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Lost Spoiler – HUGE SPOILER! Meet Kevin Johnson, NOW!

By docarzt,

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Wow, Kevin Johnson looks a lot like… SAM THOMAS!  I knew it!

From TVFrenzy:

  • Moe24

    [sarcasm]Shocked, I am completely and totally shocked.[/sarcasm]

  • jonathan

    Wow – it’s Giant Walt!

  • chris

    damn! thought it was charlie

  • Koobie

    Here is something to pickle your noodle… Michael is on the boat, but not as Ben’s spy?

  • BENlinus

    this was totally expected.

  • Jay

    What a bummer!!! Who is the person they are all lookink at? BEN????

  • Desmundo

    It’s still a cool reveal. I knew Ben wouldn’t just let Michael go,and this way he’s forced to serve him. The question now is, does Widmore seem more evil than Ben? For so long I’ve wondered if Ben really is the “good guy”, and I thought when we finally met the force he’s contending with, we would know. Widmore does seem uber-mean and greedy, he does seem to have even less humanity than Ben-so I guess yeah, Ben is probably the good guy.

  • Desmundo

    Hm, the person they’re looking at does look a little like Ben, but I think it’s probably the captain and maybe another character who is actually Ben’s man. It might not be Michael afterall, but I think it probably is.

  • BENlinus

    yeah, that man they are looking at is my second cousin twice removed. i am holding his baseball cards hostage so he is working for me.



  • lockefan3805


    Right on…I totally agree (believe) that although Michael IS on the boat…he is simply not “Ben’s man”. That’s a typical Lost twist, if I’ve ever seen one.

  • Will

    Ben! Ben! What is the Island!? What is the Monster!? Is Jacob a ghost!? Who is causing the Whispers!? How Many Dharma stations are there? Why is Richard so ageless!? What do the numbers mean!? How many polar bears are there on the island? How did one get to Tunisia? How did you get stuck in that net in Season 2? What made the blacklights turn on in the hatch when you pushed the button? DId you kill the real Henry Gale? How do you get too and from the island so easily? Are you stuck off the island in the future? Why is Sayid working for you!? Are you in the coffin!? Oh, tell us, Ben! Please do!

  • Surly

    Wow. It’s a good thing I was sitting down.

  • I am Patchy

    The guy sitting down is not Ben, it looks like th guy in the promo pics for next weeks espiode, I bet its the Captain, but where’s Tenille?

  • hlyons

    Okay so I was right and I was right that the murder changed his name!
    I hope someone shoots Michael.

  • Brian Holmes

    Sayid looks Pisssssssssssssssssssssssssed. 😮

  • mike

    If Michael is Ben’s man, then it was no surprise. That said, when I first saw “Confirmed Dead”, I was blown away that Ben had a man on the boat. And, it’s Michael? Awesome. It may not necessarily be a super big reveal, but in a way, it is!

    The fact is, Michael could very well be Ben’s man. That is so freaking cool unto itself.

  • dusty b

    yes I resisted clicking

  • Ted

    you dirty bastard……

  • Gridlock

    The man on the boat is not michael. The spy is goodwin, a jounger goodwin, just take a look at the pictures of the guy sitting in that photo and you will see.

  • kamushek

    sure it`s goodwin, why else they`ve remembered him in the “other woman”?

  • milo

    Can you believe that ABC themselves actually released this as a publicity photo two weeks before the episode airs? What the hell are they thinking? Is there some reason they want the audience to be completely spoiled for this show?

    This is looking like it will be the worst kept secret in the history of the show – this pic is even on this episode’s article page on wikipedia.

  • simplified

    WTF weelll i have been spoiled now.I know who Ben’s man on the frickin boat is.I can’t believe ABC would do this to us.

  • I picked this same image up the other day on abcanet… I’ve had access to that site for several years but have never bothered checking it out. You can bet your boots I will be on there every week now 😀