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Lost Spoiler – Episode 4.09, Whose Flashback Is it?

By docarzt,

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There is a new tidbit of information to add to the episode 4.09 mystique.  Think it is a solid bet that this is a Sayid flash back?  Check this out:

Episode 4.09 Belongs to Who?

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From TVFrenzy:

  • SamThomas

    Perhaps we’ll find out what happened in Basra!

  • gusteaux

    Sounds reasonable to me Doc. I really think that Darlton have come back from the strike resolved to blow us away with the S4 back five. I think they understand how truly distraut we are over losing three precious hours after waiting nearly a year. And now another month long wait, to be followed by another painful 8 month wait. I think, and hope, they are going to give us enough in the back 5 to really reward us for our patience and loyalty. Not that we’re really that patient, we just don’t have any choice! But a damn loyal bunch we are!

    Doc, can I say how wonderful it is to have you back in full-on speculation mode now that we’re at last going to get to episodes you haven’t seen and couldn’t really comment on because of that fact! We’ve missed your input!

  • B. Astard

    Maybe it’s a flashforward.. who knows..?

  • jenky

    Hey, this is a theory of mine: It will be a flashback of Sayid and Ben meeting. There Ben is recruiting Sayid to his team. Since then Sayid works with/for Ben and Sayid is the spy on the freighter, not Kevin Johnson/Michael or Walt. Its Sayid. Greetz