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LOST Season 6 Teaser

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As expected, the Season 6 teaser shown at D23 did not include any new footage.  Here is a looksie at the promo recorded at D23.

Via TheODI

From TVFrenzy:

  • jeff

    All that promo does is remind me that Josh Holloway and Elizabeth Mitchell got screwed out of Emmy nominations.

    • Andrew


      Go to, and search “Lost season 6,” there are teleplays that seem quite genuine for the first 5 episodes of season 6. If this is real, there are MAJOR spoilers here that no one seems to have figured out.

  • angjen0816

    I forgot how emotional the Sawyer/Juliet scene was…the DESERVE emmy’s for that performance!

  • Flocke

    I hope they don’t show any new footage in the promos this year

    • Devin

      Agreed. For one, I feel like anything would give away too much after that cliffhanger. Also, this being the last season, I would LOVE for them to keep it a complete mystery until the premiere.

      But ABC is gonna wanna promote it and get as many viewers as possible. Seeing as it is a business, I don’t think we’re gonna get our wish.

  • Semajri

    Well no I think ABC can manage to market it by showing clips from previous seasons really building this up as the last season. Also don’t forget before the premiere of the first season footage was already seen in promos and in fact the whole thing was already seen at comic-con.

  • Leslie Arzt

    I think this trailer kinda sucks because I highly disagree about the emotional performances of Juliet/Sawyer. All that stuff in the last season finale was like some terribly written soap opera, comon did any of you guys really buy that whole storyline? I think that whole part should really be better left forgotten and that they should just focus on clips from season one and later ones for the final season trailer.

    • neoloki


      have you watched The Incident again since it aired? i would do a straight watch through. the motivations are clearer a and less soapy on re-watch.

      but we can argue about it all day.

      • Leslie Arzt

        Yer i seen it again and i’m not too concerned bout the motivations which i don’t think the show really needed to be so thoroughly explained as they did, like its pretty clear why they all go through with Jacks plan. I just still don’t buy the Juliet/Sawyer thing cos the writers jst go ‘jump ahead 3 years’ and suddenly we missed all the character development that builds their relationship.

        Plus like Juliet has all the info that Ethan would have in season one i.e. she knows everything about the others yet we still know very little so i don’t buy the characters being close to her without asking her what the hell’s going on.

        Personally I really wanted her to do in the finale and was almost pissed off when she was alive enough to break le bomb with the rock.

        • Leslie Arzt


  • b

    I didn’t buy Juliet’s reason for going along with Jack’s plan. Seemed pretty stupid to me. But the scene when Juliet got pulled down into the pit was one of the most heartbreaking TV scenes of all time.

    Also – Basically every important dead 815er is seen in the promo poster a few posts down, but only Michael, Charlie and Claire are shown in this video. Thoughts?

  • Chuck

    After just finishing season 1 again, I think Jack might be aging backwards. He looks and sounds like he’s going through puberty in season 5.

  • Ament

    It’s insane to think in 4 months it will be the beginning of the end.

  • Andrew

    Someone needs to tell me if these summaries/teleplays are real. If they aren’t, they’re damn good fakes….

  • The docs found at are a joke. The sentence structure is horrid, there are grammar mistakes such as your instead of you’re, I could go on and on. Whoever did those is not in any professional writing career, I assure you of that.

  • rob

    the docstocs could be legit, or what someone remembers of the legit versions. if they are fake, somebody came up with some pretty cool stuff for s6. i wouldnt dismiss them due to typos and misc errors.