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Soundbite for episode 6×09

By lyly ford,

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Soundbite for episode 6×09.

From TVFrenzy:

  • RichPundit

    Sounds like Richard is from Biblical times, most likely Egypt, eh?

    • Ed Holden

      He told Jack that as long as he’s been on the Island, he’s never been back to the Black Rock. That sounded very much like he came from the Black Rock, which would place his origins in the mid-nineteenth century.

      Then again, he may not have meant that he came from the Black Rock. Perhaps he meant he had a connection to the Black Rock, but had already been on the Island prior to its arrival. Or perhaps that hadn’t been back to that location since he came to the Island, and the location of the Black Rock has other significance (just as the drug plane crash site was also the location of the Pearl Station).

      • RichPundit

        AHhhh Ed Holden, good logic.

        My speculative thought is that Richard originated in Biblical times, most likely Egypt, but thru Jacob served in multiple roles and events since then, perhaps recurring with minor alterations as “Course Correction”, well, course corrects. Specifically, perhaps Richard was a Jewish slave in ancient Egypt as well as in chains on the Black Rock.

        SOooo, my bet is that Alpert was both in ancient Egypt AND on the Black Rock, most likely repeatedly in a nightmarish, LOST time loop.

        • Anne

          It’s unlikely he was Jewish–his name was Ricardus, which would have made him Roman.

          • RichPundit

            Ok Anne … perhaps Ricardus was a Roman soldier captured and in chains in ancient Egypt.

  • Dharma77

    Not much learnt but it’s good to hear he know 90% of his story, but there always will be twists and turns and thats to be expected. Very excited for this episode.

  • What if this is what lost is ultimately about?

    Well, I am not sure what is indeed locked up in that double padlocked room on the sub. Maybe Eloise, maybe Walt, maybe Jacob, who knows. When dealing with space and time, anything is possible. As far as the nuke going off on the island, I think what happened was, when it went off in the 1970’s, it killed Jacob, which in turn made it so Jacob could not visit the candidates, hence he never touched them, hence this new “Sideways” timeline.

    So because Jacob never touched anyone of them, their past present and future changed. Without the direction and guidance of Jacob, everyone is living their lives as they would have. This seems to be the most logical interpretation of the different timelines.

    Example: When Jacob touched Sawyer as a child, this made, in some way shape or form, Sawyer become a con man which ultimately led him to the Island. Without that touch, Sawyer did what he would have done on his own without corrosion from Jacob. Became a cop. Similar for the rest of the characters.

    My opinion of the outlining reason for pretty much everything, is that the writers are now showing us what the lives of the survivors would have been like if Jacob never entered their lives. This is a little complicated so bear with me here.

    So now they are living there lives “Normally“. Well maybe the reason Jacob touched these people and chose them as the candidates, is because of something that happened in their “Normal” lives, without Jacob. We are seeing that they are slowly all meeting each other. What if this is not a coincidence. What if their “Normal” lives are leading up to a event. A event where they all meet, something happens, and they all go above and beyond, risking or giving their lives for the greater good. Maybe this is why they were chosen. Maybe Jacob saw this reality, and decided to take these special people, and change their lives, because of their ultimate good nature. He clearly has been looking for someone to replace him, for quite some time now.

    This theory is a good sound one. It is a bit hard to wrap your mind around, but it is very possible. Out of all the theories and possible outcomes that I have read about, this one seems to be the most likely.
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    What do you guys think?

    • BasiaK

      I appreciate the thought you put into this, love to read theories. I don’t agree about Jacob’s touch being detrimental.

      I believe he tried to turn James and Kate away from evil, advised them against it but free will is what it is. Same as when he touched Jack and Sayid and Jin. They chose to go down the wrong paths in their lives even though he tried to stear them correctly, even though is directions where pretty darned subtle. The only one whom we’ve seen touched by Jacob who has been making good choices since is Hurley.

      Hurley’s the only one of the “touchies” who has been going down the right path, not acting selfishly. Hurley is the only one Jacob appears to. There has to be significance to that.

      Jacob gave people the option to follow the path of good. They don’t choose it and pay the consequences. And yet he holds out hope until the end, as he did (per MIB) when Ben was stabbing him. Jacob wanted Ben to choose good.

      These people have been living the lives of Job. Jacob is watching and waiting for them to set themselves on the right path.

      Jacob wants people to choose good regardless of circumstance – just like good old Yahweh/Jehovah/Zeus if you will. It’s hard to do, we all know that. So far, aside from the “sideways” versions, only Hurley has done it. Locke allowed his ever-simmering self-doubt to move him off course, causing him to die at Ben’s hands.

      As for your theory that Jacob picked them because they were so good:
      James and Kate were too little to have been good or bad when touched. Hurley wasn’t touched until shortly before he boarded the Akira jet, Sayid was touched BEFORE he became Ben’s killing machine. Did Jacob’s touch release people to be the best or worst they could be? Perhaps it just gave them the realization that they had the option.

      Now contemplate this: the bomb went off. The people who had gone back in time went back to their time where they are trying to deal with the MIB/unLock debacle. The people who were supposed to BE in the 70’s are on the island when the bomb goes off. Is this when all the Dharma folks left? Could they have survived the blast?

      I think that the sideways lives become real once the conflict on the island in current time is resolved. When MIB gets to go where he wants to go, EVERYONE gets to go where they want to, and that is the sideways lives.

      Sorta like everybody has been working their way out of pergatory.

      Well, Sayid… that dude will be working out his bad karma for eternity. Sucks to be him.

      • Jack’s Sidekick

        I’ve been thinking the same thing, to a degree. I think the elected candidate in the end will be the one who has the least to lose. Sawyer has a daughter, Hurley has his family, Jin and Sun have their daughter (non-candidate Claire has Aaron). But Kate has little more than a mother who betrayed her, Sayid is basically dead inside with nothing at all and Jack has an ex wife and mysterious, possibly bipolar mother. These three have nothing to go back to. But in the sideways, it’s almost the opposite. Sawyer might not have a daughter and possibly even less than that since he seemed that he wanted to be alone, Hurley still has his family but his luck and sanity as well, Jin and Sun have no child and barely each other, Kate looks to have lost the last thing she had left: her freedom, Sayid has his family and Jack has a son, David. Speaking of David, he seems to be the strangest. Like Sayid’s niece and nephew, David hardly exists. It seems to me that maybe like Stephen King’s “IT” (keep in mind that King is a regular fixture for Darlton) Jack could not have a child, due to his candidacy. After all, a leader without a thing to lose is a better leader. Perhaps that’s Jack’s redemption: if he becomes the new Jacob, he stays behind to run the island but allows those he cares most for to leave the island and return home.This is his sacrifice: letting Kate go. He’ll do anything for her, even join Locke. Why else would he be “The Last Recruit?” (6-episode 13).

        • Rams

          Please don’t post spoilers about future episodes!!!! Even reading comments here is getting dangerous.

  • I like how he referenced the vampire line that Jorge ad-libbed. 🙂

    • Silas

      You win! I’m not sure if there is a better show to be a fan of.

      Sorry if this comment makes you puke 🙂

  • Craig

    All I know is this episode will be the best of the season 🙂


    it will be jam packed with answers. AT LAST. cant f’in wait

  • katesfriend

    Maybe he hasn’t been back to the “black rock” because he didn’t like what he saw, it was a slave ship! I believe Richard is from the time of the temple and the statue. He could have possible been a slave himself at 1 time.