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Emilie De Ravin interview about Claire and her new “friend”

By lyly ford,

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This is might be kinda spoilers but i thought it was interesting to read about it.

So Claire is crazy, huh?
[Laughs] In a nutshell, yes!

Funny you say the word “nutshell” because I’ve heard something about a squirrel baby …
Mmmhmmm … I’ve made myself a squirrel child out of squirrel bones and some kind of fur and little button eyes. He’s real cute.

Obviously you can’t just disappear with your father in that cabin for a full season and not have repercussions, so is this what’s happened?
Yeah, she’s been three years, living on her own, making her own housing and food and protecting herself. The only person she’s had contact with as a friend is Locke — who’s not really Locke anymore. So any information that she’s been given about what’s going on with other people or the Island is from him. And there are maybe some things that are not the whole truth. He’s led her to believe that the Others have her baby at the Temple, so that’s been her whole plan this last three years, to get him back. Finding out that he’s off the Island and Kate is bringing him up is just like a complete, complete shock to her. So there’s an interesting relationship with Claire and Kate now — a combination of animosity, to say the least, and also respect and thanks. So that’s been fun playing with.

more here : aoltv

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From TVFrenzy:

  • Sara

    I’m presuming you mean Claire and “her” new friend, yes? 😉

  • harry

    squirrel baby?
    someones off there rocker obviously 🙂
    i wonder why the other survivors (excluding sayid) dont get affected by “the illness” that makes you go loopy?
    if only we knew….

    • Did NO ONE else notice the baby was also part ORCA!!! Check it out again….

      © must credit

  • dp2

    Loved the squirrel baby.

  • The “illness” has to do with being “claimed,” as Dogen told Jack in the Temple. Only those who’ve been claimed seem to lose their minds and teeter on the dark side.

    I think this interview would definitely qualify as a spoiler in that it makes it clear the Nemesis is feeding Claire lies about Aaron. Certainly we can assume this from the recent episode, but we could also have assumed Claire believed the Others were responsible because they once took her and Aaron for their experiments in fertility. Suffice to say, she has never had a particularly good relationship with the Island’s inhabitants.

    • lindsay

      well, last night she specifically told jin ‘i know the others have my baby because my father and my new friend told me’ so not a spoiler at all really.

  • Man in Blue

    “This is might be kinda spoilers”

    And some people wonder why so many visitors are asking Doc to proofread Lyly’s articles before they’re posted.

  • GeigerCounter

    One thing I don’t get:
    The monster took Locke’s form only after Ajira 316 crashed, right? And we’ve seen what “Locke” did and where he went after this happened. So when did he become “friends” with Claire and how is it that he spent time with her?

    • The_Professor

      I think the implication is that Smokey/MiB/Nemesis has been able to take various shapes all along. He “was” Claire’s father in that cabin scene. So maybe he’s posed as Locke before? Otherwise, I’m a bit confused on it, too, because it would seem he can only take the shape of people who are dead on the island, and Locke wasn’t dead until, as you say, Ajira crashed.

      • GeigerCounter

        I actually came up with an answer to my own question right after asking it. 🙂
        I guess since Claire is “sick” she can see that John is the Monster. (She said it her self – that’s not John, that;s my friend). Maybe she sees smoke where we see John. So I guess she’s been friends with the monster all along, when it had other forms, and it doesn’t matter that now it looks like Locke.

    • naultz

      I think maybe once you are claimed you have some kind of “bond” with smokie, that my feel like “friendship”. plus smoke monsters probably don’t sleep or eat so he has alot more time to befriend potentail recruits.

    • Main in Blue

      I’m convinced the Monster and Locke have been joined at the hip since early in season 1, when the two communed in the jungle.

  • Jimmy Zer0

    At some point I hope someone boots her in the head like Sawyer did to Jack and yells “WAKE UP BITCH YOU LEFT YOUR BABY IN A BUSH AND WANDERED AWAY”

    • ghanima

      I kind of wanter Jin to shout that at her when she was rambling on.

    • Benjamin

      hahahaha..yeah one thing I don’t understand is, if Claire just up and left Aaron in the jungle, why is she so pissed that Kate, let alone ANYONE would take him?

      She just kinda dumped him in the leaves..right?

  • greg dharma

    when is she going to realize the dingoes ate her baby?

    • Chris

      Gotta say that I don’t think that a reference to such a horrific story is that funny:

      • Cutter XXIII

        Hey Chris


        Well-known equation, as conceived by Woody Allen and delivered by Alan Alda.

        And it’s true, too. In time you’ll be laughing about your tragic post.

      • It’s a joke from Seinfeld by Elaine, which means yeah, it was meant to be a tasteless joke.

        But…well….it is funny in that context!

    • Cutter XXIII

      Dude… that happened near Ayers Rock! Whoa!!

      Seriosuly, I didn’t realize the Lost connection.

  • So who was Claire talking too for the past 3 years, her friend Smokey didn’t turn into “Locke” until recently.

    Christian perhaps?

    • Cutter XXIII

      I thought that’s why when Jin said “Locke,” Claire replied, “NO, that’s my friend.”

  • Huckelberry

    It was great that once we got to see Claire as a claimed person, they at the same time showed the huge resemblance with ROUSSEAU.

    I mean, it is now crystal clear that Rousseau got claimed just like Claire. The illness was not at her friends, but inside herself. That is why they wanted to kill her, because she was craaaazy. (This also bescause now we know Montand who lost his arm was a candidate, from the lighthouse) And that’s also why Ben was sent to take her baby Alex; because she was craaazy. No baby should be with a claimed mother! (And also because the baby eventually would be claimed as well.)

    Weird to think back and realize that Rousseau actually WAS crazy (or claimed, whatever), and that Sayid did not know what he was talking about when he told Jack & Co that she had “just been alone for too long” or something..

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