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LOST Season 5 Spoilers – Two More Characters for Episode 5.02

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Need some new LOST spoilers to brighten your slow-loading ARG plagued day?  Here you go, two new characters for episode 2 of LOST Season 5!

[DARLENE] Early 20s, any ethnicity. A bored clerk who hates her sucky job and looks for any burst of excitement to get through the shift. Alternative in dress and style, plays guitar in her own band but needs the day job to pay the bills…CO-STAR.

[JILL] Late 20s to late 30s; any ethnicity. A butcher who is one hard-as-nails cool chick. A tomboy, bit of a searcher, and highly competent beyond her station in life…CO-STAR.

Shooting is scheduled to begin 8/28 and end 9/12.  Is there any significance to the fact that these are both female characters?  Speculate below.

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From TVFrenzy:

  • I’m thinking more dharma people. I hope anyways, i want to see lots about the dharma crap this season, and Richard Alpert.

  • Francine

    What were the names of the chicks working in the underwater station? Is season 5 going to be after island moved, or pre-island movement?

  • Bonnie & Greta

  • Am I the only one who links butcher to the father of Charlie ?? Maybe Jill is somehow related to Charlie. Would love to see more Charlie.

  • Anonymous

    The butcher stuff could be a clue, but IIRC Charlie didn’t have a sister. And even if he did, I think they would have required that the actor be able to pull off a British accent.



  • Impressive! I am amazed at how well you use words to get your point across. I would be interested in reading more of your work.