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Lost Spoilers – Ausiello Brings Names to the Nameless

By docarzt,

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Ausiello has brought foreward the names of two new characters joining the premiere episode of LOST season five.

“Sources confirm that Team Darlton is looking to introduce two new
characters this season – and they’re both as mysterious as they are
lethal. They’re also coming in as recurring players with an option to
become series regulars in Season 6.”

 [CAESAR] 35-45. He is dangerous, physical and extremely intelligent with a dark past. He is a mysterious man whose intentions are unclear. He can charm us or kill us…Recurring guest star with possible series option for season 6.
[ILANNA] 25-35. She is a European woman of great intelligence, powerful and charming yet incredibly dangerous, too. She is alluring and very used to getting her own way. Her past is deeply mysterious and dark… Recurring guest star with possible series option for season 6.

Source: Ausiello @ EW

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From TVFrenzy:

  • scott

    sounds kind of corny.

  • GeoffreyWayne


  • DocArzt

    DANGEROUSLY corny, with the possibility of being recurringly corny.

  • Mauri

    Why the need for new characters? This is Lost we’re talking about–do we really need to stir things up any more than they already are?

  • justin

    trust Darlton people. There will always be new characters. I dont know why you guys are suprised when new castings go out.

  • Ryan

    We need new characters like this or else the only antagonists for the 06 are Abaddon (if he’s even a bad guy) and redshirt agents like the one Sayid killed at the Santa Rosa Mental Institution. Widmore has to have *some* manpower.

  • rob

    lost characters with dark and mysterious pasts? no way.

  • gab

    haha nicely put rob, nicely put. Sounds interesting though, what are peoples thoughts on where these people come from? Dharma, widmore, abbadons party?

  • kbombbilly

    European woman, great intelligence, powerful? Sounds like a French scientist that’s capable of surviving alone on a hostile island. Could “Ilanna” and “Caesar” be a young Rousseau and her husband? Haven’t casting calls used fake names before?

  • Tobie

    nice one kbombbilly

  • sk8rpro

    We need new characters because with the killing spree every season, no characters would be left!

  • DocArzt

    Not a bad call at all kbombbilly, but these guys have the possibility of recurring… which could also be a rouse, but if true… that would mean season 6 takes place…. IN THE PAST!

  • butwhatifitisnt

    wish they’d use peta wilson as ilanna – she was awesome in LFN