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LOST Season Five Finale Title Revealed

By docarzt,

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While Darlton have yet to unveil the code-name for the finale ‘twist’,  the title alone is bound to arouse tons of conversation.   Click on through for the title.

The title for the season 5 finale is:  The Incident.  Sheesh, wonder what that could be about?  A very good friend who was on location tells me there was some massive pyrotechnics being planned – so look for either a huge gun-fight or something big to go boom boom.

From TVFrenzy:

  • clueless1der

    Wow. After only 5 seasons of lead-up we FINALLY get to see what the Incident is! Also, this boom boom concerns me. Somehow I don’t think they’re referring to John Lee Hooker’s song there.

  • TWR


    • clueless1der

      I would think so… otherwise why put a bomb on the island in the first place?

  • Charlie’s Ghost

    I’m guessing that the incident isn’t the Purge, that is blows up the statue of Tarewet, and whatever it is, it prompts the Hostiles to plan the purge.

    • hyperRevue

      The Incident is whatever necessitated the pushing of the button.

      • Uncle Beaver

        “The Incident is whatever necessitated the pushing of the button.”


        I also have a feeling that whatever Faraday was doing down in the ORCHID Station during the first scene of Season 5, might have something to do with “THE INCIDENT”.

        I DO HOPE that they stay away from typical time travel conventions during this show. I know it won’t be as AWFUL as the time travel stories on “HEROES”, but I’ve never been a big fan of time travel.

        However, this is, far and away, the BEST time travel story I’ve ever seen/read.

  • LostinNewYork

    The Incident happens when magic ponies jump out of Richard Alpert’s eyeliner & then they dance around to Geranimo Jackson.

    Then a magical liopleurodon jumps out, eats Ben & farts out smokie.

    • daveisreal

      That’s it! Series solved!

      • Charlie’s Evil Posse

        Shun the non-believers!

  • TWR

    I think they’re talking about whatever Dr. Marvin Candle mentions, that causes the Swan station to be partially filled with concrete, etc. I’m guessing it also might have something to do with why the two bunnies couldn’t get close to each other.

  • Check this out…
    Could it be??? 😛

  • Trevor

    For anyone who wants to recap what we know already…

    • yes, much more interesting then MY wiki link.
      Thanks Trevor.

  • Jamiza

    Well color me excited.

    Also, I thought it should be noted that the URL for this page lists it as “lost-season-six-finale.”

    Not a big deal, but we all know how the internets can be about things like that.

  • veryinformedaboutlost

    i believe after the incident happens, it will launch our oceanic characters back into the time period with everyone else, where they were trying to get back to in the first place, and then jin and sun will be reunited, we’ll see benard and his wife again, etc….but i think this season is all about informing us about everything that is dharma related and then next season will go on to conclude everything else about the series.

  • technoprep

    I can only hope it’s the 4-toed statue that goes BOOM!

    But I really think the finale has to do with our Losties that are trapped on the island for 30 years! If they are now in 1977 and are unable to travel in time, if our Losties all meet up in 2007, they would all be 30 years older! It would be really weird to watch Sun seeing Jin for the first time and he’s 60 years old! (…not to mention Sawyer, Jack, Kate, Juliet, Hurley, Miles, etc…all being 30 years older!)

  • Bobo

    I love the show. I just think that season 5 sucks it is really bad. I do not enjoy watching it and I think I am going to stop watching it. It is not strong like the previous ones. It is very bad. And the new characters GOD it is a waste to watch. I loved it before when everyone were together acting. now it is just like another show with the the new people what is really up with that. It really started very strong and now is very disappointing. I wish it was better. I love Sawyer , kate , and jack , Hurlly and the rest but not the new ones . they are not acting anymore . the ones acting are the new guys and I just hate it and everyone around me feels the same.

  • mich-lost

    I think the entire premise for “lost” is based on a real-life secreat military base called “AUTEC”. AUTEC (The Atlantic Undersea Test and Evaluation Center) is a real underwater area 51. It is located on the edge of the Bramuda Triangle on Andros Island (Bahamas). The base site is on the egde of a 6,000ft. ocean trench known for numerous sightings and dissapearances. The triangle is famous for weird things happening missing planes, boats, and ships. Also, its known for many UFO and USO sightings, like area 51. Reports of ships and planes losing control of compasses (magnetisum) occurse frequently. Some even believe that, they have discovered uderwater stone structures from the lost city of Atlantis in the area. Lastly, some pilots have reported that the have actually traveled through time inside the Bramuda Triangle. Time travel, magnetised activity, Bramuda Triangle, UFOs, USOs, lost city of Atlantis, islands, and a top secreat military base mmmmmm? Sounds like the Darma program to me. I saw a conspiricy theory show on the History channel about AUTEC and the mysteries surronding it, and it almost fits perfect. Just thought you should know.

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