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Lost “Missing Pieces” Number 8 – Buried Secrets

By docarzt,

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You can stop torturing your eyes and ears now, here is the full resolution release of Lost Mobisode Number 8: “Buried Secrets.”  I have an exclusive source for these things in HD every week so keep your eye here, and stay tuned for more season 4 goodies as well.

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From TVFrenzy:

  • Hi Doc, welcome back!

    Sorry to be bothering you again, but could you please send me the original video file for this mobisode? There’s a quality loss due to the conversion made by dailymotion and I would like to post the full quality version on my blog (LOST in Portugal).

    Please send it to my email ( or or upload it to rapidshare. Thanks in advance!

  • *wipes a tear

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