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LOST Bosses Plays True, False, or Hell No We Won’t Tell With E!’s Kristin

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lostThe bosses played a little game of true, false, or Hell No We Won’t Tell with Kristin from E!, yesterday – and as usual she asked some questions that are on all of our minds right now.  Can ben return to the island, Can Locke cheat death, will Sawyer and Juliet hook up?  Click the link to read.

We’ll find out what Sawyer told Kate in the first half of the season.
Carlton Cuse: True.

There’s some kind of romantic tension between Sawyer and Juliet.
Damon Lindelof: True.

Mrs. Hawking is related to someone we already know.
D.L.: Hell no, we won’t tell you!
C.C.: True.
D.L.: Carlton!

Christian took Claire into the cabin to protect her from the impact of the time-jumping Island.
C.C.: Wow. I think that’s a hell no.
D.L.: That’s a hell no.

OK. Ben really cannot go back to Island.
D.L.: Um, false.

Someone in the Oceanic Six will die.
D.L.: Hell no, we cannot tell.

OK, Locke can escape death somehow.
D.L.: He looks pretty dead to me.

Source: E!online

From TVFrenzy:

  • Jangras

    Well, we actually got something here: Ben CAN return to the island..