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Ajira Airways “DESTINATION DESTINY” Promo #2

By DarthVibbert,

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ajira_logo1Today there was a new promo recently put out by

This may contain some tiny spoilers so please beware.

[media id=12 width=320 height=240]

For those of us in the know… there’s an upcoming episode entitled “316”, in the video a flight 316 is mentioned… could this be said 316 in the title, we’ll see.


Hope everyone enjoys the premiere tonight, we made it the 8 months 🙂

From TVFrenzy:

  • noni

    very interesting stuff there. you can download and print a boarding pass with some instructions how to use it…..

  • Jim

    so assuming that this is the plane that gets some of the “6” back to the island you have to believe that some of these other people end up on the island as well. are they destined to be red shirts or should we start paying attention to them now???