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CTV and ABC promo for episode 6×08

By lyly ford,

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Promo for the next episode 6×08

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From TVFrenzy:

  • Recon? Sawyer? Conning again? Excellent.

  • They show almost nothing. But that’s okay, the preview clips for Dr. Linus gave no clue to what happened tonight.

    Keep the surprises coming…


    I know where we’re going…

    I just don’t know where we’ve been!!!

  • Sawyer wants off the rock and now we know Widmore is coming. The less I know the better, I like being surprised so the previews being “secretive” is ok with me.

  • adam118

    I wonder who’s doing Recon? Most likely is Sawyer or Kate. After that, maybe Illana spies on them. Lastly, Widmore’s ppl go on Recon. My guess is on Sawyer or Kate.

  • kaptan36

    While I do agree that this definitely was the best written and all around episode of the season, I did find one MAJOR flaw. If the flash sideways is supposed to take place in the timeline where the bomb went off, then wouldn’t Ben and his father have been blown to Kingdom Come? We know that the bomb completely sank the island, and when Jack & Crew go racing to the Swan site to detonate the bomb, Ben is still w/ the Others, and the last we see of his father Roger he shoots Sayid in Dharmaville. So unless Ben was reunited w/ Roger in the extremely small window between Roger shooting Sayid and bomb being detonated, they would still need to race to the sub to get off the island, which I’m pretty sure had already left when Dr. Chang ordered the evacuation. Does anyone else have any comments on this?

    • Zonker

      “we know that the bomb completely sank the island…”

      No. We know no such thing.

  • kaptan36

    Btw; think of the next episode more as RE – CON ( as in con again) and I’d say it’s safe to say Sawyer is the center of the episode.

  • looking_glass

    is it just me or ( based on these previews ) does next weeks episode look a little bit like a set up episode ?

  • The Magician

    Dreadful promo.