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Will Patchy be in Season 5

By MerlboroMan,

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Andrew Divoff.JPGI got to meet Andrew Divoff, better known to Lost fans as “Patchy,” at the HorrorHound film festival in Indianapolis.

 Andy told me that there were rumors of him appearing in Season 4 and there are rumors of him appearing in Season 5. 

He had some interesting stories about his experience on the set of Indiana Jones 4 (ask him about the stunt coordinator) and you should keep an eye out for his new movie, “Dead Matter.”

From TVFrenzy:

  • Burial

    Not sure but he looks like he’s already stared in the Wishmaster 🙂

  • DocArzt

    Woot! Awesome hat Merl! Click the image to enlarge folks.

  • lyly ford

    he said kind of same things to me at Lockdown he thought mikhail could come back in season5 in flashback it seem it wasn’t his wish afterall lol
    so cool to have new of him again ^^

  • Deneph

    An eye out for his new movie! Ha! That’s a good one.

  • texgeekboy

    I wouldn’t mind seeing Patchy again. I think there is still a lot his backstory left, and it would be very interesting.

  • ManilaRaf


    To be honest, when I saw the casting call profile for Cunningham, my first thought was “Young Mikhail”.

  • Steve

    So…we don’t actually know then? There’s rumors of everyone appearing in Season 5.

  • VVD

    I met him at HHW as well. He said he hopes to be on the show again. Very friendly, great guy!