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Lost Season 5 Spoilers! Return of the Asterisks! Update: Solved!

By docarzt,

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Okay, so these aren’t so much ‘spoilers’ as they are agonizing hints – but no matter how you look at it, it’s something for you to chew on while you wait for Lost to return! Every couple of days I’ll be posting some Asterik hints that may be a piece of dialog, or may be a third party observation of an event, unlike last season – though – THESE will be solvable. I PROMISE! What I won’t promise is that they are earth shatteringly revealing, because as you guys know I’m all about preserving the surprise. With that in mind, I reserve the right to exclude certain words from sentences. Frustrating, I know. Now, on to the challenge!

UPDATE! Congrats to Matze who correctly guessed the asterisks portion of the puzzle. The answer is a piece of dialog, who it is between is almost as amazing as the implications of it. See if you can figure out both what it means, and speculate on who might be saying it:

“You have __ hours.”

The blank is a number, but it is not nearly as important as the fact that there is a deadline for… something.

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From TVFrenzy:

  • Matt

    “You came back.”

    • Denise

      It cannot be “back”

      • Matt

        Sure you can, the “O” is silent… :-)+

  • J

    “You never ate toast.”

  • Eric

    “You came home.”

  • Victoria

    You have Locke.

  • TrillianM

    Does the underscore represent a whole word?

    • docarzt

      the underscore represnts a whole word that has been omitted.

  • You damn dirty poser

  • You lost my goats?

  • Pat

    You have killed Locke.

  • You sunk my boats!
    You wear nice coats!
    You can’t dig moats!
    You five naive fools!
    You used my mouse.

    But seriously:

    You said you would.

  • You have nice boobs.

    • docarzt

      We have a winner! Wait, sorry… we don’t…

  • You Must _Find_ Locke?

  • RobFromIndy

    you cant kill locke

  • Carri

    You cant bury Locke

  • MsDee

    You won’t be found

  • MsDee

    or you can’t be found

  • MJ

    You lost my money.
    You need a woman.
    You hear my voice
    You hear a voice.
    You will be found.
    You ate my donuts.

  • docarzt

    okay. I’m updating the puzzle to help you all out.

  • hlyons

    Got it!

    You came back for us

  • MsDee

    You cant, it’s Jacob’s

  • MsDee

    You must be jacob’s
    you must be locos LOL

  • MsDee

    You have no souls

    • docarzt

      MsDee is the closest yet!

  • FutureLies

    You have old souls?

  • FutureLies

    you have lost souls?

  • professorstotch

    You took their souls?
    You took our souls?
    She took their souls?
    She took our souls?

    Maybe they’re talking about shoes…

    You have my soles.

  • Etchasketchy

    You lost their souls?

  • J

    “You have our souls.”


    “You have their souls.”

  • docarzt

    Time to add another letter.

  • Joe

    “You have no boars”

  • Matze

    You have lost hours

    • docarzt

      YOU GOT IT! Matze is correct, the asteriks portion is “You Have __ hours.”

  • Etchasketchy

    You have no doors

  • Joe

    “you have no tours”

  • Lauren

    “You have 4 hours.”

  • Joe

    you have 24 hours

  • Etchasketchy

    I’m going to guess the conversation is between either Locke and Alpert or Faraday and someone who I shouldn’t know of if not for spoilers…

  • MsDee

    You have 8 hours
    You have four hours
    You have 23 hours
    You have 15 hours

  • MsDee

    You have 48 hours
    You have 24 hours

  • You have missed hours
    You have slept hours
    You have jumped hours
    You have skipped hours
    You have 4 hours
    You have 16 hours
    You have 42 hours

  • MsDee

    you have AHHHHHHH! hours
    what is it!?

  • “You have x hours.”
    where x = any integer between 2 and 25.

    • professorstotch

      I’m going to predict 48.

  • Jmaggio

    Marvin Candle / Wickman is speaking it

  • professorstotch

    Ok here’s mine…

    M**e p**z*e*!

  • MsDee

    more puzzle? LOL

  • docarzt

    lol okay. A new puzzle tonight.

  • MJ

    *a*** *e* *e**!

    You have 12 hours.

  • lastxcallforsin

    The oceanic six have to return to the island within a certain amount of time or the left behinders will die.

  • Zucitzer

    its new year in england give me a new puzzle already….

  • Someone

    Why is there no new puzzle???

  • Deamon

    The oceanic six will have to return tothe island within a certain amount of time or their souls will lose their connections with their bodies… somehow!

  • there was a 2nd asterisk game what happened to it? the first word in it was Hurley

    • AstroJones

      Hey DarthVibbert, Doc’s in the process of moving the site to a new server. You should be able to see that 2nd asterisk game again after everything gets moved.

  • Lauren

    You have 108 hours.

  • DontDoIt

    I visit because I think this site has class and taste, especially when it comes to spoilers/hints. I do not visit DarkUFO because I do not want some douche bag to reveal and actually spoil everything about one of the most well written works of art. Please, leave DarkUFO garbage at DarkUFO and let’s not ruin and Season 5 for those of us who actually enjoy watching the story be told by the real story tellers.

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