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LOST Spoiler – Sneak Peak 4

By nato64,

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To my count, this is the fourth “sneak peak” released by ABC that aired last night during the enhanced version of There’s No Place Like Home (Parts 1, 2, & 3). Even though it was officially released by the ABC, many consider clips from upcoming episodes as spoilers. Enjoy!

I’m personally very interested to learn about what happened to Sayid to make him stop working for Ben.

From TVFrenzy:

  • professorstotch

    I wish I could watch it at work…but sadly I cannot. I go to, but they don’t seem to have this one posted?

    • no it’s not on abc but you can’t watch youtube and dailymotion link at work i guess ? do you want to download the files ? i can send to you if you want 🙂

      • professorstotch

        Sadly I cannot access video sites and blogs at work. And since this video is probably streaming from Youtube or Dailymotion, it doesn’t load for me. 🙁

        It’s fine, I’ll just watch it when I get home. Only 2 hours left!

        • lol i know that too, same for me at work and plus i can’t see pics from photobucket and imageshack lol it really suck >_<
          ok good courage 🙂

  • Yeah, I can’t seem to find it anywhere but youtube and

  • numbersarebad

    Maybe Sayid learns that Ben had Nadia killed just to recruit him. Maybe he learned from Charles Widmore.

    • i think it could be the reason or he asked me to kill someone he didn’t wanted or maybe ben killed or someone killed locke for him and sayid discovered it arg lol maybe options^^

      • Maybe he asked him to kill Penny and Sayid realized he isn’t doing the right thing.

  • professorstotch

    Finally got to see it, and it was worth the wait! I’m hoping Sayid returns to the bad ass he was in the first season. Ever since Shannon died, he just wasn’t the same.


    hi can anyone help me plz??iv been to london for 48 hrs and when i left the countdown on the dsa week 8 announcment was 32hours …summat? but i have just arrived home i hav’nt recieved an week 8 E-mail and the counter has gone back up to 35hours somtething,(reset i think)….can someone please enlighten me on wtf is going on???? is the sneek peek 4 part of week 8 announcment …if so why havmt i had e-mail…doc or professorstorch can you shed some light?

    • professorstotch

      Hm, I’m not sure. I don’t usually follow the countdowns. I wasn’t into the recent ARG, so I didn’t bother with registering, and therefore I don’t get countdown emails. I’m sure it’ll come soon enough.

  • lizzybelle

    Why did Hurley just stand there like a bump on a log with the gun in his hands while that guy was taking a picture of him?