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Lost Spoilers – Clip of O6 on Kimmel

By ErasedSlate,

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During Evangeline Lilly’s appearance on Kimmel, a new clip aired.  It is mildly spoilerish, so it was moved to its own entry.


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From TVFrenzy:

  • m rn

    omg- what an awesome clip!!!!

  • Jarie

    It’s obvious no one wants to talk…more obvious is the fact that Jack still wants to be in control of everything. Now he’s the group spokesperson as well?? Talk about ego. I bet he volunteered for it when whomever is behind all the lies they have to tell, told them what to say…I bet Jack said “I’ll do it” “I’ll lead them!” lol….poor Jack, the lessons he has to learn!

  • Mark

    Damn. I don’t have sound here at work. Looks good though. Should be a wild couple of episodes. It’s been a great year!

  • Wormfather


    Who loves ya? Forgive any spelling errors, below is a transcript of the clip:

    Oceanic Lady (prsumably)We’re comming in for a landing. It’s a military facility just west of Honolulu, it’s completly private. You-you’re families are already here. Now there’s a lot of press that want to speak to you, but as far as Oceanic is concerned, you dont have to speak to any reporters.

    Jack: We’ll talk to ’em.

    Oceanic Lady (presumably): Is that alright with all of you?

    Jack: It’s fine, we all aggreed. We just, we just want to get it over with.

    Oceanic Lady (presumably): OK [nods]. They’re refering to you as the Oceanic 6. It’s not the best branding as far as we’re concerned but it’s catchy.

  • Zach

    Yeah, he does seem kinda bossy, but they are hiding their friends, like you said. Im curious to see those circumstances, cuz as of now, Juliet, Sayid, Jack, and Kate think everyones leaving. Locke and Ben wont let them leave maybe? Or maybe they cant? not sure..
    I think we will see the O6, and their off-island tonight. Then in 2 weeks, we will get to see the Orchid, and how it became the O6, instead of the O40, and the circumstances behind that decision.