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LOST Spoiler – Mystery Beach Camp Solved!

By docarzt,

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My super double secret source from post-pre-parralaxed production, Lostfan4815162342, has revealed what is going on with those pics that Ryan published earlier.  Click on for the details.

As some of you have figured out, the box near the shelter has the word ‘Besixdouze’ on it – which is the name of the asteroid in the book “The Little Prince.”  My source, who keeps a leash around my nads, has allowed me to reveal that ‘Besixdouze’ is also the name of Danielle’s boat.  Meaning, wait for it, this is Danielle’s camp.  (thanks to Lostfan4815162342 for standing in for my intuition, and Ryan for the pics – there are more at his site.)

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From TVFrenzy:

  • hyperRevue

    YES! I can’t wait to see that story!

  • professorstotch

    Wow. I wonder if we’ll see her? Or maybe they’ll just stumble on her camp? Anyone heard anything about Ms. Furlan shooting in Hawaii?

  • briggsy4

    I think it will be a much younger version of Rousseau – different actress?

  • UndleIgmar

    As soon as I saw those pictures – I knew it was Rousseau’s camp – if for no other reason than the orange life preserver.

  • clueless1der

    *crosses fingers for eventual Ben and Alex/Rousseau scene.*

  • rysjules

    it will be a different actress playing Rousseau, no makeup could get her to look
    as young as she needed to be.

  • In the book the Little Prince came from asteroid B-612, which is also called Besixdouze.

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