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LOST – 5.10 “He’s Our You” Promo

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From TVFrenzy:

  • Hipster Doofus

    I will hate Kate for the remainder of the show if she makes a move on Sawyer. I already hate her for being indecisive and annoying, but the fact that I actually *like* Juliet…just makes it so that the two nitwits Kate and Jack deserve each other.

    I wonder what’s on fire, and who tied Sayid to that tree? And what does the title line refer to: “He’s our you.” Who is saying it to who? Who is “he”? Who is “you”? this title is easily the most confounding to me.

    • This is the scenario I picture in my head; Little Ben meets Big Ben (Not the tower in London tee hee) Sayid introduces them leaving little Ben confused and Sayid seeing the boys confusion says “He’s Our You”

  • Jennifer

    Kate has been a total asshole to Sawyer (and Jack, probably, too) for the majority of the series, but I think the character will come around and become a solid person. And I really want that solid person to end up with Sawyer. I think underneath layers of neuroses, Kate really does love Sawyer as much as he loved/loves? her.

    I can buy that Sawyer and Juliet have a sort of comfortable domestic love, but the stuff of great passions and romance and television drama? – not so much. Sawyer and Kate have shared some of the most amazing scenes in the show – Cage Sex, I Never, the Jump from the Helicopter. I want those scenes to pay off. I want Sawyer and Kate together in the end.

    • RandomZombie

      Kate making a change and becoming a less-irritating person isn’t compatible with her ending up with Jim. For that, she would have to be inconsiderate of Juliet and the relationship that Jim and Juliet have built up – which adds up to Kate being the same selfish person that she has always been.

      I think that Kate and Sawyer could have worked out earlier on, but he seems to have made drastic changes, and I hope that he’s moved beyond Kate.

      There’s enough craziness going on in the show, we don’t need this ages-old love-whatever-geometric-shape-it-is-this-week muddling things up.

  • Mary D.

    I’m with you Hispter – Sawyer has grown beyond Kate. (Sorry Jennifer!) I think he and Juliet are good together. As far as next week’s title, “He’s Our You”, it blew my mind too – what a title! While watching tonight, it occurred to me that maybe one of our (Dharma) Losties will say that to Ben – or maybe even Sayid. (If Ben makes it back to 1977….) From the preview, it looks like Sayid may try to kill young Ben, as a way of preventing all the bad Ben has done in the future.

    We’ve yet to see if the same person can coexist in the same time, ie. old Ben/young Ben. But if it is possible, I can see old Ben asking who the kid is, and one of our guys answers, “He’s Our You”. The writers have named episodes after actual lines in the show before. Perhaps they have done so here. We’ll see! 🙂

  • Beena

    I can’t believe that it seems like from the promo that they are all going to turn on each other. Imagine if THEY (the 815’ers) are the reason for the Incident, and so now they are having to live through it over and over again until they work out their karma and get it right!

    Also had another very bizarre theory. Maybe the 815’ers never existed in present day. They always did live in the 70’s, but now they’re all ghosts. And they are somehow working out their pasts through the other plane crash victims (Caesar and crew). Got this strange feeling, Deja Vu, watching the newbies by the plane wreck while Lapidus was talking. Like history was about to repeat itself.

  • veryinformedaboutlost

    Kate better watch her back…cuz juliet is/was an other..and is damn good at controlling her emotions and being a hard ass. Kate better remember that Juliet already knows where everything is, including weapons, since she was/is an Other and is now a Dharma person…and her boyfriend/f*ck buddy is the HEAD of she obviously knows how to get what she needs…..

    Now…with Daniel not being there anymore…here’s my theory..Daniel is obsessed now with trying to get back to the right time….2007..or whenever they use to be in be4 the flashes…and the Dharma crew, though they know alot about the island, don’t know everything…now…how can you go about finding out more about the island and who knows it best….RICHARD ALPERT!…..He’s been there for god knows how long…and more-or-less, can answer any question you have about it….so Daniel has gone with the “hostiles” to learn more about the island….Richard i believe will help him the best he can because obviously there are forces at work to accomplish something there….and Richard only wants what’s best for the island and the others/hostiles…and Richard loves knowledge so….they might be giving and taking information on all of this. That’s why Daniel was there in that episode when Mr. Candle or whatever name he wants to go by, was in the shaft and they were drilling…he was ALREADY THERE!…..and either he snuck back into the Dharma Initiative or was there when they first arrived when that happened…

    I believe the 815ers are the cause of the purge from what Beena was saying..Because Sayid says “now i know what i am here for”……Sawyer tells Sayid “i’m sorry sayid but you’re on your own…” and i’m sure he’d only tell him that if/when sayid took matters into his own hands beyond what james could do to help him…and sayid connecting with lil’ ben might be a sign to us that, as previously stated by someone in this blog, that ben has already connected with the others/hostiles, and sayid was the tool or major key to the purge in the first place…he has the training and skills, and he’s smart as hell to know how to go about it…and filled with rage still from his wife’s murder and ben using him for 3 years to do his dirty work…it’s quite possible that sayid IS the purge/ the incident and the rest of the 815ers are there to bear witness and keep things moving along, as they will have first hand knowledge as to what needs to happen for the island to become the place it’s meant to be….hmm….

  • Folks, Sawboy is about to die. He’s gonna cheat on Juliet, find himself mired in the same morass of betrayal that his whole life was, and Smokey gonna’ make a Big Bite out of the poor country hick, whether he’s reading the classics or not.

  • mercury

    I feel that “the incident” will happen because of Faraday’s attempt to get back. There was a reason why we say him in the cave at the start of the season. Ben is still knocked out in the beach cause we saw Locke name him as the guy who killed him. so Ben is not on the other Island where Sun is.