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Lost Promo 516 “The Incident”

By ErasedSlate,

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From TVFrenzy:

  • penny

    oh god…jack talking about destiny…that´s something i´d like to see
    specially after all he´s done and all the things he has put people through in order to feed his ego.
    and kate not knowing which man to support…
    and sayid wearing a dharma suit…
    juliet and sawyer not having each other´s back…

    can´t wait to see this…

  • Heidi

    “looks like John Locke is going to be trouble”
    “Why do you think I tried to kill him?”
    Now THAT’S what I’m talking about!!! Might be the best exchange of any season.

  • Matthew Perry

    Fingers crossed that Jack gets a bullet to his nutsack, promptly followed by one to his skull.

    Also, ABC’s marketing department being what it is, I am flabbergasted that they didn’t promote the hell out of the fact that we finally get to meat Jacob. Hell, they played the origins of Jack tattoos off as a huge mystery being revealed back in Stranger.

    • Matthew

      HA! Seriously, the best thing I have read all day.

  • Charlie’s Ghost

    so, obviously, kate-sawyer-juliet don’t make it to the mainland. they’re back on the island trying to stop jack?

    • yeah that was a stupid thing to show and/or tease at the end of the episode.

  • meems

    I was excited to see Lapidus again, opening the mysterious beach box from 316.

    And yeah, MP. I really can’t believe they haven’t been hinting about finally seeing Jacob. That’s big stuff.

  • Sawyer and Juliet getting rich on microsoft and then saving everybody as old folks 30 years later would have been too much like “The Final Countdown”… and good that we can separate Richard past and present by the color of his shirt!

  • Timm

    I love how Jack has turned into a complete psycho now – a man of faith just like Locke except more “extremist” than “fundamenalist” if you will. Just like Locke he believes that he’s doing the right thing but still mixed with that old “tries-his-best-but-still-messes-everything-up” Jack.

    I’m actually starting to like him for the first time in ages; he’s still a prat but now he’s a prat with a nuclear bomb. ;o)

  • Thor

    Was that Vincent in Sayid’s backpack??

  • Desmond hopefully comes back next week… I feel like he’s been a side thought this season

    • rysjules

      he’s groping bitches yo


      • blurg! so what’s that mean for his character? what if they got another dude to replace him and just didn’t mention anything…

        • Unbeliever

          Yep he’s dead. Anyone who crosses the law in Hawaii gets whacked.

          • that’s so true. i was at star trek tonight and before the movie they had a factoid for michelle rodriguez about how she didn’t even have a driver’s license when she filmed Fast and the furious so she had to circumvent some law…

            bet she wishes she could do it again.

      • Landry B.

        I for one would not complain…

  • ghanima

    What’s in the box?
    Well, if the answer to that question in “Seven” is any indication- nothing good.

    Well, now we know why there were pictures up of Sawyer, Kate, Juliet, and an inflatable boat. They must jump ship…while being underwater…hmm, tricky, very tricky.

    When it comes to aiding Jack in is psychopathic plans, Kate, you’ve got to learn to just say no! Remember “We have to go back!” –Look how great that turned out.

    • Unbeliever


    • bps

      Charles Widmore is in the box.

      • Sarah

        now THAT would be hilarious!

  • Gloaming

    “There can only be one leader on the island”, followed by a scene of Ben with a dagger.

    Call it a hunch but…
    I think that Richard might rebel against Lock, and trying to manipulate Ben into killing him, again. Only a twist point will be Ben killing Richard instead (because Smokey made him shit his pants)

    • Per

      I have the feeling that Richard isn’t exactly a man of action, but more a man of guidance. I think he’ll just cheer Ben on as Ben does what he does best.

    • Unbeliever

      Richard will be exposed as the sneaky manipulator and opportunist that he’s always been.

    • Sarah

      I could be way off, but it seemed to me more like he (Richard) was warning Ben off from doing something… as if, like it or not, they have to accept Locke now.

    • ohhh that’d be cool.


    I cannot wait to understand why Jack was dumping clips into Dharmaville all Terminator-style in that one scene XD

    • sleepy566

      My guess: to clear out the village enough so that he, Sayid, Ellie, and Richard can begin moving the bomb.

      • Robbie: Jack’s Sidekick

        Yeah but who’s that hiding behind the tree, dodging Jack’s bullets? The hair makes it difficult to tell. It could be Sawyer or maybe its Roger Linus…either way it’s going to be good. I just hope no one good dies.

  • Lest we forget that young Ben is supposed to be involved in Dharmaville’s deaths. Can’t wait to see Sayid face the boy he tried to slaughter.

    • i imagine it’ll look like ben’s when he’s approached by Locke2.

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