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Vodcast with Jorge Garcia about episode 6×05

By lyly ford,

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Jorge talks about “lighthouse”

From TVFrenzy:

  • Ryan

    Does any1 know what dogen says in japenese in this episode, and jacob says that its bad

    • “You are lucky that you are protected, because if you weren’t I’d cut your head off” … more or less

  • Casey

    I read on Lostpedia that it was something along the lines of “You are lucky I have to protect you, otherwise I would cut your head off.” Something along those lines.

  • spacebender

    The look on Dogen’s face was unforgettable! Hurley was so memorable throughout this episode in his interactions with Dogen, with Jack, and with Jacob. I am really enjoying this season!

  • Rams

    I can’t see the video at all. Don’t know why. Yeah, love Hurley’s interactions with Jack, Dogen, and especially, Jacob. Is it wrong to have a crush on an Island-demigod type, cause I have a whopping big crush on Jacob? haha

    • Rams

      Never mind. Video loads in IE, but not in Firefox. Jorge ROCKS this season- glad to see his character develop so much. I remember reading an article about LOST that said that most of the actors were actually giving the performance of their lives, and I totally agree with that writer. TOQ has OWNED this season so far, followed by Josh, but Jorge, Matthew are all giving awesome performances.

      • Inquisitor

        Try Chrome.

  • max

    i watched in firefox. im sorry but(those who have firefox and cannot wath it):
    i think you have crappy computers.