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2 Sneak peeks for episode 6×12

By lyly ford,

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here two sneak peeks for the next episode of LOST !

From TVFrenzy:

  • harry

    hang on here,
    did hugo’s mother just say his date was “rosalita”? as in “rose”?

  • joshua

    I’m hoping Rosalita is Libby somehow. haha

    • gusteaux

      Or Starla.

    • Huckelberry

      Libby is on the list on IMDB.. Maybe he drops the date with Rosalita (or whatever) and hooks up with Libby instead. Libby sucks.

      • whateverhappenedhappened

        Yep – then good old Hurley will have a DanDesChar-Love-Epithany (c)

  • spacebender

    “You have to trust me; I’ve been training my whole life for this”
    “To blow stuff up?” “To protect you!”
    “Yeah, but how is blowing up the plane protecting us?”
    “With that plane gone, that Thing won’t be able to leave the Island!”
    “Yeah, well neither will we, and then we’ll be stuck here with it, and it’ll be angry at us!”

    Classic Hurley!

    • Hopefor51

      Uhuh. That made me, in Alice-speak “Curiouser and curiouser”. Can’t wait for next week. So good to see Mama Carmen Reyes back.

    • GeigerCounter

      I loved Richard’s annoyed look.

    • amy

      I love Hurley’s wisdom!

    • Alaine

      As usual, Hurley has a point!

  • Krys

    It’s Rosalinda not Rosalita.

  • Dharma77

    Haha! Classic Mama Reyes!

  • Ajira Luggage

    Uh Darlton, please keep Ilana in that shirt for the rest of the season.

    And it’s a huge plot hole that our heroes would think they can fly that plane off the island. It’s just ridiculous, it’s been sitting around rotting with no maintenance for a long time. Even if they had this silly idea, Frank would set them straight quickly.

    • GeigerCounter

      How long is it there “rotting” exactly? A week? Ten days? Hardly a long time.

      • Kevin

        Didn’t Widmore tell Des last night he was out for three days after Ben shot him? Ben left on Ajira that same day. If there is any truth to that, the plane has only been inactive for a few days. If you count the night scenes – following FLock – since the plane landed, it seems about right.

        • The Mantis

          Does metal “rot”? I must have missed that class…

          • Ajira Luggage

            Such literalism is not a sign of intelligence. Obviously I was using the expression colloquially and not scientifically.

          • sebastian81

            I agree with Ajira, since when it’s so easy to leave the island?

    • outphase

      According to Lostpedia’s timeline, it’s been rotting for 10 days.

      • GeigerCounter

        I still don’t see a problem in that. First of all, nothing is rotting. The plane’s made out of metal. The fuel won’t go bad. So what that it’s parked at the end of the runway for ten days?

        • Ajira Luggage

          Maybe I’m wrong, it felt like longer than that. But still, they can’t just assume it has enough fuel and whatever else an airplane needs to run, and would you go in a plane that hasn’t been given even a quick check-over by a maintenance crew? Not me.

          • GeigerCounter

            It must have enough fuel, seeing as it was scheduled to fly to Guam and it crash-landed when they were half way there (plus they always put in more fuel that is actually needed for the flight in case something goes wrong and they would need to stay up longer or go to a different airport). So unless the gas tank was damaged (which it wasn’t) then fuel shouldn’t be a problem. As for a proper check-over… well, they’re on an island. They wouldn’t have a proper check-over even if the plane was only there for five minutes. I still think this is much safer than building a raft out of bamboo. And desperate times call for desperate actions.

          • Brent

            Doesnt the plane have a big hole in the cockpit window where a branch went through it? maybe im not remembering that right but if I am Im sure no cabin pressure might effect how it flys

        • outphase

          I meant “rotting” 🙂

        • Dru

          A branch went thru the windshield and killed the co-pilot. There can be no pressure maintained in the airplane.

          In other words, that plane can not fly. No one could sit in the cockpit and fly that plane. And if someone managed to, it would pop open like mentos and diet coke as soon as it got any real altitude.

          (unless there are Dharma plane windshields on the island.

          • s.w.a.c.

            You can do wonders with cardboard and duct tape.

  • ghanima

    Hmmm, rain, outrigger canoes…someone’s getting shot by Juliet soon

    • Jackisjack

      yes that has to be shown soon, now the question is who…and are they gonna die from it.

  • milocampo

    don’t do it hugo, she only wants your money! 😉

  • Well, at least maybe all the waiting around at the beach camp will end this episode.

  • Mama Reyes spin-off show? Do I hear a second?

    • Aaron(really!)

      Hugo’s mom is my absolute favorite LOST character. She should win an award for best supporting actress, if there is such a thing.

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