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A chat with Carlton and Damon

By lyly ford,

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headerIt’s been a long, strange ride over the course of five seasons, but if you’ve followed “Lost” all along from the very beginning of the series, then Season 5 has almost certainly felt like a pay-off for all of the waiting you’ve endured. Indeed, the staff of Bullz-Eye has voted “Lost” into the top spot on our bi-annual TV Power Rankings for the first time in the history of the show. It would seem that this accomplishment pleased executive producers Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof, given that they cheerily agreed to chat with us about the show. It will probably come as no surprise to you that they weren’t willing to unabashedly offer up spoilers about what viewers can expect to see in the weeks ahead, but they did provide us with a few teases here and there, along with clarification on how the show settled into a groove after declaring its end date and their picks for their personal favorite episodes of Season 5.
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From TVFrenzy:

  • Matthew Perry

    You know what makes text hard to read?

    When an entire paragraph is italicized.

  • Matthew Perry

    Oh man, if Sir Anthony Hopkis played Jacob, I could die truly happy. He is my favorite actor.

    • mjm81066


  • Oh man. Hope I’m around to see this finish out.

    Long story.

    But that answers are coming for “lost” characters before the end of Season 5, good.

  • Mark Pelligrino? I find a Pellegrino in the database, not feeling him for a transforming role at all.

    But then, the writers provide the meat for all the performances of so many actors we didn’t know existed before (Emerson, anyone), so I’ll have a little faith.

  • Shaun

    Hmm… They’re playing dumb about the woman behind Sun (there’s no way they don’t know about that), and they’re still saying that Libby won’t be seen again (which sucks… Why did they bother with Libby in the nuthouse then?). Those two things aside, there’s some good info in that interview. Not terribly spoiler-ific in my mind. I’m remaining hopeful that Walt will indeed return.

    • Heidi

      Don’t we need to understand why Libby gave Desmond the sailboat? Or we are to just believe it was her good will? And not Charles Widmore paying her to do so?

      • Hipster Doofus

        Let’s just assume it was exactly why she said it was: for love. I like that explanation better than any nefarious one anyway.

    • Nicole

      Didn’t Carlton or Damon previously say ” Libby being part of DHARMA isn’t exactly barking up the wrong tree”??? They never answered that…

  • Hipster Doofus

    Wow, this guy was NOT afraid to ask all sorts of questions. Very cool.

    Number one for me is the fact that they said we will see what happened to Rose and Bernard before the season is over.

  • Steven

    Isn’t it obvious where Rose and Bernard go? When time started jumping, they went to the only safe place they knew of…the caves. There, they survived as long as they could…until they curled up and died next to each other…Bernard with a couple of backgammon pieces in his pocket.

  • neoloki

    I have been reading peoples theories for weeks about Rose and Bernard being Adam & Eve and I am really bored by the concept. I am hoping Adam and Eve are a lot more important to the overall Lost mythology. Adam and Eve should be Ben and Annie, or Sawyer and Kate. Come on lets think big. Rose and Bernard stopped being interesting after they were reunited in season 2.

    Great interview with D & C. I think it is funny reading interviews with them because every interviewer asks questions you know they won’t answer but they do it anyway. It is an amazing exercise in redundancy. I love the idea that D & C are going to try to fool the end of seasons spoilers. Re-route what our expectations are, but if they can actually accomplish fooling the big spoilers by misdirection and using the story and actors in such a way to make it look like one thing is happening when actually something entirely different is being implied, well the idea is awesome. Also, interesting to hear that the death everyone has been talking about isn’t going to be what we have been led to believe.

    • Sean Olson

      I am of the feeling that the symbolism of Adam and Eve is a direct reference to the DeGroots, the “mother and father” of the Dharma Initiative.

      Any other explanation just seems… contrived.

      • Dolce


      • Heidi

        Jack says something about it takes 40 or 50 years for the clothing to deteriorate to the point seen on Adam and Eve so death occurred in 1954 or so, no? Don’t think DeGroots would be there at that time.

  • Iwantmykidneyback

    Walt is coming back in the season six finale, The Variable is going to be awesome,Daniel found a way to change the past(the incident?), and Jacob will be in the finale. bank on it.

  • neoloki

    Not many posts on this site for this topic. Over on another Lost site their are 160 comments and the majority of them are calling D & C liars, saying they won’t answer any of the major mysteries and as many awful things you can think of because they said they won’t be addressing Libby’s back story. I personally don’t think they need to answer everything on the show even if they said they would.