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Lost Clips – DHARMA Orchid Orientation Clip

By ErasedSlate,

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Here is the Orchid Orientation from Lost – There’s No Place Like Home, part 2



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From TVFrenzy:

  • Dan Berry

    This proves that the island was sent into the future. Halliwax mentions that the rabbit will be sent into the future a short time and it will look as if it has disappeared. The Comic Con Orchid station video where there are two bunnies is a blooper reel, because they shot this orientation vid twice. In the comic con one, the rabbit is sent into the past which is why everyone in the room freaks out. A paradox would occur if they met. So since the island disappears, it’s not that they have physically moved it, the island simply doesn’t exist in that realm.

    My guess is that in Oct. 2005, the island would reappear in the ocean, just as Ben did. Which means that the events happening on the island and the flash forwards would be parallel. This would explain why the writers said there would be no need for flashes soon.


  • JDSalinger

    mmm….very cool, Berry!

  • ErasedSlate

    To carry you theory out further: because of the time difference (reappearing months later) it would also have moved to a different latitude and longitude.

  • milo

    Interesting theory. But at this point we don’t know if the island travelled in space or time, or both. It’s a cool idea, but the show didn’t “prove” anything.

  • UKLostit

    Maybe the book that C.Widmore bought with the longitude latitude data in is more of a experiment log book than silly note’s of someone trying to find the island. Perhaps the island may only be able to move to those coordinates. which is why C.Widmore needed it before his mission.

  • Ben’s Brother

    Remember guys that the Dharma station DIDN’T move the island or send it anywhere in time…the wheel did. So this video proves nothing about where or when the island was sent.

  • I think that Ben was right calling Dharma

  • Charlie’s Ghost

    DanBerry said: “Which means that the events happening on the island and the flash forwards would be parallel. This would explain why the writers said there would be no need for flashes soon. Tada!”

    Actually Dan, there’s no ‘tada’ here. First, the flash fwds all occured at different points in time, and the scene with the Locke in the casket takes place 3 years after they get off the island (remember what kate said?)….so if Ben lands in Oct ’05 and S5 starts off from the scene in the funeral parlor (end of ’07/early ’08), then we’re still about 2.5 years apart.

    NOW, if S5 starts off from when the O6 return or closely thereafter, then yes, they (Ben and the island) could land in the same time….but there will be still a need for flash fwds so to address the story line at the funeral parlor…and Darlton hinted at the lack of a need for any flashes, in any direction.

    Good thoughts, but no ‘tada’.

  • An Other

    I don’t see how they can get rid of the flashes, aside from it being a very interesting storytelling device, they have soo much to tell from the landing of the rescue to Jack meeting Ben at Hoffs/Drawler. What happened to John? Unless they go back to the rescue, and tell a linear story from there. I don’t know how they are going to do it.

  • The Professor

    I’ve been thinking about what Halliwax said about the bunny ‘seeming to disappear.’ It doesn’t actually disappear, because we’re catching up in time to it (very quickly – 100 milliseconds). On a much larger scale, this would seem to be what happens to the Island, so the Oct 2005 theory makes sense, which is why Ben asks the hotel clerk with a little worry in his voice about the date.

    On the other hand, Ben warned that it was a bit unpredictable. So yeah, nothing’s totally been proven.

  • Dan Berry

    The Professor seems to understand what I was trying to say.

    I know that Dharma didn’t move the island and stuff. They were pesky experiments compared to what the island is really capable of. The video was just an example of time travel in the show and how moving forward in time makes it appear that the subject has disappeared. This would be the case of the island.

  • pp

    En f

  • Stewart

    So that would mean the island simply doesn’t exist between the moment it disappears and October 2005? Meaning… until that point, there IS no story to tell on the island since they technically haven’t existed within that time?

  • UKLostit

    I didn’t say the dharma initiative i said the key is in the black rock book, before dharma, back when the ancients had to contend with slave traders. and presumably wipe out.

  • Charlie’s Ghost

    So I’m fairly convinced that in the Swan station, on the other side of that wall that was closed off, there probably was some more of that ‘Negatively Charged Exotic Matter’….and if there were Cazmir affects going on, the button was probably used to keep the energy in check…..though, when not pushed, you saw something similar happen as to what Ben did with the Donkey Wheel. Thoughts? I guessing that the island moved in time when the failsafe key was turned. This would definitely help explain how the coordinates have changed from when they were first given to Michael vs what Daniel was using.

    Any thoughts on this?

  • Quailman

    I love the bit where Halliwax says “metal objects must never be placed in the vault” and John’s like “durr, hey!” and points to Ben. Just made me laugh.