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First look : Lost

By lyly ford,

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When will they feel safe?” That’s all exec producer Carlton Cuse will say about Juliet (Elizabeth Mitchell) and Sawyer (Josh Holloway) being threatened by soldiers during Lost‘s two-hour premiere on Jan. 21. Time-travel theorists, note his emphasis. And Sawyer swooners, be advised that the hunky rogue remains shirtless for one full hour. Says exec producer Damon Lindelof, ”Even I am powerless.” We hear Juliet may soon feel similarly…

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From TVFrenzy:

  • I realize it is a mistake Lyly, and we all appreciate your great posts as of late, but posting spoiler pics and text on the main page ruins it for those of us who don’t want to spoiled.. could you please revise your post.. thanks..

  • Mark

    Ya-Jeez-I thought they would now live a happy, problem free existence on the island.
    Get over it, people. There is no news here in this posting.

  • docarzt

    Agreed Mark. Look folks, this is not a spoiler. If posts it without a warning, it’s not a spoiler. A promo pic is not a spoiler. The losties being restrained by people? Say it isn’t so? I bet they get restrained 50 times an episode till the end of the show.

    If you are so sensitive that you think promo pics and extremely vague hints given out by the producers themselves are spoilers, stay off the internet. In fact, turn your tv off when your not watching the show… IN FACT… stop watching the show the moment you hear the boom-lost thing, because there is a big bad promo coming after that.

    Spoilers are the revealing of critical narrative before it happens. Like DarkUFO’s ‘sources’ giving away the shock ending of 5.02. Wanna bitch about spoilers? Find those people. This is a promo pic and a tidbit. You’ll probably see this seen on a promo or too, in fact… you already have seen pieces of it on them if you’ve been paying attention.

    I’m going to start moderating you guys out because the complaints are pointless, and again — if a little bit of advertising bothers you, you need to stay off these sites anyways. This is not a spoiler.

  • Jalocke

    The point is that promo pics and promo videos have never been considered spoilers. IMO anything released by the marketing team of LOST or revealed from the lips of D and C only, then its not a spoiler. It is intended to reach you. There are no LOST sites on the internet that wont have pics, videos, or little tidbits from EW, D and C or any of that. If they didn’t? It wouldn’t be a LOST site. What I think you guys need is a LOST message board. Where you can discuss theories and such and actually eliminate any and all knowledge, images, or stills from the future by requiring that they be kept in a specific area of the forum. Such sites, are included here, stationzer0, the tailsection, the fuselage… there are a lot of them. I would suggest you bookmark the forum itself and not the front page as most of these sites will have the aforementioned content.

    Word to the wise… its best not to bitch and be ungreatful. Doc gives us tons of great info and this site has always the best in terms of getting me the info I want to know, no more and no less. A small slipup like this is a ridiculous reason to complain and moan. Deal with it, grow up, and stop being insulting, arrogant jerks. Its not very nice.

  • graham

    Don’t complain so much!
    A promo pic is NOT an spoiler, in the same way that a trailer is not an spoiler.

  • professorstotch

    The funny thing is…if these people had stumbled upon this pic at, they’d all be talking over there about how awesome it is.

    • professorstotch

      And also, this picture is on the same level as the one released late 2008 that showed Sawyer and Juliet hanging out together. How is that one not a spoiler, but this one is? This one that tells us absolutely nothing, except that there may be a conflict that features Sawyer and Juliet with two people we don’t even know. It’s not like the names of those two people have been revealed here. It’s not like Lyly is revealing who these two guys are. It just says they’re soldiers.

      We know NOTHING about the context of this pic, other than the fact that it features a conflict. I personally can’t believe that anyone could be silly enough to walk away from this site, because a picture was posted that absolutely contains no spoilers.

      And as Varrn said a few posts up, this is much less of a spoiler than what we’ve seen in the promos thus far. Think about some of the stuff we’ve seen in the promos, and then compare it to the pic above.

  • docarzt

    The commercials are far more ‘spoilerish’ than this, and they are aired on open TV with no warning. God forbid.

    • professorstotch

      I would find it hilarious if during season 6, ABC started releasing on TV promos with spoiler warnings, and then a 20 second delay between the warning and the actual promo.

  • Man, we really all love this show! Maybe I was being a bit too spoiler phobic. It is hard this season because so much will be shot before it airs! It is a fine line though. I don’t consider promos to spoilers either. After thinking about it, I agree with you Doc that this isn’t a “spoiler” per se, and I’ve got to say that Professor Bith has a great point.. I officially retract my first post.. but I was nice about it so please don’t ban me! 😉

    • docarzt

      Lol – never. besides you an adult about the whole thing.

  • neoloki

    I feel that some people want to come on a web-site and find something to bitch about. For some reason this site attracts it more than other; which for the life of me I can’t understand. This person who initially complained about the promo pic was obviously being belligerent. He refused to engage in a productive conversation about the image and it’s purpose. This makes me think that he had no other purpose than to complain and deride the content of this web-site. These people are no longer necessary for the health of this community of Lost fans.

  • docarzt

    The truth is, neoloki, I leave it up more than other sites would. I’m not one to prune out the hate mail, I’d rather try to settle it like an adult. I’m sure other sites get as much hate-mail, but they sweep it in a corner somewhere. Heck, on a lot of these sites you can’t even post without an account. Unfortunately, we might be moving towards that.

  • Andy

    Wow. Doc Arzt really tries harder than any other main stream fan site for LOST to keep away from spoiling anything substantial or even if he does slip out something small, it’s always with warning.

    If you really don’t want to spoil the show before airing, no one might as well talk about it until it’s aired in every country, months after the US/UK premiere. 😉

  • Philoceanic

    for the love of god, shut up. if youve been spoiled and feel bad about it, were all sorry but QUIT BITCHING.

    Those of us who arent spoiled by this but instead are burning with anticipation, how about we start some speculation here?!

    HELLO?! who are those people?!! and is that a SWORD in the hand of the Sawyer guy??


  • numbersarebad

    These spoiler-phobes are crying more than Jack! If they are that sensitive they must not watch any commercials or look at magazines. I wish more people would be honest and admit that they do want some spoilers. I for one, am far too impatient and can’t resist a little bit of spoilers. I am not ashamed of it. I do not feel like the show is ruined for me, in fact, I want to see those things i read about that much more. Spoilers to me are a taste of whats to come, something to get me hooked. This doesn’t mean that I want a full episode synopsis, which I call a ruiner. I respect other people’s wishes enough that I won’t discuss spoilers in the wrong place. I wish people would keep comments related to the article instead of discussing what is or isn’t ok to talk about. That being said, I would like to speculate who the soldiers are. More of Widmore’s mercenaries, Dharma security, or a new group?

  • 23G

    I agree with Philoceanic & numbersarebad – who the heck are the soldiers that have Sawyer & Juliet..? Might be more of Widmore’s goons – but thought all the ones on the island were killed off? Hmmmm…

    Can’t believe we are coming into the final stretch before 5.01 & 02 are aired – the drought is soon to be over.

  • professorstotch

    For some reason, when I see their uniforms, I’m reminded of three things.

    1) Widmore’s henchmen from season 4.

    2) Sam Austen. Probably just because they’re soldiers, but I think it’d be cool if Kate’s dad turned out to have some sort of connection to Dharma/the island.

    3) Kelvin Inman. Now imagine this…at one point in time, Kelvin had been sent by Widmore just as Keamy had. What if instead of dying, like Keamy, Kelvin had managed to strike a deal with the DI by agreeing to live in one of their hatches and push their button? Or perhaps he got to the island, was told by Widmore to kill everyone, but then had a change of heart after seeing some of the things DI were doing? So what if these guys were apart of these crew that came with Kelvin? Hmmm…

  • graham

    What about Rousseau’s team???
    Didn’t she has a similar military uniform?
    It could be a good chance to see a little bit of her back story.

  • ImOnlySleeping

    More importantly, what are they looking at?