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LOST Season Six – Major Spoiler

By docarzt,

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Pictures speak louder than words, right?

LAX. Now. Keep your eyes on For a full report. Oh, one thing.  ‘I’ Was there.  In a certain, particular form.  Wanna guess what that means? Don’t go to pieces trying to figure it out, Ryan will have the details for you shortly.


From TVFrenzy:

  • thank you doc and ryan !

  • AstroJones

    THIS is the coolest Lost item I’ve seen all summer. And you were there? As in you, Docarzt, was there at LAX? Maybe I’m reading into this too much.

    • Mack


  • Seabiscuit


  • Donald

    How is this a major spoiler? It’s just as vague as everything else.

    • lockeheart

      I agree, just because they are in LAX filming doesnt really mean its a new timeline or anything. An airport is an airport, is it possible they are just gonna make it look like sydney airport or something. Maybe if they did make it sydney our losties would have a choice wheather or not to board the plane. We know jacob loves giving people choices

  • HumeLocke

    I think there is most likely going to be a new timeline and Desmond (being special) will be the only one who knows about it. “See ya in another life brotha.” Maybe he has to do something on the island to change things, maybe giving the 815er’s some kind of dual conciousness. I don’t know all the details, but I think Desmond is going to be a BIG part of the final season

    • pLove17

      Good call, HumeLocke!
      Think about this. Faraday visited Desmond PRIOR to Flight 815 crashing. A rebooted timeline leaves him still on the island but we know he’s “special” in that he can be used as a conduit through time.
      His catch phrase of another life will take on significant meaning and as usual, Darlton may have been tipping us off from the moment we saw him how S6’s story arc may go…

      • HumeLocke

        I just hope we don’t have to go through a bunch of scenes of Desmond going up to people from the island saying “You don’t remember me?” “We were on an island together…a magical island.” Then having several characters say “You’re insane, man” That would become redundant fast.

      • Zonker

        How exactly do we think Desmond’s story would play out in the post-Jughead timeline? If he gets washed up on the island, there is no Swan station, presumably no Kelvin to take him in. Does he join the Others? Is Ms. Hawking waiting there for him on the island in this timeline? Hmmmm.

  • dolce

    I am really, really, really putting my trust in D+C to do this right. I will be so devastated if this alternate time line thing comes to be after so blindly and faithfully following the WH,H mantra all last season. But if it has to be, I hope that they can sell it to me and have me buy it with a smile on my face. I know that as LOST fans, we are all by nature harsh critics and very particular with what we spend our time watching/reading, but I have always considered myself an extra harsh critic, so pleasepleasepleaseplease don’t let me down!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • neoloki

    I believe they can do this correctly and keep WHH in play if they make the reset a Tangent Universe that was created from Jughead and needs to be destroyed; think Donnie Darko. If the Tangent time Line is completely separate from the time line that makes up the first 5 seasons of Lost and is used as a “problem” time line or a kind of “loop-hole”, if you will, in order to change certain things like Locke’s death, then once it is collapsed back into the true time line WHH is still in play. I am supremely confident that TPTB can use an ALT while still maintaining the integrity of the last 5 season of Lost.

  • pLove17

    I agree with neoloki.
    TPTB have stated we won’t be focusing on flashbacks or flashforwards in S6. How about parallel flashes?
    Once the Tangent Univ is “corrected” all may fall back into line with the previous seasons.
    What if our Tailies must choose which universe to save?
    Live Together, Die Alone….

  • I might not be the first one, but I don’t think this is a spoiler at all. Sure, we’re seeing characters in “LAX” but, what does that mean? On a show that has flashed back and forward, who’s to say that these scenes aren’t part of some kind of flashback to show something that happened in the airport, or even a dream sequence like the airport scene with Locke?

    • Ament

      Because it’s LAX all other airport scenes were in Sydney. They never made it to LA…until now I guess.

      • angjen0816

        not exactly. they were at LAX when they went back to the island

        • Ament

          True, but in this scene we see Josh Halloway’s chair. We know he wasn’t with them when they boarded Ajira.

    • ghanima

      It could be another dream that takes place in the Sydney airport. But you would think they would be set up on the upper level of the airport, near check in and security. If they are filming near where the chairs are, then the scene takes place at baggage claim, which implies that the plane has landed. A first.

      (Of course, it could still be a dream that Jack has that his master plan worked and they all landed safely, only to have him wake up, on his back, in the middle of the jungle again. Dream sequences should be banned.)

  • As some had speculated after the panel at Comic-Con, perhaps the Swan explosion causes time to split in two, and therefore we will see 2 different realities. If the Powers That Be do it right, it might just work. Perhaps part of the season will deal with bringing these 2 timelines back together. All in all, it’s bound to make for some good television.

  • Zeus Ex machina

    Dude…this isn’t even a minor spoiler, let alone a major one. So they’re at LAX. That says nothing whatsoever about season six, other than the fact that at least one scene was shot at LAX.

    • apackofmonkeys

      You’re misunderstanding. DocArzt said that he was there, but in another form. Who is docarzt named after? And if they’re showing that person in LAX, what does that mean? Because that person certainly didn’t DEPART from LAX, but from Sydney….

    • Ament

      Apack’s right. It’s not so much the picture people are reading into…click the site and read about the happenings at Honalulu Airport and what they have been doing to make it like LAX. Daniel Roebuck was spotted. This is absolutely a MAJOR spoiler.

  • Pat

    There is a spoiler if you click on the link to head over to the Hawaii Web Blob. Excited for what it says!

  • clueless1der

    EEE! How awesome!

    • dolce

      Hey Clue!!! Been missing you and Tri and a bunch of the other regulars. I’m driving my wife crazy because I have no one else to talk to about LOST. If you are on face book, I would love if you friend requested me ( Steve Dolce ).

  • Ament

    It’s a major spoiler because up until now it was all speculation about LAX coming into play and most blogs were on the fence on what will happen. Here’s the shot whether they use it for the first episode of S6 or the finale it is clear that LAX does in some way come into play. Maybe things are simpler then what we interpret.

  • Jack’s Sidekick

    I’m going to be in Oahu October 20-23 and I’m hoping to be around this atmosphere. Anyone know any way to get info? Silly question I know.

  • JacobsLather

    I’m all for an alternate timeline, but this isn’t actually LAX. Look at the sign in the background: “Welcome to Hawaii.” Unless in the alternate universe they’ve moved Los Angeles to Hawaii, it’s not LAX.

    Am I taking crazy pills?

    • Mack

      They film in Hawaii. The set will be dressed to look like LAX

  • Kate

    That’s what I´ve thought JacobsLather. It´s Hawaii Airport. Somebody knows if the time we saw LAX airport (when they took Ajira fly) it was Hawaii?

  • Okan

    Or they are in Sydney, are about to fly with Oceanic 815. Before the crash. Now they will keep going push the button to save the world.

  • neoloki

    Come on guys click on the links and read the info that goes with the pictures. It is a spoiler. they film everything in Hawaii, so of course LAX is being filmed at this airport.

    P.s. so far this is a much more reasonable conversion than what is taking place on another Major Lost site. Can’t imagine that it will Last that much longer.

  • HumeLocke

    What if the nuke puts everyone into a state of timeline jumping like Desmond in “The Constant”(Fav Episode BTW 🙂 And they will all have to find their own constants. Since Darlton have said that it won’t be flashbacks or FFs this season, maybe the new medium will be alternate timeline flashes. Everyone begins going through the same things that Desmond was in that ep. Why put so much emphasis on the idea of “constants” and their effect on the psyche if the concept was only to be used for one episode?

    • HumeLocke

      Although he was jumping through his own singular timeline, maybe the other 815ers will be seeing glimpses of their time on the island in the OTHER timeline…idk just a thought

  • Matthew Perry

    Show me a picture of a chair that say Dominic Monaghan, Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje, or Ian Somerhalder and then I’ll be excited.

  • speculation is dangerous with so little intel. I just hope they stick with WHH, or else i will be very sore.

    • dolce


    • Ament

      I agree with speculating but I don’t know…they’re filming by a baggage claim. All we’ve ever seen these people do is buy tickets and never actually land.

  • Scott

    Do you think that there’s a possibility that the ending could be completely lame or entirely predictable? How about the last episode ending with Flight 815 crashing on the Island, and Jack barely alive, and we realize (like in the movie Jacob’s Ladder) that the last six seasons were really the incoherent thoughts of a man about to die, and then the show ends with Shepherd dying, and it pans out to the rest of the dead bodies, including the Oceanic 6, on the island?

    • dolce

      That would be lame.

    • Pat

      I am very upset you said this because I would have completely been happy with this ending

      • Ament

        I would of liked that as well

  • Jack’s Sidekick

    One thing we may all forget when believing they will land straight in LA if Jack’s plan worked: the Pilot said that something was wrong with the plane and they had to head to a different direction, Fuji if I remember correctly. So if they don’t crash, maybe they won’t go straight to LA. Just a thought. Plus no one’s excited for me to be going to Honolulu while they’re filming? He he.

    • Ament

      Something was wrong with the plane because of Desmond not pushing the button in time. With the Swan gone, that wouldn’t be an issue for the plane.

  • Jack Daniels

    I just can’t understand why everybody is so latched on to the Whatever Happened, Happened theory. I love the idea of alternate timelines and changing the past, it would make for so much more interesting storytelling and give the writers more avenues to travel down, whereas WH,H gives them only one by the very nature of what it is. In the past the Losties ‘tried’ to blow up the Swan station, but merely caused what they were trying to prevent and the events that would follow this ‘Incident’ are what we’ve already seen in Seasons 1,2,3 & 4. There are areas that can be explored, such as immediate post-Incident, purge and post-purge, post Widmore banishment, but all that can only lead to the same conclusion akin to what Scott suggested above. I’m not going to say that that would be lame, but it would definitely be plain. I hope they do spend a bit of time in Season 6 exploring the whole alternate timeline/reality angle, and the with the premiere title being revealed and now this shot of possible filming occuring at LAX it looks like they’re going to. I can’t wait.

  • SonoftheRoad

    I have been using this website since the Season 4/5 interim, and never really came across major spoilers…so I guessed that what I saw on this website was about as far as it went with spoiler.

    Then I checked out the Hawaii website posted above…I don’t want to go back there again! Granted, some of what was mentioned could be explained in other ways, but the possibility is always there…and that ruined it for me man!

    Please do NOT check out that website unless you want some secrets revealed without even watching it (I don’t understand the fun in it personally).