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Lost Spoilers – Doc Jensen’s also asking, “Who is gonna die?”

By ErasedSlate,

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Doc Jensen sets the table for this week’s episode.  Get your fill of ‘Lost’ tonight because there will be a famine until April 24.  After tonight’s episode, we will have 840 hours of finding our way in the dark until ‘Lost’ returns to the airwaves.


So, go read Doc Jensen’s column and get ready for tonight’s episode.


The tease from Damon is 4 fold: what has been happening with Michael, why bearded Jack couldn’t jump, where the Other’s are, and someone dies. 


Quite a tease!  Doc Jensen then play’s the gruesome odds-maker on who gets a longer hiatus from Lost.  He also answers the question of Aaron being one of the O6 (Yes). And then there is the always fun theory of the week from a website that graced the DA&F forums a few days ago.  Calichusetts posted the website in the Kevin Johnson Prediction Thread.


Personal note on the time loop theory… I love the time loop theory.  DA has been hammering on that theory from the beginning. I think it may even be more relevant after this week.


Doc Jensen, thank you for setting the table.  Don’t be a stranger the next 5 weeks. 

From TVFrenzy:

  • mittelos

    I’m sorry, but none of the arguments given in that article about Aaron explain how Jack’s story about 8 surviving the crash, two dying later, makes any sense if the public also thinks Kate is Aaron’s real mom.

    How would it be possible that the plane could crash, dumping eight people (who were already born, alive, and on the plane) into the water, and then have two of those people die, and then SIX be rescued, including one who wasn’t born until after the crash?

    So, is it a plothole? Bc that would suck.

    Or, maybe we haven’t heard the full story, then. Maybe eight people survive the crash, THREE of them die on the island, and one is born. 8-3+1=6.

  • lmz27

    I don’t mean to be a pain, or stubborn minded, or whatever, but, while the above article’s rhetoric is good for convincing that we are dumb to resist Aaron being an O sixer, the actual arguments and explanations of Aaron being a sixer don’t take into account Jack’s story.

    Jack’s story about 8 surviving the crash, two dying and then six getting rescued — here’s the transcript:

    JACK: “Only eight of us survived the crash. We landed in the water. I was hurt, pretty badly. In fact, if it weren’t for her, I would have never made it to the shore. She took care of me. She took care of all of us. She–she gave us first aid, water, found food, made shelter. She tried to save the other two, but they didn’t–”

    Okay. So the public is being told that Sayid, Kate, Jack, Hurley, Sun, Aaron, and Random JO and Random Jane survive the crash? HOW COULD AARON BE IN THE WATER AFTER THE PLANE CRASHED???????????????????????????????????????????????

    Or is the public being told that Sayid, Kate, Jack, Hurley, Sun, and Random Jo, Random Jane, and Random Rhonda survives the crash, and that before she dies, Random Rhonda has a baby?

    SEE — either way, THE NUMBERS DON’T ADD UP.

    I’m disappointed a mistake like this could be made. My friend just told me that “it’s time to accept the fact that there’s a plothole on craphole island.” She hit the nail on the head. It’s not that we don’t like little children, Doc — it’s that we hate plotholes.

  • ErasedSlate

    Here is the only question that may reconcile the issue, does the outside world know that Aaron was born after the crash?

  • lmz27

    Let me add to the above:
    Even if the public is being told that Kate had the baby on the island, which is totally possible with time discrepancy explanations, then it would still be that Sayid, Jack, Hurley, Sun, Kate, and THREE other people survived the crash.

  • lmz27

    My thoughts would be: Kate explains she had him on the run.
    They fake him being on the plane somehow.

  • ErasedSlate

    Typically, babies under 2 years do not need a ticket to be on a plane.

  • lmz27

    I guess that would solve it.

    Except for the Kate having custody part.

  • wedestroymyths

    Those of you using Jack’s story as your evidence need to check out the podcasts. Many suspected, and it was confirmed, that Jack’s story has no foundation in reality. He was lying about Kate’s role in things, and the rest of the story was made up to make everything seem more believable.

    There were no 8 survivors, two of whom died. That’s just the official story.

  • milo

    I agree with mittelos and lmz about the Jack story, the math simply doesn’t fit, no matter how you spin it. Either three died after the crash, or there were seven initial survivors.

    The only way they could claim that Aaron was on the plane would be if they knew there was another (newborn or close to it) baby on the plane and pretended the baby was him…although that opens other cans of worms.

    Even if babies don’t need a plane ticket, it’s unfathomable that the airline wouldn’t even keep track of those babies on flights.

    I think Kate claims the baby as her own, although the time discrepancy must be covered by the time warp thing. Without some time shifting, Kate would have to be as far along as Claire was to have a baby that age, and there’s no question the authorities would have made a record that she was seven months pregnant in her file. It’s also extremely implausible that they’d let a convict adopt a baby while she’s on trial for murder and other crimes. Kate probably just said she got pregnant on the island.

    I hope they make this make sense, I have a bad feeling that the whole O6/Aaron thing may turn into a giant web of plot holes.

  • milo

    wedestroymyths, we all know that Jack’s story is bogus.

    We’re just pointing out that if Aaron is counted as O6, that would mean that his story wouldn’t be consistent and it would be obvious it was a lie. His story seems to be accepted by the public, so there’s no way it can be “Eight survived, two died later, one was born later, leaving six to get off the island”. The numbers just don’t add up. 8-2+1=7

  • neoloki55

    The real problem with the arguments above is your still basing your theory on Jacks story. The podcast confirmed THE WHOLE story to be a lie. So, you can’t say 8-2+1=7, because the number eight is a lie. Since the whole story is a lie and we don’t know the time difference of rescue v.s real world you can easily expand the lie to say the baby was alive during the crash and not counted on the manifest because he was a new born. You can giger the lie any direction you want, the point being you have to throw the whole story in the garbage and forget it. 6 is the only number of relevance.

    That being said I am still not convinced Aaron is one of the 6.

  • steve

    Personal note on the time loop theory… I love the time loop theory. DA has been hammering on that theory from the beginning. I think it may even be more relevant after this week.

    I think this proable has to do with how mike gets on the frieghter and where ben sent him. I just hope by the end of the season his time loop theory becomes less relevant as ive read it and only understand bits and pieces of it. I also bet others are in same boat and if Darlton go along something like that the average viewer like me wont understand it.

  • neoloki55

    Yes, time loop!!!!

    My theory is a Dark Tower ending to the series, but that almost seems too predictable at this point and since people are having a problem with time loops I doubt they will get into a multiple time line situation. But, wow, that would really breaks some ground foe prime time t.v.

  • milo

    neoloki55, again, YES we know the whole story is a lie. You’re missing the point. The lie has to be believable to the outside world, meaning it has to fit with the hard evidence that the outside world is aware of. Sure, the lie could say that Aaron was a passenger on the plane and one of the 8 who survived. But while that’s possible it opens up a number of other inconsistencies. That means that they are saying Aaron is the kid of someone else on the plane, meaning the authorities would investigate who the parents were, and try and find next of kin to give Aaron to. And it also means there would have to be another newborn on the plane that died that they could say was Aaron – it’s preposterous to think that an airline would let a baby on the plane without keeping a record of them. Jack can only lie about what happened between the plane crash and the rescue, he can’t just make up who got onto the plane in Sydney since the airline has records.

    Jack’s story is all a lie, but it has to be internally consistent and match up with the facts that the outside world DOES know – the Aaron issue is a concern because it brings up a point that would make his story not make sense to the general public. Either there’s a more elaborate explanation the show has yet to tell us, or the show is going to end up with either a plot hole or something extremely implausible.

  • neoloki55


    I agree with you completely about the consistency of the logic, but we don’t know the whole lie yet so it is impossible to make an honest conjecture about Aaron on the plane in any form, in utero, or otherwise. Since someone did stage the wreckage of an airliner with 324 dead bodies any evidence after that in order to make the story believable to the general public would be rather simple, because in order to fake a plane crash the airline itself has to be culpable to some degree. Isn’t it foreseeable that either Ben or Widmore is a major owner in Oceanic Airlines. I believe Widmore personally.

    Since this whole season is generally about the Oceanic 6, I have full faith the writers will shore this story whole up effectively.

  • neoloki55


    The fact that Aaron is Jacks nephew could be a very convenient way of explaining his, Aarons, presence on the plane. As to the story line, it would make sense of the whole Jack and Claire being siblings revelation other than a simple, wow thats interesting reason.

    Thanks Milo, this discussion just reminded me of the whole Jack Claire thing that Darlton said last year in a podcast would be made clear.

  • lmz27

    Milo, thanks for backing me up.
    I was beginning to think I was crazy that so many people keep saying “yeah, but the whole thing’s a lie anyway…”
    UGHHHHHHHHHHHH of course it is!!!! Haven’t we watched all 48 survivors on the island for four years now?
    I know we should just watch and see how they explain it, but I agree with Milo… this looks like it’s just gonna end messily and that the writers are banking on people just glossing over the simple arithmetic…

    Oh well…

  • milo

    So now ABC has confirmed that Aaron is O6. I wonder when we’ll get to hear the rest of the O6 tale, and how they’ll explain Aaron and make the math work. Hopefully this season, the whole debate is getting pretty tiresome.