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Lost Spoilers – Episode 4.03 “The Economist” Clips

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From TVFrenzy:

  • Bill 25

    Doc does this show get back into the amazing character development that made me watch or does it continue with all mythology. I’m starting to get worried. I now this sounds weird, but i didnt like confirmed dead. I watch this show for the characters and it looks like they are starting to use them just as tools to push along the series. I miss season 1 where the show was the characters.

  • gusteaux

    I don’t think today’s LOST is what any of us thought it was going to become back in S1…but I think today’s LOST IS what many of us hoped it would become back in S1. I know their are many who feel the way that you do, and many more who feel the way that you do who have long ago faded away. Myself? I’m equally hooked on the mythology and the characters. In the end, I think you’ll get what you want. Paraphrasing what D&C said repeatedly near the end of S3 was: In the end, this story is about the characters. (Maybe not word for word, but damn close.) If you don’t like how this season has begun, you probably didn’t like the way last season began. But you’ll have to admit that nothing could have been more character driven or more character developmental than The Man From Talahassee (Locke), The Brig (James Ford), or Greatest Hits and Through The Looking Glass(Charlie). With some of the finest acting I’ve ever seen on television from Terry, Josh and Dom, I might add. My advice is to hang in there…trust D&C…and enjoy the ride…it will always come back to the characters.

  • Kymi

    Wow. i totally zoned out and forgot that wasnt a WHOLE episode. And then when it ended i felt dispair.
    More more!!!!

  • lostfanboy18

    I think The first two episodes have had a great balance for both characther and mythology. I think that is why I am enjoying it so much.

  • DocArzt

    Bill: It does have some more character development, but I wouldn’t say the mixture changes a lot. I think the goal is to try to balance it against the mythology. This ‘Division Process’ they are going through now, with camp Locke and Camp Jack each drifting into contact with segments of the freighter folk, is fast moving and doesn’t leave much room for character progress.

  • Stilts

    I feel like there still some great character development. A lot of the characters are going into new directions (of course it is the core four). Some have finally gotten rid of some major old baggage they had been toting around for a long time. Are they better for it? We will have to see. I just would like to get to know some of the minor characters better, I am scared Rose, Bernard,& Claire have ran their course. Look what happened to Charlie. That’s what bothers me.

  • Tahami

    Timeline question: With reference to Christianna I, we know that the game Find 815 does indeed correspond to the Island. And we know that the freighter didn’t find the sunken airplane until after Christmas, because of the Captain’s comments to Sam. But Naomi parachuted onto the Island on Day 87, which is Friday, December 17, 2004. The timeline doesn’t mesh? Thoughts?

  • cubelost

    i think the next oceanic six is sayid… and i cant wait to see the back story of libbi, richard alpert and daniel, also know what happens to walt and michael since they leave the island.

  • Bill 25

    Dont take my commet the wrong way i love the mythology too. Ijust hope they can keep the balance between the two they had in the beggining of the end. I loved that episode. I dont want all mythology or all character develpment.

  • gusteaux

    I’m curious to know who you consider to be the “core four”? Certainly that would include Jack, Kate and Locke. But who do you deem as the fourth? I would have a hard time deciding between Hurley, Sawyer and Desmond for that slot.

  • chromaticblues

    This is so mind-blowing.

  • dude

    where’s the other clip?

  • Jim R

    Tahami said:
    Timeline question: With reference to Christianna I, we know that the game Find 815 does indeed correspond to the Island. And we know that the freighter didn’t find the sunken airplane until after Christmas, because of the Captain’s comments to Sam. But Naomi parachuted onto the Island on Day 87, which is Friday, December 17, 2004. The timeline doesn’t mesh? Thoughts?

    Yeah I have one … What if, aside from Naomi’s, what we saw of the other four were flash forwards?

  • Jim R

    That would explain why the quirky dude got all upset when he saw the news and why the pilot definately knows that that is not the 815 pilot at the bottom of the ocean. They have both already been to the island and know the truth. The pilots reasoning for know that was not the 815 pilot is very questionile to begin with.

  • Daisy(NL)

    Hey Doc!
    My compliments for your site, I think it’s awesome.
    I have a question, I can only see one of the two clips, so where can I find the second one, I have already installed Adobe Flash Player but that made no difference..
    Keep up the good work!
    Greetings from The Netherlands

  • David

    Lost has always been about both the characters and mythology and I don’t understand why introducing new characters or mysteries and mythology makes people think the show has suddenly stopped the development of the main characters. We have seen these characters grow and develop a lot since the series began and the flash forwards, in particular, are all about the character development. Just look at the finale of season 3. The drama, the surprise, and everything about it had nothing to do with Dharma or the Others. It was all about Jack, who he had become, how he’s so messed up, what’s up with Kate. The big mystery of the show is about the journey these characters will go through to get to that point. If that’s not a focus on character development I don’t know what is. And we’re going to see a lot of characters go through this stuff.

    Also, these new freighter folk are four characters who are far more interesting than most of the Others we met early in season 3 (i’m not talking about Ben, Juliet, or Alpert…I’m talking more like Tom, Goodwin, Pickett, and all those other henchmen). The Others were uninteresting because they had no back stories, no purpose other than to be Ben’s henchmen. But these four freighter people already have shown quickly that they come from diverse backgrounds, are very interesting characters, and will have a lot to add to this story. Again, I see this as character development moving forward.

    So I love my Dharma mysteries and island mysteries and I am loving that the show is continuing to explore that. It excites me very much. But do I think it has gotten rid of character development? NO WAY! It’s merging the mythology with character development more and more to the point where they aren’t two separate things anymore. They were always related, and we’ll learn by the end of the series that it’s not just a show with mythology and characters as two separate characteristics….they work together.

  • Stilts

    I think Sawyer is the 4th. He has had more storyline than the others you named.

    I think the quirky dude was crying because he was suppose to have been on the plane. We already know Frank was to have been the pilot. Will we find out all the freighter people were suppose to have been on flight 815?

  • Dan

    Ya i agree with david. i think them getting off the island proves this show is about the characters. Its not just a lost on an island story. Its a story about a crash and a chance for a redemption and how this affected peoples lives on and off the island. I think in the end the isalnd will just be a force that tries to make each person redeem himslef and repent his\her sins and it kill people that refue.(Eko)

  • gra

    i cant agree with that at all….we have yet to learn about eko, claire, walt, naomi, ben etc in any depth yet…and they always kill of the best characters like eko, ethan, tom and pickett! (boy i loved pickett!)
    trust me i reckon im the uks biggest fan by far…but season 4 just isnt doing it for me so far…and how come no-one but me seems to have noticed (or mentions) that the editing for season 4 is nowhere near the previous 3’s class? it’s awful! and some of the camera angles are REALLY starting to bug me now…like when CSL was in the water etc?…some of these new additions just dont seem Lost-like at all to me…am i the only one who thinks this? personally i think in order to get close to the amazingness of seasons 1-3 we quickly need some smokey, some running thru the jungle, some rousseau-spoilers, more character development for claire,rose and bernard etc…