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Lost “Code Name” for the finale was chosen !

By lyly ford,

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sans-titre-11Since Season 1, the producers of ABC’s Lost have assigned a “code name” to the season-ending twist that sends jaws plunging to the floor and heads a-scratching. It started with “The Bagel” (Walt is abducted by the Others!), and most recently we had the “Frozen Donkey Wheel” (a nod to the apparatus Ben uses to “move” the island, but in actuality referring to the reveal of Locke’s death).

This season, Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse, via their podcast, invited Lost fans to (blindly) suggest nicknames for the Season 5 game-changer. The worst of the lot was “Invisibul Dinasaur Hed,” while the Top 13 finalists were as follows:

* Baby Diaper Covered in Barbeque Sauce
* The Droids You’re Looking For
* The Exploding Pretzel Jar
* The Fifth Toe
* The Fork in the Outlet
* The Hooded Leprechaun
* Jack Gets Pregnant
* The Joop
* Smokey’s Dorm Room
* The Spanish Inquisition
* The Twinkie
* The Zeigarnik
* The Zombie Bake Sale

Well, the two-hour season-ender — titled “The Incident” — has been filmed, and got an exclusive heads-up on the code name Team Darlton have decided upon. The winner is … “Danny Gokey.”

No, really, it is “The Fork in the Outlet.”

Now, might any possible clue to the May 13 finale’s big twist lie in superfan Spindrift Beck’s winning-yet-purely-spitballing suggestion? Sources tell me no, but this much is for sure: It certainly sounds … wait for it… shocking.

source : tv guide

From TVFrenzy:

  • dharma janitor

    crap codename!

    • Don’t knock it till you try it !!!!!

  • chad

    They said they had a code name for all seasons, What was it for Season 2 and 3?

    • imfromthepast

      Season 2 = The Challa
      Season 3 = The Rattlesnake in the Mailbox

    • Gusteaux

      Season 3 was “the snake in the mailbox.”

      • imfromthepast

        Is a rattlesnake not a snake?

  • imfromthepast

    Finale Title

    I’m just bitter that i never got around to submitting my idea for the code name. And I’m sure it would have won.

    The One-Legged Gigalo

    • Doos

      Of course! Louis Prima is Dr. Chang’s assistant, and has to sacrifice himself to stop the Incident.

      Alas, life goes on without him.

      • imfromthepast


        Louis Prima only had one leg!?

  • Matthew Perry

    That’s how Nadia dies. She sticks a fork in an outlet.

    • Ed Holden

      It’s one of those outlets in the middle of the road, but yes, I’ve also heard that’s how she dies. The lingering question for Season 6 is what Nadia was doing in the middle of the road with a fork?

  • Hexonxonx

    An episode title that has been officially announced by Darlton gets the spoiler picture on the front page, but a photo that allegedly shows Jacob (or something about him) gets shown straight up?

    I didn’t click through to the latter article, so maybe that’s not what it’s about. But still.

  • hyperRevue

    I don’t get this.

    If the viewers, who don’t know anything about the final episode twist, pick the nickname, then what meaning does it have?

    Last year’s nickname was The Frozen Donkey wheel and that turned out to be rather literal. But we know this one has nothing to do with anything, so who cares?

    I don’t see the point of this.

    • Doos

      Actually, if my information serves me correctly — that is to say, the There’s No Place Like Home DVD commentary — “The Frozen Donkey Wheel” nickname was actually attributed John Locke being in the coffin – which was supposed to be the “Whoa.” moment. They used the name Frozen Donkey Wheel to make people go “Oh. Look. A Frozen Donkey Wheel. Guess this is it!” when Ben turned the wheel, and thus deterr them from the actual spoiler of the coffin. Sure, it didn’t work, people still have the tendency to look to the last page when they have the book… but the attempt was there.

      Now, also remembering that in a podcast, they said The Frozen Donkey Wheel was kind of in the middle of the episode, and wouldn’t bring as much of a pop as the Season 3 “Whoa.” moment… they must’ve been a little deceptive. Or just liars in the commentary to make themselves seem more crafty. Either way, fair play to them.

      Anyway, the title doesn’t need to be literal. Walt getting kidnapped wasn’t a Bagel. A station in Antarctica wasn’t a Cholla. Future Jack and Kate in an airport weren’t any sort of rattlesnake, nor mailbox. The producers likely just wanted a quirky name, and figured who better to give it a name, than the part of the public that actually finds interest in what it could be.

      • hyperRevue

        Of course it doesn’t have to be literal, and the first few weren’t at all.

        I’m just saying that by having the audience choose the name, it takes the mystery out of it. We won’t devout hours analyzing every word, trying to figure out what the name could mean because we already know it’s meaningless.

        • hyperRevue

          Although reading the rest of the thread, it’s clearly not stopping us from guessing anyway.

  • Dharmell

    I would have gone with “The Spanish Inquisition,” because no one expects that.

    • TRoss


  • mpl

    This was my favorite! Awesome!

  • Bookhouse Boy

    I was hoping for “The Peach Pit was a Dharma Station”

    • meems

      Oh, I like that idea.

  • How disappointing all this will be if a fork in an outlet actually causes “The Incident.”

    Oh the carping like you’ve never seen will be.

    Personally I think it refers to a change in the past that affects the future.

    And it will be because Jack did not act.

    • mindstorm

      I’m going with that too. But I think it will be because of Desmond. We’ve been constantly repeating that he’s special a way or another.

      I find Lost’s “self-consistent time travel” a bit too demonstrative. They can’t just go on by amazing us how well they managed to fill in the gaps and give a cause to every effect and vice versa. It wouldn’t be that exciting in the end.

      I think Desmond will be the element that modifies something in the time line. Maybe he will change the future/present and alter the past (changing the effect should change the cause… right?), instead of the more classical formula “change the past, alter the future” which seems to not work (for now).

      Lost is about deception. How many times have they led us onto misleading trails? Didn’t they say there would NOT be any time travelling in Lost?

  • DizzyDean

    the “fork in the outlet” could mean something other than an “Actual fork” in an “actual outlet”

    If you remember, “the outlet” was what the spot in Tunisia was called. the Outlet from the ISland.

    “The Fork” could represent a “fork in the road”

    So maybe something happens that causes a change or decision in the future

    • lost_4_8_15_16_23_42

      Darn…you beat me to it.

      That was my first impression. Not a literal fork in an outlet, rather a choice that someone must make when presented the chance to leave the island via the wheel house.

      What sort of an impact could that have on the future of the island or its inhabitants?

      Who that may be is yet to be seen…..the mysteries continue.

      * my nose bleeds and then head explodes…….

  • neoloki

    Concerning the podcast in general since their is not an article specifically for comments on the site; what about Damen taking one side of the whatever happened, happened debate and Carlton taking the other if the issue was resolved last episode. Any ideas why they would seem to support the continuation of this argument?

  • Dolce

    I still like baby diaper covered in barbecue sauce.

  • adam118

    Massive release of Electro Magnetic energy fits with “Fork In The Socket” pretty well

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