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Lost Spoilers – 5.07 – The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham Preview Clips – HIGH QUALITY!

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Just two more days until Locke’s fate is revealed.  In the meantime, ABC has given us three explosive sneak previews to agonize over.  Beware, MAJOR spoilers are ahead.

From TVFrenzy:

  • angjen0816

    ok i cheated…i never cheat but i had too. i got all the way through the first one but had to turn off the other two. OMFG!!! I can’t wait to watch but I cant spoil it for myself either. glad i was right on about the truck though!!

    • Landry B.

      I know right? I just finished the first one and I am scared as hell to go on to the other two!! But, like the cat…

  • OMG….i want this episode NOW !!!
    thank you thank you for the clip doc *BIG HUG*

  • ForwardSlash

    The new guy on flight 316 = the guy in the red scarf that pick John up in car!!??

    • dolce

      I think you might be right.

    • Cecil

      If you pause it, it certainly appears to be Sayid

  • rick

    so after these clips i want to know who the real villian is now more than ever

    • Kermet

      Benjamin Linus. Now you know.

  • meems

    Oh my GOSH! I don’t think I can wait for the next 40 hours! 😀 These are phenominal clips. Thanks for posting them.

  • Wow… This is incredible. This episode looks like it’s going to be awesome. I’m a bit confused by the Widmore thing… It seems like Ben and Widmore are trying to achieve the same thing, which doesn’t really fit with them being mortal enemies. Unless the war has nothing to do with the two of them and they are just trying to get as close as possible to the island because that is the key.

    • lockeheart

      i agree, i wanna know whos on what side for this “war” specificly ben and widmore. I think it would be cool if they teamed up to take on a someone else… say alvar hanso.

  • Clickjaw

    Is it to early to say “best episode ever”? Seriously it looks to be awesome!

  • graham

    WOW, a Widmore and Locke face to face!!! , this episode is going to be awesome.

  • Charlie’s Ghost

    so Widmore wants to help the 06 get back. Ben wants to help the O6 get back. WTF? A war is coming, between Ben and Widmore? If so, then why/how are they trying to accomplish the same things? What advantage will the O6 going back bring to either of them?

  • WHY WHY WHY do I let myself watch these!!!

    MAJOR spoilers to say the least.

    MORE questions as well.

    Widmore a good guy? Just another greedy manipulator like Ben? Heard about how gullible this guy named Locke really is, use him to get at Ben?

    I am soooooo confused now!

  • ltb

    Why do i watch spoilers???

    i wish i hadn’t watched these but, i’m glad i did…i can not wait to watch this episode. my seatbelt is fastened, i’m all aboard the LOST train.

    but, if you would have asked me @ sci fi in the first season (the season i dove headfirst into LOST) i would have disagreed. freaky, yes..sci fi, no. however, the show has me hooked and i don’t care where we go…but, i would like to see more sawyer!

  • Ben and Widmore cant possibly be on the same team. Why didnt Ben mention anything about a war? Does Ben know? Is that information that only Widmore and Eloise are privy to? Perhaps both of them are using Ben in their own way. Ben may turn out just to be a lackie. He does know that something global can happen but does that mean he knows specifically about the approaching war?

    More questions!!!
    And thats just from the clips LOL

    • clueless1der

      AH HA! Caught you!