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Lost Spoiler – Really now… will Danielle be in the Zombie Season?

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There appears to be some questions lingering over whether or not Danielle is REALLY dead.  Darlton said we’d know in last weeks episode and all we really got was Alex’s assessment that Danielle was dead.  We should trust her, right?  She was there.

None-the-less, the non-confirming confirmation left some fans clinging to hope that we’d see Danielle involved in the present day island story, or even the future.  I can confirm that Danielle is definitely eligible for the Zombie season, and that those of you needing visual proof of it will get it tonight.  (Along with some interesting audio proof as well.)

From TVFrenzy:

  • MrKong


  • David

    I just rewatched the most recent video podcast, and Darlton actually said we’d know for sure in “Something Nice Back Home”. Watch it again at 5:40.

  • DocArzt

    AHA! Case solved. And …. spoiler delivered.

  • gusteaux

    Really nice photoshop job, Doc.

  • David

    I missed it the first time too. I thought we’d get better confirmation from last week’s episode. Oh well.

  • What is the “Zombie Season”?

  • Jimbo08lak

    Doc what the heck do you mean by ‘Zombie’ season?

  • sk8rpro

    @Frank, and

    When Doc refers to the Zombie season it’s an inside joke for Darlton on the podcasts. Those two clowns (jokesters) always talked about season 7 being the Zombie Season.

    As soon as Season 6 was revealed to be the last season, one of the fans sent a joking complaint to the producers which was read on the podcast.

    I hope that helps. 🙂

  • rob

    lol that some peeps dont know the zombie season. i suppose if youve never heard the podcasts, no wait, those guys are always joking about that. p.s. kill claire.

  • ErasedSlate

    There was even a presumably fake script floating around that read like this:

    LOST #206 -Abandoned- Production Draft 09/25/05 42.


    How long can they possibly hold them off? Michael and Jin stuff ammunition into their packs.


    That’s enough, Michael, we need to

    get back before they break through!


    (I know! I know!) I’m going as fast

    as I can!

    CLANK! That was close. Too close. Michael and Jin look at each other. They can?t be inside already. Not inside.

    CLANK! CLANK! Right outside the door – – too late. Whatever’s going to happen, it’s going to happen right here.

    HANDHELD now as Michael and Jin take cover behind the gun racks and point

    their weapons towards the door.


    Don’t let them take my son. If it comes to that.


    I don’t want to die here, Michael.

    And right as your heart is about to BURST THROUGH YOUR CHEST one of the ZOMBIES shuffles through the door. Eyes glossed over white – – desperate for the blood that will never quench it’s unholy thirst. What are they waiting for? Why aren’t Michael and Jin firing? Because this is no ordinary zombie.

    It’s WALT!!


    (it can’t be)


    Michael drops his gun on the floor – – the tears already beginning to spill down his cheeks. He runs toward him.


    Michael, no! That isn?t Walt! STOP!

    But it’s too late. Not even a brick wall could stop him now. And before Jin can get a clean shot, Michael wraps what he still believes to be his son in a desperate embrace – –

    And all Hell breaks loose.

  • milo

    “Darlton said we’d know in last weeks episode…”

    Nope, they said we’d find out in 410. And we did.

    Sad to see she’s dead, I was convinced that was a fakeout.

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