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LOST Spoiler – 5×14 “The Variable” preview

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LOST 5.14 – The Variable sneak peek. Light spoilers.

Thanks to SledgeWeb for the video

From TVFrenzy:

  • Amberlina42

    anyone know what they mean by Lost “special”?

    • dolce


      • Ed Holden

        So unlike Walt and the Island, a “special” isn’t very … special. I cringed when I saw the ad for this. I wonder if I’ll suffer from withdrawal symptoms. Oh well, one week is better than the breaks in Season 2. And way better than the massive hiatus in Season 3.

  • lockeheart

    awsome. Id be willing to bet that from those previews it is going to be an all dharma ep. and no john locke, meaning that we could potentially see the dharmas figuring out who the losties are and when they are from and the cause of the incident. this would make sense because if the ep. in three weeks is strictly a locke episode (which i would imagine it would be) then the variable should be setting up all these events for the finale.

    • Cecil

      Yeah, “Follow the Leader” with only one Locke centric episode so far leads me to believe it will be a kick ass Bentham lovefest.

      • Liam

        Yeah ok but “follow the leader” is a richard alpert centric episode

  • I can’t wait two weeks OR be appeased by a damned clip show!
    I guess I’ll just have to freeze myself until the 39th!!!

    • Um, I totally meant the 29th. Oops.

  • ghanima

    Finally! It looks like some of the losties are getting the hell out of Dodge-er, Dharmaville. You know, getting out, being thrown out, escaping to avoid being killed by LaFleur and Radzinsky- same result. Goodbye Pleasantville creepiness, hello Jungle of Mystery!
    And since it looks like Juliet and LaFleur are voting to keep drinking the Kool Aid- perhaps the firefight only involves those who have not spent the last 3 years in on-island bliss? From the sound edit it seems like they want us to think LaFleur is saying “This is our home, come with us Freckles,” as in “Stay, it will all be OK.” But I think it’s likely that “This is our home” is some lovey dovey Juliet talk, and “Come with us, Freckles” is LaFluer doing damage control to protect him and Juliet and arresting Kate for the whole kidnapping deal. Which won’t exactly be a new experience for her. Kate spends a LOT of time in handcuffs, cages, and house arrest.
    I do miss Sawyer sometimes- but Daniel’s back, with, fingers-crossed, a grand master plan.

  • elephant in the room

    Is this next episode a Faraday centric one? I sure hope so.

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