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Lost Spoiler — 4.11 Centricity Solved

By docarzt,

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Ryan Ozawa from HawaiiBlog has broken a huge exclusive on 4.11, the centricity of the episode!  It appears that the young man is (patting self on back) John Locke.  That’s right, we will be seeing a flash back into John Locke’s child hood.  What could that possibly have to do with anything going on in the present?  Who knows!  Maybe it is simply a return to the thematic spread of previous flash backs.  So far, most of the flashes have been connected in some really concrete way, but Juliet’s was, arguably, a little thematic, and the confirmed dead flashes were mostly enigmatic. 

From TVFrenzy:

  • robert

    I have a sinking feeling that the only reason there is a need for another Locke flashback is that he will be revealed as the man in the coffin and be killed off soon. Charlie got his goodbye flashback episode right before the finale last year, it could be the same for Locke this year.

  • Henry Holland

    Robert, nah, Michael’s in that coffin, I’m certain of it after Meet Kevin Johnson. Obit Jack read said a guy who had a teenaged son committed suicide -i.e. Michael finished the work he had to do, The Island finally let him kill himself- the funeral parlor was in a black neighborhood, no one showed up.

    Damn, I’m tired of original cast flashbacks. I can’t imagine what else about Emily and foster-care and all that will add to our knowledge of the character and move the plot forward.

  • graham

    On one hand, these are good news, a Locke centric episode (with Richard Alpert too)has to be good!
    But on the other hand, I’m quite sick of flasforwards and flashbacks, I just want to see the current story making progress.

  • Jimmy Zer0

    Come on graham, You really feel that way? You don’t think that Lost’s use of flashes and non-linear storytelling plays a massive part in making it one of the most unique shows to ever hit American TV? I don’t believe you 😀

    Also, I am in full agreement that Michael will be the one in the coffin.

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