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LOST Spoiler Clampdown

By docarzt,

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spoilerAs many of you have pointed out, we’ve gotten a bit lax about the spoilers here – and I apologize.  So effective immediately, we’re going to be instituting a few new editorial measures aimed at reducing the spoilage.  Click through for details and let me know what you think.

1.  All spoiler articles will feature the sunburst dharma exclamation point logo you see in this article on the front page.  This will prevent any spoilery images from leaking in.  This is HARD CODED, so none of us can accidently forget to do it.

2. All spoiler titles will follow a purposefully vague standard:

LOST SPOILER – Episode XX.XX – [some vague info]

With some vague info being stuff like “Casting update,” “Interview,” “Title revealed,” etc.

3. All spoiler article excerpts (which appear on the front page and in the RSS) will be devoid of ANY details that relate to a twist, story element, casting decision, etc.  You can see examples of this on the front page.

These changes are really just a stop gap.  My long term intent is to get them into a separate area of the site and off the front page completely.  That will require some design changes and I won’t be able to get around to that until after show day has come and gone.  If you are a spoiler phobe, though, hang in there.  By this time next week NO spoilers will appear on the front page at all.  In the meantime, hopefully these changes will help you avoid even the lightest of spoilers.

From TVFrenzy:

  • angjen0816

    thanks Doc! this episode has had a few things spoiled for me. its no ones fault but the extra effort is great! your the best!

  • Devin

    😀 Thanks! Good to see you’re responding to this. Always reliable!

  • congested

    Awesome, thanks.

  • Erikire

    Very well done!

  • clueless1der

    Thanks Doc, I imagine you got more emails over this than the pooping vanilla ice cream shipper stuff.

  • Awesome. It really makes a difference to the enjoyment of your work. Thanks. 🙂

  • Hipster Doofus

    Even though I have gotten a taste for the tid-bits, this sort of consideration is why I like your site the most. Thanks Doc.

  • Joshua

    Thank you for doing this 🙂

  • CelticFan96

    Thanks, Brotha

  • Apopheniac79

    Though you call it a mere ‘stop gap’ it solves any issue that may arise before it does. Takes care of front page titles, descriptions, images, and rss.


  • Desi’s Brother

    I was super annoyed by all the spoilers on the home page over the last week. I was going to complain so I’m you have clamped down on it.

    It totally ruined the Mathew Abadon return.

  • 336 Tail Sectionite

    **Thanks Doc** !! It’s getting so bad I’d decided to stop reading the website entirely after ep. 5.08, just to stay “unspoiled” as the season finale approaches.

    A big request–can you please consider adopting the “Next Week’s Previews Count as Spoilers” policy (a la Lostpedia)? Lots of spoilers are slipping through in discussion of those too…

    Many thanks again Doc.