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Lost 4.11 – USA Promo With Screen Caps

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Here is ErasedSlate’s rip of the new promo. Screen caps coming momentarily.

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From TVFrenzy:

  • Sins of the Father

    It looks like Sayid goes back to the island as well – there is a quick screen of him sitting on the beach with Jules.

  • mike

    That Sayid and Juliet shot is from last year’s finale.

  • b

    looks like horace to me…

  • daniel

    and did you see that there is a shot to sun and claire and aaron in the beach? it seems pretty much to last season finale…what the hell is going on?

  • erik

    It’s Horace…and his nose is bleeding, just like Desmonds and Minkowskis nose was..

    He’s definitly travelling trough time to tell Locke some important DHARMA news!

  • Stilts

    When Horace died he was bleeding out of his nose from the poison. Some of them had blood coming out of their ears & mouths too.

  • Jenkins

    Looks like Ben smacks ol’ Mikey down

  • ArrantPrac

    So the purge happened 12 years ago, yet Danielle has been on the island for at least 16? How the heck did she survive the gas?

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