernel of doubt in Hurley’s skepticism). Has a week elapsed in the sideways story? How does this conflict with Sun and Jin’s story? We don’t know how many days they spent lounging around– and does it matter? There’s a degree of expedience in the narrative that must be undestood. You’re going to have to assume certain details. You’re going to have to accept you’re not going to have a minute-by-minute itinerary of every character’s actions. Great list of continuity errors that aren’t continuity errors. Great list of questions that need to be answered that were never proposed in the show (like Desmond promising Sayid something– what the hell? He never did anything of the sort. He only asked a simple question that was intended to invade Sayid’s conscious. There was no deal, only an appeal to better judgment).

    When FB nags at Sun recognizing Locke on the gurney, how does this betray any kind of consistency? Some of us have accepted that these flashes from the other universe don’t have to be neatly packaged in true love (the remark about Locke and Ben shipping was distasteful and stupid). It’s just pointless nitpicking too reminiscent in people who misuse the word “irony” to describe insignificant differences or irrelevant commonalities. One does not necessitate the other. All one needs to know is that some vein of likeness strikes a connection to the other world. We’ve seen this when a few of the characters look into their reflection. You know, like connotative imagery. Metaphor. I don’t think these connections in the story have been the tightest but they work. I’m not going to wring my hands in the air and pretend every episode is the finale. That’s just ridiculous.

    Hey, it’s really late, and this isn’t even all that can be said. A fanboy needs to sleep!

    • dd

      Excuse any typos. I didn’t proofread and I’ve been multitasking while typing all of this crap.

      • Tord

        I think the typos are easy to excuse. It’s the douchebaggish attitude and hyocritically poor writing that are really the issue with your post.

        • Tord…one word…DECAF

        • dd

          I wrote that stuff at three in the morning after being at work all night. I didn’t have any intention of using that commentary for an academic or paid piece. Common sense, man. Use it.

          If you’re concerned about “douchebaggish attitude,” don’t read FB.

          • DuckCracker

            Hey dd, just wanted to say how much I enjoyed reading your comment – I wish it were you doing the recapping because your insight helped reverse the distaste that fishbiscuit’s appreciation assassination left. So, thanks.

          • dd

            I wrote a single blog entry for the first two episodes if you care. I really haven’t been able to keep up with writing for the whole season like I hoped. I don’t feel my solitary blog contribution is as complete as it could be, though.

            Thanks, though.

    • Ed-Mars

      @ dd : let it go buddy. She doesn’t like Jack, and to be honest, neither do I. I think he’s a toolbag, he’s a drama queen and virtually cries in every damn scene. Does that mean I hate the show too? No, because me not liking Jack all these years just means Darlton and Fox have been doing a tremendous job. They’ve created a character that many love and the rest love to hate. It is what it is. Too late now to nitpick or fight.

      • dd

        I really don’t have any issue with you or anyone disliking Jack. I don’t like every character, but I’m not going to let my preference taint my understanding of what is happening. FB’s commentary on Jack is mostly useless.

        • Ed-Mars

          I’m not sure about the useless part. I love Lost, but I also watch a lot of comedy. And Fish’s satire of Jack is quite humorous. If you think she’s overdoing it, check out Ack’s recap of this episode :

          • dd

            This kind of stuff isn’t funny at all. Between this and FB, I just see people who are trying to belittle something they just don’t understand.

    • Rams

      I don’t agree with your manner of posting (It’s FB’s opinions- no need to get so offended or offensive!). However, I agree with you that Jack is no way under the sway of the Lockeness Monster. And I agree that Jack hasn’t turned into Locke. Awesome analysis on Jack’s motivations- way to go!

      I can see your point about the continuity errors, but I still find it irritating. Lost in many ways reminds me of the Harry Potter series. They are awesome, but not the most tightly-written or edited. However, I think they are one of the best pieces of literature around, and her characterizations were amazing. So, I can live with Lost’s imperfections. But I would love to see the payoff in a fitting finale.

      • Ed-Mars

        LOL @ Harry Potter.. I point at thee! I point thee! Yeh right…

      • dd

        I think the issue of “continuity errors” comes from a place of not considering real world constraints (time and money) and narrative devices.

        LOST doesn’t have the benefit of a finished product (like a novel or film) that has been thoroughly scoured before release. If there’s a mistake, so be it. And sometimes it just comes down to not nit-picking over little things that have no relevance to the greater story.

        Another factor to consider is that LOST does not take place in real space. It’s not a documentary. It’s a constructed universe that is intended to raise passions. Sometimes this will be done by distorting imagery to achieve a specific effect.

        None of the so-called errors have sidetracked my viewing because I can make the necessary corrections. I take it for what it is and have a great time with it. The intense attention to detail has ruined this show for a lot of people because they look for something that simply isn’t there and let the little things become massive obstacles.

        • dd your last paragraph is wonderful.

  • dd

    One more thing! Christian on the Freighter is most likely real life ghost Christian. Some of you might want to pay attention to the whispers before he appears.

    • Glue your eyelids

      Yeah, I’m a bit puzzled at Fish and other viewers taking FLocke’s words at face values when he said he had always been Christian. He hesitated suspiciously before telling Jack – and there are too many things that don’t really click (what was the point of showing us Christian’s empty coffin again this season? Perhaps to emphasize that Locke corpse was still in its place instead?). Of course one could chalk it up to sloppy writing. But I think we’re meant to doubt what the smoke monster said about Jack’s dad.

      • Rams

        The significance of the apple:

        Sometimes an apple is not just an apple. Here’s what I think the moment mirrored: the apple is symbolic of temptation. Sideways James offered it to Kate, but she refused to accept it. The event paralleling this in the Original timeline is Sawyer “tempting” Kate away from her avowed purpose- bringing Claire back, just like Flocke tried to turn Kate against Claire in “Recon”. Sawyer was being all “macho” and protective of Kate, but she shook him off and put him in his place, just like she did in the Sideways, by calling him out on the REAL reason why he didn’t arrest her in LA X. Kate successfully resisted the temptation of leaving Claire behind and IMO, started Claire on the path of redemption. I’m still not sure Claire’s going to make it alive, but that’s besides the point here.

        • Handsome Smitty

          Nice point about the apple.

          • Rams


        • spacebender

          I second that!

      • Rams

        Sorry, I did not mean to post my comment as a reply to yours. But… replying to your post, I think Flocke was mostly telling the truth about being Christian Sheppard. I’m hoping that his appearance in the freighter and in LA turns out to be the real Ghost-Christian.

        • Glue your eyelids

          Yeah, I mean, I don’t think he never impersonated Christain, but I’m one of those who believe there was a smoke!Christian and a legit ghost Christian (who maybe expressed the will of the island – like the one in the freighter, yeah).

          • dd

            I agree with this.

          • gusteaux

            Or maybe even a Jacob/Christian appearing off island at St. Sebastian and on the freighter.

      • dd

        If the version of Christian that appeared to Michael on the freighter was an authentic ghost, neither Jack nor the Monster would have any knowledge of it. Neither have anything to say about this event because they don’t know about it.

  • Michael

    You’ve lost it man, your recaps used to be the best thing about Lost’s cyber following, but something changed about one and half seasons ago and you started spouting bitter, faux-feminist wank.

  • Funback Joe

    Fishbiscuit is such a sad, sad woman. I cannot wait until LOST is over and her life is as meaningless as she feels this show has become. Because honestly, this must be what she’s afraid of: she senses the void approaching, a time where once again no one will care about who she is or what she thinks, not even a few dozen electronic people. She senses this void and is desperate for this show to give her life meaning before it truly reverts to nothingness.

    Can this site please give us the voice of a LOST FAN, who isn’t self-serving, bitter, stuck-up, and/or petulant like a scorned lover (or is convinced the whole thing is still a videogame… but i digress)? I understand that Fishbiscuit has given most of her life to LOST in the hopes that it would return the favor by making her existence worth a damn, but for God’s sake: the reason I come to these FAN sites is to read a FAN’s observations. Not a former fan, a current fan. If she’s given up hope, that’s her prerogative, but I have LOVED season 6, I am EXCITED about what’s to come, and I want to hear from people who share that opinion. It doesn’t have to be exclusively so, but this site is really only serving up people whose own purpose is no longer being served by the show that gave them what little they have now. They bite the hand that feeds them.

    Despite Fishbiscuit’s assertions, it is very easy to sit back and criticize (read: nitpick). I would prefer to read an article, however, by one of the many who recognize LOST for what it is: a bold, unprecedented artistic achievement, something that shouldn’t exist on television, let alone NETWORK television. Like other great, sprawling works, such as The White Album, Pynchon’s ‘Gravity’s Rainbow, etc, half of the beauty is in the mess, the disjointed nature of its narrative, the loose threads, and of course the frequent blasts of life-affirming beauty that rise out of the muck. The combination of these elements creates an accurate reflection of life, and what each viewer takes from it can be thought of as a reflection of their viewpoint on life. That is why I simultaneously feel so bad for Fishbiscuit (who lately has used her weekly blog as a platform to say the equivalent of ‘I GAVE YOU THE BEST YEARS OF MY LIFE!” in a sad huff) but also feel extremely tired of hearing from people who can no longer feel the joy of watching absurdly excellent entertainment or allow the brilliant mess that is LOST to sweep them up and usher them to what we all know will be a mind-blowing conclusion.

    Yay LOST!

    • MoniquE

      Why do assholes like this keep reading this review? Do they think anyone reads their monotonous tirades? Just stop reading it you big dope.

    • Tord

      “I cannot wait until LOST is over and her life is as meaningless as she feels this show has become.”

      Then you are a pathetic individual, and you need to get some therapy, as you represent the very worst aspect of fandom.

    • The Magician

      Joe – your comment is one of the better things I’ve read on this site recently, especially this paragraph;

      “Like other great, sprawling works, such as The White Album, Pynchon’s ‘Gravity’s Rainbow, etc, half of the beauty is in the mess, the disjointed nature of its narrative, the loose threads, and of course the frequent blasts of life-affirming beauty that rise out of the muck.”

      I would add Ulysses to that, too.

      • dd

        I think this guy is right. This whole scandal left me thinking about a number of novels that are captivating because of their ambition and scope. I think a great example of this is Italo Calvino’s “if on a winter’s night a traveler…” One of the daring works from the last thirty years, and while the end of the book ends a weakly, the ride to the end is magnificent.

    • thomas

      Best reply I’ve read on this site.

    • Bill. B

      Nice reply, Funback. I know you’ll be torn apart by fb’s sycophants, but you nailed it. Lost is a TV show and a very good one, but it’s still just a TV show. If you were expecting answers to the meaning of life, try Buddhism.

    • me

      agree with joe 100% – very well said

    • Jacob’s Revenge

      Wow, what an awesome albeit self-righteous rant !! Reading through that flame is akin to watching a huge bonfire, nicely done, not that I agree, but it’s an amazing outpouring of emotional vengeance. 😉

    • Fandango

      “Fishbiscuit is such a sad, sad woman. I cannot wait until LOST is over and her life is as meaningless as she feels this show has become.”

      If you can be this hate-filled toward someone who simply has a different opinion from yours about a television show, you really should see a mental-health professional.

      “…the reason I come to these FAN sites is to read a FAN’s observations. Not a former fan, a current fan. If she’s given up hope, that’s her prerogative, but I have LOVED season 6, I am EXCITED about what’s to come, and I want to hear from people who share that opinion.”

      Nobody’s forcing you to read FB’s recaps. You know you don’t like them, so why waste your precious time? Why not go find more recaps written by people you agree with? Looking around the fandom, I would say that Fish is far from alone in having her doubts about where this season might all be leading. I don’t see why that segment of the fandom should be muzzled just because YOU don’t share that view. As I said, nobody’s forcing you to read it.

      The truth is that you’ve been posting this same vitriolic criticism of Fishbiscuit since she first started doing recaps. Her lack of OMG! EXCITEMENT! is just your current rationale. What really bugs you is that a lot of people find her analyses insightful and amusing. They enjoy them and look forward to reading them. What bugs you is that her recaps get published while your bombastic and pretentious tirades are relegated to the comments section.

      Fish – I thought your recap was spot on. I’ve been a huge fan of the show and will stick till the end, but I’m finding Season 6 to be a mess, so I guess I’m even farther off the rails than you are. I loved the first part of the recap, with all the wonderful gifs and the long list of things we’ve loved and puzzled over during the run of the show. It’s been a hell of a trip! I look forward to reading your recaps for the rest of the season and believe me, I’m really pulling for us both to be pleasantly surprised by some genius finish that we didn’t see coming. Thanks again for another thoughtful and interesting recap.

      • me

        you seem to know Joe so well 😉

  • daniel

    one small problem… Sun wasn’t shot the day after 815 landed. you can gauge this time period by Sayid’s sideways flash. Sayid was in town for a few days before he went to go see Keamy and resolve the situation between Keamy and his brother. really, Sun and Jin were probably in town for a couple of days before Jin was kidnapped and Sun was eventually shot. it’s entirely possible that Locke and Sun were taken to the hospital on the same day.

    your reviews suck, you’re not funny. the end.

    • Tord

      You’re an asswipe.

      • andrew

        I love how you guys criticize the show but god forbid NO ONE IS ALLOWED TO CRITICIZE MY PRECIOUS FISHBISCUIT. Talk about double standards.

        Fishbiscuit hates on the show. That’s fine. People hate on her. That’s fine. Neither are untouchable. I personally like Fishbiscuit’s recaps AND the show, but you FB-fanboys are worse than the fanboys of the goddamn show.

        It’s getting all Chris Crocker up in here.

        • A Chris Crocker reference…too funny, but appropriate. I had an opinion of FB’s article and was called a “douche” by Tord. Some of FB’s defenders are a bit creepy so I totally agree.

  • DesertGem

    Like many of the other recappers (and Lost addicts), Fishbiscuit is disillusioned and finished with analyzing the show. She, more so than others, has given up on LOST and is just beginning to realize that it is after all, a tv show with great character development and really neat mysteries and that maybe, just maybe, everyone’s read a lot more into the show than was intended. So much is she disappointed that she’s not even trying anymore. Too bad.

    I liked reading the reviews and discussing the mysteries and characters over the years but I never much got into the deep mythological and scientific theories. I enjoy the show for what it is, great television. I’m not disappointed at all with the way the show is ending but I must say that just like reading a good book I’m ready for the ending, but I’m sure gonna miss it. It’s been a great ride!

    • Tord

      Completely incorrect. It has nothing to do with her not trying anymore–that’s a ridiculous assertion. If she weren’t trying, she wouldn’t be writing her column. And saying people are reading more into the show than they were intended to is also ridiculous–people are reading into the show what was always there. The problem is that the writers have jettisoned a lot of it, letting viewers down.

      • DesertGem

        LOL… Thank you for your opinion of my opinion! I would comment further but it would be ridiculous.

        • Michael

          Tord you are such a moron

          • Bill. B

            Be careful. He’ll call you a douchebag, a pathetic individual or an asswipe. FB is only writing for one reason. It’s her weekly fifteen minutes of fame. I have no what she’s going to do when the show she’s so disappointed in finally ends and noone really cares what she has to say any longer.

          • MoniquE

            Yes, be careful not to insult the people who came here to insult Fish or anyone who enjoys her recaps. Don’t you know they’re the only ones who get to say mean things about others?

          • Andrew G.

            Michael, Bill and Monique–why do you guys even come to this board? You are SUCH negative people.

  • ghanima

    I love the fishbiscuit reviews because, well, they’re just so pretty. I’m sorry to see her so down though. Keep the faith FB! Or if not, at least keep posting, missed you last week.

    Chin-up, last week’s LOST was way better than my other favorite sci-fi show, whose episode culminated in….Daleks, now in multicolor! The once fearsome uber-villains looked like they came out of a Gap commercial. *sigh*

    Things could be a lot worse.

  • Sharpie

    If you really were a “thinking adult” you wouldn’t be counting on an American television show to deliver a profound metaphor.

    Being this disappointed with how the show is ending… why are you still taking the time and effort (for free) to put together these recaps, Debbie Downer?

    • Dirf

      Don’t be a dick.

      • Sharpie

        Don’t be a dirf. It was an honest question.

  • ErasedSlate

    Wow… So just what are the requirements of a real LOST fan?

    If it is truly art, then it engages the beholder of the art. And, the experience for that person is different for each person. Art allows us to put our narrative into the narrative of the art, to experience it not just see it.

    If it is truly art it will make us uncomfortable… uncomfortable about our fears, our failures. We would also see joy in the triumphs of life, and anticipation in the next moment.

    True art becomes less about the artist and more about the beholder.

    Art often leaves people angry, disillusioned, hurt… Not everyone is going to be happy about the end. Not everyone is going to get the answer they wanted. Not everyone will be satisfied the ultimate resolution to the conflict.

    One very important reason for that dissatisfaction is not everyone agrees on the conflict. Is two men, is it two ideas, two principles, is it more than just 2?

    This comment section is proof of the fact that are many people grieving the loss of an artistic expression, even to the point that they have lost civility. I think it proves that my definition of a LOST fan may be a bit narrow.

  • Zonker

    Again, I’m struck by how much I agree with FB’s disappointment at the apparent path Season 6 is slouching towards, and yet at the same time remain hopeful that there is yet another rabbit Darlton are about to pull out of their hats. The Sun & Jin centric episode was a real downer, then came the Desmond episode which seemed poised to take the Season into an entirely new direction. The Hurley episode was nice, and while its Desmond-crashes-into-Locke ending defied the expectations of the previous Des episode, it at least confirmed the hope that was still more than what met the eye! I was completely bummed by the most recent episode. But I recognize that only in retrospect will we know whether this was part of the wasted opportunity of Season 6, or instead was a yet another building block of the brilliant long con Darlton is putting the fans through. But, with only 5 hours left, the producers are running out of time for introducing new red herrings & mis-directions.

  • Henry Holland

    is just beginning to realize that it is after all, a tv show with great character development

    No way, not buying the “great character development” line at all. Darlton have been telling us for years “It’s about the characters, not stuff like the Valenzetti Equation” and what do we get after 5 + seasons? They have one of the great characters in all of TV, Ben and his bottom line is: pathological liar? That’s it? They have the complex John Locke and….he’s a sucker, his life was pointless, he’s just a lump of flesh. And Kate, god, I get whiplash the way they treat her. That’s not to mention that WE. GOT. IT. about these characters by the third season, but they kept flashing back-forward-sideways to keep beating us over the head with the same themes and tropes. What a waste of screen time, I. got. it. Jack has Daddy and letting go issues, I knew that in freaking season two!

    Meanwhile, the horrible character of Zoe is clogging up my damn screen and Walt and Bernard and Rose are nowhere to be found.

    I think Darlton are delusional, they think they’ve written these great, in-depth characters that everyone cares about but the reality is that if you’d plunked these exact characters on a remote tropical Isle WITHOUT the Smoke Monster and Others and hatches and whispers and numbers, the show wouldn’t have lasted bupkus, would anyone really care about Kate always being on the run, oh, wait, or is it the warm-fuzzy mommy thing? Meanwhile Dorks Darlton deride us people that watch for the mysteries, not the characters, WE’RE the ones that made this show a pop culture phenom (and them wealthy), WE’RE the ones that have stuck around while the other 10-15 million people a week that were watching at the beginning abandoned ship, WE’RE the ones that have put up with countless pathetic “OK, I’m going to tell you something important [and solve a mystery]…..Oh wait, I’m going to be killed/interuppted/time traveled JUST before I can do that! Woops! Sucker!” stalling tactics.

    • JackReacher

      The show was always about the misterious stuff that was going on…
      If you want a character to develop in a proper way you need it to have an enquiring mind and question everything that happens to him otherwise the character can’t grow…In five seasons the characters have always been used to accomplish the plot:if the writers didn’t want to resolve an issue or wanted to keep the mistery, than the character would simply say nothing and question nothing(almost in a pathological way) because otherwise the show would have lasted 3 seasons and not 6(IMFROMTHEPAST made a very hilarious comic about it).
      Many many times i found myself yelling at the screen because the character wasn’t making the question that everyone would have asked(name anything that you don’t know and that could have been easily explained with a twoliner in season 1 2 3 4 5).The last episode is an example..during the faceoff that everyone was expecting since the beginning of time, the only thing that the writers made jack ask was about his doesn’t matter that anyone watching that scene would have asked million other questions because that is not the point;the point is that the show is character driven…just because they say so….and are running out of time/ideas…

      • Handsome Smitty

        Yeah, like, “Just WHO the hell are you, Smokie?” Or, “Why should I trust you over Jacob – details, please.”

        Such plotholes are what I term, “Hollywood.” Sort of like having an exploding car when rarely do cars explode.

        • JackReacher

          At least we had the “You really look like him” line…
          Like…we didn’t notice it…

        • dd

          If those things were immediately answered, it would destroy opportunities to tell those stories outside of needless exposition.

          People who demand those kinds of questions tend to forget the form from which these questions are raised. LOST isn’t a spreadsheet.

          • Ed-Mars

            HEH! Best line I’ve read in a while. LOST isn’t a spreadsheet! Nice!!

          • Handsome Smitty

            It’s about common sense, not “spreadsheets” (funny). Common sense versus Hollywood. It would have been exposition if Jack had questioned UnLocke about the important questions he must have had – one great example is UnLocke’s mention of Locke’s self-importance. Jack told Kate he came back to fix things, and even later said to Sawyer that the Island wasn’t done with them yet, displaying that same foolish belief Locke had and that UnLocke derided. So earlier why didn’t Jack ask UnLocke about his own self-importance? And later why didn’t Jack realize what he was saying to Sawyer.

            The writers DID set up the meeting and then played HOLLYWOOD rather than common sense. Even the dumbest guy in the world would want to know just what the hell is going on with the Island – time-travel, teleportation, come fucking on.

          • dd

            smitty, you’re assuming the monster would tell the truth. and if you have been watching the show, you would know that he hasn’t made a habit of being honest. Like I said, your suggestions to not provide anything conclusive and only create more useless exposition.

            These instances are not “plotholes,” but I’m more than willing to insist that those asserting the whole notion of plotholes in these situations certainly have a hole in their head.

    • Handsome Smitty

      I think The Darlton created Zoe to reflect the Moniques of Lost fandom!

  • JohnS

    I’ve already placed my order for the six-volume set of “Lost: the Nit-pickers Guide”– I can hardly wait!

  • Slimchicken

    Have to agree with the general frustration expressed in the recap. I’ve been experiencing it for a long time – since at least the introduction of time travel, and likely long before.

    For me personally, I think that one of the show’s central conceits – the flashes – which began as a unique storytelling device and compelling way to introduce characters quickly became a crutch, and we’re now seeing the inevitable fallout. The flashbacks, in my opinion, became irrelevant early on, probably in season 2, and that the show would’ve been better if it abandoned the device or had used it far more selectively (every 3 or 4 episodes). Instead the flashes continued to be the structural foundation of every episode even though the flashes themselves rarely revealed anything of particular value to the island story and mostly just introduced faux complexity and questions that had no hope to be answered. When the flashbacks clearly outlived their use, instead of shifting to a pure island focus, the writers chose to introduce flash forwards, which I think had the unfortunate effect of making the whole time travel thing necessary. And now we have flash sideways as a direct result of plot devices introduced as part of the time travel arc.

    It’s hard for me to see how this all gets resolved in a way that can be satisfying based on the story and characters we first fell in love with. We’re just too far removed from where we started, and for all the talk of being true to the characters, I can’t help but feel it’s been the flash plot device that has gotten us here.

    • Handsome Smitty

      The flashes – back, forward, sideways(c) (the latter an orginal term for this season coined by moi and lifted by Doc and The Darlton) – are an essential part of Lost! This IS a sci-fi show and the flashes are a key part to understanding what’s going on.

      The sloppy continuity has nothing to do with the flash-techniques.

      • Slimchicken

        My issue is not with sloppy continuity or with the science fiction aspects of the show. The former is somewhat inevitable and the latter is not impacted one way or the other by flashes as a storytelling technique. I don’t have any problem with flashes as a device, and as I said, feel it was effective in its early usage to provide back stories and establish interesting connections between the characters. I just feel that it has been employed far too rigidly as a structure for every episode. Just because flashes are uniquely Lost doesn’t mean that they always serve to move the story forward.

        I actually don’t think that the flashes are a key component in understanding the show. At least not anymore. In fact, I’d argue they’re the most complicating factor in understanding the show. Kudos on coining the “flash sideways” term, but I happen to think all they’ve done is create another layer of complexity where none was needed and introduced a new question to be answered at the expense of the fundamental ones established early on.

        In the end, it’s just my opinion, and I wouldn’t have gone this direction if I were writing it. But it’s not my show, so it doesn’t really matter. I’m in it until the end; I just no longer harbor any expectation that it will be a great story all told. Like X-Files I’ll appreciate that at its best moments it was a truly original and engaging program, but failed to achieve the transcendent story arc it set for itself.

        • Jacob’s Revenge

          Ditto, dude, ditto!

        • Love Story in Purgatory

          Totally agree. It will make repeat viewings of all 6 season’s unnecessary, as all important questions, mysteries and intrigue – moot. It only ends once and I personally believe that the ending won’t be satisfying. Please all you Lost KoolAid drinking sheep need not flame me. They have changed the recipe of the KoolAid and it is turning out like “New Ckoe”

          • Love Story in Purgatory

            ….New Coke…..

  • lostfanboy16

    Your really whinny.

    • Ugly Smitty

      Her really whinny what?

      • Ha, you actually managed to make me laugh out loud, Ugly. I hope I wasn’t the only one…

  • Hmmm

    First of all, the “moving pictures” were extremely annoying. I couldn’t read much without feeling like I might have a seizure. However, even if I could stand to read further, I wouldn’t have. I’m not a fan of blatant negativity, so this post is not for me. Sure, the writers have some glaring continuity errors, but nothing to warrant this kind of rant.

    I know what you may be thinking: “If you didn’t even read the entire post, why are you commenting?”. I’m sick of all the whining and complaining. If you don’t like the show: stop watching it. You’re a LOST recapper, I could care less if you don’t like the show anymore. I want to hear your thoughts about how the latest episode plays into the endgame of the show. About how what we’re seeing now helps to illuminate what has come before, etc. If you’re not interested in that, then just stop with the recaps. Save yourself, and us, the time.

    For me, I love the show (despite said continuity errors and some admitted flaws). Nothing is perfect, and I’m willing to forgive the writers for errors in a complex narrative. Now, it’s possible that they’ll screw up the ending, and I’ll be the first to admit if I’m not satisfied; but nothing so far has me feeling that this will be the case. I can only speak for myself, and I’m at a loss as to why so many fans are upset.

    It’s almost like I’m watching a different show.

    An amazing, exciting, frustrating, ultimately satisfying show.

    • The Magician

      Absolutely. If anyone expects perfection (from a network TV show of all things), they can only end up disappointed. That’s not realistic thinking. I think it tends to be the online fans who are more angsty about the show; everyone I know in real life loves it as much as ever – even though the flash sideways does seem to be throwing people.

      Citizen Kane is often regarded as the greatest film of all time; it also has one of the most greatest plotholes of all time. Does this detract from the overall enjoyment? Of course not.

      As for the inconsistency regarding MIB appearing on the boat/in LA, I am simply assuming that the MIB can project himself as a hallucination. He can appear in people’s dreams, so appearing as a hallucination isn’t that great a leap. And the fact we don’t know all the intricacies (and limits) of his power makes him an even more intriguing as a villain… at least in my humble opinion.

    • Handsome Smitty

      Moving pictures are cool. And, uh, that’s kind of what Lost is, “moving pictures.” That’s where “movie” originates.

      • Hmmm


        I think it was the number of pictures flashing that threw me off. Here we go with the flashes again… 😉

  • The Magician

    If ”recappers” (and I use that term in the loosest sense possible) are allowed to whine, nitpick and complain about the show, then why can’t those of us who love the show complain about these recappers?

    It seems anyone who challenges these tiresome rants is immediately met with the “well if you don’t like it, don’t read it” argument; I invite the pedants and the pessimists to do the same. If you can’t find anything good to say about the show, stop watching it. Plenty of people have done.

    • MoniquE

      You can’t see the contradiction in what you wrote. You don’t want people who are critical of the show to write about it, but you want to complain about the things they write – which you don’t have to read. In fact you don’t even read it but you complain that it is even allowed to exist. LOL!

      I’m glad she still writes these recaps because I love reading them. They make me laugh and there’s still a lot of love for the show in them. Plus if you didn’t notice a lot of people have issues with this season so it’s fun for us to read something that says what we’re thinking.

      It’s a totally separate issue why you think something you don’t want to read shouldn’t be written in the first place.

      • The Magician

        I’m not surprised that you’ve misunderstood; I’m NOT criticising FB, she is entitled to her opinions. I’m criticising her sheep-like fans who immediately jump to her defence the minute anyone criticises her articles.

        If she can criticise, so can we.

        • Ugly Smitty

          Then why the heck are you even reading any of this? That’s sad, man. Completely sad.

          • andrew

            perhaps he still enjoys fishbiscuit’s reviews, he just hates how if you disagree with anything she says five people are screaming “LEAVE FISHBISCUIT ALONE”

        • andrew

          thank you, magician, my thoughts exactly.

        • ErasedSlate

          Criticizing and personal attacks are two different things. I think the “leave FB alone” crowd are “mostly” defending against the vicious not the critique.

          Besides, FB doesn’t let these comments bother her, it has generateda ton of interaction on a fairly benign week.

          • imfromthefuture

            Agree with Magician.. Fish is a big girl.. anyone who posts anything on this crazy thing called the internet damn well better be prepared for criticizm.. not matter what the forum

  • Dirk Pitt

    1) The Sun Locke Hospital Arrival:

    Personally I take the Sun Locke hospital arrival like this…Sun and Jin hung out at their hotel a while making sweet sweet love. And then a short week later Keamy came a looking. So, there would have been enough time (5 days or so? Who is to say they were back an exact 7 days? I mean…are we talking to the minute here? Is a birthday celebrated at midnight, the minute of birth, or whenever the hell it is convenient?) So to be honest this isn’t a big deal. Hell maybe the flight was on a Friday and it is Monday Morning. That’s a week right there, the flight was “last” week, and then it all goes down “next” week.

    2) Shepherd as the man ‘o’ faith:

    His name is Jack (aka John) Shepherd. If you didn’t see that story arc coming…Jack finally recognizes the island for what it is…something special…and that as such everyone is on the island for a reason. He has faith in that…but really it isn’t about faith so much as it is about Jack letting go his need to control everything and to just do his part. That is what he is learning. To do more by doing less. To act less like an ER doctor and more like a maternity nurse. Less fixing and more birthing.

    • ghanima

      Points for the screen name.

    • gusteaux

      I don’t know why it is so hard to follow what was clearly presented on-screen. Jin and Sun arrived in LA. Jin was detained at customs when they found the undeclared 10K. Jin was upset because he was supposed to meet Keamy at the restaurant THAT afternoon. THAT night he told Sun he was going to the restaurant to meet Keamy even though he had missed the appointed time. Sun seduced him instead and told him that the meeting could wait until the next morning. Not to worry because Keamy was a friend of her father. THAT SAME NIGHT, Keamy and Omar came looking for Jin and the watch/cash. They found him in Sun’s room sans the cash. He sent for Mikhail who spoke Korean and they agreed to have Mikhail accompany Sun to the bank the next morning to get the cash while Keamy took Jin to the restaurant. When Sun and Mikhail went to the bank THE NEXT MORNING and discovered an empty account, Sun was taken to the restaurant where she was eventually shot THE DAY AFTER the plane arrived. There was no week of love making between their arrival and Sun’s being shot. On the day that the plane arrived, Locke went home to Helen and they had the “bathtub” scene and talked about the wedding. THE NEST DAY, John went back to work, Randy fired him and Hurley sent him to Rose at the temp agency. Rose arranged for John to start his “substitute” teaching job THE NEXT DAY. Even if he was run down by Desmond at the end of his first teaching day, THAT IS STILL MORE THAN 24 HOURS AFTER SUN WAS SHOT.

      • MoniquE

        Exactly. I don’t know why people were getting all angry and nasty about this. It’s obviously an error. This season has been riddled with them. It’s weird how the same people who are mad at people pointing out errors are also angry that some people actually expected more care and attention to detail. Which is it – the show is perfect or people who expect precision are crazy?

        • me

          but why cant we love it FOR its imperfections? someone here mentioned Citizen Kane – the most renowned film of all time – and its imperfections. Lost was clumsy from the beginning (anyone remember that “polar bear” that Sawyer shot in the PILOT?)

          the point is, lets have some FUN on these boards continuing to guess to the very end… don’t give up and cry and be negative about it – if its how you feel, fine, but why ruin the party for everyone else. isn’t the whole point to have FUN and ENJOY this?

          i believe FB is doing to her readers what she feels LOST has done to her. on her blog, cool. on here, NOT cool. You’ve lost ME, FB.

          • MoniquE

            Could you explain who is out there forcing you to read this recap? This is like people saying don’t write things I don’t want to read because I’m going to read them anyway. Do you have no self control? Or is there something about these recaps you can’t resist? If so, they must be pretty good since people don’t usually have to restrain themselves from reading things they hate.

          • me

            no one is forcing me.

            my point is that coming here used to be FUN.

            FB is not FUN – she is a DOWNER.

            other sites and recappers, which both you and FB go out of your way to disparage on this very page, have more followers and no negativity and they thrive and thrive and thrive…and they wouldn’t be caught DEAD posting something like this on their site.

          • MoniquE

            So it’s not fun for you but you can’t stop reading it anyway. Whose fault is that?

          • me

            monique you obviously have your own separate agenda on this site and its exhausting – adios

  • JDR

    It’s possible that Desmond didn’t hit Locke with the car after he visited Hurley. We saw it that way in the episode, but there was nothing in the scene to indicate that it happened right after his talk with Hugo.

    Desmond seems to show up at different times (at the business office with Claire, restaurant with Hurley, etc.), and we have seen the flash-sideways stories told out of order. The writers could have flashed to an earlier point in the sideways at the end of Everybody Loves Hugo (to set up the next episode), and we just assumed it happened in that order.

    This makes sense if you think about it, and it would show that there was no continuity error.

    • whateverhappenedhappened

      As far as I’m concerned, the only continuity error is the fact that Locke managed to become a teacher in like… a day.

      and no one has jet lag.

      • evacipated

        Hahahahahaha. In the words of Ack: “THIS SHOW IS SOOOO UNREALISTIC!”
        A necessary light moment amidst all the tensions. Thanks a lot xD

      • Handsome Smitty

        A “substitute” teacher, remember! Only so many of college hours are required. And we have no idea if Sidewaya(c) Locke has those or other qualifications.

    • JDR

      As further food-for-thought:

      The shirt Desmond is wearing when he leaves the beach (where Hurley just kissed Libby) is different than the shirt he’s wearing when he hits Locke with his car. This goes to show that he did not drive to the school after watching Hurley on the beach. We have no way to know at what point in the timeline he hit Locke, therefore there’s no way to prove that there’s any error.

    • ErasedSlate

      On the continuity error on the sideways world: We are pointing it out because Ford told Kate “about a week ago” for their flight. Now i know that this will not satisfy people, but here is a go at it…

      Wednesday, Sept 22
      Plane lands
      Locke gets fired
      Des takes a swim
      Sun and Jin have a little alone time

      Thursday, Sept 23
      Ford wakes up playing “undercover” detective
      Locke plays substitute meets Ben
      Sayid’s brother in hospital
      Sun and Jin interrupted
      Des Meets Penny
      Ford goes out with Charlotte
      Mikail arrives late in the day to translate Sun/Jin, have to wait for bank to open in the morning.

      Friday, Sept 24
      Ben hatches Machiavellian plot
      Sun finds out account is closed
      Sayid is retrieved before picking up the kids
      Events at restaurant
      Locke is plowed into

      Saturday, Sept 25
      Kate runs into Ford’s car
      Ford makes the “about a week ago” comment
      Sayid is arrested.

      • JDR

        I appreciate that you took the time to try and put it all together (something I wouldn’t want to try and do). Somewhere in the timeline Locke went to the temp agency to get the substitute job, but that’s neither here nor there.

        To be honest, I don’t really care to analyze the events in the sideways, I was simply addressing the allegation that there was a glaring error in continuity regarding Locke and Sun arriving at the hospital.

        I posit that there is not an error, because there’s no way to prove on what day Desmond hit Locke with the car. It wasn’t right after he visited Hugo at the beach (unless he changed his shirt randomly, which makes no sense).

        To me, this is a non-issue. Unfortunately, some people (read: fishbiscuit) are using it to try and disqualify the show.

        I’m just trying to show my viewpoint.

        • MoniquE

          It doesn’t matter what day Desmond hit Locke, except that we know it had to be more than one or two days after the plane landed. Locke had to go home (one day), go to work and get fired (next day), go to the temp agency (next day), get a new job (at best, next day), meet Ben long enough for him to know his name and then get hit by car. Even if you take the leap that he found his new job in one day and started the next and got hit the next, it’s still 5 days.

          Meanwhile Sun and Jin were not in that hotel room for 5 days. They were there one night.

          There’s obviously a discrepancy. Maybe it doesn’t matter to people, which is fine, but there was definitely an error made. I don’t think the writers care though. Sayid shooting Keamy didn’t match up either.

          • JDR

            We’re splitting hairs now.

            I could fire back and say that Locke could have gone to the Temp agency on the same day he was fired. I could also say that since he was referred by Hugo (the owner of the agency), his placement was expedited. The point is that no one has an “Official LOST Sideways Timeline” in their possession, so this will remain open-ended.

            I’ll be honest and say that I don’t care if everything lines up exact in the Sideways. I think we get what’s going on (at least on a character level), and that’s what matters. For all we know, these “errors” you speak of are intentional.

            Until we learn what this reality is, we may not know.

          • Handsome Smitty

            You know, the continuity errors could be an indication Sideways(c) isn’t quite REAL, afterall. Might actually be a clue about what Sideways(c) is .

            I doubt it, but still…

          • JDR

            @ Handsome Smitty:

            I was wondering that myself (if in fact there are errors). Some fans would cry foul and say that it was a lazy writing move, but we’ll see.

            It does seem that the Sideways is “fabricated”, consisting of an almost too-good-to-be-true sensibility.

            I’m very interested as to how it fits into the endgame of the show, as well as the last five seasons. I look forward to finding out.

      • dd

        That is “about a week ago.” Not a week ago, but “about a week ago.”

  • whateverhappenedhappened

    What I find depressing is the fact that Fish opened me up to realising how wonderfully made this show (sometimes) is. I started watching it when I was about 12 or 13, so clearly didn’t get the full immensity of what I was watching – I just thought it was a great mystery/action/adventure story. After getting hooked (get it?) on Fish’s reviews/recaps/analysis, it began to dawn on me that LOST was a fine tapestry of beautifully constructed narrative, full of echoes, contrast and some truly original characters. Now here we are, the final season underway; a season which has the most echoes, the most contrasts, and… well not the MOST original characters (sorry, Zoe, you just don’t quite cut it for me). But my point is that this time last season, Fish was all over the Dharma episodes – which were pretty weak, in my opinion – like a… pirrana. Now, in what I would say were mighty fine episodes… nothing. There are some glimmers of what she used to write in today’s analysis of the Sawyer/Kate scene, but otherwise the endless potential that she has to bring a new light to the show is being wasted on feeling shitty about an end that hasn’t even happened. On top of that, what used to be stimulating debate surrounding the mythology and characters, has now whithered into a debate about the rights of a reviewer. Which I have just become a part of. Great. As Magician says above – I read these reviews because, even though I mainly disagree, I do find it interesting to see what the critics are saying. Yes, Fish is in every right to post what she likes. What I’m saying is, it is sad that we have differing opinions, especially considering she helped mould my view of the show, and I would love for her to continue doing so.

    • spacebender

      I feel very much the same way. I marveled at Fishbiscuit’s insights in season 5 and continue to appreciate her reviews simply for the immense work she puts into them (including the marvelous images and animated visuals), even if I don’t even remotely share her perspective this season.

    • meli

      Well put. I appreciate all the work FB puts into her reviews. I just enjoyed her recaps more when I shared her opinions. Nothing so unusual about that. I prefer to watch MSNBC over Fox News for the same reason. We all gravitate toward that with which we identify.

  • Lost_in_Eire

    I have been a lost fan since day one, and it hurts me to say but i agree with everything you say. This season has been the worst by a long way and i am only continuing to watch because i have invested so much time in to the show! After watching the last recruit i felt as if the story had progressed any further, i hav accepted now that i am going to be dissapointed with the end of the show! they lost me when they killed locke

    • Frogurt’s Arrow

      Ditto to all that. What I don’t get is this: they know for these last months of the show that the eyes of the entertainment industry are on them, don’t they all have enough pride and career ambition to really give it their all this season? Instead I see sloppy, almost disinterested writing. It’s like the writers are checked out and focusing on their movie scripts.

      Sad to me because I watched from day 1. I’m not even one of those with a complicated theory I wished were true, all I wanted was well written and acted solid drama.

      • ……..

        What’s sad to me are fans who have given up the show this close to the end. We’re this far in, and you’re just now complaining? I’m not saying this to disrespect you or Lost_in_Eire, but please…

        The writing this season has been very good.

        This season has been very good, as has the past five seasons.

        We have yet to see the ending that the writers have planned for FOUR YEARS, that could address all the bickering and whining and complaining with an actual explanation. So many people seem to be giving up a show they claim to have “watched from day one” and they consider “their favorite show of all time”. If you got to season six and are just now having a problem, there’s something else going on. The show has been, and continues to be, amazing and consistent.

        It sounds like a lot of you should have bailed after season one once you realized that the show wasn’t going to pander and actually be original, different, and cut it’s own path. That’s exactly what the writer’s have done all season, but because it’s not what you pictured it to be, you complain. I’m sorry, but there’s nothing that will help you.

        I’m willing to see what the writers have in store. I’m willing to give the show a chance. I’m also done with all the negativity. It’s frankly not worth my time anymore.

        Sorry for the rant, but sometimes you need to vent.

        Nothing personal.

        • JJ

          Because for some of us an amazing final episode isn’t really going to make up for all the crappy ones we’ve had to put up with in the meantime.

          Why do people get so worked up hearing that some are disappointed in the writing this season? Is this your show that you take it so personally?

          • ……..

            It’s obviously a matter of opinion, because I don’t feel like we’re getting “crappy episodes”. This season has been amazing to me, and to anyone watching the show for what it is.

            I also stated that I needed to vent. It is obviously not my show personally, I’m just sick of the whining and complaining. We’re all passionate fans on both sides of the fence.

            So I’m done with this.

            I’m good with the show.

            I’m sorry some of you aren’t.

            Move on.

          • Frogurt’s Arrow

            To …….

            If you had vented at the show that would be one thing, but you got nasty about other people who didn’t have the same opinion as you. Accept that others can have differing takes on things, it would be a boring world if we all thought the same.

            And remember for the future, saying you needed to vent doesn’t make people think more highly of you after you just got childish and insulting towards them. That might save you a lot of grief in your life down the road to learn that.

          • ……..

            To Frogurt’s Arrow

            I could come up with a snappy comeback to your attempt at parental guidance, but it’s not productive.

            I don’t have a problem with varying opinions, I’m simply contributing my own. I admit that my tone was inappropriate. I was not in the best mood when writing that, as I tried to articulate. There is no delete or edit button on these talk-balks, so the deed was done.

            Let’s try to end this on a positive note: We are all here because we love (or have loved) LOST. We all want the same thing: a satisfying conclusion to our favorite show. Some of us feel that we’re getting that, others feel like we’re not. This reaction was inevitable even before Season 6 began.

            I’m on the positive side of the spectrum. I’m no longer interested in arguing or being “nasty”.

            I’m only interested in enjoying LOST.

            Now let’s move on, shall we?

          • ……..

            Man, even my last comment sounded rude.

            I meant to apologize to you, Frogurt’s Arrow, in case there’s any confusion.

            Apparently I need to work on my etiquette. 🙂

  • imfromthefuture

    Fish , i think your making a big mistake condemning the end of the lost before its actually ended.. Lost has never steered us wrong before.. Why is it going to start now? You have the right idea to just stop critizing and enjoy the ride.. but have some hope for crying out loud.. what would they have had to do up until now to of earned your trust.. its a great fucking show.. maybe the best ever.. and i have faith that however it ends, will be not only thought provoking but connective to the story they have been tellin for six years..

    that said i enjoy your well written recaps despite your pessimistic attitude and sawyer dick worship (who i love also but dont let my love for him blind me on other characters or cool story lines)


    • Well said – and “checking out” at this point just seems ridiculous. Remember where we were at with 5 hours left in Season 3?

      Then we got “We have to go back!”

      • Frogurt’s Arrow

        At 5 hours left in season 3 we’d already had flashes before your eyes which had wowed everyone and par avion which had gone down well.

        Even the much maligned first 6 episodes of S3 were works of art compared to what we’re seeing now.

        Having said that, I’m in it to the end. It’s just I think each episode needs to stand on its own in terms of quality of writing and directing and pulling a rabbit out of the hat in the finale can’t cure what came before.

        • imfromthefuture

          Unless of course the finale somehow brilliantly ties everything weve seen so far this season together.. maybe the finale will reveal that even the most miniscule line uttered by lennon was that important and will make us go back and want to watch and say.. “wow that’s sick, lost is awesome, what was i thinking? im a jerk named frogurt’s arrow” (sorry about the jerk thing, coudlnt resist)

          • gusteaux

            Screw Lennon! (God, I never thought I’d type that!) I want closure on freaking WALT! Remember, the kid who was so special that the Others let him go because he was more than they had bargained for? The kid who showed up in places he wasn’t supposed to be. The kid who was made out to be so uber important. I want closure on Aaron and why it would be so dangerous for him to be “raised by another.” I want to know how or what Desmond saw in his flash of Claire getting on a helicopter with Aaron that led to Charlie’s death. I want to know who made the food drops in Season 2. I want to know why Christian Shepard’s body is missing in two universes. I want to know who Juliet shot in the outrigger chase. And, only because they’ve made such a big deal about it, I want to know who Adam and Eve are. Is that too much to ask for? Is that too much to expect?

          • Slimchicken

            @gusteaux It’s not too much to expect. Walt was introduced as vital to the larger Lost story. So too Aaron and the whole birth problem on the island. The list goes on and on. Unfortunately I think it’s unlikely that any of those things will be resolved or if they are in anything approaching a satisfactory way.

            That’s been my problem with Lost going on at least the last two years. Storylines seemingly so crucial at the beginning were just disregarded in favor of new characters and radical plot devices (e.g. time travel, introduction of MIB). It’s as if everything that came before was just a red herring with no bearing on what will happen next.

            To combine pun and cliche: they lost the plot.

          • imfromthefuture

            we all want those answers.. hopefully they will come.. i was commenting on the relevance of what we’ve seen in season six.. either way im not gonna let my expectations of what answers i get prevent me from enjoying the show as i have never watched this way in the previous five seasons.. also again lets not condemn until we have seen the final product.. maybe something will happen that will make it all make sense..

        • JDR

          I feel like I’m watching a different show than you.

          This season has been very good for me, and I’m struggling to understand why a lot of people have such a problem with it. Let me qualify: I enjoyed Season 3 on DVD, so I didn’t experience any problem with the first six episodes. That said, Season 6 is much better than Season 3 to me as a viewer. It has been emotionally satisfying and provided answers (albeit at it’s own pace).

          I seem to be one of the only fans enjoying the Sideways and intrigued with how it might effect the end of the show (and what has gone before). I enjoy that it’s showing new aspects of my favorite characters, and allowing me to spend time with some old favorites who had passed on.

          I have a feeling that a lot of fans will enjoy Season 6 much better on re-watch, mainly because they’ll know the end (and the “answers”), and won’t be waiting in agony for the mysteries to be revealed.

          It’s also interesting that you mention “wow” episodes from Season 3. Recently we have had Ab Aeterno and Happily Ever After, two episodes considered by many fans to be among the best in the series. The only episodes prior that received lukewarm reception were What Kate Does and Recon. The Last Recruit is a “set-up” episode, but one done with the characters at the forefront, and a velocity that is needed with only 5 hours of the show left. All other Season 6 episodes have been generally praised by LOST fans and critics.

          I say this not to invalidate your view, but to show that not everyone shares your view. This has been a really good season in my eyes. I just want to show the flip-side of the coin for those perusing these talk-balks.

          I say this with all due respect, of course.

  • l-i-v-i-n

    have some faith. they’ll end it in a way that satisfies themselves, the creators of the show, the parents. it’s their baby. im sure itll end superbly

  • elginmiller

    Wasn’t Desmond thrown down a DIFFERENT well, not the donkey-wheel well? Here’s the dialogue from Everybody Loves Hugo:

    LOCKE: “A long time ago places like the one we’re standing at right now made compass needles spin. And the people holding the compasses needed to know why, so they dug.”

    DESMOND: “Did they find what they were looking for?”

    LOCKE: “No, they didn’t. The reason I wanted you to see this, Desmond, is because Charles Widmore is not interested in answers, he’s only interested in power. And he brought you back to the Island so that you could help him find what he’s looking for. After all, this isn’t the only well.”

    Also, I don’t understand how you have determined that Sun was shot the day after they landed at LAX. Please explain.

    • ErasedSlate

      It looks like the screen caps of the well depth was from the previous episode, Everybody Loves Hurley. It was when Smocke dropped the torch before shoving Desmond in. The Donkey Wheel well had a bucket and a rope.

      As for the timing on the shooting, it was determined by making the assummption of the following sequence of events: Plane landed, Jin is detained then released, Sun and Jin checked in the hotel, then checked each other for ticks, (here is what has people in arms, the idea that what happens next occured the following morning) Keamy interrupts the baby shower plans, Jin goes to the Restaurant, then all Sayid breaks loose.

      I have a possible timeline posted, but found out that it is wrong. The most likely timing for the restaurant shooting and the locke speed bump is Monday, Sept 27, 2004.

      • elginmiller

        Okay, fair enough. Looks like the well shrunk.

  • dp2

    Okay, I love your recaps, and I don’t begrudge you your unfavorable opinion of the season so far. But now you’re griping about what you see as the evident ending. Cut that out.

    • dp2

      Also, the Fuse pretty well established that there are no discrepancies in the depth of the well. If you use sound and physics, you might argue that it was about 20 feet deeper the week before.

      • Ed-Mars

        You’d need something like an atomic clock to measure the well’s depth based on comparing speeds of sound and light alone. Me likey :mrgreen:

        • dp2

          Nah, watching the clip on YouTube, it’s about two seconds between him dropping the torch and the splash. In two seconds an object falls about 64 feet. And that’s in a vacuum, which this clearly isn’t; otherwise, the torch would go out and we wouldn’t hear the splash. So it’s less than 64 feet because of air resistance. And even less because the sound has to travel back up to the surface.

          So, no, the discrepancy between episodes is not significant.

          • Ed-Mars

            Oh! yeh that’s one way to do it. to get some more accuracy, one could tentatively find the framerate of the video, and measure the number of frames during which the torch falls down.

  • I think I’m starting to see the disconnect between the camps in Season 6. It seems that the people who saw LOST as a puzzle to be solved – always looking for clues, always theorizing down the smallest detail, thinking everything had a meaning – are the ones that are being let down by this season. It’s even obvious in Jeff Jensen’s work; he struggles to make things into so much more than they are because he’s realizing the show isn’t his anymore, and it never has been.

    The people who have just sat back and enjoyed the ride and let things come are the ones that seem to be getting their moneys worth out of this season. I’ve always fallen into the middle, but going into this season I just decided to sit back and take the ride Damon and Carlton have in store for us. LOST is a brilliant television story, and will go down as one of the greatest ever told. To discount it’s relevence and impact because it doesn’t do what “you” want is going to go nowhere.

    That said, I think this season has done what LOST has always done – it’s kept us grasping at the mysteries it’s presenting, while giving us a deeper look at the characters we know. No matter how it ends, the enjoyment I’ve gotten out of it up to this point, and the fact that I’ve gotten others hooked on this amazing show is enough for me. Thanks in advance to Damon and Carlton, it’s been a blast.

    • Henry Holland

      it’s kept us grasping at the mysteries it’s presenting, while giving us a deeper look at the characters we know

      Here’s the thing for me: we don’t NEED “a deeper look at the characters” at this point! WE. GET. IT.!!! Lostpedia counts 21 Jack-backs (some of them are season finales), that’s a bit less 1/5 of the show total! Jack isn’t a very deep or complex character, we didn’t need all those flashbacks to tell his story, his romp with Achira in Phuket wasn’t the only waste of time.

      To discount it’s relevence and impact because it doesn’t do what “you” want is going to go nowhere

      That’s true. I gave up hope at the end of season 3 that they were going to tell the DHARMA story in any depth, which was what hooked me; they did a little in the ARG’s, but I got bored with the “is this canon? is this not canon” guessing games. We never meet the DeGroots or Alvar Hanso, with whom there wouldn’t have been any barracks or hatches or genetically altered polar bears, for example, but boy oh boy, we know every detail about Jack and his really boring wife who he never really loved anyway.

      Instead, we get all those Jackback’s that could have wrapped up his character in about 3 or 4 of ’em: his alcoholic dad thought he was a loser > he has daddy issues > he can’t let go. That’s what I’m bummed out about the most as The End nears, the sheer amount of screentime they’ve spent pounding us over the head with stuff we already know at the expense of answering questions and tying up loose plot ends. Got it: Kate runs, except when she doesn’t because of stealing a child. Got it: James became the man who killed his parents. John: Oh wait, ALL his flashbacks were totally pointless because HIS CHARACTER was totally pointless, just a lump of flesh for the MIB to inhabit. Ben, a far more complex character than Jack, had his life pretty well summed up in a mere 3 flashbacks.

      If it weren’t for the amount of time and effort (and $$$ too!) that I’d invested in the first four seasons, which I totally loved, I would have jumped off the Good Ship LOST (at the back so there’s no chance I get dragged under the propellers) midway through the stupidity of the flashes-because-of-a-dislodged-FDW season 5. I’m not bummed because they didn’t “tell my story”, I got over that years ago, I’m bummed because they stuck to a formula that had outlived its usefulness at the end of season 3.

      • Slimchicken

        In total agreement – wrote something similar above. I think the flash conceit turned into the show’s greatest flaw. I’m not sure why the writers felt they had to continue using it when it was clear that the back stories had been established and then decided to double down on the concept with flash forwards and now these alternate reality flashes.

        It’s similar to my problem with a show like 24. At first the 24 hour storytelling is interesting and exciting. After 2 or 3 seasons it becomes preposterous. Why not stray from the formula and just tell a great espionage story – one that doesn’t have to be crammed into an implausible 24 hours? It’s as if they don’t trust their audience to adapt. Same is true with Lost. The flashes became a crutch and ultimately just took away from the “live” action and steered the story in all kinds of meaningless directions.

        It’s too bad because there was such a rich story to tell. Unfortunate it got lost in the technique.

      • Sharpie

        Yet it’s 3 years later and you’re still commenting on a Lost fan site. Looks like Locke isn’t the only sucker.

        • Henry and SlimChicken – It’s quite ironic that you two replied to my comment by doing EXACTLY what I described – lamenting that the show isn’t exactly what you wanted it to be, while not touching on my points.

          • Slimchicken

            I can see how you could misinterpret what I said as a complaint that the show isn’t mine anymore. To some degree that’s true, I guess. Any appreciation or criticism is ultimately personal and subjective. But what I’m actually arguing generally is that Lost isn’t really a “brilliant televised story.” A good story can be primarily character-driven or plot-driven. In my opinion, Lost is neither. It vacillates between trying to be a character study and a mystery story. If either of these scenarios were ultimately compelling it wouldn’t much matter, but neither really delivers. The plot of Lost, such as it is, is an incoherent mess that goes everywhere and nowhere simultaneously. This wouldn’t be a big deal if the primary characters had depth, were funny, or just generally interesting. Raymond Chandler’s mystery stories typically made no sense but it was immaterial because it was all about Philip Marlowe. He was funny, crude and just fun to be around. The plot had no effect on him. With Lost, the plot effects character constantly and, as a result, their personalities and motivations drift with the wind. After 6 years I personally have little comprehension of who the main characters actually are. For all the creators’ talk of being true to the characters, I remain unconvinced. For one, if the main characters were so important they wouldn’t constantly introduce new ones to draw focus away from them. Personally, I think the ensemble nature of the show places the focus more on the plot. But that’s another issue and beside the point.

            Let’s take Jack. Much has been made of his journey from Man of Science to Man of Faith. But where was this journey? We never actually saw it. Instead we just flash forwarded into the future to a point where his life was a mess and he attributed this to having left the island. The radical shift in his personality was completely inorganic. All of a sudden he just wants to explode an atomic bomb because he’s in love or something.

            Locke was a compelling character but they killed him off before his arc was finished. Ben had a compelling arc but in reality he’s absolutely tangential. Sawyer and Hurley are great because they’re funny – but in many ways they’re just comic relief. Desmond’s swell, but he’s on the show only intermittently and his seeming importance is undermined by that fact. Sun and Jin have been relegated to side show status. I actually think Kate is about the only main character that’s been consistent, but unfortunately the actor isn’t very good.

            But in the end Lost is either about its plot or Jack and Locke. If it’s about the plot, that’s problematic because it’s indecipherable and filled with gaping holes and discarded storylines. We’re in the last chapter of the book, the climax is coming, and I have absolutely zero sense of what’s at stake. I feel that right now I should feel the danger but is there any? If there’s a real threat to the Losties I have no idea what it is. That’s not good storytelling in my opinion.

            If it’s Jack and Locke, well… Unfortunately Locke is dead and Jack is not really Jack anymore either and their compelling interaction is gone and their competing goals never resolved. I’m sure Locke will somehow return from the dead because all Lost characters return from the dead (another storytelling flaw) and we’ll get some of this but it’ll be like pretty much everything else – just another new thing to distract us from everything that came before.

          • Rams

            I agree with several of your points, Slimchicken. Darlton have comprared their work to the Harry Potter series several times, and I have myself felt their similarities from the very beginning. However, with each HP book, we became clearer on character motivations, and what was a stake was very clear by the time the final book came around. However, with Lost, we still do not know what is at stake, and that is wearing me down a bit as we are very close to the end.

            Plot has certainly driven character-motivations several times in Lost. One example is Faraday’s asinine attempt to walk into the Other’s camp and demand to see Eloise at gun-point. Another, of course, is exploding Ilana. When seemingly integral characters are offed in a manner insulting to the intelligence for the sake of plot or shock-value, it does get irritating.

            However, I’m still enjoying the show almost as much as before, only I’m a little impatient now. I don’t mind most of the unresolved threads and plot-lines. With such a medium, it is inevitable when compared to writing a book or crafting a movie. My main problem with Season 6 has been the erratic pacing: some episodes were amazing (AA, HEA and Dr. Linus). Some scenes and episodes seem either too rushed (The Last Recruit) or too slow (What Kate Does, Recon). However, it’s past time we had more knowledge about what really is at stake here. Hopefully, they will deliver that in the next episode or two…

          • Slimchicken

            @Rams I’m with you. While I feel the quality of Lost has fallen precipitously over the years, I still try to enjoy it for what it is (or has become) and for the occasional episode that reminds of the show at its best (e.g. the Desmond episode). While I don’t expect in the end that Lost will be satisfying to me, I am interested to see how they wrap it up.

            The Potter analogy is interesting to me. Didn’t know that the creators count the series among their influences. In a way, it’s a perfect comparison to highlight the shortcomings of Lost. While Harry Potter was clearly episodic, it had three consistent aspects: Harry Potter, Hogwarts and Voldemort. They were established almost immediately and the relationship between the three built over time and the stakes were constantly raised.

            With Lost, one can see the Island as Hogwarts. The other two are absent, however. I assume the argument could be made that Jack is our Potter. But we absolutely have no Voldemort equivalent. And that is the main problem in my estimation. It’s impossible to understand the danger when the villain at this late stage of the game remains unknown. While Voldemort was not always the central villain in the plot of the individual Potter stories, his presence was always felt. He was pretty much the Eye of Sauron. At various times in Lost we’ve been led to believe that the Others, Ben, Widmore, and now MIB were the primary villains.

            From the beginning of Potter it was obvious (if implied) that Potter would have to defeat Voldemort else Hogwarts (and the wider world) be consumed by evil. We knew that if Frodo didn’t destroy the One Ring, a similar fate would befall Middle Earth. If Jack is our Potter and Frodo, what must he and his “fellowship” do? And what will be the consequences if they fail? To not know these things at this point is a major, major stumbling block in absorbing the drama.

            Like you, I hope they let us know in the next episode or two. Even if it’s something totally out of left field. We can’t go into the finale without that central conflict being absolutely clear.

  • ErasedSlate


    Jin’s tie and shirt changed from the hotel lobby to when he entered the room with Sun. So, how much time lapsed between the lobby scene and the 11:30pm scene? Not a big discovery, but it at least alleviates one of the BIG issues of the flash sideways – the sequence of events. This shows that there was a period of time that lapsed between the lobby scene and room service.

    • dd

      It kind of bugs me that people actually care about this whole subject. What does it matter?

      • ErasedSlate

        It matters because it bugs certain people. It is an untidy mess that needs to be swept up. It is something to talk about since Lost is in re-run this week. People experience the show differently and want a well planned execution of the last chapter.

        If some cry foul about the sequence of events, and they use that as an argument of sloppiness from the producers at the end, then maybe this shows that things are better planned than they thought.

        Besides, I had to stay home with a sick Kid and it gave me something to do in the down time. I am close to having pretty accurate and consistent flash-sideways timeline.

        • dd

          Is this really an example of being sloppy? Can you accurately account for the time Jin and Sun spent in the hotel? The answer is no. It’s pretty simple. You have to make the assumption that more than one day has passed. You don’t need calendar dates. You don’t have to know how many times Sun and Jin fooled around until their affair was busted. What is important is that Sun and Jin are having a relationship that is considered inappropriate. Their story needs to be told as quickly and as simply as possible. If that means extracting a few days worth of unnecessary scenes that do not advance the story, than so be it. You have to consider that the sideways stories are competing with the Island stories for time. It is going to be condensed. This isn’t sloppy writing. It’s sloppy rationalizations by braindead viewers.

          If this is really a point of contention (the hotel stay), I’m mostly speechless. There are so many more interesting things to discuss.

          • mrselfdestruct

            well said dd

      • Andrew G.

        dd, just once, I’d like to see you post something positive, instead of all the negativity you bring to this board. You’re ridiculous.

        • me

          Andrew, in defense of dd, negative postings like this will bring out negative comments.always.

          this was once a fan site 🙁

          • MoniquE

            So it’s Fish’s fault that dd acts like an ass?

          • me

            yes. and why you do too.

            Monique: YOU. ARE. AN. ASS.

            I guess me too.

        • dd

          What do you mean by “positive?”

          I don’t think it is “negative” to counter the extremely thoughtless assertions coming from a bunch of blowhards who obvious have no background in discussing literature or even productively thinking about how stories are told.

          We are not in a place to have any kind of useful discussion until people stop this nonsense about “continuity errors” and “sloppy writing” (and I’m not saying LOST is perfect, there are lots of moments I think fell flat, but there are many more scenes that have been very rewarding). When people are willing to get past these minor and stupid grievances, we can begin other discussions.

          • ErasedSlate

            the great thing is you do not get to determine for me how I experience the show. Just because you think it is nonsense does actually make it so.

            For some, the allusions to literature and other media are fascinating. not because it gives us the key to interpret LOST, but because the writers and producers put it there. And that is interesting. How they craft the story is interesting. So the details are important, because they took the extra effort to add them.

          • dd

            I think you misunderstood what I said.

  • Jack’s Jump vs. Sawyer’s Splashdown

    I think between the comments about the declining quality (in terms of coherence) and the show being about characters (internal) versus gimmicks (surface), a point should be made, and it happens to deal with something FB brought up: Jack and Sawyer’s leaps (of faith or otherwise). I’m trying to make this as short as possible.

    To judge their actions, you should consider a character’s motivation. Jack jumped off the boat to try to stop Locke. I don’t know if he totally understands what he’s doing, but he believes that it is for a higher cause. He seems pretty resigned, now, to the fact that he’s probably never leaving the island again.

    When Sawyer jumped from the helicopter back at the end of season 4, that was also for a higher cause: to make sure the helicopter made it to the boat. But was his sacrifice as big? We knew he wasn’t getting off the island. But he didn’t. As far as he knew, all he had to do was swim to the beach and wait for the helicopter, or the raft, or whatever, to come back and pick him up. He didn’t know he was stuck until he got back and saw the boat had blown up.

    And here’s where I have to point out that it’s not just this season that has some writing problems. Before Sawyer jumps, he whispers to Kate instructions for her to carry out when she gets back – as though he knew he wasn’t coming back with her. But he didn’t know that. It would have made more sense if he said “I’ll see you after you guys fix the fuel leak in the helicopter and come back.”

    And, I know I’ll probably regret this, but wouldn’t FB make a better point about meaning and quality over gimmicks and the surface by NOT comparing the jumps in terms of which one LOOKED cooler?

    • dd

      Some of my pals and I have been discussing this. In the end, both characters are doing something noble, the actions just have different motivations. I thought Jack’s step off the boat was an awesome display of courage in an emotional sense. It would have been ridiculous to make it equal to the spectacle of Sawyer’s jump because the stakes and motivations are completely different.

    • Rams

      Besides, according to Cassidy, Sawyer jumped off the boat because he was too cowardly to face the possibility of a relationship with Kate off-Island. And I do think she’s partly correct. So, comparing the two, I’d say Jack’s intentions were far nobler.

      • Jack’s Jump vs. Sawyer’s Splashdown

        I thought about Cassidy. But I’d argue once more that Sawyer had no guarantee of never seeing Kate again at that point. So neither interpretation, the noble sacrifice or the cowardly retreat, seems right to me.

  • JJ

    This made me laugh so hard. Fish I love that no matter what the haters say, you still do you. You don’t sugarcoat your opinion for anyone.

    LOST hasn’t felt the same way since Season 5. I just can’t emotionally connect with the characters or the story anymore. Not when the dialogue is so painfully corny, character motivations change with the wind and plot turns are rarely gradual or realistic.

    The Jin/Sun reunion should have been this huge emotional moment and I DID feel it but only because I remembered just how much I once cared about them. The moment these two stopped hugging and opened their mouths, I found myself rolling my eyes. Cheesy, cheesy, cheesy dialogue.
    And the whole “Let’s mute Sun until seeing Jin magically restores her voice”? LOL

    It’s really something how Jack couldn’t care less about Claire. I’m not asking him to put down everything for her but at least show some concern or interest. Maybe ask a couple of questions here and there about WHY she’s supposedly crazy and what she has been through all those years. Pretend to give a shit about something other than your “destiny” for one second, Jack.

    Sawyer was ridiculous in this episode. A cartoon version of his Season 1 self.

    I think this season has had about 2 great episodes. Not what I expected from the very last one. Oh well, it is what it is. Now let’s just have faith the ending will be satisfactory and true to the story and characters we’ve been following for six years.

    • Rams

      I’m amazed at how little Jack seems to care about his sister. I really hope they show Jack doing something for Claire! And I agree about Sawyer. I’m not liking him too much this season. He seems to have hardened quite a bit.

      • Bouncing Naked Jack Moobs

        I wish Claire would shoot Jack and not Kate, at least she’s trying to help her.

        I disagree completely about Sawyer, he’s back to getting into adventures and helping people and not just sitting around on his ass reading while Juliet makes dinner for him. I spent most of season five wanting to kick his sorry, lazy ass.

  • RodimusBen

    Man, with comments sections like these, I’ll keep coming back to FB’s recaps no matter how much I disagree with her. Whether she still likes the show or not, I don’t doubt her relevance to the online fan community with responses so long and impassioned.

    Special thanks to dd, Funback Joe, DesertGem and Crazy Bearded Jack for injecting some reality into the proceedings.

    I definitely agree with those who have said that those disappointed with this season are the ones who had this misconception that LOST was a puzzle that they could solve by studying book references and philosophers. That stuff is included in the show as a gateway to expanding your horizons, not to explain the mysteries before the characters learn about them.

    On the other hand, the people who have always seen LOST as a TV show– an incredibly entertaining, unprecedented TV show– are the ones still enjoying it and having a blast this season. I’m a total addict but I never elevated LOST in my head into something beyond what it is. And thank goodness for that, because I’ can’t imagine what some people, like Fishbiscuit, are going through as they get the ultimate reality check this season.

    • Slimchicken

      I understand where you’re coming from, and I guess I struggle a little bit with my feelings about the show. I’ve certainly enjoyed it, but that enjoyment has waned since it became clear that whatever plot had been established was irrelevant. The show would just bob and weave without concern.

      Honestly I never cared a wit about all of the references – real or imagined – and considered all the forum talk about mythology and such to be pretty silly, but I was engaged by aspects of the story that were introduced as integral to the underlying plot (e.g. Dharma), but were revealed as little more than red herrings. In the end, I think my greatest frustration with Lost is that there is no plot.

    • Fandango

      I count myself as one of the disaffected with this season, but I was never a big mystery freak. On the contrary, it was the characters and their interactions and relationships that I found compelling to watch. A bunch of strangers, all with their own personal baggage, stranded together in dangerous circumstances and struggling to survive. I was fascinated watching their various personalities and world views come into play as they learned to deal with each other – I loved the study in interpersonal and group dynamics. That included things like the ongoing examination of what makes a good leader? How do people deal with failure? What brings out a person’s best self? Worst self? I loved watching their evolution. Charlie, from self-obsessed addict to self-sacrificing hero. Sawyer, from alienated EMFH to Hero, time after time after time, and eventually to fully integrated member of a community. Jack, from professional success to personal breakdown to attempting to reinvent himself.

      This season, the characters feel hollowed out. Sun and Jin were sidelined as virtual props for so long that their reunion lacked the emotional punch it should have had. Locke died in some crummy hotel room, alone and a failure, and just because MIB is wearing his face, it’s not the same. Sayid has no emotions, so it’s hard to feel anything about him. Claire is crazy and not the girl we knew – I thought I’d be pulling for her to be reunited with Aaron, but given her mental state it might be better for her son if she stays lost. Ben, who was once such a trip as this brilliant manipulator, has been reduced to a pathetic mess who gets an occasional line of funny diaglogue.

      The FSs have gone nearly a whole season without us having a grasp on their purpose. Perhaps when we’ve seen the ending, the season will make more sense and I’ll be better able to enjoy them. However, watching the season in real time has been frustrating and, at times, highly disappointing on a character level. Add to that the silly answers being given with regard to the mysteries, and I’m no longer hopeful for a kickass finale to the series. Just my personal opinion, of course.

  • Bakedbob

    In every fan (of LOST) there is a scale.

    One side is enjoying the show, the other is over-analyzing it.

    Some of you people are tipping on the wrong side.

    So just take the pill…

    • imfromthefuture

      lol i like it bob

  • poop mcgee

    Fishbiscuit WINS

    • bplenc

      i just printed this out just so i can wipe my ass with it!
      i guess it is WIN-WIN.

  • p_s_xpress

    I can relate to FB’s overall mood. Part of her feelings no doubt arise from the fact that the end is near, and there is so much left to answer. How are they going to do this without a lot of ramrodding and a lot of messy storytelling? We’ve been given some big answers so far this season, as you would expect from the final season, but there’s a stalling vibe we’ve not seen since Season 3. It’s like s*it or get off the pot already!

  • KJ

    Fishbiscuit, did you do a recap for Everyone Loves Hugo and I didn’t see it???? I MUST read your recaps for every ep!!

  • DRush76

    Sawyer isn’t done mourning Juliet. Not by a long shot. If he was, he would not be in such a big hurry to leave the island.

    • MoniquE

      Why? She’s not out there either. And it looks like wherever he’s going he wants to make sure Freckles is with him.

      • dd

        I bet you’re going to smoke a cigarette if Sawyer ends up with Kate.

      • DharmaDave


        How did you read the look on Sayer’s face when he saw Sun and Jin reunite? I read it as sadness that he won’t experience that with Juliet.

        I would love to hear the Skate perspective

        • MoniquE

          I have no idea what reason anyone has for thinking he was thinking about Juliet, except wishful thinking. His face swung over to Kate twice, almost like he couldn’t help himself from looking at her, and then he looked away, because he felt like he shouldn’t. You can see it in the gif that Fish included in the recap. It’s very similar to the look he gave when Bernard said that comment in the Incident, the reason Juliet went crazy.

          I don’t know what he was thinking since I can’t read minds, especially of make believe people, but at least there’s some evidence he was thinking of Kate – since he looked at her. There’s nothign but wishful thinking to make us think he was thinking of Juliet.

          • DharmaDave

            Where is the gif of that scene above? Scanned through twice and didn’t see it. I will have to go back and watch the scene again to see if I see what you mean.

          • DharmaDave

            Okay, I just watched that scene on youtube. and there is a slight turn of the head by sawyer, after he is already emotionalin Kate’s direction, but I don’t really see it as look at her, just him turning his head in a reaction to his feelings and kate happened to be there.

            i guess time will tell whether I am looking at that scene through the eyes of wishful thinking or you are. But on attempt to be unbiased I guess with how subtle his “look” is, it could be taken either way,

          • MoniquE

            I think if you try and look at it without bias, you can see that he does look at Kate, but that he jerks his head away, like he shouldn’t. It’s very similar to the scene that sent Juliet to her death.

            My point is there’s no reason at all to think he was thinking of Juliet, but he clearly does look at Kate and then away as if he’s stopping himself. Why have him do that? They direct the actors and edit the film. If they wanted it to be about Sawyer and Juliet why include Kate so prominently in the shot, why have him look at her instead of Hurley?

            I think it’s funny you didn’t notice it. It was so obvious. Are you a guy? I’m amazed how many guys ship Suliet.

          • DharmaDave

            Yeah, I am a guy.

            And yeah, I did not notice it at all, so thanks for bringing it to my attention. And I can see how you see it, I just don’t know if I see it as looking at kate or just a slight move of his head. I am willing to admit that I may have a bias because I liked Sawyer and Juliet, but I also think there could be a slight bias for you since you like Sawyer and Kate in reading to much of the fact that his head slightly turns in her direction.

            It just seems to make more sense that Sawyer would react emotionally seeing a married couple reunite because he is hurting over the death of a woman he lived with like man and wife for a long time, than him reacting like that because he is not with a woman who is standing right next to him who he still could have a shot with.

            So maybe we both our reading the scenes through biased eyes.

          • MoniquE

            I agree it would make sense, but wouldn’t it have made sense for him to look at Juliet in that scene with Bernard last season? That’s the point. As much as he loved Juliet, she was never Kate. Kate always meant more to him. It should be true, otherwise Juliet looks even stupider, going along with the bomb plot and getting killed over nothing.

            I think my point stands, if they wanted to emphasize that Sawyer was thinking about Juliet there’s no way they’d have him look at Kate of all people. Not after his last look at Kate got Juliet killed. They showed us that again because that’s where Sawyer’s heart is.

            Agreed I’m biased, but I’m also trying to think logically. I still can’t over the guy love for Suliet. Doc Jensen is the same way.

          • spacebender

            That was the thought I had too, that seeing Jin and Sun reunited reminded Sawyer of his loss and aloneness. Clearly he has a profound connection with Kate and was conflicted about looking over at her although he couldn’t help but do so. At the same time, it was only days before that he lost Juliet in a most traumatic manner, the woman he had genuinely fallen in love with and wanted to marry. It’s a different kind of connection than that with Kate, but it is epic and foundational. So I could see his response to Kate even as his heart ached with the bittersweet memory of the completeness of love he had with Juliet.

          • dp2

            So let’s say Sawyer is looking at Kate in that shot. Why the agony on his face a second later in the closeup? What do you believe that’s about?

          • Rams

            Exactly! why does he look like his heart is breaking if all he is thinking about is Kate?!!

          • MoniquE

            That’s a pretty easy question. He feels he shouldn’t be looking at Kate, just like he wasn’t allowed to look at her from the minute Juliet became a clingy, whiny victim because Kate returned.

            Like I said, I’m not going to say I know what a make believe character was thinking in a scene where no words were spoken. If you suliet shippers want to imagine your scenario nothing is in your way. But it can’t be stated definitively.

            However the story ends up I’ll always wish the writers hadn’t wimped out and gone for the sexless unromantic “love stories” that nerds seem to prefer. I wish there had been a sexier, more sensual story. They had such a great cast to work with and they really wasted most of their opportunities. I understand the guys who enjoyed seeing the hotness drained out of Josh Holloway but I’ll never understand the women who preferred him in that shapeless jumpsuit and with that awful oily flat hair he had in season five. Not to mention all the FUN that was lost in turning him into the meek little mouse who had to run around trying to keep Juliet from freaking out over Kate all the time. Aside from being the opposite of a “mature” relationship, it was just flat out embarrassing.

          • dp2

            Then I have to ask: what is the appeal of Sawyer? If he’s so whipped that he feels he can’t even look at Kate even though Juliet is dead, buried by his own bare hands….why are you interested in this guy?

            I’ll give you that Kate is bad-ass. She murders her father, dumps a kid on an unsuspecting grandmother, poisons her husband, convinces Sun to poison *her* husband, and sacrifices a father and childhood friend for her own freedom. What does she want with *either* of these guys?

          • MoniquE

            LOL I’m not “interested” in him. He isn’t real. I want him to be an entertaining character to watch. I don’t know why this is hard to understand. I thought my example of action movies without any action was a good example.

            I get that a lot of you liked not seeing any love story, just being told that Sawyer and Juliet were happy. There was no yukky sex stuff, not even any kissing except one quick married couple peck. There was no passion, no actual relationship where we could watch them interact or see what drew them to one another. It was an invisible story but a lot of you like that kind of romance apparently.

            I like to see the couple’s relationship develop, enjoy their chemistry, watch the good and the bad about a relationship, be entertained watching beautiful people interact in a sensual manner. all of that. I don’t care if make believe people are “happy”, because they’re make believe. If they’re boring and bland and you don’t even get to FEEL the story because it’s unseen, there’s no entertainment value and I watch Lost, like any show, for entertainment. It’s not that complicated and I don’t know why it brings out so much condescension and defensiveness from the fanboys or so much prim and properness from the older (I’m guessing) ladies that seemed to take to suliet.

          • dp2

            First of all, I never meant “interested” in Sawyer. I meant you like him as a character. Wow, your posts belie a one-track mind.

            Just so I’m clear, you believe Sawyer and Kate are a real, mature relationship because we’ve seen them have sex in near-death situations. Sawyer and Juliet are not because we didn’t, though we did see them supporting each other in pressure situations and out. Is that right?

  • Buzzkiller

    I’ve always enjoyed Fishbiscuit’s recaps and appreciate the effort that goes in to them, but its getting a bit annoying this season how EVERY recap has so much negativity concerning how the show isn’t heading in the way she wanted it to go.

    The main problem I have is that much of this criticism is based on conclusions drawn from her own theories, and not the facts.

    • Buffy

      Thank you, dd and Funback Joe for actually making some semblance of sense here. The off-putting obsession with SKATEONMG!!1 and the irrational, creepy hatred of Jack is a yawn-fest on one hand, and scary on the other. Hell, I can imagine FB stalking Jack with a knife if these characters were real, all set to stab the prick for daring to come between her precious ZOMG SEXAY SKATE! pairing. In fact, I’d say a warning to the actor who portrays Jack (Matthew Fox) in RL may well be in order. FB and her band of slavish fools may have a complete epic meltdown if it isn’t Skate in the end, and they might effin’ kill him, who knows?
      It’s sad, yet unintentionally funny.

      For the record, I thought Sawyer acted like a moron this episode. He was so wrong about his uh-mazing plan, idiot. And ‘my boat’? Lousy comparison with ‘Get off my plane’ btw, as it wasn’t his damned boat at all, stupid entitled ass.
      See? I’m referring to the character here, not the actor. But I’ll go one better, only unlike FB I won’t try and mask my hatred of a real person and actor. I won’t hide my jabs behind a fake mask of ‘I was referring to the character’ like she tries to do. Here we go:
      If we’re attacking Jack and going so far as to doubt his gender (wtf?) let’s dish out the dirt where it’s due. JH’s developed a nice, round paunch lately, did y’all see the way his tummy stuck out during the apple scene? For a minute I thought he was the one carrying Aaron!
      There. Anyone can stoop as low as you, see? And I didn’t even bother to dress it up in a weak attempt at sarcasm, so do I win?

      And for the record, to those dimwits who insist, ‘dont like dont read!’ over and over, trying to prove their never-ending devotion to the recapper, my answer is simply this: it’s the dratted Internets, for pity’s sake. Anyone can read and diss whatever the hell they choose, whenever they choose. People can piss all over a site or a blog or a post if they want, and there’s nothing you can do about it. To cry foul and indignantly demand that such people stay away is ridiculous and hilarious. Never going to happen. Deal with it. The more you pant ‘LEAVE FB ALONE!’, the less likely it’ll happen because your OTT anger is just too damned funny for some people.

      What the hell else is the Net for, if not to vent?

  • DuckCracker

    Fishbiscuit, you’re washed up and soggy.

    I don’t think you ever enjoyed the show as much as making pretty gif’s.

    Send us a postcard from the polar bear’s bowels!

  • Buffy

    DuckCracker, we’re about to get lynched any moment. Fun?

  • Bezmina

    Wow never had one recapper got so muchy bile from a fan community to my knowledge.

    Here’s my tuppance worth.

    FB you are right, there are some continuity errors, the Sun / Locke thing and the well depth thing both bugged me too. But it’s not the first time boo boos of this nature have happened on the show, whilst irritating I can let it slide by now.

    However I feel quite lucky, my husband (who is most amused by my Lost research every week) only noticed the other week that Lost is my hobby, it is my hobby, over the past few years I have read books, theories, re-examined religion, science and all that jazz spurred on by Lost.

    I guess what makes me different is I haven’t worked out how I want it to end, I am glad it is ending because I didn’t want it to descend into suckiness but I am just going along for the ride, unless the island is a freaking space ship I cannot be disappointed (unless Des and Penny aren’t together at the end and if Vincent gets no ending – then I would okay I can be disappointed DAMN!)

    Anyway, Fishbiscuit, you have put so much more into analysis of this show than I ever could and I’d like to say cheers, since I read the first recap you did, you have been my favourite recapper, you are funny, smart and your gifs rock. So thank you and Namaste, I hope it comes good for you at the end FB, because as Evi would say “You’re worth it”!

    Christ that last bit was cheesy no? Quoting L’oreal ads… I am ashamed almost. Nah it was a fair gag.


  • Matt

    Pretty weak stuff here. Is this the same person that did these picture posts last year?

    • bplenc

      yup believe it or not – sad huh?

  • gusteaux

    @Monique: “I’m amazed how many guys ship Suliet.” DING! Ding! Ding! Wow. You finally get it! Most “guys” (and certainly most men)prefer Juliet, a mature, sincere, AND beautiful real woman, over Kate, a spoiled, self-centered, childish waif. Sawyer is a man. Most of the writers are men. The producers are men. Can you finally see where this is going? I can’t believe that after six years of detesting it and trying so hard to stay out of it that I’m letting myself get dragged into this Silly Shipper Shit (SSS). I can truly say that having to endure these endless SSS flame throwing contests has been the WORST part of the otherwise wonderful LOST experience.

    • MoniquE

      That’s so funny, because as a woman I see it entirely different. It seems to me Juliet’s main appeal is that she worshipped the ground Sawyer walked on to the point she’d rather be dead than be first in his heart. In the process her character lost her entire personality and story, but who cares? She didn’t want to live unless Sawyer loved her the bestest. Sounds like a male fantasy to me. A woman who has no reason to live outside of her man. Ugh.

      But you’re right that this seems to be a show written by for and about men. All the woman are pointless except for their reproductive organs. There isn’t a single important character who has a function outside of being someone’s wife/gf or mother. I see it as the biggest weakness on the show, from a character angle, and so do all the women I know who still watch. I think what you’re saying is that that’s how it should be.

      • DharmaDave

        Not trying to add fuel to this particular fire but: I hate when people say Juliet lost her “personality and her storyline” because of her relationship with Sawyer. She was time travelled and stuck in the seventies. All of the people who time travelled and were stuck in teh seventies lost the major thread of thier stories.

        Juliet’s main driiving storyline before time travel: Get off the island and be with her sister and prevent pregnant woman from dying

        Juliet could not have done either of thos things in the 70’s. Just like Jin could not find Sun in the 70’s and Miles had no one to give him 3.2 milliion dollars.

        She was always the same character. It was just she was stuck in a time where none of her goals that she was previously set on could be achieved.

        So she made a life with Sawyer and feel in love. Then the 06 come back, ruin the lives they built and she gets insecure about Sawyers feelings for Kate (which is really in character as Juliet was always “The Other Woman”) So she goes along with the plan, cause at least if Saywer is not going to be with her, she can go back to being on the island in the present and find away off and back to the future.

        And it is not liked she wanted to die, she wanted to set things back to to the way they were, so that she could get back to being the person you said that she stopped being.

        I mean truthfully, if you are going to make fun of juliet for going along with the jughead plan, you have to make fun of all of them. Especially Sawyer…since his only motivation for going along with it was Juliet said so.

        • gusteaux

          If anyone should be “made fun of” for going along witht the Jughead Plan it is wishy-washy Kate. After all, it was Kate who was so steadfastly against the plan that she yanked Swayer and Juliet off the sub, thus yanking off-island happiness away from them. But I guess some folks would rather see Sawyer end up with Kate rather than end up happy.

          • MoniquE

            Juliet is dead. Is Sawyer going to be happy if he ends up with a corpse? I like Sawyer with Kate becasue she challenges him and there’s tension and drama. With Juliet, Sawyer was a dork. He looked awful. I never thought it was possible to make Sawyer unsexy but Juliet managed to do it. I think that’s another reason the boy Lost fans liked Suliet too. Sawyer seemed a lot less threatening when he wasn’t such a sexy beast anymore. He was practically neutered.

            Sawyer might get with Juliet in the AU which all the boy shippers seem to be hoping for. But I don’t get that since that guy isn’t Sawyer and that woman won’t be Juliet. They’re just physical duplicates with entirely different minds and souls.

          • DharmaDave


            If Juliet killed herself, then the all attempted suicide. All of them went along with the plan in the end, so all of them were suicidal if Juliet was. The only difference with Juliet is that she is the only one that died.

        • MoniquE

          I’m not making fun of Juliet, but I do think they all behaved like brain dead idiots. The Incident was a horrible episode for Jack, Juliet, Kate and Sawyer. They all looked like children.

          But I’m sorry the Suliet storyline did destroy Juliet as a character. You can justify it by the plot needing her to be that way, but the plot didn’t write itself. The writers decided to make her into a male fantasy of the perfect wifey who has no purpose other than her man, who whines and cries if she thinks he’s looking at a different girl.

          As a woman who initially found Juliet to be interesting and non stereotypical, I found the season five version of her character to be a disgrace. She did nothing but mope over Kate and then finally blow up a bomb so she could forget Sawyer, because he didn’t love her enough. It was an insult to her. I think the fact that so many men glommed on to it speaks volumes. That’s the kind of woman they apparently want. Someone like Kate who does what she damn well pleases and doesn’t really care what the men think, she’s vilified up one side and down the other. But Juliet who worshipped Sawyer is a goddess. LOL. It’s not rocket science.

          • Rams

            You are making sweeping generalizations here. I’m a woman and I found Suliet very believable. More believable than either Jate or Skate. At least Juliet knew what she wanted, unlike Kate, who never seems to be able to make up her mind. In fact, I never warmed up to Juliet until Season 5- she was far too cryptic until the end of Season 4.

            You and FB keep harping on how Juliet wanted to kill herself than lose Sawyer- she didn’t, no more than Jack or Kate or Sawyer or Sayid or any of the rest who went with the Jughead plan. She bought Jack’s idea and preferred to erase the past /future.

            And those who say Juliet worshiped the ground Sawyer walked, I don’t agree. Moreover, I found Sawyer quite sexy in his Dharma days. So here again we are speaking of perception, and the inevitable biases and inclinations we all bring into our viewing experience. To trash someone’s opinion to the point of sounding disparaging, and making generalizations that don’t contribute to the discussion is frankly not helpful.

          • Rams

            Re: Someone like Kate who does what she damn well pleases and doesn’t really care what the men think. Since the beginning, we’ve seen Kate looking for Jack’s approval, which culminated in the scene where she kicks her spoon of oatmeal and gives it to Jack, it doesn’t look like she doesn’t care what men think.

            I would argue that Juliet didn’t care what anybody thought- forget the gender, except her boyfriend. And since they were already in a relationship, and her concerns were certainly legitimate, I don;t blame her.

            She pretty much overrode Sawyer’s decisions when deciding to go back to the Island to stop Jack, and afterward, when she decided to go ahead with Jack’s plan. She was fickle, but hey- it’s Lost: nobody’s perfect.

          • Rams

            I meant to say ‘licks’ her spoon, not ‘kicks’. LOL

          • MoniquE

            Sorry, I don’t mean to disparage you or your taste, but I stand by my theory. I think many/most men shipped Suliet for the reasons I gave. JMO. Obv you disagree.

            I don’t understand your rationale that Juliet didn’t “kill herself” over Kate. I think she more or less did. WHY did she suddenly want to forget the past? Because Sawyer looked at Kate and she thought he loved Kate more. Is that a mature reaction? I think most teenage kids would react more maturely than that. It was hysterical and stupid.

            But more than that what made me loathe Suliet was what came before the incident. We never saw anything of their relationship, so it was an empty story. Then all we saw was how Juliet was eaten up with JEALOUSY over Kate from day one of Kate coming back. That was what her whole character was reduced to. Then she died out of jealousy. It was awful, but par for the course how women on Lost get decimated.

            I don’t know why women liked Suliet, but the general Kate hate in the fandom is probably the main reason. If you hate Kate but want to fantasize yourself with Sawyer, I guess Suliet was a good substitute. I really don’t know. I never understood all the talk of maturity and happiness. Juliet acted like a ninny from the minute Kate came back. She was less mature than your average 14 year old. I have no idea what people are talking about when they say this was a story about mature love, unless they meant “mature” in the sense of “like old people”.

          • Rams

            thanks for the response. Monique, I think you have only one or two options of why people like or dislike something. I don’t hate Kate because I want to fantasize myself with Sawyer. In fact, I neither hate Kate (I just don’t think she is very interesting) nor want to fantasize myself with Sawyer (shocking, I know!). My favorite romantic couple in Lost is Desmond and Penny, and the only person in Lost I might want to fantasize myself with is Jacob (;-)).

            I agree with you that Juliet was eaten-up with jealously over Kate and did not react maturely, but that didnt make me like Suliet any less. We may have seen their relationsip only in La Fluer, but I think they had done a good job in the previous episodes showing their camaraderie and trust and reliance on each other building up slowly. So, when they actually revealed it, their relationship came as a nice surprise, but was quite believable. Obviously you think otherwise, but hey— it worked for me. 🙂

        • spacebender

          Although it had limited screen time, the relationship between Juliet and Sawyer remains one of my favorites, in addition to that of Penny and Desmond, and the all-too-momentary glimpse of Isabella and Richard. It doesn’t at all diminish the exciting chemistry between Sawyer with Kate and how that relationship has also influenced his development for the better, but I see Kate as more of a transitional relationship that could only take Sawyer so far. Relationship with Juliet I see as more enduring, bringing out more of the person Sawyer is in the process of becoming, and in my opinion their chemistry was beautiful. I agree with Dave that her character has always been consistent even when her circumstances changed, e.g., choosing to save the life of the child who but a time flash away had grown up to cause her unspeakable suffering. (To their credit, both Kate and Sawyer arrived at this difficult decision as well.) Like all of the characters on the show, Juliet’s character is mortal and wounded, in her case by broken relationships in her life. Her pain is enormous precisely because of her tremendous capacity to love. Near the end she comes up against a doubt that has tormented her for a lifetime but I don’t see this as a failure, but a choice (amid a lot of chaos and madness engulfing everyone at the time) for the best possible timeline for everyone she cares about.

          • DharmaDave


            If Juliet killed herself, then the all attempted suicide. All of them went along with the plan in the end, so all of them were suicidal if Juliet was. The only difference with Juliet is that she is the only one that died.

            So if it is suicide that they were all attempting to commit, then what were there reasons:

            Jack Despondent over losing Kate
            Juliet feeling like she was losing Sawyer

            So maybe Juliet and Jack had lame reasons, but at least they had a motivation that made some kind of sense.

            And you can critize Juliet’s character before the Incident, and some are legitimate, but it is not a big coincidence that most Skaters like Juliet before Season 5 and not so much after Season 5.

            And while you are surprised with how many men like Juliet and Sawyer over kate/Sawyer, I am just as shocked with how many women prefer Kate/Sawyer. You have two people who, IMO, had a loving committed realtionship for three years vs. two people who had really great chemistry but the female side of the relationship could never commit to it and all it really did was boil down to flirtation and a few acts of hot cage sex.

            I guess that is why women like romance novels, all steamy sex and fanatasy fulfillment, while in real life they would want Juliet and Sawyer had.

          • Rams

            spacebender- awesome post.

          • MoniquE

            I guess I could explain it this way, Dave. When I’m watching entertainment, I want something entertaining. Sawyer and Juliet weren’t entertaining. They were like watching a gramps and a grandma. I have no idea what their relationship was all about. I had no feeling for the chemistry of their relationship. It was empty. I never saw it, because they never showed it to us.

            If you like action movies, in other words, I guess you’d like to see car chases and fights and stunts. You wouldn’t want to watch two guys act like they’re “too mature” for those silly childish things. I don’t know why it’s crazy to want to see sex and sensuality in a love story, or why it’s shallow when you can actually watch a couple form a bond, the way we saw with Sawyer and Kate for two years before the cages.

            I think it’s weird that boy Lost fans seem to only like the love stories that happened offscreen and where there wasn’t any sex or any complex interactions between the man and woman.

          • dd

            It’s pretty obvious Monique doesn’t understand the critique offered of TV romances that season five provided. I’m also going to guess she wouldn’t be a fan of Turgenev’s “Fathers and Sons.” Or she wouldn’t understand it.

  • gusteaux

    Mars to Venus: We can agree on: “The Incident was a horrible episode for Jack, Juliet, Kate and Sawyer. They all looked like children.”

    • DharmaDave


    • sneezy

      Gods, yes, and I am someone who likes these characters.

  • dd

    People need to stop saying that Juliet killed herself. She did not die from an atomic blast. This is seriously stupid.

    • MoniquE

      You hear that everybody? Stop saying things dd doesn’t agree with. LOL.

      • dp2

        Sorry, dd is right. She died from the fall. If it was the bomb, she’d be burned and in more than one piece.

        • MoniquE

          Point missed again. It doesn’t matter what killed her. She chose to be in that position for one reason, because she was reacting like an unstable teenager to Sawyer’s look at Kate. She wasn’t consciously choosing to die, but she was willingly destroying her life and the life she had with Sawyer, over nothing more than a look she didn’t approve of.

          • DharmaDave

            But aren’t you missing the point that they all decided to do this, knowing that it would erase all of thier lives for the past three years. They all new they would forget each other and thier relationships. This would include kate and Sawyer’s relationship, and neither of them even batted an eyelash about never meeting each other at all through out the whole episode.

            They were all choosing to erase the life they currently had and not know any of each other, at least juliet had some motivation to do that.

            What was sawyer’s motivation? and does it bother you that the idea of her and Jsck’s past being erased clearly bothered Kate’ but she never was shown to show any regret about erasing her knowlegde of Sawyer?

          • dd

            okay, so I got out of bed today. Does this mean that I have killed myself if something happens to me during the day? What if I move to another town and I get into an accident? Does this qualify?

            Did Boone, Libby, and Shannon kill themselves?

            Your definition is absolutely nonsensical. Just like you blasting-off and calling Juliet an “unstable teenager.” Your character analysis is just about as deep as your feminism.

          • MoniquE

            The woman decided to help drop an atom bomb into a mine, not get out of bed. Stop being an idiot, dd.

            Sorry, you can not justify her reasoning either. She was upset that Sawyer looked at Kate. this is a fact. That was her ENTIRE reason. Show me someone over the age of 15 who would freak out and want to destroy her entire known world because her guy might love his ex more than her and I’ll show you a highly unstable, emotionally immature person.

            I’ll never understand how anyone considers that sad, insecure woman to be the mature one in this story. Once the writers hooked her up with Sawyer, they erased everything that had ever made her original and turned her into the weakest kind of female stereotype. It was truly pathetic, but obviously made a big hit with the romance hating, sex hating fanboys. As I said originally that alone speaks volumes.

          • dd

            It doesn’t matter that she helped drop an atom bomb. The bomb didn’t kill her. She didn’t kill herself. She was killed by falling down a shaft after the rupture of an extraordinary amount of electromagnetic energy.

            Your qualification of “killing oneself” makes absolutely no sense. Your definition extends to police, military, and rescue personal who die on the job. Did they kill themselves?

            You don’t seem to understand what I mean by getting out of bed: I got out of bed. I rode my bicycle. I was hit by a car (or one of a billion different things that can happen once one gets out of bed, like slipping in the shower, choking on a bagel, . I died. By getting out of bed and riding my bike, I killed myself because I put myself in a risky position. Do you even understand the form I’m making in this argument?

            Monique, I think you don’t understand that not all of us “fanboys” see relationships as one dimensional. Nor do you understand why people say Sawyer and Juliet’s relationship was mature compared to that with Kate. It has nothing to do with sex or hating sex.

            But I have to go! More interesting things to do than argue with a delusional windsock.

          • dp2

            Indeed, DharmaDave. They all wanted to do this! Every one of them! Every one of them was an attempted suicide, including Kate and Sawyer, by MoniquE’s logic.

          • dp2

            I’d like to add that Kate’s motivation for suicide was to save Claire. That’s how Jack got her to go along. (Notice how Kate turns and looks at Claire when Jin and Sun meet? Guess we know who Kate is in love with, since looking at people in that scene means you love them).

            I’d also point out that Sawyer’s motivation for suicide is……uh….remind me please? What did this mature, well-written character want to achieve by committing suicide?

  • onlyendsonce

    Well,the two-part interview with Lindelof posted on this very site has basically said that Fish’s version of the endgame is 100% wrong. I imagine she’ll be as happy as anyone. Unless she doesn’t read her own comments, which will be proven if she doesn’t mention this in the next recap.

  • Gusteaux

    Four Hundredth. (Now THAT’s a FIRST!)

  • Chris_Crocker_Hates_Lost!

    How fucking dare anyone out there make fun of Fishy after all she has been through!

    She lost her enjoyment, she went through way too many episodes of Jack. She found two fuckin’ continuity errors.

    Locke turned out to be Smokey, a cheater, and now she’s going through premature blog withdrawal symptoms. All you people care about is….. her readers and making fun of her.

    SHE’S A HUMAN! AHHH! OOH! What you don’t realize is that Fishy is writing you all these recaps and all you do is write a bunch of crap about her.

    She hasn’t written a coherent blog in years. Her post is called “point of no return” for a reason because a POINT WILL NEVER RETURN TO HER POSTS!!!

    LEAVE HER ALONE! You are lucky she even wrote for you BASTARDS!
    LEAVE FISHY ALONE!…..Please.

    Funback Joe talked about professionalism and said if Fishy was a professional she wouldn’t be a self-serving, bitter, stuck-up, and/or petulant like a scorned love.

    Speaking of professionalism, when is it professional to publicly bash someone who is going through a hard time?

    Leave Fishy Alone Please…. !
    Leave FishBiscuit alone!…right now!….I mean it.!

    Anyone that has a problem with her you deal with me, because she is not well right now.


    • Bakedbob


    • me

      ohhhhhh STFU.


      I don’t know whats more funny that you think this was meaningful or funny or that you just Chris Crockered FB like Brittany Spears. I can totally see that comparison, you’re right Fishy is going through a hard time, she’s a crackwhore just like B.Spears 🙂

      • Chris_Crocker_Hates_Lost!

        DRIVESHAFTxo, I actually DON’T think what I posted was particularly meaningful or funny; in fact, it was a rather obvious satire only marginally well-executed. My point in posting it was to ironically illustrate the feverish responses that certain people, mostly on the side of FB’s defense, engage in on this thread. It was in reaction to andrew’s earlier statement that, “It’s getting all Chris Crocker up in here.”

        That, and the fact that I was bored and figured it would be good for some shits and giggles. Naturally, a humorless response was the first forthcoming retort. Thanks for redeeming (if only slightly) my meager attempt at obvious stirring the shit. Cheers.

        • Goldie

          Your attempt at ridiculing Fish’s defenders kind of fails since their behaviour is in no way worse than that of Darlton’s apologists here.

          • dd

            I think it’s considerably different. The Fb clan is relying on flimsy critiques and a poor understanding of the show. They are also only offering a defense f a person who is equally unskilled at analyzing the story outside their strange fixation the nuances of a characters glances that supposedly justify their shipper fantasy.

  • ((guada_lupe))

    I just wanted to put this up again towards the bottom so newer people could read it in case it got lost in all the comments. It’s what I’ve been wanting to say about this recap, only WAY better.

    Funback Joe says:
    April 26, 2010 at 9:43 am

    Fishbiscuit is such a sad, sad woman. I cannot wait until LOST is over and her life is as meaningless as she feels this show has become. Because honestly, this must be what she’s afraid of: she senses the void approaching, a time where once again no one will care about who she is or what she thinks, not even a few dozen electronic people. She senses this void and is desperate for this show to give her life meaning before it truly reverts to nothingness.

    Can this site please give us the voice of a LOST FAN, who isn’t self-serving, bitter, stuck-up, and/or petulant like a scorned lover (or is convinced the whole thing is still a videogame… but i digress)? I understand that Fishbiscuit has given most of her life to LOST in the hopes that it would return the favor by making her existence worth a damn, but for God’s sake: the reason I come to these FAN sites is to read a FAN’s observations. Not a former fan, a current fan. If she’s given up hope, that’s her prerogative, but I have LOVED season 6, I am EXCITED about what’s to come, and I want to hear from people who share that opinion. It doesn’t have to be exclusively so, but this site is really only serving up people whose own purpose is no longer being served by the show that gave them what little they have now. They bite the hand that feeds them.

    Despite Fishbiscuit’s assertions, it is very easy to sit back and criticize (read: nitpick). I would prefer to read an article, however, by one of the many who recognize LOST for what it is: a bold, unprecedented artistic achievement, something that shouldn’t exist on television, let alone NETWORK television. Like other great, sprawling works, such as The White Album, Pynchon’s ‘Gravity’s Rainbow, etc, half of the beauty is in the mess, the disjointed nature of its narrative, the loose threads, and of course the frequent blasts of life-affirming beauty that rise out of the muck. The combination of these elements creates an accurate reflection of life, and what each viewer takes from it can be thought of as a reflection of their viewpoint on life. That is why I simultaneously feel so bad for Fishbiscuit (who lately has used her weekly blog as a platform to say the equivalent of ‘I GAVE YOU THE BEST YEARS OF MY LIFE!” in a sad huff) but also feel extremely tired of hearing from people who can no longer feel the joy of watching absurdly excellent entertainment or allow the brilliant mess that is LOST to sweep them up and usher them to what we all know will be a mind-blowing conclusion.

    Yay LOST!


    Monique i feel as if you should go get hit by a car… i mean BECAUSE THATS TOTALLY SUICIDE… *cough. I’m sure it’ll happend as soon as LOST is over anyway, In your sick derranged world Juliet killed herself and SKATE is the most romantic perfect couple in the world… IN THE REAL WORLD you’re just a Meth head. Thanks babe for the wonderful entertainment.

    • Andrew G.

      Wow…you’re a complete a-hole. Unreal.

      • Fandango

        No kidding. There’s a clutch of Jack worshippers from the Fuse who come here to express their bitter hatred of Fishbiscuit every week. The names change, but writing styles remain the same. All because Fish doesn’t like Jack, whom they worship. Go figure.

        • dd

          Or because FB is a terrible recapper. Refer to all the flimsy arguments.

        • DRIVESHAFTxo

          I don’t even like Jack, but uh good one? This is my one and only name dearest. Theres a clutch of Jack worshippers? Ewwie. Thanks DD.

  • Bakedbob

    All i have to say that Lost are the fans..more than the show and the characters them selves.

    I mean really… you people are mostly making up stuff that the writers didn’t even bother to show us or make us suspects things…
    You are really really…i mean REALLY LOST.

    So Lost…i doubt you can even enjoy the show any more…pathetic

  • gusteaux

    Come on guys, can’t we politely disagree and even argue without the personal attacks?

  • :Lee

    While reading your article on this article, I got the impression you seemed more concerned with preaching the union of Sawyer and Kate, Sawyer’s coolness and Jack’s lack of coolness. Is that it?

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