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LOST Spoilers – Darlton Tease “He’s Our You” – Official Podcast

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Here are the highlights from this week’s official LOST audio podcast.  Damon and Carlton were unusually giving concerning next week’s episode, and the remainder of the season at large.  Included in there hints are a few details on the nature of this season’s finale twist.

  • They are feeling refreshed because they finished writing the finale. “The Incident” parts one and two. Both parts will air on May 13.
  • Damon and Carlton announced that fans will codename the finale twist. To submit your suggestions send them to Kris.
  • The finale twist is something we will never see coming and is related to the mythology of the show.
  • That is Ethan Rom as the baby. We will see Ethan again as an adult.  His appearance will cover his induction into the others.
  • It would appear the runway was planned for the landing of Ajira 316. Damon indicated that Jacob requested the runway be built.
  • Geronimo Jackson appeared with the song “Dharma Lady.”
  • “He’s our you” is a line spoken to Sayid, and implies that Dharma has their own torturer.
  • Hurley Bird will not appear because he wanted too much money. He will appear on Grey’s Anatomy though. (Where all prima donna’s go)

From TVFrenzy:

  • hyperRevue

    So, Ethan is a newborn in 1977 (making him 27 when we first say him in 2004 – a stretch, but whatever). And he was 15 when the Purge happened in 1992.


    • docarzt

      Tell me about it. Unless Ethan as we know him is actually from the future?

    • grayslostgirl

      I felt the same way. The man who played the part is way too old.

      • Ali

        Yes, but the same goes for several characters. Both Locke’s and Ben’s actors are older than the characters they play and, on the reverse side of the coin, Christian’s actor and the guy who played Jack’s grandfather are younger than the characters they portray. Unless there is some weird time-travelling going on or Ethan is an old-looking 27, we just have to accept that not everyone looks their age.

        • hyperRevue

          True. But it’s not as severe. I mean, William Mapother (the actor who plays Ethan) is 40. I don’t believe they’d have him play a 27 year old without some explanation – either time travel or something about how time travels slower on the Island. I’m confident it’ll be addressed.

          • hyperRevue

            Although for that to make sense, time would have to move more quickly on the Island, which doesn’t seem to be the case, if I remember Daniel’s experiments correctly.

          • Jack Daniels

            Is William Mapother 40 now, or was he 40 when he shot his first LOST episode “Solitary”, probably around late 2004? IMDb, baby!
            Side note: I’m going for a Tom Cruise cameo in the finale next year. He’s William Mapother’s cousin (full name Thomas Cruise Mapother III) and has worked with J.J Abrams on Mission: Impossible III playing a character called none other than Ethan. Hah? Hah? It would be a major coup for the show.

          • hyperRevue

            40 now. So he was 35 then. Good point.

    • stu

      can nobody beleive that (possibly)the last baby to be conceived and born on the island could have some sort of time difference to do with his age? this is lost, a show where we accept a smoke monster and people cant deal with ethans age coz its ‘not beleivable’ lol, maybe richard gave him the power of immortality when he became an other?!

      • hyperRevue

        If he was given the power of immortality than he’d be older than he appears, not younger.

        It’s not really a big deal, just sort of sloppy.

  • veryinformedaboutlost

    it’s funny…when i said a little while ago that i felt that ethan was amy’s baby…alot of people told me i was crazy and he was too old…just remember people..this is lost…ANYTHING can happen..and anything that can happen, will i have a question…(which shows i’m possibly not the devote fan i hoped i was)…when was it said that the purge was in 1992.. from this site… says.. The Purge is an event that happened on December 22, sometime between the late 1980’s-early 1990’s. After a long conflict between the Dharma Initiative and the Hostiles. The Hostiles released a toxic gas at the Barracks, killing all the members of the Dharma Initiative… so where or when was it confirmed that it was 1992? just wonder so i can keep it in my memory bank…thanks for whoever finds it or points me in the right direction..

    • hyperRevue

      It hasn’t been said definitively. But when Locke was having visions of Horace caught in the time loop thing (in 2004) Horace said that he had been dead for 12 years.

  • veryinformedaboutlost

    sorry… here’s the link to the site..

  • veryinformedaboutlost

    grr…wrong link… here it is

  • veryinformedaboutlost

    and just a theory of mine too…remember in the first episode we saw…when juliet was having her book club…? there was a character….named Amelia…now…maybe it’s just me…but Amelia looks like Amy from the Dharma Initiative….and..Amelia could be Amy’s real name…according to these sites…
    They don’t know where Amelia hails from or when she became an…in fact…is it quite possible that NOT all Dharma Initiative people were killed off..i mean…since the beginning when the 815ers arrived…the Others have favored children…and took the little boy and girl that was on the plane crash….obviously…they took Ethan because he’s an other…is it quite possible that they took Amy as well? Or she asked to be a recruit? She knew or it was her job to do the manifest of the people coming back on the sub…so she has alot of knowledge about things dealing with the sub and recruits.. maybe they kept certain dharma people alive so they could tell them about the Dharma Initiative and their functions more….even though they were the the islands inhabiters… there’s no way with just one spy… Mikhal..that they knew everything about every station…and even though Ben was poking around..there’s no way he was allowed to be involved in anything as well…he was just a workmans child…

    and just another thought of mine….Ethan does look older than 27 right? Well…if Amy/Amelia is his mother, maybe, since they are Dharma Initiative people, they age faster than the people the Others….because if Amy/Amelia is his mother…she looks like she’s about 60+…and i think she was in her 20’s or early 30’s when she had Ethan…and if Ethan is only 27…then Amy/Amelia can be no older than 50…and my mother is 56 and looks NOTHING like how Amelia/Amy looks…because people mistake her as my older sister all the time and there’s 32 years between her and i…just my personal thoughts tho..let me know if anyone finds this curious, even a little bit…

  • veryinformedaboutlost

    and my last that Richard Alpert is a spirit of the island/dead/something mystical.. like Jacob/Christian. Since we’ve all figured out that Richard Alpert doesn’t age, can we assume that he is not really alive. At the beginning of “The Man Behind the Curtain” Ben mentions that it is his birthday and says to Richard “You do remember birthdays, don’t you Richard?”…i believe that the rest of the Others would acknowledge their birthdays since they’re still alive…but for Richard..for Ben to say that to him, means he hasn’t had a birthday in a long time…maybe meaning he’s dead…and in LaFleur, when Horace asks Richard how did he make it past their posts, Richard responds to the effect that he is different…well… if you’re dead or a spirit…then high pitch frequencies wouldn’t affect you as they would other people. I also believe that Richard is a different kind of “spirit”…he can be seen by everyone and isn’t in hiding like Jacob mostly is. Maybe Richard is the spirit that suppose to watch over the people on the island…and Jacob watches over the island itself…

    • Mary D.

      I think Richard could be an ancient time traveller – his “eyeliner” reminds me of the Egyptians. We’re getting clues about the statue being that of an Egyptian god, AND we know that one of the “exits” from the island is in Tunisia. Maybe Richard has gotten to the island through something like a Stargate – ???

      My friend thinks that Richard is an alien.

      • k

        ive said it before and i will say it again…the statue will not be some eygitan god- it will have a human face. guranteed. lost will want to shock us not give us the obvious…

  • dolce


  • horselover

    Also in the podcast they explained that Daniel did see Charlotte in 1974 because she was in fact born in 1970 (I guess another actor whose age is different from the character). When Darlton laid out the timeline they intended Charlotte to be a bit older but hadn’t cast her yet. Then on set Rebecca Mader told Michael Emerson to say 1979 instead of 1970 (in Confirmed Dead) because she didn’t think it made sense to be almost 40 and didn’t think it mattered. The writers didn’t catch it until after the episode was done and aired.
    An error, but it can be explained away. Just assume Ben misspoke or got incorrect info.

    • brent

      Yes, I thought that was interesting…it was actually Rebecca Mader who changed it! HA! Rebecca Mader was born in 1979 so that made sense to her. Damon and Carlton said it would have been awkward if they had to call down to Hawaii to explain that, actually, they were going to be time traveling all throughout season 5 so we really need Charlotte to be born in 1970. Before time travel was overtly shown like it was at the start of this season. So they just let it slide instead. They should have compromised somewhere with the age because 9 years is a little much.

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